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Portage Area approves training Vol. 113 No. 7

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By Ron Portash

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Representatives from Portage Area Ambulance Association and Conemaugh Hospital Trauma Unit spoke to the Portage Area School Board on Feb. 8 concerning the Stop the Bleeding program being sponsored by the Copeland Initiative. The Stop the Bleeding program is an educational program to teach school personnel to control bleeding in trauma situations. Charles Rimini, association president, and Terry Sloan, ambulance operation director, along with Thomas Causer, a registered nurse and Conemaugh Trauma Prevention

Portage, Pa.

coordinator, presented the information to the board in an effort to have to board commit to dedicating part of an in-service day for teachers to learn the program. The Copeland Initiative, managed by the trauma centers in Western Pa. and West Virginia, is a response to the school shootings and in particular, the Sandy Hook school massacre. The federal government researched responses to trauma emergencies in schools and developed an active shooter training in which most schools participate. In addition, a medical response was needed to teach faculty and staff to control the bleeding of an individual until

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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emergency medical personnel can arrive on scene. No only is the training provided free of charge, but each school building will also receive a bleeding control kit valued at $1,000. The kit contains gauze impregnated with blood clotting agents, tourniquets, and material needed in trauma situations. Teaching the faculty and staff how to handle trauma situations where there is major loss of blood is good to have in the event of an emergency, though it is hoped that it is never needed. The school board agreed to have Conemaugh Trauma Prevention provide the training and the kits for the schools. SEE TRAINING, PAGE 4A

Robotics competition held at Forest Hills By Ron Portash

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Instead of I-formations, quarterback sneaks, three point plays, and base line jumpers, ferocious Forest Hills competitors talked about microprocessors, coding, circuits, and drivetrains at the robotics competition held at the high school on Saturday, Feb. 11. The Forest Hills VEX Starstruck Qualifier Competition provided a chance for 22 teams from Pennsylvania and Maryland to compete in a robotics competition sponsored by VEX Robotics and the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation (REC). VEX Robotics and the REC sponsor over 1,350 competitions worldwide each year. With nearly 16,000 teams from 40 countries competing, the VEX Competition is one of the world’s fastest growing high school and college robotics competitions. Teams

Since 1904

(814) 472-4110

Father-Daughter Dance

Getting ready to start the activities at the Portage Elementary Father-Daughter Dance, Matt Pisarski and Loralei Lingafelt get in line to have a portrait taken to commemorate the event. The dance was held at the Cassandra Fire Hall with nearly 200 in attendance. Photo by Ron Portash.

New truck still a of matter discussion for Croyle Twp. By Ron Portash

of Mainline Newspapers

Shane Deitle (left) and Corey Katrancha completed the fine-tuning of their robot, Clawbot, before the start of the VEX Robotics competition held at Forest Hills Junior-Senior High School on Saturday, Feb. 11. Photo by Ron Portash.

The Croyle Township supervisors addressed more questions about their decision to purchase a new garbage truck for the township at their Feb. 7 meeting. Chet Sewalk, a former Croyle Township supervisor, questioned the current supervisors last month on the decision to approve the purchase of a $160,000 garbage truck. Although the supervisors approved the purchase last month, they defended their decision to purchase the $100,000 truck body through a low-inter-

est loan, and the $60,000 for the garbage packer body from the township’s capital improvement fund. Lynn Bourdess, chairman of the board of supervisors, told Sewalk the truck was approved last month, but he explained it is being done to benefit the township residents. Bourdess stated the garbage collection fund amounts do vary per year; some years, it makes some money, and other years, there is a loss. According to Bourdess, the rates charged to Summerhill Township residents are less than it would be under a commercial contract. In addition, the collec-

Forest Hills Drama Club produces a twist on fairy tales SEE ROBOTICS, PAGE 11A

By Ron Portash

of Mainline Newspapers

The Forest Hills High School Drama Club will be presenting a twisted, hilarious take on the traditional Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The production of “Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” is the first in the new auditorium at the junior-senior high campus. The “Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” is a fast-paced, side-splitting comedy about two narrators and several actors trying to combine all 209 stories collected by the Grimm Brothers. This combines classics like “Snow White,”

Not only are they excited about the play’s production, Rachael Miller (left), Carl Smith, and Claudia Shrefler are also thrilled to be part of the first drama production in the new auditorium of the Forest Hills Junior-Senior High School. The show will be performed Feb 23, 24, and 25 at 7:30 p.m. Photo by Ron Portash.


“Hansel and Gretel,” and “Cinderella” with the more bizarre and lesser known Brothers Grimm tales like “The Girl without Hands” and “The Devil’s Grandmother.” The production includes lots of audience participation and wild, madcap fun. Senior Carl Smith stated that the veteran drama club members have to be reminded that they can walk normally on stage. The old high school stage was small and the productions had to be altered to fit the stage. Now, it took the students some time to adjust to the larger stage. Smith, a senior, has four parts in the production and is excited for the show. “It is an interesting and funny take on combining fairy tales,” explained Smith. You expect a character called Narrator One to be off stage SEE DRAMA, PAGE 3A

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