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Wednesday MAY 23 2012

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Thank you: Bay Harbour News staff and members of the Bay Harbour community celebrate the newspaper’s win in the New Zealand Community Newspaper Association awards. Editor Chris Tobin holds the winning trophy. Others from left are Gilbert Wealleans, Rebecca O’Carroll, Rebecca Sandys, Courtenay Stickels, Tom Doudney, Linda Rutland, Christine Wilson, Samantha Early, Fletcher Stanton, Christine de Felice, Marnie Kent, with Amelia Sykes (daughter) and Rob Davison. Photo: George Adams

BAY Harbour News was a big winner in the 53rd annual New Zealand Community Newspapers Association’s (NZCNA) awards at the weekend. The newspaper picked up the 2012 Maurice Kitching Award for community involvement for all members of the NZCNA. The newspaper first won the community involvement prize for circulations between 7500 and 20,000 and then took the overall prize. Mainland Press managing director Pier Smulders said he was delighted that his team had been recognised for their efforts in re-launching Bay Harbour News. “It was a decision we made right after the June 23 earthquake that further devastated the Bay Harbour area and we wanted to do what we could to help the community get back to some kind of normality. “We also reduced our advertising rates by around 50 percent for local businesses. This award also recognises all the schools and

community groups and sports clubs that are contributing to the paper and we are grateful for their support.” Bay Harbour News editor Chris Tobin said on February 22 last year the newspaper was just about to be sent to the printer at 12.51pm when the earthquake struck. “As a result of that, this issue of the paper was not distributed and for four months Bay Harbour News was absorbed into our citywide newspaper, Mainland Press. “However, in July Bay Harbour News was revived as a stand-alone fortnightly and the paper was changed to have more input from community groups. “We saw bringing back the paper as playing an important part in getting the Bay Harbour area back on its feet.” Comments from members of the community over the win.Linda Rutland (Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre and Residents’ Association): “I think it has done a fantastic job. I really like the fact that you approached

us all to get our stories out there.” Marnie Kent (Sumner Residents’ Association): “You always have good and interesting stories and you make a great effort to distribute the papers to all of the homes and make them available down at the shops in the village.” Christine Wilson (Lyttelton Community House facilitator): “I think you are doing a wonderful job.” Tim Carter (Christchurch city councillor): “I think you are doing a great job. The Bay Harbour News did a great job informing the community during such a tumultuous and dynamic time being connected to the community and involved with the stories that needed to be told.” Yani Johanson (Christchurch city councillor): “From my experience in the local community, the Bay Harbour News has been a fantastic source of information and inspiration.” Fletcher Stanton (Redcliffs Information Hub coordinator): “Fantastic.”

SUMNER Courtiers will be taking more than 20 Sumner & Redcliffs people to The Court theatre on June 4, but there are still vacant seats on the coach. Organisers expect to prove that Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is great fun. Information from Ed Daniel 326 3055 or Brian Priestley 326 6280 SUMNER Rockers of Ages Choir for elders runs on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. The choir provides an opportunity to sing world and contemporary music in a fun, supportive environment. No auditions, all welcome, venue Sumner Union Church, cnr Hardwicke & Nayland Street. For more information phone 374 6873. SUMNER Mah Jong, we play every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm, at 57 Dryden St, Sumner, plse contact Jenny 326-6644 or 027 326-9904 MOUNT Pleasant Farmers Market, Mount Pleasant Community Centre, every Saturday 10am to 1pm, bringing local food to our community, fresh fruit, veg, meat, fish, baked products, eggs, tomatoes, coffee & so much more, inquiries Tom Davies 027 600-7779. FERRYMEAD Sumner men’s Probus Club, meet 10am on the 4th Thursday of each month, venue Redcliffs Bowling Club, James St, Redcliffs, visitors are warmly welcomed to come along, mix with members & listen to our excellent guest speakers, plse ring Ross Gillespie 03 384-4823 or Allan Hughey 03 384-0099 MT Pleasant Art Group invites people with an interest in art drawing to join them at the Mt Pleasant Yacht Club on Tuesdays from 9.30am to 11.30am. For further info call Libby Christie, 326-5455. REDCLIFFS Community Farmers Market, every Wednesday 1pm to 4pm in The Spur carpark, fresh fruit, veg plants, fresh fish, free range eggs, home baking, smoked salmon, egyptian breads & baking, Volcano Olives, honey, chocolate, pies, live music & more, Inquiries contact Tom 027-600-7779 or Fletcher 0800 234-565. The Community Noticeboard is for non profit groups or organisations. Items submitted must include a phone number and any associated costs and must not be more than 50 words. This is a free service from Mainland Press which reserves the right to edit submissions or to withhold items from publication if they do not fit the criteria, or due to space constraints.

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Wednesday may 23, 2012


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Generous gift: Displaying the donated paintings are from left, donor Noeline Brokenshire, former secretary of the library committee Pauline Peterson, and president of the library committee Jan McLauchlan. Authorised by Ruth Dyson, 642 Ferry Road , Christchurch

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This includes Accommodation, Sauna & Massage Accommodation • Sauna & Massage • Thermal pools and use of the Thermal Pools

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Christine de Felice

REDCLIFFS resident Noeline Brokenshire has donated two oil paintings by Christchurch artist Valerie Heinz to the Redcliffs Library to help with its fundraising efforts. The paintings will be sold, but the library committee hadn’t yet decided how that would be done, president Jan McLauchlan said. Mrs Brokenshire donated the works because she wanted to help the community following the earthquakes. “A lot of people have moved away, especially older people,” she said. “This community has been affected by the

earthquakes and they need a place like the library. That’s why I wanted to help them.” Following its demolition, the Redcliffs Library is currently operating out of the Redcliffs Tennis Club premises. Funds are needed to purchase a temporary building to be placed on the original library site on Main Road. “The council has approved a building to be relocated to the site and they want to see some progress by the end of the year. We are currently looking at options for a temporary building,” Mrs McLauchlan said.

Police target offending around Linwood Park CHRISTCHURCH police are to step up their patrols around Linwood Park in a bid to reduce crime in the area. Christchurch Central tactical coordinator Senior Sergeant Glenn Nalder said police were being called to Linwood Park almost every day to deal with disorder, assaults and other anti-social behaviour. “Linwood Park should be a hub for community social activity, but instead it appears to be a focal point for much of the area’s offending,” Senior Sergeant Nalder said. More than 100 offences had been recorded at the park in the first four months of this year – an average of nearly one a day. Most offending occurs on Friday and Saturday evenings, with disorder and assaults being most common during this period.

“The common denominators seem to be youth and alcohol, with young people involved in more than half the reported incidents.” Senior Sergeant Nalder said police would increase patrols in the area and officers would take a very low-tolerance approach to offending in the park. Christchurch police also wanted anyone witnessing criminal activity in the park to report it. “Anyone caught offending will be held to account. They risk being arrested, and they may be charged. “Linwood Park is a community asset and we want to make sure it is available for the whole community to use safely, 24 hours a day. “We will work with our partner agencies to ensure long-term, sustainable, crimeprevention measures are put in place.”

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Wednesday may 23, 2012

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Pink T-shirted students take anti-bullying message to school

Generous gift: Rotary member Margaret Reeve hands over a defibrillator to chief fire officer Andrew Norris with Colin Macintosh and Ewan Hilson.

Fire brigade recognises new equipment sponsors George Lockyer

A group of students from Lyttelton Main School, Linwood College, Marion College, Cashmere High School and Hagley Community College gathered at the Lyttelton Youth Centre last Thursday to talk about the harm caused by bullying and what they can do to stop it. The event was a preview to the

New Zealand-wide anti-bullying campaign, which took place on Friday. Jaci Keats from All Age Suicide Prevention also presented the students with pink T-shirts, which carried the message ‘Bullying stops here’, and the students were being encouraged to wear the T-shirts to school the following day.

Heathcote Valley

Anti-drilling protestors undeterred by chilly conditions

inspiring young minds





Martindales Rd


R el

nn Tu

Open Monday-Friday 7.30am-6.00pm

to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Free Otautahi spokesperson Hannah Flatman of Sumner said New Zealand was unprepared to deal with an oil spill of this magnitude. “Our government should be promoting our world-class clean technology industry rather than inviting foreign companies to search for oil in high- risk depths around our coastlines,” she said.

We are here

R ath


le P


all meals prepared by our in house chef.

A GROUP of about 20 local residents concerned about deep-sea oil drilling proposed off Canterbury’s coast, braved cold, drizzly conditions at Sumner beach on Saturday to raise awareness about the issue. Covered in fake oil, the protestors displayed a banner with anti-drilling messages. Exploratory drilling in the Canterbury Basin is expected to start next summer. Referring


Limited spaces avaiLabLe now

Ferrymead Heritage Park

for front-line trucks in Christchurch. Last Thursday evening, Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade hosted a presentation evening to show its appreciation to the sponsors. Trustees Margaret Reeve, Colin Macintosh and Ewan Hilson were there, while other guests included Graham and Penny Brady, who provided expert guidance in helping the brigade submit its application and Ralph and Adrian Woodward and Kevin and Judy Blair who helped with letters of support. Kaumatua of Rapaki, Doug Couch blessed the van and splashed holy water on it to cleanse it of evil spirits and protect those in and around it while in service for the benefit of the community. The efforts of chief fire officer Andrew Norris and senior fire fighter Stu Weaver, who spent many hours fitting out the vehicle, were also acknowledged.

Lyttelton Tunnel

THE Governors Bay Fire Brigade has had a major boost to its equipment, courtesy of Southern Trust and the Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Charity Trust. Southern Trust provided $33,000 for the purchase of a specialist support vehicle, a 2004 Ford Transit diesel van. This addition to the fleet is available to assist at larger call-outs where extra crew may be required. It will also be used on training nights to ferry personnel and equipment. The support vehicle will be equipped with fire extinguishers, lighting plant, traffic cones and wands, wet weather gear, first aid kit and defibrillator, water and tools and a whole host of extra kit that may be required at incidents. It also has room for the driver and seven passengers. Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Charity Trust provided $2500 towards the cost of equipment, as well as funding 12 defibrillators

For full information please visit our website Ph 03 384 9249 108 Port Hills Road, Heathcote Valley Come in for a visit and experienCe the differenCe

WIDO DINING TABLE & EXACT CHAIRS table: white frame and glass top 1800W x 900D x 750H; chair: available in black or white

1063F FERRY ROAD, FERRYMEAD ph. 384 4880 open: mon-fri 9am-5.30pm sat-sun 10am-4pm

w w w. c a s u a l a n d c o u n t r y. c o . n z

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come shopping in our Holiday Home have a coffee in our Quake Café across the carpark












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Wednesday may 23, 2012

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liCEnsEd aGEnt REaa 2008

Harcourts Grenadier Ferrymead 1020 Ferry Road, Ferrymead P: 03 384 2190 M: 027 588 4440 E:

Container sunrise: Sun shining on the containers as seen from Beachville Road.

The photo selected for publication is from Dr Pat McIntosh of Redcliffs. For our readers who enjoy taking photographs, the Bay Harbour News is giving you the chance to get your photograph published and put forward for selection to win a prize, this time a food voucher from Winnie Bagoes of Ferrymead. Your photo could be of a local scene, a family snap, anything

that captures the heart and spirit of the Bay Harbour area. Please include a caption, your name, where you live in the area, and email the photo to as a high resolution JPEG file attachment (at least 1MB). Happy snapping!

Premises needed for volunteer marine group CANTERBURY Marine Communications urgently needs premises from which to operate. The Christchurch-based not-for-profit volunteer marine communications group supplies 24/7 marine radio monitoring, which includes taking vessel trip reports, supplying local knowledge and weather forecasts and also answering distress calls when needed. The group’s former building was destroyed in the earthquakes, and since then they have been working out of a portacom. “We are now struggling to pay for this. It was meant to be a temporary solution but we have still been unable to find somewhere to relocate to,” spokesperson Callum Jones said. “We are in urgent need of finding a place to relocate our daytime monitoring to.

“We take up only a desk space so we don’t need much. Our main days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for daytime monitoring. “We want to get our service out to more boaties in the Kaikoura, Christchurch and Akaroa communities as we monitor marine channels – 60 in Kaikoura, 16, 63 and 74 in Christchurch and 04 in Akaroa. Our service is free to everyone to use and is run solely by well-trained volunteers.” If they are unable to find a suitable place to relocate to, they may be forced to cut down their 24/7 monitoring, which they don’t want to do, Mr Jones said. Anyone who has suitable premises available can contact Mr Jones by phone 0800 428 346, mobile 027 917 5871 or by email at callum.


Wednesday may 23, 2012

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Co-op workshops aim Apartment block to empower members demolition underway LYTTELTON’S new Harbour Co-op aims to educate the public through ongoing workshops in basic food preparation and health. The Harbour Co-op, which has formed in response to the threat of closure to Lyttel Piko Wholefoods, is offering an ongoing series of weekly workshops on Wednesday evenings. They will focus on basic DIY skills in the kitchen and healthy home remedies. The first workshop was held last Wednesday. Session topics will be announced monthly, with times varying to accommodate people’s schedules. One of the principal workshop presenters will be Giulio Sturla, head chef and manager of Lyttelton’s Tommy Chang’s Café, who will focus on the preparation of basic pantry items, including bread, pasta, tomato sauces and other staples. Mr Sturla is a culinary master who honed his craft at some of the top restaurants in the world and has now brought his passion for locally produced, honest food to London Street, adjacent to the Lyttelton Petanque Club. His objective is to “bring back some memories, to share knowledge about food from nature, how to use it, prepare it, preserve it, eat it... to promote a healthier way of eating and the social interaction of people gathering

to share good and honest food on the table”. The shop’s Bek Lynch, a trained clinical herbalist, will offer fun and informative sessions exploring the uses of common herbs found in your garden. “It’s a chance to gain and share knowledge and tools that can provide easily accessible treatments for you and your family’s health needs,” Ms Lynch said. Each hour-long class will also give you the chance to roll up your sleeves and make something to take home, she said. Her first workshop, which is being held tonight from 7pm to 8pm at Lyttel Piko, will look at using rosemary. The cost of the workshops is $20 for non-coop members and $5 for members, with koha encouraged for all participants. Reservations and payment can be made at Lyttel Piko, 12 London Street, Lyttelton. The Harbour Co-op was formed in March 2012 with the vision of a resilient and prosperous co-operatively owned business that provides for the wellbeing of its members and their environment. It is currently in the final stages of its initial share offer, which will allow it to purchase the Lyttel Piko Wholefoods business.

Bus route changes SEVERAL bus services have had minor changes to their routes to make use of the reopened Madras Street. Passengers on routes 21 Mt Pleasant, 23 Woolston, and 40 Wainoni will notice that their services take a slightly different route when travelling east from Central Station. Services that terminate at the

Christchurch Polytechnic (routes 81, 83, 84, 88, 90 and 92) will travel via a revised route between Central Station and the Polytechnic. For more information about these changes, and for information on bus stop locations, please visit or ring Metroinfo on 366 88 55.

Coming down: Demolition of the Water’s Edge Apartments block in Ferrymead started last week, which will please many locals. At seven storeys, the controversial development was regarded by many as being too high for its estuary-side location. Once it is demolished, which is expected to be in about two to three weeks, the site is likely to remain empty as the owner has no plans for redevelopment.

Lyttelton Plunket building to be demolished THE earthquake-damaged Lyttelton Plunket building is to be demolished. At last Thursday’s Christchurch City Council meeting, it was agreed that the building should be demolished following advice from council staff that it would not be cost-effective to repair. The building was damaged in the September 4, 2010, earthquake and suffered significantly more damage in the February 22, 2011, earthquake. It has been closed since the September earthquake. The council’s decision to demolish the entire building came after it received a Notice of Demolition from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) under the Canterbury Earthquake Act 2011.

Under the notice, the council was required to demolish part of the building for safety reasons. However, as the staff recommendation for demolition was for the entire building, approval was needed from elected members before it could go ahead. General manager community services and facilities rebuild plan project sponsor Michael Aitken said the Council was aware of the building’s significance to the Lyttelton community but given its badly damaged state, it didn’t make sense to repair it. Any decision around rebuilding will be made as part of the council’s facilities rebuild plan project. Due to the number of buildings in the programme, decisions around the site could still be some months away, Mr Aitken said.

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Wednesday may 23, 2012

Heartfelt earthquake stories

New techniques used to investigate rock falls

COPIES of the limited edition booklet, The Shaken Heart, are still available at Lyttleton Dairy, Leslies Bookshop, Lyttelton Information Centre and Project Lyttelton. Author Bettina Evans interviewed over 30 Lytteltonians about their September and February earthquake experiences. A brief history of the heart stitching, which happened

spontaneously in Lyttelton after the February quake, is also included. The booklet also contains photographs of Lyttelton before and after the quakes, culminating in a few images showing the first signs of rebuild and hope. All profits from the booklet go towards the Lyttelton Earthquake fund. The price is $10. RESEARCHERS are using cutting-edge techniques never used before in New Zealand to establish the history of ancient earthquakes around the Port Hills. Dr Ben Mackey of the University of Canterbury is investigating the fault that was unknown before the February 22 quake. The work is being done in collaboration with UC geologists Dr Mark Quigley and Dr Ben Kennedy. “The idea behind the research is to try and find evidence of ancient earthquakes of similar intensity to the series we had last year,” Dr Mackey said. “At present there is little constraint on how frequently the faults near Banks Peninsula rupture. I am going to try and find out how regularly they have ruptured in past major earthquakes, so that we may be more informed of when it could happen again.” Dr Mackey said that because the Port Hills fault is hidden beneath Banks Peninsula and the Canterbury Plains, rather than exposed on the surface like the Greendale fault, he would need non-traditional techniques to ascertain the timing of previous earthquakes. “Normally when a geologist tries to ck Tru ery Our Mobile Bak determine the timing of old earthquakes there Freshly Ba will be delivering Fine is a fault that ruptures the ground where we can ked y shl see the physical fault structure, trench across Fre Traditional it and work out when past events happened. Tuesday: suMNeR 10am - 5pm Baked Breads, Croissants, But the fault that caused the 22 February WedNesdays: LyTTeLTON 10am - 5pm quake is blind, meaning it did not propagate Danish Pastries, Strudels, ThuRsdays: suMNeR 10am 5pm to the surface. This means we have to look for .. to. Bagels secondary evidence of ancient earthquakes, FRidays: RedCLiFFs 10am - 5pm such as rock falls, rather than study the actual saTuRdays: suMNeR 9.30am - 2pm fault plane.” Dr Mackey, who was awarded $190,000 to For more information about their services, phone Peter on 379 9447 or 022 032 2634 conduct the research, will painstakingly date boulders around the Port Hills to discover

the timing of ancient rock falls, similar to those that occurred over the past year. “ T h e technique we are using is called cosmogenic n u c l i d e exposure dating, and Expert: Geologist Dr Ben Mackey. it’s never been applied in New Zealand on basalt, the rock type that forms Banks Peninsula. We collect surface samples from rock fall boulders, crush them up and extract small olivine crystals from the basalt. We can measure the concentration of the isotope helium-3 on a mass spectrometer. The amount of helium in the crystals reflects how long the boulder has been sitting on the surface.” “When a rock is exposed to the sky, it gets bombarded with cosmic rays, which cause small nuclear reactions in atoms within the rock. The by-products of these reactions (such as helium-3) accumulate in olivine crystals at a predictable rate, enabling calculation of the rock exposure age. Put simply, we are basically working out the sun tan of a rock, in order to figure out how long it has been lying in its position for. “I saw images of Shag Rock before and after the quakes and thought this would be a good technique to apply in Banks Peninsula. Hopefully the information we collect can then be built into hazard modules in the future.”

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Wednesday may 23, 2012

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Health centre now open in Akaroa AKAROA has a new health centre. Previously located at Akaroa Hospital, the health centre was forced to move out in December as a consequence of earthquake damage and following an engineering report. The report showed the hospital’s seismic capacity had been severely reduced and was below the minimum standards. Since losing its premises the health centre has been operating out of the Heartlands Community Centre in Rue Lavaud. Canterbury District Health Board chief executive David Meates said the move represented a welcome return of health services to the hospital site.

“We are still assessing the type of services to best meet the future health needs of people in the area and this requires a lot of listening and planning so we can develop a solution to meet the needs of the Akaroa community,” he said at the centre’s official opening. The new health centre has been incorporated into the original garage on site. The work has involved almost a complete rebuild to increase the floor space and transform it into a suitable health centre. It has new windows and doors, a new roof, fully lined and insulated new plumbing, electrics, heating, and fire alarms. It includes a reception area, two consultation rooms, a nurse’s room and an acute care room.

Too big to frame

The shipping container cordon beneath the cliffs of Clifton Hill has become something of an art gallery over recent months. This large mural is one of many that now adorn the containers protecting the road from rock fall between

Redcliffs and Sumner. The reserve on Main Road, once popular with wedding photographers, is now a no-go area. Where passersby would stop to admire Shag Rock, they now admire the pictures on display.

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Wednesday may 23, 2012

Planning tool for Banks Peninsula landowners launched A NEW project planning tool for developers and landowners in Banks Peninsula has been launched to help smooth the resource consent process. Released by the Christchurch City Council, the Banks Peninsula Rural Guidelines have been designed to assist landowners and developers with project planning and obtaining resource consents within the rural zone of Banks Peninsula. The guidelines aim to preserve the unique identity of Banks Peninsula’s environment and landscape, by outlining best practice landscape management principles in a readily understandable way. Council strategy and planning group programme manager Jenny Ridgen said the development of the guidelines was an innovative approach from council planners to reflect the special character of the area. “We were finding that people were unclear on planning processes, particularly around the Banks Peninsula District Plan landscape provisions. The special quality of the landscape on the peninsula means a high level of attention is paid to it in the plan. We wanted to provide some clear guidance to the community before they got too far down the track in the resource consent process,” Ms Ridgen said. Council staff, in discussion with potential end-users, set about developing a simple “go-to” booklet to support decision making

by developers and landowners, and set clear expectations as they embarked on the resource consent process. With over 370 kilometres of coastline, Banks Peninsula has diverse landscape values, including scenic, recreational, ecological, cultural and open space. “Banks Peninsula has special landscape qualities, which we wanted to preserve for generations to come and which need to be balanced with the needs of the landowner,” Ms Ridgen said. The guidelines do not tell landowners what to do, but explain the requirements of the proposed Banks Peninsula District Plan to help people choose a development that can be supported by council planners. This enables a smoother path through the resource consent process, as expectations are laid out from the beginning. “The benefit of the guidelines is that people can gain a good understanding of the design and consenting process in advance of preparing applications. The guidelines help them to be well informed on what they need to consider at an early stage of their project,” Ms Ridgen said. You can view or download a copy of the Guidelines by visiting the Christchurch City Council website keyword: Banks Peninsula Guidelines, or copies are available at council service centres in the Christchurch city region.

Breathtaking: A view of the crater’s rim.

Photo: Kelvin McMillan

Serenity: A shot of the Akaroa Harbour.

Photo: Kelvin McMillan

Sisters of Mercy funds used to help build co-operative A DONATION by the Sisters of Mercy to Project Lyttelton will be used to boost membership of the Harbour Co-op. When the Sisters of Mercy were looking to help in the aftermath of last year’s earthquakes, they identified Project Lyttelton (PL) as an ideal recipient of a donation that could aid the community's recovery. The sisters’ $6000 gift is now being used to put

the newly formed Harbour Co-op over the mark of their initial share offer. Recently, the PL Board agreed to make this money available for those who would otherwise find it a challenge financially to pay the lump sum of $365 to become a Harbour Co-op shareholder. “It means that any barriers to anyone becoming a member of the co-op are

hopefully shifted,” board chairperson Margaret Jefferies said. “When the money for each share ($365) is repaid by the end of 12 months, the $6000 will be available again for developments within this community.” Those taking up the offer will be able to pay off their $365 share over the course of a year, interest-free, while the co-op will be

able to receive the funds immediately. This will bring them closer to the $50,000 needed to purchase the Lyttel Piko Wholefoods business from the Te Whanau Trust and begin trading as the Harbour Coop. Anyone interested in buying a share should contact Project Lyttelton, email office@ or phone 328-9243.

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Wednesday MAY 23, 2012

Celebrating Success 2012 Open Night 5 June, 5:30 to 7pm Minister of Education Students from the University of Canterbury mentored and coached Pasifika students to achieve outstanding success in the NCEA exams in 2011. Our celebration this week, when the Minister of Education Hon Hekia Parata visited, was a wonderful fusion of cultural and academic success, showcasing innovation and collaboration between schools and the University to create significant change in academic outcomes for our Pasifika students.

NZ Tax Refunds and the Crusaders helping to rebuild rugby in the East Linwood College Rugby Football Club has received another boost, with Crusaders Ben Franks, Sam Whitelock, Top Year 10 Tom Marshall and Ben Funnell taking a skills and drills session with players yesterday afternoon. This year the club has grown to include two boys’ teams and a girls’ team and has an ambitious target to field a team in the Press Cup secondary schools rugby competition in 2015/16. Congratulations to the girls team who came third equal at the recent Canterbury College Girls Ruby Day. Students enjoyed a barbecue at the end of training, compliments of NZ Tax Refunds.

Open Night June 5, 5.30 to 7.00. Celebrating our success in 2013 to

Ms Paiti and the Minsiter Hon Hekia Parata

Year 13 Hospitality students deliver two days of superb restaurant dining Ivy Sheehan serving guests

Congratulations must go to the hospitality students, who, as part of their assessment this week, treated staff and visitors to two days of exquisite culinary delights in our onsite dessert restaurant.

Academic Success! Wesley Mauafo formally greeted the Minister

Ms Paiti part of a delegation to target Japan

Congratulations to the following students, who received awards in our academic assembly, having achieved NCEA merit and excellence endorsements.

Ms Margaret Paiti, our Principal, is currently overseas, marketing Christchurch and international education, with a selected group of Christchurch educational leaders. She will return to Christchurch on 5 June.

Senior students visit the Careers Expo Students in Years 12 and 13 visited the Careers Expo this week, which provides a one stop shop of information for educational and employment pathways. Representatives from Universities, Polytechnics, Industry Training Organisations, Armed Services, Study Link and Career Services were all present for consultation and students found it extremely valuable.

Year 11 NCEA Endorsement with Merit Back Row: Poppy Wallace-Bell, Jack Montgomery, Wesley Mauafu,. Reuben Walker, Jordan Mines, Tom Irwin, Luke Thompson, Ryan Mead, Hugh Parsons Front Row: Mikiah Young-Carroll, Bodene Robertson-Wright, Jackson Day, Joachim van Wylich, Sam Lane, Finn Chirnside, Ashleigh Clarke, Courtney Te Moana-Bamford. Absent: Auriella Bainbridge, Carson Drain, Jaron Constable Hendry, Claudia Bowers Wilson, Edward McLean , Holly Reid, Robert Fraser, Chase Limmer.

Year 11 NCEA Endorsement with Excellence Back Row: Michael Fan, Sam Rodger, Luke O’Neill, Reuben Jensen, Kim Moore, Ariana Adams Front Row: Sandy Tran, Georgina Scott-Lindfield, Serena Patel, Emmy Armon, Caitlyn Frost, Hester Marriott, Elisa Stampfli, Esther Powell Absent: Zhipeng Lin, Liam Offer, Naomi McMahon Wicht.

Congratulations to :

Year 12 NCEA Endorsed with Excellence and Merit Back Row: Amy Coomber, Michael McCraith, Charlotte Scott-Lindfield, Nichole Pierce Front Row: Amy Sissons (E), Jess Case (E), Karly Martin, Alex McCallum, Summer Rose McKinnon Absent: John Daniels, Nasima Zawari, Cameron Malcolm, Kayla Cranefield, Amber Lawrence, Claudia Roland.

Congratulations to Amy Reddecliffe who has won the Winding Road Scholarship, which provides financial support, and mentoring through the next six years. Amy is involved extensively in music at the college and is a top academic Year 11 student.

Linwood College • Phone 982-0100 • Email •


Wednesday may 23, 2012

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Get fit, feel great, be well A

brand new 24-hour, worldwide fitness facility is preparing to launch its revolutionary approach to exercise with the opening of a new gym in Ferrymead next month. Snap Fitness is on track to open on June 23 at Waterman Place in Ferrymead, near Speight’s Ale House. As part of an American franchise, Snap has gained popularity overseas for its “no contracts” policy combined with fast, convenient and affordable workouts. “No one likes to be tied down with contracts and it makes Snap Fitness a great choice for people who want to get fit, feel great and keep healthy, particularly over winter when they are not out and about as much,” says Korey Gibson, owner of Snap Fitness in Ferrymead. Snap has state-of-the-art training equipment, qualified personal trainers, free instruction and workout plans in a clean, secure environment 24 hours a day – the perfect solution for shift workers who want to keep fit. They are even open on public holidays. “Our exercise equipment is

top quality, so our clients can be confident that they are exercising on the industry’s best. Our equipment suits all fitness levels and ages, so you’re never too old or unfit to work out,” says Korey. Whether you want to lose a few kilograms, or complete an Iron Man challenge, our fully qualified fitness instructors will provide you with a suitable fitness programme to help you to achieve your goal.” The gym’s electrical items will switch off automatically when not in use, but once a card is swiped, everything turns on, ready to go. With no wait time on machines and ample parking, your workouts can be as long or short as you like. And the convenient location of Snap Fitness in Ferrymead means it’s easy to pop in on your way to or from work. Snap members do not sign fixed-term contracts. Instead they pay a small, fortnightly fee to access the equipment. Memberships start at less than $12 per week (just over a dollar a day). Family memberships and special personal training packages are also available. Snap Fitness opens on June 23 in Waterman Place, Ferrymead.

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Wednesday may 23, 2012

School notice board

Skipping their way to heart health

Plenty to applaud in term two

Mt Pleasant School Media Crew

TERM two has been full of athletic and academic achievement for Sumner students. Cross-country was held on May 8 and perfect weather saw the students running excellent races. Years 3 to 8 students participated, with the distance being gradually increased for each year level. The years 5 to 8 top finishers will have the opportunity to compete in the upcoming Southeast zone cross-country meet. Congratulations to Mia, Ruby and Nina, the top three 12-year-old girls. Also to Marisol, Emma and, Sonja, the top 11-year-old girls. In the senior boys’ races, the top finishers were Thomas, Ben and Monte for the 12 year olds, and Charlie, Josh and Lewis for the 11 year olds. Sumner School Sumner School had excellent results at the Kids Literature Quiz Competition held at Cobham Intermediate. Two teams of four participated and were well coached by Mrs Christensen. Congratulations to India, Lawson, Liam and Nina, who took 10th place, and to Barney, Jemima, Katie and Marisol, who finished 19th out of 52 teams. It was a great effort by both teams. The heads of school, Marisol, Sam,

ON Wednesday, May 9, every child at Mt Pleasant School and many of the teachers spent two hours skipping for their heart health. It was a fun-filled day for all ages and it involved a lot of skipping! The organiser, deputy principal Jane Scotland, made sure we had a variety of age-appropriate activities. Some of the events were skipping backwards, partner skipping, long ropes, skipping to music, Getting active: Students at Mt Pleasant School helicopter skipping and double-dutch, where taking part in Jump Rope Day to promote heart two ropes are turned in alternate directions. health. The Heart Foundation of New Zealand It was great to see all the participants giving promotes skipping as a great way to improve every activity a go and enjoying themselves. Miss Scotland and the house captains heart health. On their website they say that put a lot of effort into the organisation and skipping helps children “develop lifelong skills such as balance, planning of the day. The rhythm and hand cohouse captains ran many Mt Pleasant School ordination while achieving of the skipping stations and new moves” and “develop proved to be great leaders. their team work skills Money from a mufti day was also raised to buy the school through communication and timing”. It was clear to see the Mt Pleasant ‘MAGIC’ more skipping ropes. We are grateful to neighbouring schools for lending us enough shining through with great attitudes. Managing ropes so everybody could skip on the day. self, Aiming high, Giving it a go, Creating Next time we hope we have enough and can and innovating and Caring for others were all evident on the day. lend them to other schools.

Anticipation: Sumner School Year 8 girls waiting to compete in the cross-country.

Paddy and Katie, also had the opportunity to participate in a young leaders’ day with student army organiser Sam Johnson, and Paralympics athlete Sophie Pascoe was among the inspiring speakers that addressed the students. This day out provided the school leaders with inspirational ideas to bring back to Sumner School. Hagley sports are underway for years 5 to 6 and years 7 to 8 students. This provides an opportunity to compete against Christchurch schools in netball, soccer and rugby throughout the winter months. There are many more exciting and engaging learning opportunities ahead for all Sumner students.

Exciting changes mark term two for Lyttelton Main LYTTELTON Main School began term two with some exciting changes. Our new principal Sue Walls was welcomed with a powhiri. Sue, along with students, staff and BOT representatives from her previous school at Dorie were called on to Lyttelton Main by a conch call and karanga and they were welcomed by Kaumatua Doug Couch and BOT chairperson Craig McGuigan. The kapahaka group led by Maaka sang a waiata. This was a wonderful occasion where the members of the school community got

together to demonstrate what a strong sense inverters. This is a very generous donation to the school and is much appreciated. Anyone of community there is at our school. Also new to the school, all ready for our who installs solar panels with Canterbury return in the second term, was the installation Power Solutions will make a $250 contribution of our solar panels and the rainwater collection to our school’s energy vision. Another exciting aspect of this is the tank. This was made possible by the Peter educational value for us as Yealand’s Green Idea Lyttelton Main School an Enviroschool. Students National Competition, are able to monitor the which was won by energy use and come up with ideas for saving Lyttelton Main School teacher, Liza Rossie. The solar panels were installed by Canterbury energy in our school. On Thursday, the Cafe Sustainable Energy Power Solutions and Ensolar donated the

STATE LOVES IT Committed to the city we all love We’re passionate about supporting Christchurch and have a large team of people here on the ground to help


Show presented by the Loons Theatre Company came to Lyttelton Main School. The show backed up our commitment to sustainable energy and got us thinking about the future of the planet and how we, as a community, can contribute to a sustainable future. The show was highly entertaining and used a wide range of drama techniques to keep us engaged and thinking about energysaving options for the school. Lyttelton Main is well on the way towards its goal to become a Gold Enviroschool.




Wednesday May 23, 2012

Community groups / residents’ groups

Our emergency services Coppers’ Corner A COUPLE of months ago, a young local lad, who shall remain anonymous, found a $20 note in the main street of Lyttelton. Being a very honest young fellow, he came to the station and handed the money in. No-one claimed the money, and the other day I had the pleasure of returning it to the young boy, so honesty does pay. He is a shining example to us all. I wonder how many out there would have put the money in their pocket and thought of it as a bonus. It is very refreshing to see this sort of positive behaviour from our young people as they are the future. I was standing at the pedestrian crossing outside Lyttelton Main School one day last week, and while the majority of motorists were compliant, there appears to be a little hesitation with the rules by some motorists, so here is the whiz about the rules at pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian crossings 1. A driver approaching a pedestrian crossing must give way to pedestrians and to riders of wheeled recreational devices or mobility devices on the pedestrian crossing or obviously waiting to cross it, and who are not behind a school patrol sign; and if necessary, slow down and stop the driver’s vehicle for that purpose. 2. A driver approaching a pedestrian crossing must not enter the crossing if the driver’s intended passage is blocked by stationary traffic.

Page 13

Mt Pleasant Market serving as social hub MT PLEASANT market has been blessed with fine dry Saturdays over recent weeks and the popularity of the market is growing. Customers have come out in huge numbers for the quality produce and to do their week’s shopping. Many customers are talking about doing their week’s shopping at the market and topping up with cleaning products and nonmarket items at their local stores. Local resident of 55 years, Jackie Fenton, who has attended every market since its inception, says that the farmers market is the best thing that happened locally and has become “the social hub of Mt Pleasant”. The market has bought people together, is “absolutely brilliant and Saturdays wouldn’t be the same without it. The market provides variety and consistently good quality food,” she said as she stocked up on fish, cheese and fresh fruit and vegetables. We welcome fresh organic apples and pears. There are still some fresh spray-free tomatoes and a few strawberries to be had if the weather does not turn too cold. Green, leafy vegetables are coming and we have seen cabbages and silver beet in limited supply. Parsnips and turnips are available and great for winter-warmer soups. See Jen for details of her Goan/Indian cooking classes. Trader of the week: Dahawi Bakery Ehmed and Sue arrived from Cairo, Egypt some 12 years ago. They were amongst the first wave of traders at our market, relocated

3. For the purposes of this clause, if a pedestrian crossing is interrupted by a raised traffic island, the parts of the crossing that are situated on different sides of that traffic island must be regarded as separate pedestrian crossings.

from the Arts Centre and Poplar Lanes markets, and have never missed a market yet. They are extremely popular and are considered to be a big part of the local community. Their produce, predominantly Egyptian breads, pastries and the ever-popular traditional meal of Koshari - a mix of lentils, macaroni, onions, chick peas and chilli - is a highlight. This great food is complemented with Egyptian delights such as baklava as well as fusion Middle Eastern/Kiwi pies. Ehmed, who always has a smile on his face, loves the atmosphere, the warm welcome and the locals who make the market so popular and busy. “It is a very good market with serious foodies who know good food and quality when they see it,” he says.

BUYING OR SELLING IN THE HARBOUR If you’ve always dreamed of owning a property overlooking the is a great time to make the move. Stunning homes and great building sites available - Talk to Joe.


Musicians Sarah Mahoney, romantic jazz. Eddie Simon, rock. Best buys Last of the tomatoes and strawberries. Fresh winter vege, turnips, parsnips and green leaf varieties. Persimmons may be available. All market inquiries to Tom Davies 027 600 7779. Anyone interested in a stall at the Mt Pleasant Craft market should contact Tom asap.

Contact: Joe Studholme 0274 484 222

a Phone 329 3328 • 422 Marine Drive, Charteris Bay Email: Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Still Pedalling!

Delicious: Hurry to the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market and grab these juicy strawberries before they run out.

4. This clause does not apply to a pedestrian crossing that is for the time being controlled by an enforcement officer. So the bottom line is, if you are approaching a pedestrian crossing, and there is someone clearly waiting to cross the road, stop and let them go. Hopefully, this clears up any misconceptions. Finally, remember that while we are a small community, there is still the odd ratbag who will take advantage of an unlocked shed or garage and take the opportunity to steal your property that is not secure, so pretty much it’s lock or lose it. Remember if you see someone committing a crime, we want to hear about it. Let’s keep our community safe. Take care. Gary Manch

Just sOLD LD O S

6 stoneyridge Close, Mt Pleasant

Trevor Crowe’s been involved with cars for a while. You can benefit from his experience at...

All makes & models Something for everyone: Chocolate lovers can also grab these sweet treats so drop by soon! Good buys: Some of the veges on offer at the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market

WOF’s | Service Checks | Wheel Alignments Brakes | Clutches | Tyres etc

Subaru Specialists Car sales and service 518 Moorhouse Ave (Near AMI Stadium) Ph 379 7615 or email:

If you are considering your options, be assured that the hill is selling! With a lack of homes available in the market, now may just be the time to talk confidentially with Megan as buyers are ‘hunting on the hill for houses!’

the real estate marketer coastal & citywide property


27 the Brae, st Andrews Hill

T 03 379 6596 M 0275 63 42 63 E W




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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Community groups / residents’ groups

Supporting the youth in the community Mary Jamieson I LOVE the colours of autumn. Christchurch is just beautiful at this time of year, despite all the detours around the city. Mother Nature can be cruel but she can also lift our spirits. We ran a barbecue at Ferrymead on May 6 to raise funds for the Mary Moody Respite Care Charitable Trust. They do amazing work with children and we were happy to support them. We are also happy to support ‘An evening with Celia Lashlie’, being presented by the Lyttelton Youth Centre on Wednesday, June 6, from 7pm to 9pm at the Lyttelton Top Club in Dublin Street. The Lyttelton Youth Centre is a dropin centre for youth aged between 11 and 20 years of age. It also offers a variety of valuable programmes for our youth. Like most community programmes, we need to raise money and it is with enormous pleasure we welcome Celia Lashlie back to Lyttelton. Celia is a researcher and social justice advocate as well as the author of best-selling

books. Her first, The Journey to Prison: Who goes and why, was followed by the hugely successful He’ll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men. Her third book, The Power of Mothers: Releasing our Children was published in 2010. On June 6, Celia will share her insight into raising boys; her presentations are both useful and inspirational and not to be missed. We are also lucky to have esteemed artist Bill Hammond in our community, and on the night we will auction an artwork he has generously donated, along with other pieces by well-known artists. Thanks to our sponsors we can offer tickets at a low price of $10. Tickets are available from Lyttelton Picture Framing, London Street (cash sales only). Food and drink is available from the Top Club on the night. Tickets are limited, so we suggest you get in early. Sponsors are Solid Energy, Lyttelton Port of Christchurch and Lyttelton Lions.

Picture Framing

› Standard to full conservation › Expert framing of all types of art, needlework, certificates, maps, medals etc

1063 Ferry Rd, Ferrymead

Ph/Fax 384-3484

May Special FRee Storage Bin with 3kg iams catfood cAt VAccinAtions & AnnuAl check-up ONLY $52.00 WOOF WOOF


Chrissie Williams PREDICTABLY, earthquakes have caused buildings to collapse and roads and bridges to crack. We now understand how destructive liquefaction is and that it recurs with each aftershock. Perhaps less expected are the massive changes happening to the natural environment. This month, over 800 trees will be felled in South New Brighton Park. Like many of the Canterbury coastal plantations, the trees were planted in the early 1900s for dune stabilisation. They have provided shelter from winds, a highly visible local landmark and a distinctive recreation experience, so are highly valued locally. There has been controversy when trees have been removed in the past for safety reasons, particularly following the August 1992 and October 2000 storms. Also controversial has been the replacement of the pines and macrocarpa by native trees along the residential, estuary and camping ground boundaries. Now clear-felling seems the only option if we want access to the park returned. Throughout the park ground, movement from the earthquakes has damaged the roots and destabilised the trees. The most devastation near Bridge Street is the result of land subsidence and salt-water inundation at each high tide. High water levels mean it will not be possible to re-plant this area with

Coming down: Dead trees in South New Brighton Park adjacent to salt marsh, which is being felled.

conifers, and water and salt-tolerant species will be required. There will be other adaptations – both positive and negative – around the estuary shore. For example, tidal flooding on previously dry land will provide new habitat for salt marsh. Near the spot where the land has risen, the exposed mudflats will supply wading birds an increased area for feeding. Over time, variations to the estuary hydrology and sealevel rise will cause further changes. The way the tidal boundaries around the estuary are managed will influence the outcomes. Observing how nature finds a new equilibrium will be fascinating for both residents and researchers for years to come. Chrissie Williams is a trustee of Ihutai Trust.

Hinewai – searching for answers

Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-5.30pm Sat 10am-2pm


Earthquake changes to the eastern shore of the estuary

doG VAccinAtions & AnnuAl check-up ONLY $59.00


Aldwins RoAd VetcARe ll and Pringle) (Marsha

Corner Aldwins Road & Marlborough Street Phone 389 6222 Fax 3896230 Email Website

Worried about a MOLE?

Hugh Wilson EAST of Akaroa, Hinewai Reserve’s soils, climate, water, history and biodiversity. regenerating native forest is a rich field for It guides our management decisions, provides scientific study. Visiting walkers might meet information for our interpretive signs, displays some of the researchers, or at least encounter and publications, not to mention the answers we their equipment. At present, this ranges from a attempt to provide to visitors’ questions, face to high-tech earthquake recorder to numbered tiny face. Some visitors, of course, tags on trees. are content just to wander Two German PhD students Hinewai’s tracks for the simple are currently tracing the changes pleasure of walking through a from open pasture to forest. beautiful environment; no-one Regeneration takes many years. is demanding that their forays The present pattern of vegetation have to be educational. For many, tells them much, but they are also though, a deeper and more detailed drawing on fixed plots and photounderstanding of this environment points we established 25 years adds richness to their experience. ago and aerial photographs dating Who would believe without back to 1941. careful documentation, for Concurrently, Landcare native: example, that extensive areas scientists are measuring carbon Peninsula Research reveals the of gorse have transformed into sequestration by Hinewai’s Akaroa tree weta is weed-free native bush within 20 growing trees. Part of our trust’s restricted to the eastern years? Who would have guessed income now comes from carbon third of Banks Peninsula. that Hinewai hosts at least four credits via the Government’s species of lizard, 13 fish, 35 Permanent Forests scheme. Whether this will save civilisation from our spiders, 41 birds, 50 crane-flies, 62 fungus foolish fixation on fossil fuel is dubious, but it gnats, 125 moths and 150 beetles? Who would certainly helps allow natural forest regeneration ever imagine that expert sampling of Hinewai’s on otherwise uneconomic, weed-infested streams would yield caddis-fly species new to science, two of which have still not been found pasture. Following the big fire last July, several studies anywhere beyond the reserve? We like to think Hinewai is the most are documenting not only plant recovery but also decolonisation by insects, spiders, lizards scientifically studied part of Banks Peninsula. But we also know that so far we have only and birds. All this scientific endeavour generates a lot begun to scratch the surface. Hugh Wilson is manager of Hinewai Reserve. of knowledge about Hinewai’s landforms,


n Affordable Melanoma Diagnosis n Latest Computer aided technology n Immediate Results n Dermoscopy inspection n SIAscope examination n See image results on screen n On-site management or referral OPAWA SURGERY 122 Opawa Road, Christchurch

Ring Now: 332 7366 Dr John L. Dewsbury

M.B., Ch. B. (Otago) D.R.C.O.G. (Lond.) F.R.N.Z.C.G.P

1005 Ferry Rd, Ferrymead Ph 366 6306 OPEN 7 DAYS

Proud to support the Ihutai Trust and The Charlesworth Wetland Reserve


Wednesday may 23, 2012

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Advertising Feature

Fabulous hair for winter F

or a new hairstyle or colour this winter, look no further than Sirocco Hair Studio in Mt Pleasant. The salon is in a handy location for that refreshed look without having to travel into the city. Until the end of June they are offering an amazing special. You can receive a colour, foils, cut and blow wave for $95 (normally $140) - some conditions may apply. Professional senior stylist Nicola Smith has owned Sirocco Hair Studio for over 11 years and has built up a loyal clientele base from around the Bay Harbour area as well as other parts of the city. Testament to their skill and professionalism is that many former local clients have returned to the studio despite living in other parts of Christchurch. New to the team at Sirocco Hair Studio are

Trina and Hayley. Trina has a wide variety of experience and has worked at another local salon as well as being a trained naturopath and massage therapist. Hayley is a fully qualified senior stylist and has also returned to work in the area. With both Juanita and Kerry expecting their first babies in July, it is reassuring to have experienced stylists join the team. The team at Sirocco Hair Studio knows how important it is to look after your hair that’s why they only use De Lorenzo colour and products, which are environmentally friendly. The naturally derived De Lorenzo range contains eight certified organic ingredients. “The colour we use is very low in ammonia, has no PPDs and is a lot gentler on the hair

and scalp. The shampoos contain no sodium laurel sulphate, parabens or propylene glycol – perfect for the chemical-sensitive scalp. The whole range is colour-safe to give your hair colour the longest life possible,” says Nicola. Right now, there is a De Lorenzo product pack on special, where you get a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and a detangler, valued at $90, for only $55. Be in quick before it goes! Pop in and see the friendly team at Sirocco Hair Studio in McCormack’s Bay at the bottom of Soleares Avenue. They are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 5pm, with a late night on Thursday and Saturday from 9.30am. Look and feel fabulous for winter! Phone 384 1743.

Hayley and Trina have recently joined the team at Sirocco Hair Studio.


Dr Kim Hughes & Pip Anderson DENTAL SURGEONS

• Cut and blow wave from $40 • Full head colour from $80 • Full head foils from $90

WE ARE FULLY OPERATIONAL AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS Providing a complete range of gentle high quality dental care. 178 Main Rd Redcliffs | Phone 384-5038

Our senior stylists are offering fabulous prices for:

Tutor: Robyn Jones, Megan, Kristiana, Maddison, Vicki, Rachel, Michaela, Tutor: Penny Twentyman

Next Gen Hair is a hairdressing training salon where we offer all full care hair services by our senior stylists. Our students are training and always need models. Call now to make an appointment.

The Sails 1025 Ferry Road P. 389 1992 Combination of gentle chiropractic, accupressure, homeopathy and kinesiology

Temporary or permanent affordable housing & retail units Temporary permanent Specialists inor shipping container affordable housing construction & retail units tel: 03 3287069 Specialists in shipping container construction

P. 03 3287069

Visit our Redcliffs Clinic at 2 Augusta Street

Phone 384 5018

for an appointment Wednesday and Thursday

ACC PROVIDER P. 384 0160

85 Hornbrook Road Mt Pleasant

• Back and Neck Pain • Fatigue • Stress • Hormonal Problems - Menopause - Endometriosis • Digestion • Allergies • Other general health issues

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Wednesday May 23, 2012




(standard wiper blade refills up to 710mm long)

Gilbert Wealleans Photographer 021 338 380

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a chocolate-festooned affair at Governors Bay on May 13. She Cafe proved popular from brunch through to dinner, with mums of all ages enjoying the day with family and friends. Spotted at She Cafe were... (Photos: Gilbert Wealleans)

this wEEk’s sPEcials! Sleepmaker Seville mattreSS & BaSe

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Arno, Leanne and Karl Grueber

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Wednesday May 23, 2012

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Aaron's Surf Report

Surfers enjoying spring conditions

Robertson in the running NEW Canterbury rugby coach Tabai Matson has stated his preference to work with fellow former All Black Scott Robertson, from the Sumner club as his assistant. Matson was appointed Rob Penney’s

successor last week. Before the assistant’s job had been advertised, Matson spoke highly of Robertson being a strong possibility. The assistant coach’s job was advertised for the first time on Saturday.

Dyers Road Landscape & Garden Supplies • Barks, Composts & Aggregates • Peastraw • Pavers & Schist products • Marble & Stone sculptures • Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks • Pungas • Sleepers • Trailer Hire first hour free with purchase • Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered

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• DRy scRe eneD sOil • WeeD FRee laWn mix

Phone: 03 384 6540

183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS

Weekdays 7.30am-5pm. Weekends 8.30am-4.30pm

David, Carol & Mike

Board rider: Alethea Lock competing in the world junior surf champs held last month in Panama. Photo: Rommel Gonzalez

Sumner surfers face stiff competition at world championships WE’VE had a gradual slide into winter over ways. There was a huge variety of surf from the past few weeks. The water temperature is fun beaches to heaving reefs and long peeling still reasonably comfortable, but cool at about point breaks. The locals were friendly and welcoming; 14 degrees Celsius. There are definitely more people putting their booties on and dusting off the living was cheap and comfortable. It was the 4/3 wetsuits. There have been plenty of hot; some days it was over 38C on the beach, waves around, too, although nothing of great the water was like a bath, 28C-plus and the quality. Consistent east swells in the waist to offshore winds blew all day for the first week. Back in New Zealand, the local contest scene head-high range and the odd, big, south-east swell wrapping into the local beaches. Winds has been busy. The South Island surf champs have been mainly light with surface conditions were held in pumping waves at St Clair beach, Dunedin. Max Marshall (Taylors Mistake) won quite clean. In late April, I was lucky enough to travel the Cadets (U17). This would be his best result with the New Zealand junior surf team to the in a while and shows a good return to form Dakine World Junior Surf Champs in Panama. for Max. Neil Robb won the Grand Masters Local surfers Harrison Whiteside and Alethea with son Niwa Ututaonga placing fourth in the Lock were in the team, their first event at this cadets division. The Malfunction was held at New Brighton level. The contest is considered the Olympics of junior surfing (U18 yrs). The standard of and the open final was dominated by Sumner surfing was incredible, with air reverses popping surfers, with Jason Lawn winning, Luke out every heat. The atmosphere on the beach was great, with all teams waving flags and cheering on the competitors. Despite the intensity of competition in the water, there was a vibe of sportsmanship. The Kiwi team performed well, placing 10th overall. Ella Williams (Whangamata) was the highest-placed Kiwi placing ninth Go Kiwis: Supporters carrying the flag for the New Zealand competitors. overall. Alethea and Harrison placed in the top 60, not bad for their O’Neill placing second and Ambrose McNeill first event at this level, although both of them fourth. The Joyce and Co Junior Surf Festival was probably could have easily made the top 30 if the ocean had co-operated. They were both also at New Brighton. Harrison Whiteside eliminated in heats where they just needed showed the confidence gained at the worlds another decent wave to progress but couldn’t to place second in the juniors (U20) and first in the cadets (U17). Kristi Zarifeh dominated find one. Panama is an amazing country and I would the U20 girls with a nine-point ride to win recommend it to anyone to visit. The region convincingly. The Sumner boardriders club, Point Surf we were in was an agricultural area, mainly cattle farms, with beautiful beaches and native Team, leads the South Island circuit going bush right down to the water. It reminded me into the last event in Kaikoura in a few of a tropical version of the Catlins in some weeks’ time.

Alison Jay’s Nursery Collection

Address Shop 5, Blenheim Square, 227 Blenheim Road, CHCH Phone 03 366 5274 Email Buy online at


& RecoveR

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LoVeD FUrnitUre

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Plumbing & gas ltd For all your emergency plumbing and gasfitting needs Please give us a call. Back Row: Mark, Aaron, Jacob, Mark, Sam Front Row: Liz, Matt, Sandra, Ant & Paul

SeRVICInG ALL AReAS oF ChRISTChURCh 1B Grafton Street • Email

Phone 3790-711


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Wednesday may 23, 2012


Bays out of the Chatham Cup IT’S been a busy couple of weeks for Ferrymead Bays 1st team. A home game against newly promoted FCTwenty11 team ended in a 3-0 victory. First-half goals from Chris Murphy and an own goal by the FC keeper were followed by a quality strike from Russell Kamo that clinched the three points to send Bays to the top on goal difference. Last weekend, though, Bays bowed out of the Chatham Cup. After a confident first-half performance and two goals from Russell Kamo put them 2-1 ahead at the break over Coastal Spirit, they were reduced to 10 men following a red card for Mark McGale for an unfortunate handball in the 42nd minute. This handed the initiative to Coastal and they rallied to score three times late in the second half to progress to the next round. This Saturday, though, gives Bays the opportunity to gain some revenge, with a home game against Coastal Spirit, but this time for Mainland Premier League points. Fundraiser event Ferrymead Bays held a fundraiser ‘poker night’ on Sunday, May 6, at Robbies of Riccarton in conjunction with one of their sponsors, SBS Bank Ferrymead. This was part of the SBS Helping Hand Initiative. The event was well attended by club members and the winner was club stalwart Dave Grice, who claimed the $500 first prize. The club raised $1750 on the night and this was matched by a donation from SBS Bank, making a grand total raised of $3500. This will be divided between the junior and senior sections of the club.

Sunday sailing popular at Naval Point

Naval Point Club Lyttelton’s winter sailing series at Lyttelton has been exceptionally well supported this year. A large fleet of trailer yachts and keelboats has been turning out over the last few Sundays. The balmy weather has no doubt helped the numbers. The club will sail every Sunday till the end of June.

Big names expected for NZ Champs

Generous donation: Ferrymead Bays 1st team coach Mick Braithwaite receiving a cheque from Simon Maule, the manager of SBS Bank Ferrymead.

Ferrymead Bays Junior Academy The Ferrymead Bays Junior Academy is operating during school terms two and three again this year. It is a chance for our better junior footballers to get an extra session of quality coaching during the week and work on their football co-ordination, technique and game awareness. Under the supervision of experienced Chilean coach Joel Pinto, we have strong numbers coming to both the first session for eight, nine and 10 year-olds, and the second session for 11, 12 and 13 year-olds, held on Monday evenings at Barnett Park. For any junior queries, please email juniors@

Speed on the water: Local ‘A’ class guru Murray Philpott overtaking one of the local Hobie catamaran fleet in a perfect easterly breeze.

The ‘A’ class catamaran fleet is growing in Lyttelton. There are now six boats racing at Naval Point, joining with the larger boats to sail on Sunday afternoons during the winter. Next year’s New Zealand Championships will be held here at the end of January and a number of the big names on the world scene

are expected to attend. (Dean Barker, NZ Americas Cup skipper, has been a regular attendee). The next Americas Cup will be held on 72-foot boats, which are large-scale versions of these 18-foot one-person craft. High technology and blinding speed are the hallmarks of this type of boat, which makes for great spectator appeal.

Talent there this season, but wins still elusive Timetable changes on your bus route

28 A key to the effective rebuilding of Christchurch is an efficient and well patronised public transport network. A drop in the number of passengers and the resulting financial challenges since the earthquake has required us to carefully analyse how we can best meet our community’s public transport needs. As a result we have identified 6 routes where we will need to change the frequency of buses.

From Tuesday 5 June, there will be a new Lyttelton and Rapaki timetable. What has changed? • • • • •

Monday to Friday buses will run to a new timetable Bus frequency reduced from 15 mins to every half hour during the middle of the day Saturday and Sunday timetables are not affected. Passengers using the Diamond Harbour Ferry should note the change of bus trip times and may need to alter their travel time The ferry timetable will remain the same.

Tim Cronin WHILE last year’s Metro Rugby campaign was frustrating for fans of the Sumner Wave for various reasons, including the side’s terrible build-up due to the earthquakes, and an obvious lack of talent in some positions, this year’s season to date has been tough for other reasons. The talent is there, and the team has been agonisingly close to victory on a number of occasions. Giving away early leads to Marist-Albion, Lincoln and HSOB cost them the chance of victory in matches where they finished strongly, while last Saturday’s match against Belfast was one of those occasions when everything seemed to go wrong. But individually the skills are evident, and there has been much over the last few weeks to suggest that when things do gel on the field the Wave will be highly competitive. Last year’s MVP (Most Valuable Player),

Lawrence Babe, is due back from a stint in Ireland later in the week, and will add further depth to a forward pack brimming with potential, while young first-five Solomona Paraki continues to grow into his role as commander of the back line. While the division two side hit a stumbling block on the weekend, losing narrowly to Shirley despite a stirring fight-back in the final moments, they do look like genuine title contenders. Led by inspirational skipper Hayden Cameron, and with no shortage of experience in veteran Sumner players Robbie Timo, Gareth D’Almeida and John Hurring, the team is benefitting from consistency in selection and some real player depth this year. With both teams at home this weekend, coaching staff and supporters will hope to see both campaigns get back on track.

Now Open

We understand changes can be inconvenient, so we are trying to ensure these changes impact on as few people as possible.

The new timetables are available now from or by calling metroinfo 366 8855. 50 Ferrymead Park Drive CHCH Your Metro service is proudly provided by

Ph: 376 5350 for Bookings


Wednesday May 23, 2012


mainland press


DO YOU need short/longterm accommodation whilst your house is being repaired? We have 4 and 5 berth UK caravans available which are fully self contained with toilet, shower, hot/cold water, insulation, double glazing, heater, hob, fridge. We can set these up on your property so you can still be near school, work, friends etc. or Call Rob on 960-1633

CARAVAN & Motorhome Repairs & Refits. Coachbuilding. Valuations. All maintenance work; leaks, gas, electrics, plumbing. Onsite Repairs. Roof Vents, Awnings, Watertanks, Pumps - Accessories sold & installed @ Moonraider RV. Willing to help any way we can, Just Call 384-2230. ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 352-5203 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch


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cape For a While, Aromatherapy, Massage 60min & Petite Pedicure 30mins incl nail polish to take home, May/June only $70 For a full range of services plse visit or ph Emma 03 328-7093 or 021 297-3885


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WednesdaY 21 maY 2012

MARG’S BEAUTY SPOT - Special for June, Half leg wax plus bikini and underarm, only $30. Heathcote Valley 384-8767 or 027 464-7477

ner, ph 03 326-6222

BRICKLAYER. George Lockyer. Over 30 years bricklaying experience. UK trained. Licensed Building Practitioner number BP105608. Fletchers Site Safe. Insurance work. EQC repairs. Heritage brickwork a speciality. No job too small. Governors Bay. Home 329-9344, Cell 027 684-4046, email karengeorge@ CHIMNEY CLEANING Abel & Prestige Chimney Cleaning (2009) Ltd. Professional, Guaranteed Service. Free Phone 0800 661-244

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Plumber REGISTERED CRAFTSMAN Friendly, honest, professional service for all your plumbing needs. Hot water problems are a specialty. No call out fee. Phone Kerry 0800 A1 PLUMB 0800 217 5862

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Wednesday MAY 23, 2012

Deluxe European River Cruising… Launch of a new ship…

Christine McGillen, Owner Operator House of Travel Ferrymead The launch of a brand new cruise ship is always a big event and I was fortunate to be one of a select few in New Zealand to receive an invitation to attend the launch of Avalon Waterway’s new flagship, “Panorama” in Germany last year. To be first on board was a real treat and to experience such a high quality ship with outstanding service was something I was excited to be a part of.




per couple*

Book select 2013 Avalon Waterways European River Cruises and SAVE$ 1300 per couple.

ve Sa 650erson rp $

Arriving at the cabin I was blown away when opening the cabin door for the first time. The design is both modern and luxurious and with the sliding doors opening to a magnificent view, the breeze from the open windows felt like the space was never ending.



The larger rooms are designed to maximise the opportunity of space and while maintaining the French balcony’s the floor to ceiling sliding doors do exactly as intended, making for a most spectacular panorama view from the comfort of your stateroom. Once onboard it is hard to see what extras you may have to spend your money on. All meals are included, tea and coffee available all day, and with the exception of a purchase of a pre-dinner cocktail or evening sundowner, all evening meals are complimented with included local wines, beers or soft drinks. Imagine fine dining with the most amazing international & regional cuisine, as you cruise along the spectacular landscape. With a relaxing lounge atmosphere, food is served to the highest quality and a variety of options ensure it will suit the most discerning palate. Such a relaxing time meant no early starts. The key to such an experience is you are based right at the gateway to the inner city centres of some of the most stunning places along the European waterways. Introductory walking tours with local guides are included at each of your destinations where you are shown the local highlights and with plenty of time to spare you can explore and shop to your heart’s content before sailing away to your next destination.

Burgundy & Provence This journey takes you from the divine ‘City of Lights,’ Paris, to the fabulous Beaujolais wine region, through the historical papal town of Avignon, and the ‘capital’ of Provence, Arles, to the exotic French Riviera.

11 days



per person in a deluxe twin outside stateroom Airfares additional

From Paris to cote d’Azur. dEPARTING: 07 July 2013

As we sailed along the magnificent Romantic Rhine, the view from the ship’s sky deck was the place to be. From the picture perfect villages around one corner to the castles settled on the highest hilltops around the next, there was plenty of photo opportunities from one of the best vantage points in Europe. You cannot beat Avalon for its, style, sophistication and elegance while seeing Europe from a relaxing and unique perspective that will leave you wanting more. With limited space left for bookings in 2012 many people are now looking to book early for 2013. To find out more about these fabulous ships join us at our upcoming film show where we will showcase these wonderful ships and view the rivers of Europe you will discover on your journey.

INcLudES: deluxe twin or double outside stateroom accommodation, sightseeing, all meals onboard, wine with dinner, port charges and gratuities

call us today on 376 4022 to register for our upcoming European River cruise Film show. House of Travel Ferrymead 1005 Ferry Road, Ferrymead Village 376 4022 |

ConDitions: PPrices are correct as of 31/03/12 • Offer valid for new bookings made and deposited by 30/06/12 or until sold out • Prices are per person twin share and includes gratuities and port charges • Offer subject to cabin availability • All offers exclude Avalon/Royal Suites( Jnr Suites) • Deposit of $ 500 per person / per cruise required within 14 days to secure reservations • Deals may Not be completed except with Early Payment, second tour& journey’s Club discount (member number MUST be quoted at time of booking) • Not valid for groups • Valid for singles – single supplement applies • Further restrictions apply • Offers can be withdrawn or modified at any time without notice. 03628



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