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Portage Boro discusses animal control solutions

Portage Borough mayor Bob Fox discussed the possibility of passing a proposed agreement from the Cambria County Humane Society for animal control during the borough’s committee meeting May 15.

After a minor incident that happened the weekend prior, Fox believes the borough should be more proactive in having an animal control response unit to prevent future problems.

A couple of months ago, the borough received a letter from the Humane Society stating that if the borough pays $1,900 a year, the Humane Society would provide animal control


The services include an oncall dog catcher, but only when they would be available. Pending availability may result in a long response time.

The Humane Society also said they will not accept cats as they are typically at capacity with the number of cats they can accept.

After a discussion in previous months, the borough decided not to take any immediate action on implementing the services.

According to Fox, he was at his local business, The Chatterbox, the weekend before the meeting when a mother with a two-year-old in a stroller


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HighinflationandbudgetaryconcernsweresignificanttopicsduringForestHillsSchool District’scombinationcommitteemeeting.

Theconversationregardingmoney,fundingand budgetingoccurredwhileboardmembersconsideredtwodifferentgeneralfundbudgetproposals: onewithataxincreaseandonewithout.

“Asyoucanseerightnow,we’reatadeficitof $624,000,”saidbusinessmanagerChrisReighard duringtheMay11meeting.

Ifthedistrictweretoenactamaximumtax increase–2.99–thenthedeficitwoulddecreaseto $324,000,accordingtoReighard.


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Admiral Peary votes on 2023-2024 budget

The Admiral Peary Vocational Technical School’s joint operating committee held its regularly scheduled meeting May 18 to hear updates from the administration and vote on the proposed budget for the 2023-24 school year.

Before voting on the budget, the committee heard updates from the administration.

On the financial side, business manager Mike Revesz said that the school is in a much better spot than it was last year.

While there has been much talk of the budget being larger than it has in previous years due to many circumstances, Revesz is still pleased with the school’s current position.

In addition, Revesz told the committee about a new electrical trainer that will be installed soon.

The school’s current electrical trainer was purchased in 2009. It can no longer be updated so the school needed to purchase a new one.

The trainer costs $42,000, but the school received a grant that


percent,whichundertheindex,it’sastrange amount,butit’s2.9942,”hesaid.“Thatwould giveusabout$300,000.”

Theproposedbudgetreflectsa2.99millage increase.

SuperintendentDavidLehmansaidthatthestate subsidytheyaretoreceive,basedonthepreliminarybudget,isat2.49percent.

“Thathasusalittlebitnervousbecausesometimestheapprovedbudgetisn’tthesameasthe proposedbudget,andgenerallyspeaking,it’s less.”

Healsoexpressedconcernsregardingthehold harmlessagreement,forifitweretogoaway,the

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Beau Boncoski and Nash Sipel are wearing their favorite fishing gear as they try to catch as many fish as they can in Portage on May 20 at the kids’ fishing derby in Crichton McCormick Park. Photo by Lauren Hagens.
FH School Board considers proposed budgets, approves advertising
Abigail Enedy and Joshua Williams spend a day with their families fishing at the kids’ fishing derby in Crichton McCormick Park on May 20. Photo by Lauren Hagens. Hooked on having a fun day Les Franklin and Joe Myers enjoy a day fishing at the veterans fishing event on May 20 hosted by the Jamestown Rod and Gun Club. Photo by Lauren Hagens.