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Weight limit reduced on Municipal Road

Ebensburg, Pa.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

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The Cambria Township supervisors have resolved to temporarily reduce the weight limit on Municipal Road from 10 tons to 5 tons. A culvert in the road is buckling, causing a dangerous dip in the road. After having a crew survey the road, the municipality concluded that vehicles exceeding 5 tons would be too much weight on the road. This specific area in the road is not structurally sound, and with added stress to the road as well as winter weather approaching, there is a potential for more damage to the road. While a lower weight limit may be an inconvenience to commercial drivers within the jurisdiction, the supervisors are afraid that not taking any action will cause even more damage to the road. The supervisors ensured at the Nov. 16 meeting that the weight limit will be increased back to its original weight limit once the issue is resolved. The supervisors reached an agreement with the Central Cambria School District regard-

CCCRA program specialist plans trail events

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Since March, when she was hired as program specialist by the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority (CCCRA), Leanna Bird has been hard at work planning new and innovative ways to get the three trails in Cambria County used more. Bird created the “Friends of the Trail” program, which is a way for trail users to help fund improvements made to the Ghost Town Trail, the James Mayer Trail, and the Path of the Flood Trail. Currently, there are 54 members, including four business sponsors, and over $2,200 has been made in membership alone since the program started.

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Brian Dillon, Caroline Dillon, and Lois Smith don their turkey hats for the Thanksgiving Day race. Photo by Megan Riner.


By Allie Garver

Grant accepted for trail study

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One of the trails that has not yet been developed by the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority (CCCRA) is the Saltlick Trail. During the CCCRA meeting, held on Friday, Nov. 18, Kitner decided to group that trail into the conversation about the Path of the Flood Trail. Kitner met with the Forest Hills Regional Alliance at its meeting and the idea of extending the Path of the Flood Trail out to the Johnstown Flood Museum is be “regenerated.” As the September 11 Memorial Trail is brought through the area, the Saltlick Trail will be worked on. The Memorial Trail will connect national parks. The James Mayer Trail was brought up, but there has been no news on the extension. A pipe was clogged on the trail that needed to be fixed. At first, Kitner was unsure as to how it would be fixed, but GapVax cleaned it. Once it was clean, it was noticed that the pipe was terra cotta in the middle with two plastic pipes on either side. Maintenance specialist Bruce Eash and Kitner worked with GapVax to repair the pipe. A smaller pipe was shoved through the existing pipe

CCCRA talks Ghost Town Trail, new lines


Deanna, John, and Larry Jacobs compete in the Turkey Trot. Larry said he is always one of the oldest people to participate. Photo by Megan Riner.


Garrett Sutton, Dane Myers, and Mel Wilkinson are all ready for the Turkey Trot. Photo by Megan Riner.

By Allie Garver

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Cliff Kitner, executive director of the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority (CCCRA), said the pre-construction meeting for the 9.34-mile Ghost Town Trail extension was held with Ray Winters and Sons at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. “Everything’s going to start moving forward this fall,” said Kitner. “They want to get out and start clearing, and grubbing, and grading.” The anticipated completion date is October 2017. The underpass at Route 422 where the sidewalk is washed away was previously pulled out of the project due to money, but Kitner is working with different agencies to obtain the proper permits for that specific area. If a GP-7 permit is obtained, then maintenance can be done on the sidewalk. The CCCRA would be allowed, if the GP-7 permit is found, to “jump off” of it and SEE LINES, PAGE 4A

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