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Cheshvan 17, 5773 / November 2, 2012

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434

produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY

AFTERMATH OF SANDY Everyone has certainly seen the unbelievable images of the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, or heard from relatives and friends in the affected areas. There’s no need to include any photos here, or enough room for to give the true picture of the extent of the damage. Thank G-d, Albany was spared, but many areas are really hurting now, some people lost everything. Even further inland from the extensive flooding, many areas are still without power and essential basic needs. We all hope and pray for the quickest and most complete restoration and recovery as possible. At an lunchtime assembly this Friday (today) Rabbi Rubin will discuss some possible small gestures that Maimonides schoolchildren can do for school-children down in the affected areas.

MAZAL TOV WOLFS To Rabbi Daniel & Sara Wolf on the birth of a baby boy this past Monday night (during Sandy!) and to his big brother in our Maimonides Nursery class!



5:28 Shabbos Ends:


FALL IS IN THE AIR This student is thrilled to be standing under falling leaves (that she herself threw upward). This Sat Night / Sunday we fall backward one hour. Next Friday, the 9th will be the first early Friday dismissal of the year. These 2nd graders made Fall leaf collages surrounding their own photos with Ms. Livingston. It is getting colder out, but we still want to bring out the children for recess-time (fresh-air, group-play, active exercise… among other benefits) so please be sure to dress them warmly as we begin to approach winter-time.

You can dedicate this newsletter in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Cost is $54 or $72 as per your discretion. Contact the school office 453-9363/3434 or email NEW GREEN RECYCLING The single-stream (many types) blue bins have been in school for a while now. The new large dark green bins are for PAPER ONLY. We must be careful to put only used paper in these green bins (parents are welcome to bring their used paper as well). The school gets a small payment based on weight for the paper sent in to be recycled. Thanks to Jennifer for her initiative on this.

Mrs. Joyce Teitelman dedicated 3 more books AVRAHAM’S in the “Esty Library” in memory of Rivka Losice on her 1st yartzeit, in memory of Esty 4-DOOR TENT BOYS MISHMAR RETURNS! (Rubin) Cohen, and in memory of Dr. Kindergarten learned Eli K. and Moshe K. have volunteered to run a Bernard Teitelman. Mrs. Leah Hecht will be about Avraham & buying & organizing the new books and setting Boys Mishmar after-school program on the Sarah’s 4-sided tent, same afternoons that girls have Yaldah club up a loaning system in the coming weeks! as well as their welcoming Aishel tree and made (every other week). It’s open for boys, grades 3+ their own 4-door tent & tree models in class. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE LOCAL and will include snack, learning etc…

BUSINESSES WHO SUPPORT US! These local businesses contributed to this year’s Raffle-Auction (to be sent out soon).  Modern Carpet Co on Broadway  Wolberg Electric on Industrial Park Rd  The Party Warehouse on Fuller Road  New Mt Pleasant Bakery in Schenectady  Brickman Produce in Menands Market  A Silver Breeze in Wilton & Aviation Malls  Zen Again Spa, the Spa & Turf Motel, the Saratoga Inn & the Saratoga Guitar shop.  Lapiner Bros supply store in Menands  Colonial Cleaners on North Allen Street  Yaldah Magazine (publisher lives here now!)

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208



In art class this week, HS Girls folded up a paper into 4 vertical sections, and each student drew a part of a person or pattern on a section, and passed it on for the next person to do their section, without peeking at what was done earlier... When all 4 sections were filled, it made for quite a surprising & funny picture.

Mrs. Carroll’s students made “P.I.E. Plates” with 3 types of books styles and why authors write the things that they do: (P) Persuade (I) Inform and/or (E) Entertain…


GEZERGIMMELS Morah Rivka cut carrot (Gezer in Hebrew, begins with the letter Gimmel) pieces in half lengthwise and showed the Nursery kids the inside texture. Then they dipped the halfDOUGHNUT DELICACIES carrot into orange paint to use as a “brush” to 4th graders just finished Parshas Toldos, color their Gimmels. where Yaakov prepares Matamim delicacies that Yitzchak originally asked Eisav to do. So GO WEST! to celebrate, Morah DL and the students went 7/8 learned in into “Nathan’s Kitchen” and cooked up their history class about own doughnuts and drizzled chocolate on top, the US’ westward with colored sprinkles on top! And it so expansion in the happens that HS Girls that same day were mid 1800’s with the studying Tanya chapter 27 with a meaningful gold-rushes and the Homestead Act, the life lesson from this very same word! development of the railroads and “robber barons” (did you know that “Mr. Monopoly” was originally called “Rich Uncle Pennybags” and patterned somewhat on financier banker J.P. Morgan?) and how this affected Native CHALLAH BAKING AT MASSRY Americans and eventually created reservations. On Sunday, the MHDS Bnos Chaya HSG, It so happens that they learned this just together with Mrs. Laber and Teen Leadership around Parshas Lech-Lecha, when Hashem Club went to the Massry Assisted Living to told Avraham Avinu to journey (south-west). bake challah with the residents. They divided up and were each paired up with a few seniors R’ HUNA’S POWER WENT OUT and made a batch of challah. The girls spoke Due to Hurricane Sandy the power went out about something relating to challah that they in Manhattan, Long Island, learned in school. Rabbi Rubin came and sang NJ etc, so many had to leave the Lower East Side song by Shmuel Kunda home and visit family and obm, and the seniors enjoyed it. One lady who friends who do have power. was 93 reminded us about the last challah 6th graders just finished a section of Talmud baking even more than we remembered. Pesachim that tells the story of a Rav Huna who made Kiddush and his light (in those days COLOR FAMILIES IN ART CLASS a candle) went out, so he went to his son 5th graders are in their 2nd week of colorRaba’s place to continue his meal but needed mixing. They began with the color-wheel and to redo Kiddush at his son’s place, because of tryouts with paint on paper. This week were Kiddush b’Makom Seudah it needs to be each assigned a color, say purple - each made connected (grounded!) to a meal. There’s more small paint vials with shades of purple, from than one opinion about this, but being Maaseh deep, dark, almost black, sinister purple, to Rav - an actual story, carries a lot of weight. very light & cheerful, barely purple.

Ms. Livingston’s students made these owls a few weeks back but they never made the “MC” newsletter yet. They have that wise look, because of their big bright eyes and stern eyebrows! Owls are Yanshuf in Hebrew, and they are not Kosher because they are birds of prey. They are actually very helpful in barns because they keep the rodent population down on farms. Everything Hashem created has an important purpose.

HEBREW ANIMAL NAMES Talking about Yanshuf… since it is Cheshvan, Morah Devorah’s calendar is marked by a new animal each day, and the kids learn the Hebrew name for that animal.

DATES WITH AN EIGHT Morah Rochel’s Bekiyus b’Chumash Parsha class last week realized key Jewish dates that end in “8”: 1948 was the year Avraham was born, 2048 is when Yitzchak was born, and in 2448 the Jews left Egypt and got the Torah at Sinai. 2488 is when the Jews enter the Land of Israel with Joshua and 3338 is the year the first Bais HaMikdash is destroyed. The modern State of Israel was established in 1948 (of the secular calendar) which was 5708.

NOT YOUR REGULAR BINGO This was a complicated Chumash Bingo game! Next week 5th graders will report all about it…

FIDDLER AT YOGA CLASS The HS Yoga class is twice each week, one class is relaxing Yoga, the other is the vigorous Power-Yoga type (for muscle-building and strengthening). This week, Amanda, the girls Yoga instructor, EXCITED TO SEE MRS. YUSKO Mrs. Yusko (formerly Ms. Zalak) came back to changed things up a bit, when the vibe got energized, she put on Fiddler’s “To Life!” song school for a visit, and her students were happy and got everyone dancing. It so lively, so much to pose with her for a photo! fun, the smiles and laughter were floating through the air… it was “Laughter Yoga!”


1 ON 1, ONE WORD AT A TIME Mrs. Maher and Chaya go over some of the more challenging words in a story they were reading called “Grandfather’s Journey.”


Mrs. Gray’s 7/8 students are about to begin a novel based in Vietnam, she asked them to pair up and list as many things they knew or heard of Vietnam before reading the story. The goal of this story is to understand the importance of “setting” and how an author helps you get a feel of the place where it happens. The last story’s goal was to learn about different types of irony used in writing.


This is the “Torah-Times” marquee that Rabbi TIMING MATTERS Rubin prepared for today’s lunchtime assembly. Today’s Hebrew date (17th of You have to strike while Cheshvan) marks the start of the flood in the iron is hot, or while Noah’s time. Rabbi Rubin will lead the the ball is on Calev’s assembly at lunchtime today (to be in next head! Not every week’s MC) about the widespread effects of opportunity hangs around and waits forever, “Sandy” and the sensitivity and empathy we should have for those who lost so much. Some WAYSIDE SCHOOL PART II sometimes the window is very short, and you discussion will be on what we can do here for Mrs. Maher’s class finished the first book, and just have to get it right! them (it is possible that we will collect a big are now reading the 2nd book about this box of school supplies for an affected school) ridiculously crazy school with so much PLAGUES IN EGYPT but we need to confirm first, as we are in craziness going on! They just met a new 6th grade is now learning the 3rd plague: Lice. touch with other schools in the PEJE network student named Benjamin (or was he Mark This was a turning point, because it was the to see what is needed and feasible. Miller?) who adds a new layer of fun to the first plague that Egyptians magicians could not story. And the girl who forget her lunch… replicate due to its size. (Interesting how the SNOW-DAY INFO most modern of technologies is about making While we don’t follow Albany City Schools for A NAVI CHAPTER PER WEEK changes in smaller and smaller sizes…) all off-days (as we didn’t this past Tuesday after Rabbi Simon’s 7/8 graders want to finish all Sandy) we do follow them for snow and ice of Shmuel by the end of the year, and they V’SHAMRU ON FRIDAY day closings. We do have a phone-call chain have Navi only 2 days a week. They’re eager to Last week 7/8 learned “V’Shamru” (about for school closings early that morning. Albany do it, and are trying to keep up with a chapter Shabbos) with Rabbi Laber in their Ki-Sisa every week. The stories are great, with Samuel, Chumash studies on Friday. Also that day they City School closings are announced on local radio, TV and internet. If you have any schoolSaul, David, there’s interesting stuff at every learned with Rabbi Shmuly interesting closing questions please call Morah Rochel, bend. Obviously, they can’t go into depth at Halachic points about using a modern-day Sharona Backman or Morah Devorah. this speed, but there’s lots of food for thought! crock-pot (and different types of crock-pots). One of our HS was chatting online with Aviya (who attended MHDS when her family was here with JERNY for a few years) and found out that her brother Kobi is already in Mechina (post-high-school prep for Army)! Talk about a different setting…

THE TAXICAB EXTRA MILE QUESTION HEBREW WORDS FOR PARTS OF THE BODY Morah Devorah’s students (these pictures are from two different grade levels) made pictures of faces and bodies and labeled them with the Hebrew words for hair, elbow, fingers, eyes, nose, neck…

High School girls learned in Tanya 15 (a chapter about the significance of effort and struggle) the Gemorah in Chagiga 9b about donkey-drivers who charge extra to go beyond their ordinary route “the extra mile”, the Gemorah calls this extra mile (or additional study) “those who serve G-d” and those who can’t go beyond their natural comfort zone “those who do not”. HS Girls were excited to see this question show up on a trigonmtery math test a day or two later!

at Maimonides and in the Community 11/3: SURVIVING SANDY


Rabbi Rubin will speak of this on Shabbos.

Wed thru 11/28 1:30-2:30 at MHDS with Amanda Toll, open to community women. Cost: $36 for 6 weeks. info? 495-0779. Babysitting available.

11/3: RABBI REISMAN ON T.C.N. Rabbi Reisman’s Navi lecture is screened all over, including right here at the CBAJ Luchins Media Center. The times change as the clocks do, this week it’s at 8:30pm. Next week begins a 7:30 start time until the end of January. Rabbi Frand gives a Thursday night class on Parsha, also screened at CBAJ - that lecture time is constant at 9pm.

11/7: FOR PARENTS OF 7/8 GRADE Meeting at school regarding year-end trip, 3pm.



3:40-4:50 with Eli K. and Moshe K. (and parental supervision) with Parsha study, snack and games, for boys in grades 3rd and up. This will be on the same Wednesday as the Girls Yaldah Club meets.

2am (or Sat Nite) we push clocks back 1 hour. Keep this in mind for Sunday events - on the new time.


2:15pm dismissal after we change the clocks. Please be prompt. All short Friday are abridged slightly by This Garage Sale focuses specifically on children’s 5 minutes. Davening ends at 8:35 (instead of 8:40), & baby clothing, toys and accessories, to benefit the first period ends 9:20, 2nd period ends 10am. Laven Early Childhood Center at Sidney Albert There is no morning recess on short Fridays (aside Albany JCC on Whitehall Rd. 9am-3pm. for pre-school and primary grades). 3rd period begins 10 to 10:40, 4th period is until 11:20, when we break for a shorter 20-minute recess and lunch 11/4: “I  ISRAEL DAY” + HIKE at 11:40am. General Studies begins 11:55am. A welcoming event to (new) Israelis in the area, starting with a 2:30pm hike led by Varda in the 11/12: WRITING CONTETS EXT. Saratoga Spa State Park; followed by shwarma, bourekas, chumus and more, with food demos, and The writing contest about favorite Capital Region places has been extended until November 12th, see crafts and activities for kids, a video/discussion for info: 3:45-5:30pm at Saratoga Chabad 130 Circular Grants/Grants/STUDENT-CONTEST.html Street. Info/RSVP call 495-0772/9 or 526-0773. (Thanks to Moshe K. an “upcoming events” enthusiast for forwarding this info!) 11/4: SUPPORT SOLDIERS & VETS


L’chaim UAlbany (with other groups) will make care packages for soldiers overseas and local vets at a special event in UAlbany Assembly Hall 12-3pm. List of (new) items to be donated include toiletries (like shampoo, body-wash, deodorant, baby-wipes, etc), batteries (AA and AAA), puzzle books, card games & travel games (especially large-print crosswords for Veterans), instant powdered drinks, kosher hard-candy and non-perishable snacks. A project of JSAM (Jewish Social Action Month).

11/14: THE RESCUERS SCREENING Free admission, 7pm, screening at UAlbany’s downtown Page Hall, 135 Western Ave. This documentary highlights Holocaust rescue efforts by non-Jewish diplomats. The event is sponsored by Holocaust Survivors and Friends Education Center, Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation & UAlbany’s Center for Judaic Studies.


MATCHING OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW DAY-SCHOOL DONORS PEJE (the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education) and the Jewish Funders Network is offering a one-time 50% match this Fall for any donor (who has not previously given more than $2,000 to a Jewish day school) who contributes $10,000 (or 5x their earlier contribution). We are grateful for our first $10K gift for this program, thanks to a dedicated parent who approached a community friend who graciously and generously contributed. This matching program will run through January 15th, 2013 or until the fund are maxed out. Please consider this opportunity yourself, or reach out to someone who may have the means and desire to invest in the Jewish future, today! Please speak to Rabbi Rubin 423-4103 with any questions or interest regarding this special opportunity. community members to study a prepared Torah text curriculum chavrusa-style followed by a short class. Call 438-4227 for more info/RSVP.

11/27: ART VIEW OF HOLOCAUST Mr. Tibor Spitz of Kingston, 7pm at the CliftonPark-Halfmoon Library on Moe Road, a Holocaust survivor who expresses his experience through art (painting, sculpting, ceramics, wood-carving etc), and has a remarkable story of his escape from Communism. Not intended for children. Call 4950772/9 for more info.

11/17: CBAJ NEW MEMBER DINNER 12/1: YUD-TES KISLEV WEEKEND 11/4: AUTOSHOW @EMPIRE PLAZA Family Shabbat dinner at CBAJ. Cost for existing The actual date is Sunday night-Monday. Yeshiva 11am-5:30pm at the Empire State Plaza. Whether you’re in the market for a new car, or just like to see the newest in the market, the auto show can be a fun outing. Admission is free, Parking is $5.


members, free for new members, contact synagogue Bochurim will be up for this Shabbos at Shomray office for reservations and details. Torah for added flavor and warmth, and a communal Melava Malka (with kids program) will 11/17: FIRST PIZZA-NITE be that Sat Night. Details coming soon. Save the date for the first MHDS Sat Night Pizza night of the season! 12/11: MHDS CHANUKAH 4TH NITE

Yartzeit remembrance for Mrs. Rivka Losice on occasion of her 1st Yartzeit (Monday night-Tuesday, 11/18: TASTE-OF-YESHIVA DAY 21st of Cheshvan) following Monday night Mincha- 11:30am-1pm with a brunch at Shabbos House. Maariv prayers (starts approx 4:25) at Shomray Men and women from the community are very Torah, with remembrance, study, and refreshments. welcome. Depending on student attendance we will either pair up with students or with fellow

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL (Nursery / Elementary / High School) & COMMUNITY 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

“MIDWAY” AUCTION & DINNER Raffle-Auction publication soon going to the printer, stay tuned for classic and all-new prize packages… this year it’s on the 4th night, so look for a “Midway” themed evening!

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