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Dauntless sewer main updates rejected Vol. 160 No. 42

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Ebensburg, Pa.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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By Molly Comperatore for Mainline Newspapers

At the Ebensburg Municipal Authority meeting held on Monday, May 19, it was brought to the attention of the authority members that the fire company intends to pave the parking lot at the rear of the fire station. “The fire company is aware that the sewer main located under the parking lot is going to to be replaced in the upcoming sewage project, but they are also aware the project will not occur for several years.” Because of this, the fire SEE SEWER, PAGE 3A

Honorable service

Plans to eliminate parking spaces could threaten Ebensburg business

The Dauntless Fire Company takes part in the Ebensburg Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 26. Photo by Amanda Petrunak.

Owner makes appeal to borough council By Ian Wissinger

for Mainline Newspapers

Staff Sgt. John Keenan, of Ebensburg, at the relay site with the town of Vertus in the background, where he is working with the 28th Infantry Division. Submitted photo.

Local soldier treads in grandfather’s footsteps

Ebensburg Borough has been repaving and installing sidewalks along borough streets for years now as part of a single, multiyear project. Next year, the municipality plans on tackling one of its busiest areas, West High Street. On the evening of Monday, May 19, one business owner who operates an automobile parts and service store on West High Street approached Ebensburg Borough Council with an objection. Rick Mock began his statement by insisting that the borough “couldn’t have put much thought” into their draft for the block on which his business is situated, since it eliminates a series of streetside parking spaces usually reserved for customers. “Soon, I’m going to be out of business,” Mock opined, noting that his store will essentially be “landlocked,” with only three parking spaces available on the lot. The problem? These spaces are typically reserved

Exercises in France carry special meaning for Keenan

By Justin Eger

of Mainline Newspapers

For one local soldier, a visit to France in recent weeks as a part of military exercises with friendly nations is not only a part of his job, but also a chance to connect with a part of his own family’s military history. Staff Sgt. John Keenan, of Ebensburg, is a member of the 28th Infantry Division headquarters support company’s maintenance section. He is one of more than 300 division soldiers are par-

ticipating in the nearly threeweek French-led NATO exercise Rochambeau 2014. During the event, the signal soldiers establish the communications links and string wire. The maintenance soldiers ensure the trucks and generators that move and power that equipment stay operational. The 28th Infantry is headquartered at Mourmelon, France, during this endeavor, though individual soliders and teams, like Kennan and his comrades, have been deployed around France to test singal strength and troubleshoot any issues. The trip to France, though, carries some heavy symbolism for Keenan. As he tours the French countryside during peacetime exercises, he is actualy covering territory that his maternal grandSEE SOLDIER, PAGE 3A

Going for a ride

for delivery trucks. Council President Doug Tusing said the elimination of streetside parking was not the borough’s preferred choice, but that in order for the sidewalk project to be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, these spaces had to be struck. Tusing and Borough Manager Dan Penatzer explained to Mock that they had considered potential alternatives so that the spots could remain, but neither proved viable. “There’s been a lot of conversation and consideration among council,” Penatzer told Mock. The problem is not a width limit, he said, but a visibility issue. First, council had entertained the idea of retaining two parking spaces below the garage area of the business, but upon consulting an engineer, officials realized that this would not solve the apparent line-of-sight problem. Second, council suggested turning Spruce Street, which runs perpendicular, into a one-way road so that no traffic would be turning onto West High Street. Even with SEE PARKING, PAGE 3A

Martin Statler, Ian Beck, Will Statler, Lindsey McCoy, Carter McCoy, Lisa Beck, Alex Beck, Noah Beck, Anna Statler, Norah Statler, and their dog get ready for the Memorial Day Parade in Loretto on their John Deer float. Photo by Amanda Petrunak.

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