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Forest Hills Elementary School hosts spring book fair for students newspapers

Vol. 116 No. 16

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Portage, Pa.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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By Amanda Petrunak of Mainline Newspapers

Thanks to Noelle Miller, Eilen Kuhn, Debbie Zimmerman, and Mary Donelly, Forest Hills Elementary School was able to host its spring book fair. Miller, the librarian, works each year with Kuhn and Simmerman, who are aides at the school district. Donelly, a volunteer from the community, enjoys helping out each year, as well. This gracious team bands together each year to promote reading. “This is our 24th book fair, and I certainly would have never been able to do this alone. I have a great support system who backs me up and is constantly by my side,” said Miller. Each book fair is used to help out the school district. For instance, the money made from the fair is used to purchase classroom books, as well as new titles for the library. Some of the popular books for this sale were the “Minecraft” series, along with the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and the “Magic

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Treehouse” series, which follows two children who are sent around the world to help remove a spell and solve four ancient riddles in order to become Master Librarians. The children are sent on this mission to preserve the ancient stories before they are lost forever. It is a suspenseful tale that the students love to read from cover to cover. This year’s book fair, as in the past, would not be possible without parent support. “The parents are just so generous; we can’t thank them enough. It is a double, beneficial system. They promote reading for their children by providing the money needed to purchase the books, and in return, the library and school district also promotes reading by getting into the classrooms,” said Miller. She went on to add that the students simply enjoy going to the book fairs each year. The school district even allows the parents to come in with their students throughout the week. There is a

Portage School Board looks to refurbish gymnasium floors Noelle Miller and her son Parker gear up for Forest Hills Elementary book fair. Photo by Amanda Petrunak.

By Evan Novella

for Mainline Newspapers

The Portage Area School District Board of Education muddled over the possible options of refurbishing the high school gym flooring, as well as that of the middle school and elementary school.

Business administrator Michael Kunko presented the subject to the board Wednesday night, April 9, saying many of the original options to get the project done fell through due to some rather high pricing. However, now it seems the board has finally settled on ascertaining a yet-unnamed, but

familiar, highly recommended individual to work the re-doing of the gymnasium flooring, “I fully trust that this person will do a fine job in the project,” Kunko said. “It’s the same gentleman who [12 years ago] sanded [screened] the floorboards in both the high school and elementary

schools.” The board members confirmed that the entirety of the job will cost somewhere in the range of $2,400, though the board is “very confident,” with the individual in place, that the job will be done well. It’s set to take place sometime after the first week of the 2014-2015


football season in August — just in time for the upcoming basketball season to get underway. Though the work of the person coming in is more or less intended to improve the state of the flooring for a short time, “somewhere down the line we will still have to

WJAC-TV meteorologist visits Forest Hills Elementary School


By Amanda Petrunak of Mainline Newspapers

It’s a bird; it’s a plane. It’s foam! On Wednesday, April 9, Tony Martin paid a visit to Forest Hills Elementary School to teach the first-grade students about meteorology. He showed the students how to make a variety of different clouds, using a special, forming foam. There were the dark stratus clouds, the puffy white cumulous clouds, and the dreary, rainy nimbus clouds. The students watched in amazement, as Martin transformed a pile of foam into a magical cloud. Martin also described the science behind conducting a weather forecast. He explained to the students that there were several maps he needed to learn how to read to conduct the forecast. Each symbol on the map represented a different weather condition. Needless to say, there is a lot of memorization required to be a weather forecaster. The students were also given a special behind-the-scenes tour of Channel 6 News. They had the opportunity to see a variety of equipment needed for broadcasting. Martin also had a questionSEE WJAC-TV, PAGE 14A

Jen Miller’s first-grade class gets a surprise visit from meteorologist Tony Martin at Forest Hills Elementary School. Submitted photo.

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