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Forest Hills graduation set for June 5 newspapers

Vol. 116 No. 8

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By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers

High school is a place to grow and learn, to find yourself and to try new things. It is the time to make mistakes and to find your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t take high school for granted and make the most of it while you’re there, because one thing is for certain: four years go by very quickly. Forest Hills High School will say goodbye to the Class of 2014 on Thursday, June 5. The commencement ceremony will be held at the Cambria County War Memorial and will begin at 7 p.m. Featured speakers will be Cassidy Dodson - valedictorian of the class of 2014, Jesse Wehner - salutatorian of the class of 2014, and Garret McCall - the 2014 class president. Before graduation, Cassidy and Jesse reflected on their high school experience. Cassidy will always remember AP biology labs, specifically the fruit fly lab. She will fondly remember being a member of the rifle team and her favorite school lunch, chicken patty on a bun, will always hold a special place in her heart. Aside from all the academics and activities, it was the people that had the biggest impact on both Cassidy and Jesse. The teachers and the friends they made, the people they’ve grown

Portage, Pa.

up with and the people they spent the past twelve years getting to know will be hard to leave, knowing they won’t be seeing the same smiling faces everyday. “I will definitely miss them the most,” Cassidy explained. But graduating and leaving is just part of growing up. And the seniors have accepted that moving on is the next step. “It’s scary to make a big change,” Jesse commented, but he knows it is something he has SEE GRADUATION, PAGE 20A

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garret McCall, class president, will be speaking at the Forest Hills graduation. Submitted photo.

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Jesse Wehner will carry the title of salutatorian at the Forest Hills graduation. Submitted photo.

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Leanna Fordick will be this year’s valedictorian for PAHS. Submitted photo.

Jenna Sigado carries the title of salutatorian for PAHS. Submitted photo.

By Megan Riner

of the Class of 2015. Superintendent Richard J. Bernazzoli will make the presentation of the academic awards to the top five seniors: Leanna Fordick - valedictorian, Jenna Sigado - salutatorian, Rebecca Gorba - ranked third, Courtney Jubina - ranked fourth, and Cody Randall ranked fifth. Several members of the Portage Area School Board will present diplomas. The senior roll will be read by class president Leanna Fordick. Then, the high school band will perform and senior chorus members will present vocal selections and an accappella ensemble.

Portage Area High School to graduate 57 students

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Cassidy Dodsom will be this year’s valedictorian for Forest Hills High School. Submitted photo.

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On Thursday, June 5, Portage Area High School’s Class of 2014 will take their final walk across the stage as students. The commencement ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, the senior class officers — president Leanna Fordick, vice president Jenna Sigado, secretary Scott Giles, and treasurer Courtney Jubina — will light the Remembrance Candle. Then, Leanna will present the symbolic plaque to Richard Wolford, the president

Shoemaker Circle residents address ordinances, regulations By Amanda Petrunak of Mainline Newspapers

There has been a constant battle in Portage concerning the Amfire coal trucks. They go up and down Shoemakers Circle on a daily basis before they head up and turn onto Lumber Road. Amfire often violates the roadway’s logistics, causing the small road to become two lanes. The company has even posted several signs telling the residents to yield and stop for the coal trucks. The company indicated that they were in charge of the roadway by placing their signs throughout the area. Recently, the signs have been removed, but the problems have


only increased. Former supervisor Ben Selapack met with the residents to try and help out the community. “We all want answers, and the township doesn’t even approach any of our questions. There were over 51 trucks in a matter of 40 minutes, and Amfire will only increase their truck traffic once their two other cleaning plants shut down in Clymer and Mineral Point. We have heard that the traffic could only double, and they are talking about building another cleaning plant in our area,” said resident Renee Maul. “It’s also a hazard for the children

Miss Teen Pennsylvania shares her story with the community By Amanda Petrunak of Mainline Newspapers

It’s finally here! For weeks on end, Brielle Corrente, Miss Teen Pennsylvania, spent countless hours writing about the toughest obstacle she had ever faced. When she was 14 years old, she was diagnosed with optic neuritis, which attacked the nerves of her brain. She became color blind, and she had to re-teach herself how to read, write, and even dance. With the

Shoemaker Circle is a very narrow road, and residents are constantly faced with two lane traffic. For many sections of the road, there is no place to turn off or pull aside. Photo by Amanda Petrunak.

help of Central Cambia teacher Brian Dumm, she was able to publish her first children’s book, a book describing her journey and empowering children of any age to persevere and overcome any obstacle they may face. “Finding the Color in my Black & White World” is finally available to purchase on Amazon and Createspace. The children’s book is $15, and all of the proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital. Corrente spent much of her time at Children’s, learning how to start her life again, proving she was stronger than any obstacle that might come her way. If you are interested in hearing about Corrente’s journey, you can purchase the book on either site in a paperback form. A Kindle ver-

Students show their support for Brielle Corrente, Miss Teen Pennsylvania, by making signs and sporting their words of encouragement. Submitted photo.


sion will be available in July. Also, Corrente has hard back copies of her book available. She will ship a book out to anyone who is interested for $15 and a $4 shipping cost. For hardback books, the cost is $22 with a $5 shipping cost. To obtain an order form, you can contact Corrente at Corrente checks her email daily, and she always looks forward to hearing from members of the community. Her story involves a ballerina (Corrente herself) and an evil witch who steals away all of the color from the world. The book is laid out in a format easy for children to understand. On top of releasing her own book, Corrente has also travSEE PAGEANT, PAGE 18A

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