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Help for hard-hit Edgeware, New Brighton Tom Doudney

EARTHQUAKE-damaged Edgeware and New Brighton business areas should be able to look to the future with more confidence after tomorrow’s Christchurch City Council meeting. The suburban centres are set to become the latest to get the council master-planning treatment, pending councillors’ approval. The centres would join Sydenham, Lyttelton, Sumner, Linwood Village, Ferry Rd/Main Rd and the Selwyn St shops in receiving councilassisted masterplans aimed at providing an overall vision for the rebuild and revitalisation of quake-affected areas. The master-planning process involves gathering community feedback and technical information for the council to come up with a draft plan

for the future design of the suburban centre. This is then put out for more community feedback before a final area plan is produced. Shirley-Papanui Community Board chairperson Chris Mene said the master-planning of Edgeware, where around one-third of businesses have closed or relocated due to the earthquakes, would be a significant step forward for the community. “I think given the nature of that area as a real village centre, taking the master-plan approach will allow for the right level of engagement similar to what we’ve got at Linwood Village and the Selwyn Village shops.� At least three buildings will be or have been demolished in the area, including a large area

of land on the former Hardie & Thompson site, which council staff have suggested would create the potential for new commercial development once cleared. Burwood-Pegasus Community Board chairperson Linda Stewart said she was “tickled pink� at the prospect of a New Brighton masterplan. “A master-plan means a lot to this ward because it’s not just a fix-it, patch-up plan - a master-plan will be a lot more encompassing. “It (New Brighton) has fallen by the wayside for many years and we all know that New Brighton could be much more of a destination than it currently is.� Five buildings in New Brighton’s centre have

What a cool car Car classic: Looks like something Al Capone might have driven. Liam and Rory Humm hang out with this 1936 Chevrolet Coupe which was on display at the Canterbury Aero Club open day and air show at West Melton airfield during the weekend. The day was organised to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of a DH90A Dragonfly scenic flight to Milford Sound. Attractions included historic aircraft, classic cars and motor cycles. Photo: Gilbert Wealleans

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 HALKETT GROVE C a n t e r b u r y’s c l a s s i c q u a r t e r a c r e WEST


been or will be partially or fully demolished, while six others have received either red or yellow placards. However, council staff said in their report to councillors that the potential for significant change through rebuilding might be limited when compared with other masterplan areas as the properties were spread out around the centre. While the physical damage to the shops and business was limited, the impact of the earthquakes on the residential catchment and on the centre’s appeal was thought to be significant. The potential to rethink the centre’s function and to catalyse redevelopment made it a good candidate for master-planning, the report said.






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Should the 4 kilometre speed tolerance currently under trial be made permanent? It is currently 10 kilometres.”

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“No. There is too little room for error.”

“No. Because sometimes you need to speed up, especially if you are passing.”

Jessica Alltree Student “Yes, I think so. If everybody sticks to driving at the speed limit, there is no need to speed even if passing. I don’t understand why the 4k tolerance should be limited just to holidays and not permanently.”

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John Ryder Facility co-ordinator Avonside

“Yes, in certain areas such as schools and where there is a high number of pedestrians.”

“Yes, but not on open roads, just in certain areas where there are schools and roads where there are crossings.”

“Yes, it should stay. The limit is 100ks and so things should be consistent.”

Gina McKenzie

PETER Beck says he is excited about the “challenges” he faces as Christchurch’s newest city councillor. Mr Beck won the by-election in a landslide victory with a final vote count of 4811 votes, which placed him almost 2000 votes ahead of his nearest rival David East who finished up

with 2824 votes. Mr Beck said he believed the city councillors could overcome their differences and work together. “I certainly hope we can all work together around the table. I believe it is possible.” Connecting with eastern suburbs residents and


Janna Bailey Relief teacher Avonhead

Beck excited by challenges ahead

(issue 60)


Kyle Davis Student Avonhead

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set 3:11PM

the rebuilding of QEII were two areas Mr Beck wanted to focus on. Mr Beck was feeling mixed emotions about conducting his final service as Dean of ChristChurch Cathedral on Sunday. “It will be poignant. I’m moving on with a mixture of sadness and excitement.”

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Dalziel criticises quake rebuild; Brownlee says it’s politics THE Labour Party’s new earthquake recovery spokesperson Lianne Dalziel is calling the region’s post-quake governance “flawed” which Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee denies. He says Ms Dalziel is playing politics. A red-zoned Bexley resident, Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel, who has been in the role about eight weeks, said there was a total mismatch between the roles of the Christchurch City Council and Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera). “The Christchurch City Council’s obligation is to the whole city not just the CBD and this is a fundamental flaw in the legislative architecture.” She said Mr Brownlee had to take some responsibility for “the lack of definition around the boundaries in the role of Cera and the city council.” Mr Brownlee said he did not want to get into a tit for tat with Ms Dalziel although he noted there had

Lianne Dalziel

been no complimentary remarks from the Labour Party regarding the recovery. “It’s very disappointing; there are people who are working exceptionally hard, putting in long hours in a range of policy decisions to move things forward at a pace that by international standards has been extremely good. No other government has come to land decisions as

Gerry Brownlee

we have.” Ms Dalziel said she couldn’t understand why planning for the central business district was being handled by the council while strategic planning for the wider city was being handled by Cera. “Cera thinks it’s doing one thing, council thinks it’s doing another, council is never quite clear about what the Government is going

to pay for, what they have to pay for and so this level of frustration seems to be blowing up.” Mr Brownlee said the council’s CBD plan and the Cera overall strategy for wider Canterbury were expected to be completed one after the other with the CBD plan probably first. “Beyond the life of Cera the city council has to take over most of the things Cera puts in place – they’re intrinsically part of things.” Ms Dalziel said Cera had turned out to be a government department which did not work because there was too much pressure to conform to the political requirements of Mr Brownlee. Mr Brownlee said such comments, which suggested he had a masterplan, were “absolutely ridiculous.” “It has been a mantra for the Labour Party; if I was out of things everything would be better. It’s just politics. We’ve done a number of world firsts here.”


Chairs to remember quake victims THE victims of the February 22 earthquake will be remembered in a special art installation on the site of the fallen Oxford Terrace Baptist Church. On the anniversary 185 white-painted chairs will sit on top of freshly-laid ready-lawn, each representing someone who died in the quake a year ago to that day. The installation is a collaboration between the church and the Side Door Arts Trust. Artist Pete Majendie said there would be a variety of wooden, metal, cane and upholstered chairs in all shapes and sizes to acknowledge the individuality of each person they represented. Some family members of earthquake victims had offered to contribute a chair which personified their loved one.

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CTV hearing date set by commission THE Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission has announced it will hold a public hearing about the Canterbury Television (CTV) building collapse beginning on June 23. The hearing is expected to take up to five weeks. The intention and purpose of the hearing will be to ascertain why the CTV building collapsed, causing such a significant loss of life. This will include at least the following: • The initial building consent issued by the local government authority, Christchurch City Coun-

cil • The construction of the building and its design • Identification of a structural weakness in 1990 and again in 1992 by a prospective tenant • Damage suffered in the September and Boxing Day (December) earthquakes and the evidence of staff in the building about the damage • The assessment process undertaken, particularly after the September earthquake Prior to the CTV hearing, on March 6, the commission will

Livingstone moves eastwards BURWOOD Pegasus city councillor Glenn Livingstone has moved in to the ward. Cr Livingstone, who lived in Bryndwr, shifted his family into a rented house in a green-zoned part of Shirley last month, more than a year after the elections. “We love where we live, it’s great,” he said. Cr Livingstone said he would have liked to move sooner but the earthquakes caused delays; he was considering homes in Dallington when the February 22 earthquake hit.

publicly hear a submission from Srecko (Alec) Cvetanov. Mr Cvetanov’s wife Dr Tamara Cvetanova, died in the collapsed CTV building on February 23 2011. Mr Cvetanov is concerned that the commission’s terms of reference prohibit it from inquiring into the search and rescue effort. The results of the Department of Building and Housing’s technical investigation into the CTV building will be able to be contested at the hearing beginning on June 23. The department’s investigation

findings are now being internationally peer reviewed by structural engineer William Holmes of Rutherford and Chekene in San Francisco. In addition, the commission’s own investigation into the collapse is ongoing. The timing for the hearings about the assessment of buildings after earthquakes and the overall regulatory framework are also yet to be decided. All commission hearings are held at St Teresa’s church hall on the corner of Riccarton Road and Puriri Street in Christchurch.

Hon Lianne Dalziel MP for Christchurch East My Electorate Office has re-opened at 133 New Brighton Mall. My Team and I are here to help you. I am still providing regular Earthquake Information Updates to constituents. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the list. P 03 382 0288 E Authorised by Lianne Dalziel, 133 New Brighton Mall, Christchurch



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From the editor

Chris Tobin

Lessons from the CTV building ON Saturday morning shortly after 7am, I wandered into the Merivale Mall to buy a newspaper. It seemed a normal enough morning - a few yawns, the quiet before the storm for the checkout operators. It was a surprise then to learn a few hours later that parts of the building, including the supermarket, had been closed after engineers discovered a section of the mall was quake-prone. This closure follows the Terrace on the Park

Stronger Christchurch

complex just over the road from Hagley Park, which was also found to have been seriously damaged in the December 23 aftershock. Urgent demolition of two buildings in the complex started yesterday. Readers might recall the point was made in a column several weeks ago about the time the earthquake royal commission considered Joe’s Garage CafÊ in Hereford Street that buildings had

Letter to the editor

Dogs I read your article (Mainland Press, February 1) regarding dogs running towards you and found it funny as I was, at that minute, waiting in the physio for my ongoing treatment following the exact same sort of incident! On December 31, I took my dog for a twohour walk and was heading home. My dog was tired out and walking along quietly when another dog came out of a house and went for him, snarling and trying to bite him. I kept walking hoping it would stop and got to the end of our extendable lead. I turned and called our dog. He ran as he wanted to join me and get away, but the other dog was still grappling with him. I took the full force of both dogs (around 35kg to 40kg) on the side of my knee. Neighbours called the owner who grudgingly came out, but he had no control over his dog. He walked with me as I hobbled, saying, “I know it looks bad, but he wouldn't have done anything.� Yeah right! His dog ran on, loose, up the street and I was able to get home. I had to go to 24/7 surgery costing over $100, was signed off work for a week, and given crutches to enable me to get around. I've had six appointments with physio so far; Luckily nothing was broken, but I still can't kneel down very well so it's ongoing. Suffice to say, the sight of dogs running towards me now fills me with terror as it was really painful and frightening.

to be re-checked, especially public buildings. This cafĂŠ was greenticketed following the September earthquake. After the Boxing Day quake, only minimal damage was noticed and the building was not rechecked by engineers. Come February 22 and the façade collapsed with loss of life. The same tragedy played out at CTV where 115 died on February 22. Last week, a panel of experts convened by the Department of Building and Housing released their findings and stated, “After September 4, damage appeared relatively minor and not indicative of a building under immediate stress or having a significantly impaired resistance to earthquake shaking.â€? Minor cracking of several columns in the upper floors was found at this time. As to the effects of the Boxing Day 2010 shake on the building, the panel reported: “Eyewitnesses advised of no structural damage, but some nonstructural damage. There are no available reports on the condition of the building after this event, but photos indicate it was minor.â€? In other words, engineers did not re-inspect the building in spite of many concerns expressed by people working in the building as to the damage. The panel said that with the February 22 quake, a column on the mid to upper levels on the east side failed and set off, with almost a domino effect, a failure of other columns. The building colEvelyn Nelson, lapsed in seconds. In three instances, the panel found also that Casebrook building codes at the time of the CTV building’s construction were actually not met. We want your letters This was a disturbing revelation and it is important now, for the sake of those who died and their If you have a letter to the editor email editor@ families, that the earthquake royal commission or write to Editor, Mainland Press, PO Box 39177, Harewood, pursues the matter vigorously. To return to the general drift of this column – af- Christchurch 8545. Letters must not exceed ter each significant aftershock, rechecks of build- 250 words. Please include your address and ings by engineers must continue, no matter the contact telephone number. The editor reserves the right to publish the letter or not. inconvenience.

SCIRT: the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team is rebuilding the city’s earthquake damaged roads, water, wastewater and storm water pipes

Programme funded by

Infrastructure Rebuild Team SCIRT’s commitment to safety From this year, roadworks around the city will increase             wastewater and storm water networks moves into top gear.

With so much work underway it is more important than ever that the people of Christchurch take care when driving near roadworks. The dangers our city’s road workers face every day   !   

    for SCIRT as part of the City Care team. He has noticed that speeding motorists are creating safety issues for road workers.

SCIRT will be delivering up to $40 million worth of rebuild works each month. It’s hard to imagine what this will look like. Put another way, SCIRT will have around 100 to 120 worksites operating around the city at one time. Combine this with other rebuild works such as the vertical rebuild, and the city will be a hive of construction activity.

How SCIRT is prioritising the rebuild

Fitzgerald Avenue – what’s the story?

Because this rebuild task is so large, some work will have               complex and it is important that there is a well thought out planning process in place to drive the work programme.

One of SCIRT’s major projects is the Fitzgerald Avenue ground stabilisation project. You may well have seen this project as you have driven past and wondered what it is all about.

SCIRT’s prioritisation process considers the following factors: 1. Operational prioritisation e.g.    to rivers 2. Interdependencies e.g. repairing downstream wastewater lines before upstream ones 3. Key services e.g. maintaining access to medical, emergency, education facilities and major transport routes 4. External factors e.g. plans of power companies 5. Constraints e.g. availability of resources and materials 6. Sense check e.g. review the decision and consider whether it makes common sense SCIRT’s schedule of work is still under development, but should be ready next month. Information about this will be available on                       The rebuild continues in what is a seismically active time. The good news is that, where infrastructure has been permanently rebuilt, it is standing up very well to ongoing earthquakes.

If you would like to hear more about Dan’s experience, and hear from the SCIRT Alliance Manager Duncan Gibb, you can visit and follow the link under ‘Latest news’ on the website.

The northbound lane of Fitzgerald Avenue, beside the river, was extensively damaged in last February’s earthquake. Downer, working as part of SCIRT, is stabilising the land and building a riverside retaining wall in this part of Fitzgerald Avenue, which extends from the intersection of Avonside Drive to Cambridge Terrace. The Downer team is using an innovative technique to stabilise the ground in this area. This includes the construction of eight hundred stone columns in the ground. In the event of an earthquake the strengthened ground helps prevent liquefaction and supports structures. A large section of retaining wall, 96 metres long and up to 3.2 metres high, was in place before Christmas. This is one of SCIRT’s major projects. Work on this important part of the road network is due to be completed this May.

Keeping in touch The people of Christchurch are at the heart of this infrastructure rebuild programme. We have a range of different ways to keep you informed about what is going on - so keep an eye on these places:

Online: If you have access to a computer then our website is an excellent way to get up to date information about any works in your area: Log on to > Sign up to our weekly e-newsletter > Follow us on Twitter @SCIRT_info Newspapers: Watch out for our updates in Christchurch newspapers.

If you would like to receive updates on major projects like this, or other SCIRT work, you can sign up to receive the weekly SCIRT e-newsletter. Go to our website www.strongerchristchurch.govt. nz and follow the links under ‘Staying informed’.

Letterbox: Keep an eye on your letterbox for         

In your community: If you are visiting one of the Christchurch City Council libraries/service centres, look out for our distinctive SCIRT display boards. They contain fact sheets about the work SCIRT is doing Translated fact sheets are currently being prepared. These will be available in Chinese, Korean and Samoan and will be distributed through the: > Rewi Alley Cultural and Education Centre > Aranui Community Trust > Christchurch Migrants Centre

You can also email us at or phone the Call Centre on 941 8999



Demolition is very ‘dangerous’ DEMOLITION of the first two buildings in the Terrace on the Park complex began yesterday with Park Terrace and Salisbury Street blocked to traffic. The demolition of one of the blocks in particular was considered extremely dangerous by engineers. Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority general manager of operations Warwick Isaacs said there was a significant potential danger that the building could collapse once the demolition began. For this reason, the demolition method will be to “nibble” the building from the top down, from a considerable distance. “This kind of collapse would be large, noisy, and may appear uncontrolled. However, it would not be surprising as there is very little vertical strength remaining in the buildings.”





Posing danger: Terrace on the Park.

Mr Isaacs said the first two buildings would be down within the week and all displaced neighbours would be able to return to their homes.


Quake assessments ‘wearying process’ Chris Tobin

ENGINEERS are being pressed hard with so many buildings requiring post-quake inspections, president of NZ Structural Engineers, John Hare says. “There’s an awful lot to do and it’s not going to happen overnight,” he said. “It’s a wearying process especially with insurance issues and the concerns of building owners.” Mr Hare said engineers had come from outside the city to help in the building assessments, but he was not aware of the numbers. He estimated that two to three times the number of engineers were working in the city compared with before the earthquakes. As to the response of building owners having their buildings assessed, Mr Hart said there were “one or two” who were reluctant because of the cost. “By and large everyone is pretty good,” he said.”Everybody is working very hard and there’s quite a lot of pressure on.” The difficulty of the job was that buildings’ problems may not be immediately noticeable.

“Sometimes it cannot be readily apparent what a problem can be. It can take people a while to work through. Owners have to make tough decisions and sometimes someone sees something someone else doesn’t.” He considered that having more engineers working in the city would not necessarily speed things up because of the huge scale of the work and the complexity of the issues that had to be worked through. On Saturday, a section of Merivale Mall was closed after engineers questioned the building’s ability to stand up to another large earthquake. Recently, OPUS engineers found two Catholic churches, St Anne’s in Woolston and St Peter’s, Beckenham, should be closed after potential weaknesses were identified. In September, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) instructed owners of about 8000 buildings used by the public to assess their buildings’ structural integrity and to report to Cera on their findings.





Helping eases Lyndsay’s pain

Volunteer duo: Lyndsay Voice with Mack who brings a smile to the faces of all those who visit the Arthritis New Zealand centre in Christchurch.

Gina McKenzie ASSISTING fellow arthritis sufferers has enabled Lyndsay Voice to accept the lifechanging events she has dealt with since being diagnosed with the chronic condition almost 20 years ago. Mrs Voice, of Bryndwr, recently received a third Volunteer Canterbury award for her work with Arthritis New Zealand. A full life working as a bank teller and assisting on the family farm came to a sudden halt for Mrs Voice after she found herself constantly tired and unable to walk down the stairs. “I went from being a busy active person to being unable to work, having two operations and being diagnosed with a chronic condition.” The support Mrs Voice received from the Arthritis New Zealand centre in Christchurch inspired her to take up a volunteer position 14 years ago, as a way of giving back to the

Sites to remember quake NINE sites have been confirmed as part of the River of Flowers commemorative project to mark the first anniversary of the February 22 earthquake. Led by Healthy Christchurch and the Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON), the community-driven project will allow people to commemorate the anniversary at designated sites along Canterbury’s waterways. It will provide an all-day opportunity for people to drop a flower into a river and write a message of hope on a hope tree at the designated sites. Dropping flowers into a river symbolises “letting go” and the tree of hope represents “looking to the future”. At 12.51pm, there will be a twominute silence followed by the release of balloons to remember those who died, were injured, or lost their homes.

helpful organisation. “I get a great deal of enjoyment out of volunteering and it gives me something to look forward to because I can see that I am helping people who are more badly affected than I am. “It’s also shown me that your life isn’t over when you finish work or end up with a serious illness. “You can go on and do more than you expected, but it just takes time.” Mrs Voice’s constant companion Mack also plays his part by bringing a smile to all those who work for and visit the Arthritis Centre. “He cheers everyone up and is really affectionate. When you are in pain, animals really help to make you feel better.” During the annual Arthritis Appeal month in February, Mrs Voice works full-time preparing material for the fundraising drive. “It’s a busy time, so I don’t mind working


Mainland Press meets people helping our earthquake recovery

extra hours as it is really important to raise awareness.” Mrs Voice said she hoped her work would increase public understanding of arthritis. “A lot of people don’t realise that it affects all ages starting from babies. “It’s not just a condition for the elderly.” Do you know of anyone who has been working hard in the community and is worth a story? If you do, please let us know. Email your contact details including your name and phone number to

French garden designer to judge Ellerslie International flair: International Garden Tourism Person of the Year 2011 Pascal Garbe is excited about judging the Ellerslie International Flower Show. Mr Garbe, who is the project manager for gardens policy with the Moselle Conseil General and director of Laquenexy Fruit Gardens, said he was “terribly excited” about the event. Mr Garbe is on the panel of judges for the International Garden Festival in Chaumont sur Lore, Canada Blooms and Singapore Garden Festival. He is also a judge for the Plant Days at Courson and Saint-Jean de Beauregard, and in 2008 he presided over the prestigious rose competition in Orléans.

Each site is being hosted by a local community organisation and over the next week, more locations will be confirmed. Confirmed sites include: Avondale Road Bridge and SW river bank on Avonside Drive, Avonside Drive/ Retreat Road, Gayhurst Road Bridge, Avon River bank opposite Avonside Girls High School, Bexley Reserve, Corner Morganwood and Wairoa Streets, Botanic Gardens Commemorative Garden near Peace Bell, Christchurch Yacht Club, Moncks Bay, Medway Street Foot Bridge, SW bank on River Road, Methodist Church opposite Porritt Park, 878 Avonside Drive, O-Tautahi - The Bricks, Barbadoes Street Bridge, and diagonal adjoining riverbanks. For more information, go to

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Gareth Bines 03 962 0748 |



our christchurch Christchurch City Council news, events and information 15 February 2012

Slow down around roadworks Roadworks around the city is increasing significantly as works to repair our city’s roads, water, wastewater and storm water networks moves into top gear. For the next four years, SCIRT, the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, will have around 100 to 120 worksites around the city. “Combine this with other rebuild works such as the vertical rebuild, and the city will be a hive of construction activity for some years to come. We understand that roadworks can be frustrating, but we cannot rebuild our city without them. With so much work underway it is more important than ever that the people of Christchurch take care

when driving near roadworks,” says SCIRT Alliance Manager, Duncan Gibb. Every year there are over four fatal vehicle accidents at roadworks sites in New Zealand and 11 deaths. There is an average of six road worker injuries in New Zealand due to crashes at roadworks each year. Christchurch police have committed to enforcement around worksites and are calling on motorists to be patient and allow extra time to get to their destination.

who are working to rebuild our city,” says Inspector Al Stewart, Canterbury Road Policing Manger. “Saving a few minutes by speeding through worksites is not worth risking your safety or the safety of others.” SCIRT is a partnership between Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Agency (CERA), Christchurch City Council, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and contractors City Care, Downer, Fulton Hogan and MacDow Fletcher.

“It’s simple. People who speed through worksites are putting lives at risk—their own lives and the lives of the men and women

A great line-up is ready for the NZ Women’s Golf Open.

Hazardous waste disposal If you are vacating your property because it is in the Red Zone, please dispose of your household hazardous waste safely before you leave by following the guidelines below:



In the first instance, please take your household hazardous waste to the household hazardous waste drop-off point (free of charge) at your local transfer station or EcoDrop. If you are physically unable (e.g. elderly, disabled) to take your household hazardous waste to an EcoDrop, please make sure all your items are secured in a safe, cool, dry and well-ventilated place, and contact your local Council to inform them of what waste you

have left at the property. The household hazardous waste will be removed prior to demolition. x

Make sure that you separate any oxidisers (pool chemicals, peroxides, etc.) and flammable items (aerosol cans, solvents, fuels etc.) from each other and from your other household

hazardous wastes as these items may create a fire risk if stored together. For advice on a hazardous substance or hazardous waste, you can contact the Hazardous Waste Advisory Service on (03) 941 8999.

Household cleaners, liquid chemicals and automotive products are all examples of household hazardous waste that can be disposed of free-of-charge at your local transfer station or EcoDrop.

Playground signs a gentle reminder of smokefree policy Almost all the Council’s 326 playgrounds in parks now have signage reminding people that they are smokefree. The Council’s smokefree policy covers playgrounds, parks, sports grounds and Council-owned events, and although interrupted by earthquake recovery work, the Council intends to progressively roll out further smokefree signs in parks as part of an integrated parks signage programme. Alan Bywater, programme manager at the Christchurch City Council’s Strategy and Planning Group, says that reaction to the policy has largely been positive. “And we know that

increased smokefree environments contribute to fewer young people beginning to smoke. The less they see smoking, the less ‘normal’ it seems.” A survey of Christchurch households in 2009 during the development of the policy reported that 87% of respondents found it acceptable to make public outdoor children’s playgrounds smokefree areas. Few parents, smoking or non-smoking, want their children to become smokers. Ismailia (Mali) Lister Crofts (35), who is married with three children, aged three, two, and her newborn has not smoked since 13 June, 2010.

Mali used to duck outside to smoke around 20 cigarettes a day. One day when she was outside smoking, she saw her oldest daughter looking through the glass door at her. She was shocked to see that she was mimicking her, pretending to smoke a cigarette. She had picked up a toy and was ‘smoking’ it. That was it for Mali, and now her husband, Kevin Lister, has given up as well. Mali says it has improved her quality of life 100 percent—“I feel so much better, I can taste my food, it’s much better for my children…and it saves money.”

The 2012 ISPS Handa NZ Women’s Golf Open Come and view some of the world’s best women golfers live in action at the Pegasus Golf course February 17 – 19, 2012. The tournament will feature leading professionals, touring from Europe, Australia, America, Korea and New Zealand. Defending champion Kristie Smith, who won the title by three shots in 2011 for her maiden win on the LET, is returning to Pegasus among a host of talented Aussies and Europeans. New Zealand Golf legend Lynnette Brooky will make her long awaited debut in National Open and lead the Kiwi pro charge alongside in form Cathryn Bristow.

Also in the field is World Number One Lydia Ko. The 14-year-old superstar, New Zealander who has become the youngest winner of a professional golf tournament, man or women, in the history of golf, must be considered among the favourites for the title. In addition to the tournament there is a Kids Open Day on Sunday 19 February between 12 and 1.30pm. Then, on Wednesday, 15 February, there is a Junior Girls Challenge. Family passes to the event have been sent to all residents with their rates letter.

Consent update Christchurch City Council is preparing for an increase in demand for building consents as a result of recent earthquakes. The Council expects to meet this demand and we’ll keep you updated about our progress in the area of issuing consents, checking completed work to ensure it meets all requirements of consent, and issuing a code of compliance certificates. If you’re thinking of doing building work, make sure you talk to the Council as early as possible as we can help you with advice on how best to complete your consent application and meet the building code. To set up a meeting for advice on the consenting process contact 03 941 8999 or see

Consents granted for January 2012 Code of compliance certificates issued for January 2012 | | Council info line 941 8999 | Peninsula callers 0800 800 169

333 230





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A LONDON-based Kiwi who helped raise more than $600,000 for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal has been named the United Kingdom New Zealander of the Year. The award, established by the New Zealand Society in 1999, was presented to Kent Gardner at a gala function in London on February 10. Dunedin born and bred, Mr Gardner, a founding partner and chief executive of property fund manager Evans Randall, made a big contribution to the ‘Step Up 4 Christchurch’ event, a charity stair run up the 1037 steps to the top of the 180-metre tall Gherkin office tower in London. The event, held on May 22 last year, raised about $620,000. Evans Randall has four billion pounds worth of assets under management, including the distinctive Gherkin building as well as landmark properties in Munich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Brussels and Moscow. Mr Gardner said it was

humbling to receive the recognition. “I am both proud to be a Kiwi in London, and honoured to be part of a great team of UK-based New Zealanders, who are genuinely committed to supporting their country’s interests while overseas.” Mr Gardner has been in London for the last 10 years and lives in Regent’s Park with his wife Gaye and their three young sons, Freddie, Harry and Will. He started his career with New Zealand law firm Russell McVeagh and is now commissioner of the Crown Estate Paving Commission, a trustee of the UK Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, and has been a major fundraiser for Christchurch. Awards sponsor Air New Zealand’s UK-Europe general manager Chris Myers, who was also one of the judges, presented the award. “There were some outstanding examples of New Zealanders getting behind the Christchurch cause, but Kent Gardner and his team

Fundraising effort: UK New Zealander of the year Kent Gardner.

really stood out with their creativity and money raised; an awesome effort,” Mr Myers said. Recognition was also given to the two other finalists, Bronwen Horton and Paul Kendrick, and all the other nominees who made significant contributions in a range of activities. New Zealand Society president John Greager said the tragic consequences of the earthquake and the continuing aftershocks resulted in an unprecedented response from the New Zealand community in the UK.

Give way rule Neighbourhood policing changes to be promoted teams begin A PUBLIC awareness campaign will kick off next month to ensure that drivers are aware of changes to New Zealand’s give way rules, which come into force from 5am on Sunday, March 25. New Zealand Transport Agency chief executive Geoff Dangerfield said publicity around the rule changes was being carefully timed in order to ensure maximum awareness of the changes, while at the same time, minimising the risk of drivers starting to apply the new rules too early. “In the long run, the new rules will help to reduce confusion and reduce crashes by making decision-making easier for drivers at intersections, but there are obvious safety risks if some people start following the new rules too early. That’s why our publicity will be carefully timed and delivered.” Mr Dangerfield said a $1.2 million nationwide advertising campaign promoting awareness of the rule changes would start on March 15, 10 days prior to the ‘go-live’ date, and would continue through until April 1. The advertising campaign will be preceded by a major update to the official website for information on the new rules - www.giveway. - on February 29.

TEAMS of six police officers are on the beat in Riccarton West and Phillipstown as part of a new policing initiative. The neighbourhood policing teams will work closely with other agencies and partners in their areas to identify local problems and come up with local strategies and solutions. In Christchurch, the Phillipstown and Riccarton West areas were selected after a range of crime, demographic and community indicators were analysed. Each team includes a sergeant and five constables working within their dedicated areas. Their first tasks are making contact with agencies and organisations in the neighbourhoods and surveying the local community to identify and see which issues should be the priorities for them to address. Issues could range from gang problems and tinnie houses through to family violence, burglaries, youth crime, or other offenses. The officers responsible for the teams are Sergeant Todd Webley (Phillipstown) and Sergeant Steve Jones (Riccarton West). They can be contacted through Christchurch police on (03) 3637400.

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Lantern festival wows record crowd in Hagley A RECORD crowd of 60,000 to 70,000 people flocked to the Christchurch Lantern Festival held in Hagley Park over the weekend. Asia New Zealand director of culture Jennifer King said she was delighted with the turnout and had received excellent feedback about the event. “Cantabrians are very keen to have interesting things to do and it was great to see people enjoying themselves and making the most of the great weather.” Ms King said the performers from China, who took part in the festival, were thrilled by the reception they received from the crowd. Kuniko Iio, 37, of Hornby, who attended the festival on Sunday evening, said the huge range of Asian food on

offer was a highlight for her and she felt that Hagley Park was a better venue than Victoria Park. “The food was delicious and it was interesting to try different dishes. I also really enjoyed watching the dragon dance. “The location was much better, too, since everything was spread out and there was more space to see the lanterns.” Ms King said the festival will continue to be held at the current site at the Carlton Corner end of Hagley Park. “The council has agreed to continue the festival on this site, so next year we will increase the number of lanterns around the park.” Seen among the lights were…


People adjusting to digital TV NEW Zealand will start going digital in seven months and 83 per cent of households are ready for it, with an increase of four per cent compared to the previous quarter. The transition from analogue to digital television begins on September 30 when Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast of the South Island go digital. The rest of the country will go digital in stages over 2013, with the Upper North Island the last to make the switch on November 30, 2013. The West Coast and Waikato regions have the highest proportion of households currently watching digital television at 92 per cent, whilst across Canterbury the conversion rate is 77 per cent. The figures, taken from a Colmar Brunton survey, also showed that of homes yet to go digital, 19 per cent said they were very likely to do so in the next six months.

Photos: Gilbert Wealleans

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S E R U T IX F Y B G U R R E P U S 2012 DATE & DAY





WEEK ONE Fri 24 Feb Fri 24 Feb Sat 25 Feb Sat 25 Feb Sat 25 Feb Sun 26 Feb Sun 26 Feb BYE: Rebels

Blues v Crusaders Brumbies v W Force Bulls v Sharks Chiefs v Highlanders Waratahs v Reds Stormers v Hurricanes Lions v Cheetahs

Auckland Canberra Pretoria Hamilton Sydney Cape Town Johannesburg

19:35 21:40 06:10 19:35 21:40 04.05 06:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK TWO Fri 2 Mar Chiefs v Blues Fri 2 Mar Rebels v Waratahs Sat 3 Mar Lions v Hurricanes Sat 3 Mar Highlanders v Crusaders Sat 3 Mar Reds v W Force Sun 4 Mar Cheetahs v Bulls Sun 4 Mar Stormers v Sharks BYE: Brumbies

Hamilton Melbourne Johannesburg Dunedin Brisbane Bloemfontein Cape Town

19:35 21:40 06:10 19:35 21:40 04:05 06.10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK THREE Fri 9 Mar Sat 10 Mar Sat 10 Mar Sat 10 Mar Sat 10 Mar Sun 11 Mar Sun 11 Mar BYE: Stormers

TBA Perth Canberra Dunedin Brisbane Durban Pretoria

19:35 00:05 17:35 19:35 21:40 04:05 06:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Tauranga Cape Town Wellington Sydney Durban Melbourne

19:35 06:10 19:35 21:40 04:05 18:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Crusaders v Chiefs W Force v Hurricanes Brumbies v Cheetahs Highlanders v Waratahs Reds v Rebels Sharks v Lions Bulls v Blues

WEEK FOUR Fri 16 Mar Chiefs v Brumbies Sat 17 Mar Stormers v Blues Sat 17 Mar Hurricanes v Highlanders Sat 17 Mar Waratahs v W Force Sun 18 Mar Sharks v Reds Sun 18 Mar Rebels v Cheetahs BYES: Crusaders, Lions & Bulls WEEK FIVE Fri 23 Mar Fri 23 Mar Sat 24 Mar Sat 24 Mar Sat 24 Mar Sun 25 Mar Sun 25 Mar BYE: Chiefs

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Tuv!Nzmft 76!Nboefwjmmf!Tusffu-!!Disjtudivsdi 14!488!4846

Auckland Melbourne Sydney Christchurch(TBA) Canberra Pretoria Johannesburg

19:35 21:40 17:35 19:35 21:40 04:05 06:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK SIX (Daylight savings ends) Highlanders v Rebels Fri 30 Mar Sat 31 Mar Hurricanes v Cheetahs Sat 31 Mar Chiefs v Waratahs Sat 31 Mar Brumbies v Sharks Sat 31 Mar W Force v Reds Sun 1 April Lions v Crusaders Sun 1 April Stormers v Bulls BYE: Blues

Dunedin Wellington Hamilton Canberra Perth Johannesburg Cape Town

19:35 17:30 19:35 21:40 23:40 04:05 06:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK SEVEN Thur 5 April Rebels v Blues Fri 6 April Hurricanes v Sharks Fri 6 April Reds v Brumbies Fri 6 April W Force v Chiefs Sat 7 April Highlanders v Stormers Sun 8 April Cheetahs v Lions Sun 8 April Bulls v Crusaders BYE: Waratahs

Melbourne New Plymouth Brisbane Perth Dunedin Welkom Pretoria

21:40 19:35 21:40 23:40 19:35 01:00 03:05

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK EIGHT Fri 13 April Blues v Sharks Fri 13 April W Force v Waratahs Sat 14 April Crusaders v Stormers Sat 14 April Brumbies v Rebels Sun 15 April Cheetahs v Chiefs Sun 15 April Lions v Bulls BYES: Highlanders, Hurricanes & Reds

Auckland Perth Christchurch Canberra Bloemfontein Johannesburg

19:35 23:10 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK NINE Fri 20 April Xifo!zpv!bsf!cvzjoh!gspn!b!efbmfs-!!qsjwbufmz-!!pomjof!ps! xbou!dbti!up!ofhpujbuf-!!xf!qspwjef!bo!jnnfejbuf!botxfs/ Offe!b!mpbo!gps!b!ipmjebz-!!ipvtf!sfopwbujpo!ps!b!ofx!dbs@! Jg!zpv!ibwf!b!wfijdmf!up!vtf!bt!tfdvsjuz-!!xf!dbo!ifmq/

Blues v Hurricanes Rebels v W Force Waratahs v Sharks Crusaders v Cheetahs Brumbies v Highlanders Bulls v Reds Lions v Stormers

Highlanders v Blues




Fri 20 April Reds v Stormers Sat 21 April Hurricanes v Crusaders Sat 21 April Waratahs v Rebels Sun 22 April Sharks v Chiefs Sun 22 April Bulls v Brumbies BYES: W Force, Cheetahs & Lions

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Auckland Johannesburg Hamilton Perth Bloemfontein Sydney

19:35 05:10 19:35 21:40 03:05 18:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK ELEVEN Fri 4 May Fri 4 May Sat 5 May Sat 5 May Sun 6 May Sun 6 May Sun 6 May BYE: Stormers

Wellington Melbourne Pukekohe Canberra Durban Bloemfontein Christchurch

19:35 21:40 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10 16:00

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK TWELVE Blues v Lions Fri 11 May Fri 11 May Waratahs v Bulls Sat 12 May Highlanders v Hurricanes Sat 12 May Rebels v Crusaders Sun 13 May Sharks v W Force Sun 13 May Stormers v Cheetahs Sun 13 May Reds v Chiefs BYE: Brumbies

Auckland Sydney Dunedin Melbourne Durban Cape Town Brisbane

19:35 21:40 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10 18:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

WEEK THIRTEEN Fri 18 May Hurricanes v Brumbies Sat 19 May Highlanders v Bulls Sat 19 May Crusaders v Blues Sat 19 May Reds v Lions Sun 20 May Cheetahs v Sharks Sun 20 May Stormers v Waratahs Sun 20 May W Force v Rebels BYE: Chiefs

Wellington Dunedin Christchurch Brisbane Bloemfontein Cape Town Perth

WEEK FOURTEEN Fri 25 May Chiefs v Bulls Sat 26 May Hurricanes v Rebels Sat 26 May Blues v Highlanders Sat 26 May Brumbies v Reds Sat 26 May W Force v Lions Sun 27 May Cheetahs v Waratahs Sun 27 May Sharks v Stormers BYE: Crusaders

Hamilton Wellington Auckland Canberra Perth Bloemfontein Durban

Hurricanes v Blues Rebels v Bulls Chiefs v Lions Brumbies v Waratahs Sharks v Highlanders Cheetahs v W Force Crusaders v Reds

19:35 17:30 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10 18:35

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Sharks v Bulls Sun 8 July BYE: Hurricanes WEEK EIGHTEEN Fri 13 July Hurricanes v Chiefs Brumbies v Blues Sat 14 July Sat 14 July Crusaders v W Force Sat 14 July Reds v Waratahs Sun 15 July Stormers v Rebels Sun 15 July Sharks v Cheetahs Sun 15 July Bulls v Lions BYE: Highlanders

Fri 1 June Crusaders v Highlanders Rebels v Brumbies Fri 1 June Sat 2 June Blues v Chiefs Sat 2 June Waratahs v Hurricanes Sun 3 June Lions v Sharks Sun 3 June Bulls v Stormers BYES: W force, Reds & Cheetahs WEEK SIXTEEN Fri 29 June Highlanders v Chiefs Fri 29 June Rebels v Reds Sat 30 June Crusaders v Hurricanes Sat 30 June W Force v Brumbies Sun 1 July Stormers v Lions Sun 1 July Bulls v Cheetahs BYES: Blues, Waratahs & Sharks WEEK SEVENTEEN Fri 6 July Chiefs v Crusaders Fri 6 July Reds v Highlanders Sat 7 July Blues v W Force Sat 7 July Waratahs v Brumbies Sun 8 July Cheetahs v Stormers Sun 8 July Lions v Rebels





Wellington Canberra Christchurch Brisbane Cape Town Durban Pretoria

19:35 17:30 19:35 21:40 01:00 03:05 05:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________



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Kick o mes will be determined by the qualifying teams’home me zone.

SEMI-FINALS FRI 27/SAT 28 JULY Semi-ďŹ nal 1: 1st placed team v Lower ranked qualiďŹ er winner Semi-ďŹ nal 2: placed team v Higher ranked qualiďŹ er winner


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_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

* Times, dates and venues subject to change. ** Crusaders home games will be played in Christchurch at Rugby League Park. If the park is not match ready home games will be played elsewhere.

325 Brougham Street, Sydenham, Christchurch P: 0800 225 483 F: 03 371 1101 E:



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WEEK TEN Fri 27 April Blues v Reds Sat 28 April Lions v Brumbies Sat 28 April Chiefs v Hurricanes Sat 28 April W Force v Stormers Sun 29 April Cheetahs v Highlanders Sun 29 April Waratahs v Crusaders BYES: Rebels, Bulls & Sharks


Brisbane Wellington Sydney Durban Pretoria


Christchurch Melbourne Auckland Sydney Johannesburg Pretoria

19:35 21:40 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Dunedin Melbourne Christchurch Perth Cape Town Pretoria

19:35 21:40 19:35 21:40 03:05 05:10

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Hamilton Brisbane Auckland Sydney Bloemfontein Johannesburg

19:35 21:40 19:35 21:40 01:00 05:05

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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Summertime is the perfect excuse to indulge in raspberries. Try this scrumptious torte recipe. Enjoy!

Hazelnut and Raspberry torte Direcons: 1. Draw 2 x 20cm circles on baking paper. 2. Beat egg whites to sff peaks, add tbsp castor sugar and beat well. 3. Add remaining cup of castor sugar gradually, then vanilla and vinegar. 4. Using metal spoon, fold in hazelnuts. 5. Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 40 mins (lile less if fan heated). 6. Thaw raspberries, reserve a few for decoraon, then sprinkle half with the sugar. 7. Puree remaining half in blender with enough sugar to sweeten. 8. Pour this sauce into a serving jug. 9. Three hours before serving, spread 2/3rd of the whipped cream on one cake half, arrange sweetened raspberries on top. Top half on and dust with sied icing sugar. 10. Pipe rosees or spoon dollops of remaining cream around edge, decorate with reserved raspberries.

Ingredients: 125g ground hazelnuts 4 egg whites 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 1 tbsp plus 1 cup castor sugar 1/2 tsp vinegar

Filling 500g frozen raspberries 300 mls cream 3 tbsp castor sugar Sied icing sugar vanilla essence

(Courtesy : Bev Whiield)


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About Sirocco The origin of the word Sirocco means northern African wind, but the inspiraon for the name of the hair studio owned by Nicola Smith came from a colour she saw on a hair colour chart over 11 years ago. With more than 14 years in the industry and 11 years owning Sirocco, Nicola and her two senior hairstylists Kerry and Juanita love all aspects of hairdressing. The transformaon of clients from when they first walk through the door to the me they leave is one part they all agree on to be a highlight of their jobs.

Clientèle Sirocco caters for all ages and has a loyal and dedicated client base. With the disrupons and devastaon the earthquakes caused in the area last year, both the clients and the team at Sirocco have become very adapve and invenve when power and water cuts have hit during business hours. When they re-opened two weeks aer the February 22, 2011 earthquake, clients would turn up with buckets of water, showing the demand they have for the talents and skills of their treasured hair stylists. Even with the recent quakes in December, not wanng to be inside the hair studio, the team moved the salon outdoors on the footpath to apply hair colour to their valued clients, so they could sll get their hair done. While some local residents have had to move to another part of the city because

of their houses being damaged in the area, Special occasions many Sirocco clients have sll remained Nicola and her team know how important loyal by travelling from their new locaons hair plays on a special day, whether it’s for a in Christchurch to the hair studio in Mt wedding, school formal, or any social event Pleasant. where you want to look unforgeable. Keeping up with the hair trends Offering beauty services in addion to the Styles and hair trends are forever changing, hair styling at Sirocco, they can transform you so the Sirocco team keeps up with the latest from head to toe with their sun bed, spraylooks by having on-going training in new tan booth, eyebrow and eyelash nng, and techniques from the De Lorenzo tutors. facial waxing. The biggest trend they have noced is Special offer the popularity of ‘Rats tails’ amongst their For the month of February, all new clients younger male clients, whilst women are can take advantage of the beauty side of trending toward more natural looking hair Sirocco Hair Studio and receive an eyebrow with volume and wave. The selecons of De shape and nt for only $15. Lorenzo hair products in-store are great for Sirocco Hair Studio is located on Soleares achieving these looks. Avenue between the Flames restaurant and the pharmacy. They are open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am to 5pm, with late nights on Thursdays, and on Saturday from 9.30am. Contact Nicola, Kerry, and Juanita today! Phone 384 1743.

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(3D) ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRETS OF THE UNICORN (PG) ADULTS AT KIDS PRICES SAT-SUN 11:10, 4:05PM (3D) JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (PG) SAT-SUN 10:00, 12:00PM (3D) STAR WARS EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE• (PG) THU-FRI 3:30PM SAT-SUN 11:20, 2:00PM, MON-WED 3:30PM (2D) HAPPY FEET 2 (G) ADULTS AT KIDS PRICES SAT-SUN 11:45AM A FEW BEST MEN (R16) THU-FRI 3:50PM, SAT-SUN 4:45PM, MON-WED 3:50PM BIG MIRACLE• (PG) THU-FRI 1:20, 6:10PM SAT-SUN 1:40, 6:50PM, MON-WED 1:20, 6:10PM CHRONICLE (M) THU-FRI 2:00, 4:00, 6:00PM SAT-SUN 2:10, 4:10, 6:10PM, MON-WED 2:00, 4:00, 6:00PM THE DESCENDANTS (M) THU-FRI 10:50, 3:40, 8:30PM SAT-SUN 4:30, 8:50PM, MON-WED 10:50, 3:40, 8:30PM GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (R16) THU-FRI 10:40, 8:00PM, SAT-SUN 8:10PM MON-WED 10:40, 8:00PM THE IDES OF MARCH• (M) THU-FRI 10:30, 1:00, 6:30, 8:40PM SAT-SUN 2:10, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40PM MON-WED 10:30, 1:00, 6:30, 8:40PM SAFE HOUSE• (M) THU-FRI 10:45, 1:15, 8:50PM SAT-SUN 1:20, 9:15PM, MON-WED 10:45, 1:15, 8:50PM THE VOW• (PG) THU-FRI 11:30, 1:50, 4:10, 6:40, 9:00PM SAT-SUN 11:50, 2:15, 6:40, 9:00PM MON-WED 11:30, 1:50, 4:10, 6:40, 9:00PM THIS MEANS WAR• (M) THU-FRI 10:20, 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:00, 9:10PM SAT-SUN 11:10, 3:50, 6:50, 9:10PM MON-WED 10:20, 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:00, 9:10PM TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY (M) THU-WED 6:15PM

(3D) ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRETS OF THE UNICORN (PG) ADULTS AT KIDS PRICES SAT-SUN 3:30PM (3D) JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (PG) SAT-SUN 11:10AM (3D) STAR WARS EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE• (PG) FRI 6:00PM, SAT-SUN 12:40, 6:00PM A FEW BEST MEN (R16) THU-FRI 6:05PM SAT-SUN 6:20PM, MON-TUE 6:05PM ALIEN (R16) POP CULTURE CLASSIC –TICKETS ONLY $10 SUN 8:00PM ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS 3: CHIPWRECKED (G) ADULTS AT KIDS PRICES SAT-SUN 10:00AM, 4:30PM BIG MIRACLE• (PG) THU-FRI 12:45, 3:50PM SAT-SUN 1:20, 3:50PM, MON-WED 12:45, 3:50PM CHRONICLE (M) THU-FRI 12:10, 2:00, 4:10, 7:10PM SAT-SUN 12:10, 2:00, 6:05PM, MON-TUE 12:10, 2:00, 4:10, 7:10PM WED 12:10, 2:00, 4:10PM CONTRABAND (TBC) ADVANCE SCREENING WED 6:30PM GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (R16) THU-FRI 4:00, 8:15PM, SAT 8:25PM, MON-TUE 4:00, 8:15PM, WED 3:15, 8:20PM THE IDES OF MARCH• (M) THU-FRI 11:20, 1:45, 6:20, 8:50PM SAT-SUN 10:05, 12:15, 6:30, 8:40PM MON-TUE 11:20, 1:45, 6:20, 8:50PM WED 10:30, 1:00, 6:25, 8:50PM IRON LADY (M) THU 10:00, 6:00PM, FRI 10:00AM, MON-TUE 10:00, 6:00PM, WED 10:00, 6:05PM KILLER ELITE• (R16) THU-FRI 3:30PM SAT-SUN 3:40PM, MON-WED 3:30PM MONEYBALL• (M) THU-FRI 10:10, 3:00, 8:40PM SAT 10:30, 3:45, 8:00PM, SUN 10:30, 3:45, 8:25PM MON-WED 10:10, 3:00, 8:40PM POKEMON THE MOVIE: WHITE - VICTINI AND ZEKROM (G) SAT-SUN 11:30AM SAFE HOUSE• (M) THU-FRI 1:15, 6:30, 9:10PM SAT-SUN 1:10, 6:40, 9:10PM, MON-TUE 1:15, 6:30, 9:10PM WED 1:15, 9:10PM SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS (M) THU-FRI 3:45PM, MON-WED 3:45PM THE VOW• (PG) THU-FRI 10:50, 1:30, 6:15, 8:30PM SAT-SUN 10:20, 1:30, 3:55, 6:15, 8:30PM MON-WED 10:50, 1:30, 6:15, 8:30PM THIS MEANS WAR• (M) THU-FRI 10:15, 12:50, 8:45PM SAT-SUN 2:25, 8:45PM, MON-TUE 10:15, 12:50, 8:45PM WED 10:15, 12:50, 8:55PM WHEN A CITY FALLS (M) THU-FRI 11:00AM, MON-WED 11:00AM

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Wearable flowers return to show Caught on canvas: Gill Hay’s feelings on the earthquake are expressed in her painting.

‘Land Force’ at Little River



 My books. My stationery. My store.

What next?: Internationally renowned costume and fabric artist Jenny Gillies has joined forces with Treetech to present A Wonderland of Wearable Flowers at next month’s Ellerslie International Flower Show. Ms Gillies, who wowed crowds at the 2009 show with her Wearable Weeds floral artwear collection, said she was excited about exhibiting in Christchurch for the first time in two years. “For the last three years, I have spent a lot of time working on big shows for the Royal Adelaide Show. It will be fantastic to be back showing my works of art in my home town.” Ms Gillies said she hoped visitors would enjoy viewing her 50 garments, which would be displayed in a wonderland of trees. “It will be quite spectacular, with the costumes exhibited in a landscape of trees and shrubs. Visitors will be able to experience the magic of these floral works of art up close.” Photo: Neil Macbeth




w w w. l i t t l e r i v e r g a l l e r y. c o m

book release

Assassin’s Creed - Revelations by Oliver Bowden Older, wiser and more deadly than ever, master assassin Ezio Auditore embarks on an epic journey to find the lost library of Altair – a library that may hold the key to defeating the Templars for ever. However, a shocking discovery awaits him. The library holds not only hidden knowledge but also the most unsettling secret the world has ever known; a secret the Templars hope to use to control humankind’s destiny. Walking in the footsteps of his predecessor, Altair, Ezio must defeat the Templars for the final time. For the stakes have never been higher, and what started as a pilgrimage has become a race against time…

THE Little River Gallery’s new exhibition Land Force by Gill Hay opens this Saturday and runs until March 14. The exhibition comprises three large works and a series of smaller pieces. The medium is charcoal, acrylic and oil and the work is on unstretched canvas. “The force of what happened last year and the power of the land affected us all. The repercussions pervade life and these paintings are my reaction to the hills that surround my Lyttelton home and the power they have,” Ms Hay said. “I made a conscious decision to go back to basics and just draw this land using a monochromatic palette. “Included is a part of a painting that was damaged and this became my departure point for this show. On a purely practical level, every time I started painting on stretched canvas at my easel, there was another shake and the painting would fall and rip. “So I just took pieces of canvas pinning them straight on the walls where they couldn't fall off and began.”

Quake exhibition ‘evocative’ CHRISTCHURCH artist Julia Morison’s exhibition Meet me on the other side at Christchurch Art Gallery, which opened last week, is a bold response by the artist to the Canterbury earthquakes. Senior curator Justin Paton said Morison’s exhibition is “an evocative response to the earthquake of February 22, 2011.” Originally shown in Auckland, the exhibition has been brought back to Christchurch for a six-week showing in a first-floor space at NG boutique gallery and design studio. The exhibition is part of the gallery’s Outer Spaces programme of exhibitions, which is dedicated to taking art to the public while its own doors are closed and its collections are in safe storage. Meet me on the other side will be at NG, 212 Madras Street until March 25.

Worth Fighting For Love, Loss and Moving Forward by Lisa Niemi Swayze Wait a minute…there. I made it to the next moment. And that’s how you get through a bad moment of grief. You do it one at a time. Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze were married for thirty-four years. Their marriage strained under the pressures that many do, but through all of its ups and downs, it was a uniquely passionate and creative partnership. Worth Fighting For is a remarkably candid look at what it means to lose a partner – how to care for him or her, how to make it through each day without losing your sanity, and how to move forward in the second half of your life when the person you spent the first half with is gone. This book is both a tribute to a marriage and a celebration of the healing power that each day holds, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Giveaway We have one copy of Worth Fighthing For to give away, courtesy of Paper Plus Ferrymead.To be in the draw email with Worth Fighting For in the subject line, text MP Worth Fighting For to 4494 (txt cost 50c) or write to Bay Harbour News Book Giveaway, Mainland Press, PO Box 39 176 Harewood, Christchurch 8545.To be eligible for the draw all entries, including texts, must include your name, address and contact number. Entries close Tuesday, February 28th, 2012. Winner of Me Before You : Isla Stocks, Opawa

Concert tickets giveaway MAINLAND Press has two double passes to Jackie Bristow’s Lyttelton concert at the Naval Point Yacht Club at 8pm on Tuesday, February 21 to give away to two lucky readers. To enter, email with Jackie in the subject line, or text Jackie to 4494 (texts cost 50 cents). To be eligible make sure you include your name, address, and daytime contact phone number. Entries close at 5pm on Friday, February 17.

Small triumphal thing: A silt artwork created by Christchurch artist Julia Morison from melted shopping bags, cement, silt, and metal.




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5:30 Home And Away Ruby makes a decision about Casey; Brax is questioned over stolen goods; Leah feels she needs to take care of Brax. 6pm 3 News 7:00 Campbell Live 7:30 The X Factor Australia PGR 9:15 N Sons Of Anarchy AO Clay, Jax and the other jailed Samcro members are released and return to Charming to a rude welcome from the new sheriff in town. 10:35 Nightline 11:05 Sports Tonight 11:20 CSI – New York AO R Mac’s team is recovering from machine-gun fire aimed at them a month earlier.



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THURSDAY Midnight Cricket – Tri-Series (Highlights) India v Sri Lanka – OneDay International. From Adelaide Oval. 1:00 Basketball – NBL Championship (Replay) Sydney Kings v Gold Coast Blaze. From the Sydney Entertainment Centre. 3:00 Motorsport – Toyota Racing Series (Highlights) New Zealand Motor Cup. From Hampton Downs in Auckland. 4:00 Football – Premier League (Replay) Wolverhampton v West Bromwich Albion. 6am Cricket – International (Replay) Canterbury Wizards v South Africa Twenty20. 9:00 Football – A-League (Replay) Newcastle Jets v Melbourne Heart. 11:00 Jetsprinting – New Zealand Championships 11:30 Cricket – Tri-Series (Highlights) India v Sri Lanka – One-Day International. 12:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 1:00 Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am – Round Four. 2:00 Northern Exposure 2:30 Motorcycling – Superbikes Season Preview 3:00 Football – Premier League (Highlights) Fulham v Stoke City. 4:00 Cricket – International (Replay) Canterbury Wizards v South Africa – Twenty20. 7:00 Total Rugby 7:30 L Basketball – NBL Championship New Zealand Breakers v Wollongong. From the North Shore Events Centre. 10:00 Boxing – Fight Sports Knockouts 11:00 The Cricket Show



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THE CLOTHING STUDIO -Designer Dressmaking by Sue Ashton. By appointment only. Please contact Sue on 03 3138800, 021 109-2404 or email theclothingstudio@

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BB Contracting Small Area Specialists, Small Demolition, Liquefaction & Section clean ups, Fencing, Garages, Landscaping. Discount for senior citizens Barry 03 323-5386 or 027 4409379 BUILDER For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 25 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 3831723 or 0274 367-067. BUILDER QUALIFIED available for additions, fences & all aspects of building, also concrete drives & patios, reliable & professional, free quotes, call Brent 027 241-7471 BUILDERS-CLEANS 10 years experience specialising in clean up of new homes, renovations, & earthquake repairs. Phone Deb - Absolutely Clean on 347-7685 or 027 269-2610

CABINETMAKING/ JOINERY - Real Timber Furniture Made: Cabinets, entertainment centres etc. Your design or ours. Restorations / Repairs. Ph Ron at ‘Scotch Chest’ 384-5007 CARPENTER/JOINER - Experienced, Qualified Tradesmen. Available for all interior & exterior repairs, maintenance & renovations. All carpentry, painting, Gibbing, joinery. Decking, kitchens, bathrooms, office refits etc. Phone Tissiman House Repairs 328-7585. CARRIER Local, experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 C O N S T R U C T Developments Ltd for all your building requirements from new homes to alterations & additions ph the professionals for a free quote, Contract or Labour only price avail ph Mark 03 331-8090 or 027 233-4134 DRAINLAYING, Excavation Rubbish removal Phone Steve, 03 967 3482, 0212 644 082 REDWOOD DRAINAGE ELECTRICIAN A GREAT ELECTRICIAN! Professional prompt service. Local. Tidy. Competitive. Licensed. Ph Paul Howells Electrical Ltd, 351-8813, or 027 414-7971.

ELECTRICIAN K.T.Electrics. Domestic, Commercial, 30 years experience, All work undertaken. Phone Kevin 027 204-7233 or 383-5407 ELECTRICIAN AAA SERVICE, Registered Electrician, honest tradesman ph Peter 03 382-5824 or 0800 544-486 ELECTRICIAN All electrical work, heat pumps, ovens, repairs, No call out or travel fees, payment by Eftpos, Credit Card, Ph Brent 0800 247378 FURNITURE Removals BOB Carriers Est. 1928 “the gentle movers”. For packing and removal services Canterbury and South Island wide. Phone 344-2900 FURNITURE REMOVALS Large Trucks from $65 Hour + GST, Canterbury & South Island Wide. Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 03 359-9313 GARDENING For all your gardening needs, oneoff clean-ups, rubbish removal, great prices. 20 years experience. Phone Jo or John 327-7795 or 027 666-6990 for free quotes HOUSE COLD LAST WINTER? Call Community Energy Action Charitable Trust’s free advice service for tips and help! 0800 388 588, Mon-Fri 10am4pm or energyadvice@

Kerry - Ph: 03 962 0744 Tracy - Ph: 03 962 0746

Cracked Tiles? Dirty Grout?

We are here to help you. Big or small jobs.

03 358 5105 or 027 746 7632 LOG BURNER Installation & maintenance, brick & block laying plus all types of fencing, brick, block & timber, any combination + repairs, also gates made, prompt service, free quotes, Jim Gardner, Qualified, Member NZ Home Heating Association ph 03 343-4044 or 0274 375 619 OVENS, HOBS, REPAIRS, No call out or travel fees, pay by Eftpos or Credit Card, ph Brent 0800 247-378 PAINTER - NEED A PAINTER? Probrush Painters (Qualified Painter/ Decorator) for all your painting requirements. Call Chris now for a free quote. 021 121-3415 or 03 352-4075 PAINTER DECORATOR Free Quotes for Painting, Plastering & Gib Repairs. Quality Workmanship. Immediate Start. Phone Peter 342-4442 or 027 432-0146

PAINTERS & D E C O R A T O R S Experienced, free quotes, interior/exterior, discount for over 60s, EQC work undertaken, ph 03 3858263 or 027 416-9958 PLASTERER Gib Stopping, Small job specialty. 28 years experience. Ring 0800 387-369 PLASTERER Interior Plastering repairs of cracks & damage to plasterboard walls & ceilings. Insurance specialists, Friendly & reliable service. No job to big or small. For a no obligation free quote call On Board Ltd. Phone Bruce 027 577-8007. P L A S T E R E R : Experienced in all aspects of interior plastering. Ph Vaughan 388-3791 or 021 269-4707. PLUMBER Local Craftsman Plumber. All Jobs Big and Small. Phone Jeff Potts at 021 229-9526 or 328-7716 (a/h)

Special Occasions It’s a Boy

Te Aika Joshua Robinson

Axel Cosner

joined Josh, Dre and sister Shanaya on the 19th November 2011

Born 18th August 2011 to Sara Ager and Ayden Cosner

Luke Noah

Amazing Amazin in Grace

How sweet sw w you sound

Born 5th July 2011

Welcomed with much love to Martin and Marsha Gowans and younger brother of Wyatt

Grace Pamela NORRIE Born January 15 2012, 11:30am (7lb 90z) Dean & Sarah were once lost now found, was blind but now see. Thanks to our Amazing Grace

Plumber REGISTERED CRAFTSMAN Friendly, honest, professional service for all your plumbing needs. Hot water problems are a specialty. No call out fee. Phone Kerry 0800 A1 PLUMB 0800 217 5862



IItt’’s ’s a Boy!

Birthday Jasper Rosewarne Love Lots, Mummy & Daddy

Kris, Yumi and brother Max Ogata-Johnston would like to welcome their new addition Leo Sho Ogata-Johnston whom arrived Christmas Eve 24th December 2011



QUANTITY SURVEYOR Tendering - Administration Variations - Progress Claims Dispute resolution Phone Steve, 03 967 3482 - 0212 644 082 A Savvy Group Limited ROOFING Installers of Coloursteel fascia & spouting, repairers of any type of gutters, also fit snowstraps, downpipes, leafguards, free quotes, call Danie Streamline Spouting Systems Ltd 021 875-462 or 03 344-5744 ROOFING Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. ReRoof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 4323822 or 351-9147 ROOFPAINTING Experienced professionals. Friendly and reliable. All work guaranteed. Call Matt Pierson on: 0276 77 00 11 or 03 328 7706. SPOUTING CLEANING - Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 384-3435 or 021 043-2034

BOAT REPAIRS All fibreglass, timber & gelcoat work, spray painting, antifouling, joinery & cabinetry. Tissiman Marine

Ph 328 7585 PLUMBER All plumbing repairs, H/W Cylinders, Alterations, P.V.C. Spouting. Discount for pensioners. Certified plumber. Ph Dennis 027 434-7994. A/H 352-6054


PLUMBER M C Tipene Plumbing, domestic & commercial, repairs & alterations, Iron roofing repairs & wood burner installation & repairs, no job too small 027 593-7820


PLUMBER/GASFITTER - Mike Cairns Gas & Plumbing. Available for all gas installations and repairs. Solar and Central Heating. Any Plumbing Requirements. Phone 021 132-8929 or 03 326-7949 PLUMBING: For all your plumbing requirements. Local, friendly and reliable staff. Est. 30yrs. Ph Mark Whitehead 379-0711, 027 230-4368 or a/h 326-6792

DRIVEWAYS Replace, repair or new. We are a local company with over 10 yrs exp. We also operate a digger for all other earthworks.

Ph. Richard 021 02866981 for a free quote. UPHOLSTERER





Lounge Squabs


recovered. Free Quotes.

WINDOW CLEANING Crystal Clear Window Cleaning. Want to improve your outlook? Then call Greg Brown for a Free Quote 3842661 or 027 616-0331


DAHLIA Show Saturday, March 10, 1 - 4 p.m at St Peter’s Church Hall, Church Corner, Upper Riccarton. Dazzling displays of Dahlias, Roses & Floral Art, Free admission, enquiries 03 342-5290 FUN Day at 286 Greers Road, 25th February from 10am to 2pm $5 coupon gives you 6 tokens & gift, expect bouncy castles, candy floss, games & fun, part of proceeds will go to Chch rebuilt, contact Jocelyn or Emma, ph for more info on 03 359-5986 WEA Northwest Brand, weekly talks now at St Margarets Church, Farrington Ave, 10am, 17/2 Bryan Price NZ Police, on Forensic in Police finger printing 351-9796 or Lesley or 03 359-8040 CITIZENS Advice volunteers are on duty from Monday to Friday between– 5pm to assist you with any problems that you may have. This help is as close as the phone – 0800 367 222. It is free, impartial and confidential. You are most welcome to give them a call NEW Citizens Advice Branch, opened in the Polytechnic Students Association building opposite Countdown in Madras Street, this is currently operating from 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday with free legal advice avail on Thursday from 1-2pm, phone assistance is avail from 9am to 5pm by calling 0800 367-222

Ballet Tuion

HORNBY Toastmasters can help you improve your speaking, listening & thinking skills, your self confidence & much more, we meet on the 2nd, 4th & 5th Wednesday evenings of the month in the Hornby Community Care Centre, Goulding Ave, Hornby, in the library building, email or www. ph Mike or Andrea 021 107-1063

Fendalton Joan Adams (A.R.A.D.) Solo Seal Exams and compeons Pointe work a speciality


Video heads cleaned in your own home - $34, VCR, DVD & TV tuning or installation - $34 also Tape to DVD conversions,

Community Noticeboard

WINDOW CLEANING: Average 3 bedroom single storey house, $40 outside only, $60 inside and out. Ph Allan 944-0979 or 027 274-3504

Phone Graeme 383-1448

TUI & Friends calendar, Banks Peninsula Conservation trust is selling limited edition, high quality 2012 wall calendar for $18 plus $2 postage, this fundraiser supports traps to protect native birds, order online www. or call 03 329-6341 WE would like to make contact with the ex-pupils of Miss Isobel Forbes of Wairakei Road School , Christchurch, Std 2 1950 until Form 1 1953, she will be 100 in 2012 & her ex-pupils are holding a luncheon with her at the school on the 25th February 2012, plse ph Hilary 03 359 7534 or John 03 358 5775 john@ if you are interested in attending

P. 027 282 5700

Grahams Video Service ph 03 338-1655 WAT E R B L A S T I N G Quality Job, Quick Service by skilled tradesman, Ph Richard Severin at Jet-X 03 364-8738 Free quotes, visit


PREBBLETON Netball Trials, Prebbleton Domain, seniors yr 9 upwards, Tues 21st & Wed 22nd Feb 5.45 to 8pm, trials start 6pm sharp, snr/high school players must contact club prior to trials, Primary Yr 6, 7 & 8, tues 28th & Wed 29th Feb, 4.15 to 6pm, trials start 4-30pm sharp, primary coaches needed, www. 03 349-2161 or 03 349-9181

A RECORDS CD’s and DVD’s Wanted by collector. Phone 366-7410 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045

MINIATURE Train Rides, Halswell Domain, every Sunday 1-4pm, rides cost $2, ideal area for picnics & birthday parties, see ROCK N Roll lessons, beginners, start Feb 9th, 6 week sets, 7-8pm $30 pp, bookings essential as limited spaces avail, cnr Nancy & Knowles St, call Southern Rock n Roll club before 8-30pm on 03 980-6497

Trades and Professionals in their Field SOUVLAKIS

Souvlakis iterranean Med Ricca

Riccarton Countdown

d Sth R

Main d Y aldhu r

rton R

st Rd

Souvlakis from 40 $


CHURCH CORNER 10a Yaldhurst Rd Phone 341 6700 OPEN 7 DAYS phone orders welcome


LETTERBOX DELIVERY throughout Christchurch - Delivery of catalogue & flyers - Business to Business delivery service Distributors of Mainland Press



Contact Lea on p 962 8199 m 021 277 3086 e



Convert your old videos and movies to DVD

Have your carpet off-cuts bound Hours Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.00pm



CASH/CASH Tree felling Stump removal Tree thinning Tree mulching Hedge trimming

Lawn mowing Rubbish removals Excavation Fully insured Free quotes

Call Charlie today! PHONE 03 342 4297

For any unwanted Vehicles cars $50 - $500 vans or 4wds Up To $2,000




32 Voelas Road, Lyttelton

Busy Bees Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service

or 027 728 5688

Ph 347-9354 or

027 476 2404

Qu ote s

Our Policy: NZ’s Lowest Move Prices

Christchurch moves from

just $65+GST per hour

Catering for small to large moves NZ wide

03 359 9313 Professional Company, Professional Service


PEST CONTROL Ph 0800 387 369 (0800 E TRENZ) • Fly and Spider Treatments • Fleas • Cluster Flies • White Tail Spiders • Ants and Silverfish • Bees and Wasp Nests • Eco Friendly • MAF Approved Products Used Registered Operator • Member P.M.A.N.Z


•Bookkeeping •GST •PAYE •Tax Returns S QUOTEN •Management E GIV Advice available

Lyttel Relax Foot soak, exfoliation and foot massage. Express facial and Eyebrow shape.


Jan/Feb only

Facials, Waxing, Spray Tanning, Eye Treatments, Manicures, Pedicures. For a range of services & prices call Emma on

03 328 7093 021 297 3885

Get your carpets cleaned by the Professionals. Phone us on freephone

0800 500 016 for a FREE quote


SIMPLICITY HOMES LTD Licensed Building Practitioner

NEW HOME & MAJOR RENOVATIONS EQC APPROVED Full Consent Plans - Full Insurance Included Ph Brent 027 326 6114

124 Halswell Junction Rd, Halswell

Phone 322 1103 Mobile 027 586 4830






151b Colombo Street Beckenham Christchurch Ph. 03 331-6047





Ph Heather Chick 027 211 7205 Home Consultant

t Free competitive quotes t Residential & commercial t EQC and all insurance repairs t General maintenance t Full project management t Additions and extensions t Renovations & alterations Office 03 980 8336 or Mobile 021 113 4424 or email



ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE Phone for further details

Kerry 962 0744 or Tracy 962 0746







Cricket packs giveaway

Staying positive even after life-changing injuries Tom Doudney

LIFE and sport must go on for two Shirley teenagers who received life-changing rugby injuries within 12 months of each other. Shirley Boys’ High School student Cody Everson became a paraplegic after a tackle went wrong while he was playing for Shirley against Christ’s College, while former Shirley student Scott Martlew, 19, lost his left leg to the flesh-eating disease nectrotising fasciitis in 2010. The disease developed from a bruise on his leg sustained while playing for Shirley against Lincoln High School in a Crusaders curtain-raiser game in May that year. Both boys, who had been all-round sporting types, have now found new sporting challenges

this year for the first time since his accident, has decided to take up wheelchair rugby after talking to other patients at Burwood Hospital’s spinal unit. “I’ve been talking to a lot of people who play and I’ve got a training sometime in the next week or so, which will be sweet.” Attending school in a wheelchair had many challenges, including getting up earlier, tiredness in class, transport, and not being able to write his own notes, but he continues to receive great support from family and friends. Shirley Boys’ High School rugby administrator John Fox was impressed with how well Scott and Cody had adjusted to life after their accidents. “They’ve just got this amazing attitude; they’re so positive about things.”

to occupy their time and help them get on with life. Scott is set to compete in two major canoeing competitions within the next few weeks, first in the canoe sprint national championships in Rotorua this weekend, then with the New Zealand team for para-canoe section of the Oceania Canoe Sprint Continental Championships in Sydney next month. Scott is no stranger to canoeing success, having been part of the four-man South Brighton team, which won a gold and a silver medal in the surf canoe event of Surf Life Saving’s 2011 New Zealand championships. He said he felt he had adjusted to life pretty well since his accident and was looking forward to continuing his studies in quantity surveying this year. Meanwhile, Cody, who returned to school


MAINLAND Press has five summer cricket packs each worth $120 to give away to five lucky readers thanks to The National Bank. Each pack includes a wooden beach cricket set, a cap, drink bottle, gear bag, two disposable seats, and a UV wristband. To enter, email giveaway@mainlandpress. with Cricket in the subject line, text Cricket to 4494 (texts cost 50 cents), or write to National Bank Cricket Giveaway PO Box 39 176, Christchurch 8545. To be eligible make sure you include your name, address, and daytime contact phone number. Entries close at 5pm on Wednesday, February 22.

Still Pedalling!

Trevor Crowe’s been involved with cars for a while. You can benefit from his experience at...


All makes & models

Subaru Specialists

WOF’s | Service Checks | Wheel Alignments Brakes | Clutches | Tyres etc Fresh challenges: Cody Everson has just returned to school, six months after becoming a paraplegic.

518 Moorhouse Ave (Near AMI Stadium) Ph 379 7615 or email:

Practice effort: Scott Martlew training on the Avon River on Sunday.



This Week Eas



19. 99


t Indies smooth lager

da d y, Sundayy turda day, Satur Frrida y Fri Thursday, ditions apply Expires: 29/2/12 *Specia

Visit Us

l con


BELFAST 808 Main North Road, 03 323 8926 - OPEN ELMWOOD 1 Normans Road 03 355 5632 - OPEN ARANUI 165 Pages Road 03 381 4999 - OPEN SHIRLEY 205 Hills Road 03 355 5632 - CLOSED HOON HAY 7 Halswell Road 03 338 7733 - OPEN FERRYMEAD 945 Ferry Road CLOSED 03 376 5210 - OPEN NEW BRIGHTON 55 Hawke Street 03 3882025 - OPEN PHILLIPSTOWN 199 Ferry Road 03 366 6323- OPEN

Batch brewed to an au thentic East Indian styled lag er. Amber in colour & full of flavo ur


24.99 ea

Belgium Tempest or Strongman



9. 99


Cpt Wallace or Orca White Rum

Earthmover Pinot Nior

Clearwater Cove Sauvignon Blanc


Red Grape Cider

1 litre


9 29.




HALSWELL Fri & Sat 4pm - 8pm $10 Roasts




1 Litre





1 litre




Smoky Boris or Tennessee Gold

12 pack, 330m

330ml 4pk


Harringtons Gin or Vodka

Pig & Whistle Dark





Baald Eagle Bourbon 1 Litre

1.25 litre

Billy Mavericks 12 pack

Saddler or Kiwi Draught 15 Pack






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