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BH. THURS Nissan

25, 5774 / April 25, 2014

Candle-Lighting: Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 7:30 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Shabbos Ends: produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program 8:34 Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY


Only a few weeks of Maimonides “MC” Newsletter for the Year!

To Rabbi Abba and Raizel Rubin of Saratoga on the birth of a baby girl two days after Pesach to be named IYH this Shabbos with a Kiddush at Shomray Torah in Albany.

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MAZAL TOV CHAYA H. Mazal Tov Chaya on her Bat-Mitzvah celebration this weekend in Kingston NY. Mazal Tov to the entire Hecht family!


Call the school office 453-9363 or

The weather isn’t cooperating as much as we’d email: like but it is indeed Spring-time and Mrs. Carroll’s students are already busy planting! These plants in the green-houses at the school MY FIRST TASTE OF CHAMETZ entrance are by grades 1-3. First graders have mystery plants growing: They each take care of What was your first taste of Chametz after Passover? It was a student’s idea to ask, and one plant, document their observations and here are various students’ responses: try to predict what it will turn out to be.  Pizza (that was a favorite!) Grades 2 and 3 are growing both flowers and MAZAL TOV SHMUEL DOVID  Pasta (was most common..) vegetables and observing the different ways On his starting to put on Tefillin this month  Bagels (some made Bagel Pizzas) they grow. Some of these will eventually be in preparation for his Lag B’Omer weekend  Crackers & Cheese (fancy taste..) transferred to the outdoor garden and cared Bar-Mitzvah. He is pictured here in Tefillin  Cereal & Milk (that one time when for over the summer by Miss Jennifer! with a fellow Maimonides Schenectady boy & Breakfast never tasted so good at night!) doing Hagbah at Beth Israel in Schenectady.  Potato Chips (not really Chametz, but..)  Fresh Pancakes (one family made that) HENRY STARK OBM  Granola & Yogurt (refreshing!) Condolences to Sid Stark and family on the  Believe it or not, quite a few had Kosher for passing of his father on the 2nd day of Pesach. Passover Cake and Milk! See page 2 for three inspiring tidbits from the Chol HaMoed Pesach funeral in Saratoga.


RAKHIL YAMROM OBM Born in Russia in 1913, Mrs. Yamrom (aka Grandma Lola) passed away this Passover, at 100 years of age. Some of our students and alumni remember her from visits to the Bnai Brith Apartments. She was an educated and cultured woman, who worked as a chemical engineer in Russia, and loved to sing, in fact not long before she passed away she sang “A Yiddishe Mameh” with Cantor Marx of Temple Israel, a song she remembers from her youth! Our condolences to her daughter Mrs. Emily Rubenshtayn and family.

NEW THIS WEEKEND It’s back in season! We begin the weekly tradition of studying a chapter of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers) on Shabbos afternoons (usually after Mincha). Some do one cycle until Shavuot, others continue all summer-long!

FRACTION FLOWERS 2 & 3rd put up this new bulletin board up combining math skills with a theme of Spring. Each flower has petals of different colors and the text explains the corresponding fractions.

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

Maimonides resumed on Thursday this week after a long Passover break, so it’s only about a school day and a half to put this week’s MC Newsletter together. But people have been asking for it, so we gave it a shot. Thanks for your readership and interest!

INSPIRATION FROM HENRY STARK’S (OBM) THREE SONS Here are three inspirations from Henry Stark’s funeral held Thursday Chol HaMoed Pesach, from his 3 sons (Rabbi Rubin said there was no fourth son, for he had no wicked son!): 1) His son Sid Stark mentioned only one brief verse about Avraham Avinu that is recited after Hallel: “Abraham grew old, advanced in years, and G-d blessed Abraham with everything.” What would you consider to be “blessed with everything”? Henry had an auto repair shop in a small upstate NY city, had a loving relationship with his wife Rose of 68 years, 3 sons, 9 grand-children and great-grandchildren. He was a family man, who remained committed to Jewish tradition and determined to maintain the small local synagogue. Henry Stark’s tastes, possessions & pleasures may have been simple, but Sid expressed that “G-d blessed him with everything.” 2) His son Marvin from Providence told the story of the pine tree that his father gave him so they would have a taste of Saratoga. It didn’t grow much, but like his father is a strong (Stark means strong) and determined tree. It weighs down low with heavy snow all winter but bounces back to its old vigor in the spring-time. 3) His son Mickey related something powerful and wonderful to think about and remember for life: Until about a year ago Henry was quite strong and healthy, but his health took a sharp turn for the worse soon after his beloved wife Rose was admitted to a Nursing Home due to her increasing dementia. Not long after, Henry was admitted to the same nursing home, with serious medical conditions that led to his passing this Passover, at age 95. One day last week, just a few days before his passing, this son wheeled his father Henry past Rose’s room. Henry greeted his wife, but she did not return the greeting due to her dementia. It may have been hard for the son to see, but Henry turned to his son and said, “Isn’t she the most beautiful woman in the world?”

PARSHA CAN-U-FIND... Can you find the following modern-day connections in this week’s Parsha Kedoshim (which is packed with so many Mitzvot): 1) An inspection sticker on every gas-pump. 2) Passive-aggressive behavior. 3) Fair, non-discriminatory treatment. 4) False advertising. 5) A 5-year Plan. 6) Corners get special treatment. 7) Respect for your body.

LITERAL AND FIGURATIVE 7th grade Gemorah (Sukkah 11b) learned an argument between Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Akiva on whether to interpret the Sukkah in the verse as literal or figurative, and the use of the word “Mamash.”

REISH LAKISH’S WATER CYCLE In the same Gemorah above, its evident that Reish Lakish had an understanding of how the water-cycle works, because he uses that to explain a Sukkah law based on that.

BRAVE DEDICATION In Hebrew class with Morah Keren, HS girls read the story of Dr. Janusz Korczak (and saw a short film about him) who ran Jewish and general orphanages in Warsaw, although he was given opportunity to be saved, he insisted on going to Treblinka with his young orphans during the Holocaust. He was a highly regarded expert on dealing with children and wrote a number of books on children’s education and psychology.

APPS PROJECT “CLEAN 14” This time students have a longer window, as it won’t be due until about 2 weeks after Pesach. It might be a hectic time now at home to work on extra projects, but it’s not too early to brainstorm & think, especially considering the theme: “Clean Fourteen!” ‘14 is the year, 14 is the day of the month that we have to be clean of Chametz, and clean rhymes with 14! At the APPS brainstorming sessions students came up with some of these ideas: favorite cleaning products or tools, reasons why its important to keep clean, Jewish sources or texts on cleanliness, is there such a thing as too much clean, 14 (or any number) of cleaning tips or steps, clean air, or being clean spiritually, how to clean for Pesach or clean classrooms, or bedrooms, it can also mean how to keep ourselves or our clothes clean, how to clean your glasses etc…

MHDS DINNER INVITES MAILED The Maimonides dinner invites were mailed and should have arrived in area homes around Passover. Please consider attending in person and/or placing an ad in the Tribute Journal/ Yearbook. If you did not receive an invite, please call the school office at 453-9363 or email

TRIBUTE JOURNAL ADS Parents and friends, please consider placing an ad/greeting in this year’s Tribute Journal. (Parents get 1/4 page as part of their dinner fee at registration, but can upgrade if they choose) in honor of this year’s honorees, or teachers, the school or to advertise a business. Thank you!

BRINGING W.O.W. BACK WOW is an old Maimonides program, dating back to our Ohav Shalom days, which stands for “Wide Open Windows” in which we invite people from the greater community to come into our classrooms or school assemblies to share a talent, hobby or interest or professional expertise. We hope to share tidbits in this newsletter, too! What unusual experience, personal story, or professional insight can you share with our students? There’s something to be learned from everyone! (Ethics of our Fathers)

IT ALL ADDS UP These little fundraisers add up and help Maimonides as well…  How’s your Maimonides Pushka doing?  BoxTops are 10 cents each!  Do you shop on Amazon? Make one online stop first to and a percentage goes to Maimonides from all your Amazon shopping in that visit.


CHAMETZ BURNING Many people stopped by school at different times for the communal Chametz burning, this time in a large metal barrel. Also as traditional every year (based in 1974 instructions from the Lubavitcher Rebbe) Rabbi Israel Rubin presented the Clevenson’s of the “Jewish World” newspaper with a box of Shmurah Matzah.


PARKS: Many families enjoyed a day at the park, whether it was Crossings or Washington Park. One family visiting Baltimore went to the Robert E. Lee Park. Some had picnics there with Passover food, of course. One family went to Hyuck Preserve, beautiful nature!


ACTIVE: Bounce-It in Poughkeepsie, Bowling & Bouncing at Saratoga Strike-Zone, some went to an Indoor Water Park, a few went ZipLining or Go-Carting or had fun at BattingCages. Quite a few families went on the rides at Hoffman’s Playland in Latham.


CONCERTS: One family went to the Yeshiva Boys & Chevra Concert at Queens College, others attended the Choni Goldman Concert at the Lake George Pesach Retreat. There was also a Kids Rally on Friday led by Rabbi Yossi Kagan at Shomray Torah in Albany.


MORE NATURE: Some went to Hancock Shaker Village, enjoyed a day at Lake George Beach, and a faraway park named Winnipeg Wonderland.


SHOPPING: A bunch of families mixed shopping and family outing, either at the Lake George Outlets, or Crossgates, or shops all around the Capital Region. One even turned it into a Scavenger Hunt!

MATH STATE TESTS AHEAD Several classes are feverishly reviewing lots of math in preparation for the next week’s NYS test, using many different math skills from division to decimals, linear equations to exponents, you name it! to solve all kinds of problems in different packets each day.

SAFE! ON BASE! 8th grade boys are now learning in Chumash class about the Cities of Refuge, which is also what they are learning about in their daily Rambam studies. It’s always fascinating to find connections and cross-references.

MORAH DINI IS BACK! Kindergarteners drew pictures of some of the visual Mitzvot of this week’s Parsha Kedoshim, including the corner of the field, forgetting a sheave, and much more!

at Maimonides and in the Community 4/25: FRIDAY NIGHT SUMMER MINYAN TIMES


CBAJ switches this week to a standard 7pm Friday Night Minyan time until the end of summer. Shomray Torah keeps Friday Night Minyan at candlelighting time until after Shavuot, when it switches to earlier standard time.

This Torah dedication date has been moved up to Lag B’Omer afternoon, starting at 2pm - how appropriate on Lag B’Omer to celebrate joyously with the Torah, music and dancing! Activities for kids, an All-American Kosher BBQ, t-shirts and music… All are welcome to celebrate with Clifton Park Chabad and Mr. Bruce Lorence as they dedicate a “American Jewish Heritage Torah” in memory of Mr. Lorence’s relatives Poetess Emma Lazarus and Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo, and in commemoration of 360 years of Jewish life in America, older than the nation itself! More info, to sponsor a letter or word & be a part of it, call Rabbi Yossi: 495-0772 or visit online at:

4/26: NEW BABY GIRL KIDDUSH New baby girl Kiddush after Musaf at Shomray Torah for Rabbi Abba and Raizel’s baby daughter, may we share Simchas!

4/26: THE WOMENS SHABBOS SHIUR IS BACK This week the Womens Shiur will be given by Mrs. Rochel Rubin at her home, 122 South Main Ave at 4:45pm. To give or host the Shiur, a longstanding Albany summer tradition, please contact Chaya Tal.

4/27: UALBANY FAMILY EARTH DAY PROGRAM Programs and presentations, hands-on activities, all free and open to the community, Sunday 1-4pm on the main campus’s Lecture Center corridor, with free parking at State Quad Gold lot.

5/19: POST LAG-B’OMER LATER SCHOOL START 9am start after Lag B’Omer Sunday.


Wednesday, 6pm at the Maimonides School, with elegant buffet dinner and desserts, honoring: Rabbi Moshe & Karen Mirsky (the Dr. Morton Berger Memorial Award), Mrs. Reeva Nowitz and her late husband Bernie OBM Stanley Ronnel was a hidden child during the Holocaust, he will share his (“Eitz-Chaim” Award), & Dr. Madhavi Sahay (Exemplary Educator Award). story at Lecture Center 7 at 2pm. Cost for community is $8pp. The 24-Hour Vigil run by UAlbany Hillel on the Campus Center Podium begins at 4:30pm, Couvert $72pp/$126 couple. For info, journal ads/tributes, contact school office: 453-9363 or email: Since the first year reading names of victims, screening Holocaust films, and 3 Minyan times. in 1989 this is a much anticipated annual communal event and important fundraiser for the Maimonides Scholarship Fund. Invite now in the mail! 4/27: CBAJ COMMUNAL YOM HASHOAH PROGRAM


Doors open 6:30pm, program begins at 7pm at CBAJ, featuring “Emmanuel Ringbloom and the Hidden Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto” as well as a musical presentation by Mifgash HS students. For more info call 489-5819.


5/29: HACD ACADEMY AWARDS DINNER Hebrew Academy is honoring several alumni with “Academy Awards” at at annual Heritage Dinner held at Temple Israel: Yosef Birnboim, Deborah Isser, Cantor Shira Ginsburg, David Katz, Dr. David Morrison, Dr. Simcha Pearl, and Avi Rasowsky. For info contact Rachael Woren at Hebrew Academy.

This year’s UAlbany Judaic Studies Malka & Eitan Evan Yom HaShoah lecture will feature Dr. Jeffrey Sandler, Chairman of Jewish Studies at Rutgers, co-editor of “Anna Frank Unbound: Media, Imagination, Memory” speaking 6/3-6: SHAVUOT MAIMONIDES SCHEDULE 6/3: Half-Day AM English studies only, Erev Shavuot. at UAlbany’s Page Hall on the downtown campus. Free and open to public, 6/4-5: No School, Shavuot Holiday. plus free parking. 7pm. 6/6: No School (one day between Shavuot and the Shabbos Weekend).

4/28: HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE AT MAIMONIDES Our school is participating in a national program that includes screening of a several short films and discussion projects for Holocaust remembrance.

5/6: NATL GEOGRAPHIC “JERUSALEM” FILM Exclusive JFed showing on May 6th at Proctors for communal Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration, use “Israel66” code at Proctors or via Federation.

5/11: CBAJ DINNER HONORING KAGAN & POZNERS CBAJ honors life-long Albanian Ethel Kagan and community leaders LouisJack & Rona Pozner at special Mother’s Day dinner at the synagogue. Couvert $180pp. Dinner & journal info: CBAJ office at 489-5819 or:

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL END OF YEAR DATES 6/13: Last Day of HS Classes, Regents Prep 6/18: 8th Grade and HS Graduation Night 6/19: Last Day of School, Moving Up Day, AM only. 6/23: Maimonides Staff Day

7/7-8/8: CAMP GAN ISRAEL SUMMER DATES The Gan Israel Day Camp (held at Maimonides) will run from July 7th to August 8th this year. For more information or to register please contact Mrs. Rivka Kochman:

5/18: LAG B’OMER SUNDAY PLANS UNDERWAY A busy & joyous day in our community, Shmuel Dovid’s Schenectady BarMitzvah, followed by Jewish-American Heritage Torah dedication in Clifton Park, and an evening in Camp Cedeca, Grafton with the JCC… stay tuned!

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL & COMMUNITY (Nursery / Elementary / High School) 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

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Highlights include several Mazal Tovs, inspiration heard at Henry Stark's Chol HaMoed funeral, 7 Parsha Can-U-Finds, and "What Was Your Firs...

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