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Ebensburg, Pa.

Penatzer to return to boro on limited basis

By Kristin Baudoux

of Mainline Newspapers

Ebensburg Borough’s upcoming sidewalk project is already facing hurdles to overcome. Although the borough had made plans with Peoples Gas, which claimed that it canceled large gas line replacement projects this year, Peoples has decided to move ahead with gas line replacement projects on West Crawford, West Sample, North Julian and North Marian streets this year. This gas line replacement project will affect the areas planned for the borough’s sidewalk project. To ease with new borough manager Kelly Cook’s transition and to help settle conflicts with the project, the borough rehired former borough manager Dan Penatzer on a part-time, limited basis to oversee the 2021 sidewalk project. Penatzer’s duties will be to oversee all aspects of the sidewalk work, resolve property owner issues as they arise and monitor compliance with the project’s specs. While the borough manager is able to hire and fire her own employees, the council had to agree on Penatzer’s rate of pay. Penatzer will receive no additional benefits. At the time of the meeting,

Penatzer had spent about 10 hours working for the borough. Some of the council members questioned why Penatzer had to return to oversee the project. “Are we saying that Kelly can’t control this that we have to hire somebody else?” council member Mike Owatt said. Tusing said he had “no doubt” that Cook would be able to handle the project. However, since Cook is still learning the duties of her job, Tusing said the sidewalk project would take up most of her time and she wouldn’t have time to focus on other projects. “To ask her to do that pretty much day one that she’s on the job, I think would be unfair. Not just to her, but to anybody new that would be coming into this position,” Tusing said. He mentioned that Penatzer already helped resolve about 10 issues that arose from the conflicting projects. Tusing also stressed that Penatzer’s position is on a limited basis. He said that Penatzer was OK with helping out for this project and that he will not be working as a consultant. “Dan is not looking to continue working for the borough by any stretch,” Tusing said. Council vice president Dave

Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Ebensburg Borough to stock lower reservoir, Jenks Dam sites

By Kristin Baudoux

of Mainline Newspapers

The Ebensburg Borough Council voted to open up more fishing locations within the borough. The council, at its March 22 meeting, agreed to stock the lower reservoir and Jenks Dam with largemouth bass and minnows this year. The cost to stock these areas is $1,595, and the fish are to be purchased from Zetts Fish Farm. In the coming years, the cost to stock these areas will increase since other fish species, including bluegills and channel catfish will be stocked with the bass and minnows. However, the Fish and Boat Commission (FBC) may be able to assist the borough with the purchase of fish. Borough manager Kelly Cook said the reason why the FBC isn’t stocking these areas this year was because the commission wasn’t notified in time. The FBC representative told her that she can call at the end of the season this year to be added to the stocking list


next year. “They already have their fish ordered for this year,” Cook said. Lake Rowena will continue to be stocked as well. The council also voted to limit fishing at Jenks Dam for children age 13 and younger. Jenks Dam will be a catch and release site only. Council member Scot May asked how these rules will be enforced. Council president Doug Tusing said signs are to be placed in the area. Borough police would also patrol the area, since it wouldn’t be patrolled by the FBC. “We don’t expect too many problems there,” Tusing said. He added that those caught violating the rules will receive a warning and be asked to leave. Those caught violating the rules again will then be cited. Moving on, community development director Danea Koss said she noticed that the borough’s state historical marker wasn’t listed on Keystone Marker Trust’s database. The marker is in a state of disrepair and has been in storage. Koss said the borough will be working to repair and restore the marker and install it in front of the Cambria County Historical Society’s building on North Center Street.

Clockwise from top: Madeline Steberger, Vivian Golden, Hannah Golden, Alex Steberger and Cecilia Golden hope to find a lot of Easter eggs during the hunt at Bishop Carroll March 27; Alex Zaffuto waits for the beginning of the Easter egg hunt at Bishop Carroll; Elijah and Liam Hoffman can’t wait to fill their baskets with Easter eggs at Bishop Carroll; Alexander Yates is ready to hunt for eggs at Bishop Carroll’s Easter egg hunt March 27.

Photos by Allie Byers.

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