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Kislev 23, 5773 / Dec 7, 2012

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434

produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY


4:04 Shabbos Ends:


This newsletter is sponsored in loving memory of

Sol Lieberman - Zisa Ben Tzion who passed away this week on the 18th of Kislev father of Shmuly Lieberman and father-in-law of Michelle (Chandler) Lieberman, both Maimonides alumni.

SONGS & CHANUKAH SPIRIT On Wednesday this week several of our younger classes went to Beverwyck Senior Living (arranged by Morah Clara Simon of Bethlehem Chabad) to sing songs, dance, and bring festival joy & cheer before Chanukah. Clockwise from top: In addition to the lively singing led by our music teacher Lynn Gross, the kids each spent a little time chatting with one of the seniors; Shmuly G. explains how a Dreidel works; and the “singing flames” sing a variety of Chanukah songs!

CONDOLENCES TO FAMILIES & COMMUNITY OF SHEN. H.S. A tragic accident on the Northway claimed the lives of 2 high school seniors Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers and wounded two others. Mrs. Gray (our middle & HS English teacher) also teaches mornings at Shenendehowa HS and knew some of these students. She spent extra time helping students there cope with the tragedy. Our HS students watched the vigil online. Rabbi Yossi & Leyee were on their way home on the Northway that Sat night after the Yud-Tes Kislev Farbrengen when they passed by the scene of the tragic accident and saw the emergency teams using “Jaws of Life” to try to save the teens in the car. We wish the families and friends solace and comfort, and a speedy and complete recovery to those injured.

LIEBERMAN CONDOLENCES Our condolences to MHDS alumni Shmuly and Michelle (Chandler) Lieberman on the passing of his father, Sol Lieberman. See the newsletter dedication box on right for more about his life. May his memory be a blessing.

SNOW & CHANGING SEASON Mrs. Carroll’s 3rd graders made this new fun bulletin board with giant hanging 3-D white snowflakes (even more than what’s pictured). This week (at Maariv on Dec 4th) we switched from the summer-mode to the V’sayn Tal UMatar L’vracha winter-mode in the Bareich Aleinu blessing in the weekday Amidah.

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

Mr. Sol Lieberman came from Czechoslovakia on the last ship to America in 1940. He served in the US Army during the Korean War and entered law school on his return. He practiced law until very recently, championing Jewish causes during his long practice. He is noted for his quick wit and unique style, and his sponsorship of small minyans including near Ground Zero. He leaves behind his wife, Paulette, a true aishes-chayil, six sons, a daughter, and many grandchildren.

By his “Mechutanim” Phil and Linda Chandler



6th graders noticed a connection between their current Chumash and Navi studies. They are learning about G-d hardening Pharaoh’s heart during the 10 plagues, at the same time as they learned about Philistines stubbornly holding onto the Holy Ark, even as they were hit by plagues and suffering because of it.

Mr. Ted Levin came in this week to teach the HS and Middle-School (separately) about the research at Nanotech, and showed them some examples of the relevance and uses of the math they’ve been learning. Eli W. was especially quick with his math skills and even knew about a Yactometer. He also showed them a short film, titled: “The Power of Ten” that zooms out and then back in using the math principle of exponents and negative exponents and gives perspective on how super small Nanotech is zooming down to create or change things on that level. This is a new and cool monthly enrichment program, about which students (& adults!) are quite curious about…

MATCHING OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW DAY-SCHOOL DONORS ALICE IN IMMIGRATION-LAND? PEJE (Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education) and the Jewish Funders Network is offering a one-time match for school donors contributing $10K who have not previously given more than $2,000 to a Jewish day school. This matching program runs through January 15, 2013 or until funds are maxed out. This Chanukah, as we strike the match to light the Menorah, please consider this match opportunity, or reach out to someone who may have the means and desire to invest in the Jewish future, today! Chanukah literally means dedication, and it shares the same root as Chinuch (children’s education). Maimonides is that miraculous little cruise of oil that could! Please contact Rabbi Rubin 423-4103 with any questions/ interest regarding this special opportunity.

7/8 with Mrs. Ramsay took a fun look at the Alice in Wonderland story as a springboard for a discussion on immigration “down the rabbit hole” into a new world. They also discussed push/pull factors: “Push” is what forced or pushed immigrants to leave their native lands (for example: Early 20th century Russian anti-Semitic pogroms were a big incentive for Jews to leave that country) and “Pull” is what makes them want to come to the new country.

MIDWAY ENTERTAINERS At the Raffle-Auction look for our 7/8 students in red shirts, they’re volunteering their amateur talents to do balloon-twisting, magic-tricks, juggling and more! Thanks!

“ESTY LIBRARY” DEDICATED AT TUESDAY’S RAFFLE-AUCTION Mrs. Leah Hecht has been working to get new Jewish English children’s books for a school library (as we have the nearby Bach Public Library for general books). Thanks to those who donated books in honor of Simchas etc there’s already a good head-start, plus we have some older quality books in school already. There will be a small dedication ceremony at the Raffle-Auction event on Tuesday.


iPAD RETINA (4TH GENERATION) The Raffle-Auction booklet mistakenly listed the iPad prize as 3rd generation, but it is the 4th (and newest) iPad generation that is being offered, with the new and speedier A6 processor, and the ultra-crisp beautiful “Retina” display with millions of pixels!

CHANUKAH PARTY PACKAGE The $125 in gift-certificates at “The Party Warehouse” will be honored even as the store goes out of business, but they will have to be used as soon as possible after the RaffleAuction, as the store quickly sells out.

TWO MYSTERY DRAWINGS There will be 2 drawings for the Mystery Package, for the two different prizes in that surprise package.

ONLINE SPECIALS If you purchase tickets via the online site: there are a few specials, including: 3 Split the Pot entries for $25 (or $10 each), an out-of-town package with prizes that can be easily shipped and one or two other special deals. Tickets can be bought online until 4pm on the day of the Raffle-Auction event.

RAFFLE-AUCTION EVENT WILL BE THIS TUESDAY! It’s too late now to send entries by mail, but you can call the school office during school hours to phone in your tickets, or go online and buy your tickets at up until 4pm on Tuesday… or come in and buy your tickets at the event itself! At this year’s Raffle-Auction event look for:  Our student Midway Entertainers roving about, in their red shirts and fun activities!  Another great Chanukah dinner by the Kochmans downstairs - corn-dogs, blooming onions…  Dedication of the new start to “The Esty Library” with growing selection of quality kids books…  Browse and view the 27 Prize Packages, and tickets available for purchase upstairs.  Lighting of the Midway Menorah and the drawings and announcement of winners!  Great Chanukah vibe and community spirit! Everyone is a winner for supporting Education!



Rabbi Rubin’s 7/8 Jewish history class spent a long time in the 16th century with Rabbi Yosef Karo and R’ Moshe Isserles and how Halacha and the Shulchan Aruch developed. In keeping with the Shulchan Aruch theme, they jumped ahead a century and half to the Shulchan Aruch HaRav (by the Alter Rebbe) and then another century and a half to R’ Yisrael Meir Kagan, known as the Chafetz Chaim who wrote “Chafetz Chaim” about Lashon-Hora, and “Mishna Berurah” as a further development of the Shulchan Aruch, begun by Karo and Isserles (and even before them by the Rambam, Alfas and Rosh, and the Tur…) They learned that the Chafetz Chaim wrote more 20 books, he passed away in 1933 and his writings are widely studied and followed around the world today.

Esty studied here for HS, and is now back in town for a Chanukah visit. Good to see you!

HYDRAULIC PROJECTS Mrs. Sahay’s 7/8 grade designed their own working devices that operate on hydraulics. Pictured here is a Hydraulic Cannon in a Boxing Ring by Chaim and Amiel, and below it is the Flaming Rocket by Esti & Chana Rivka, and Eli K’s “Marble Track” an orange circular tube that a marble raced around thanks to hydraulics. Other projects were a working cardboard dump-truck, garage-door that opens & closes…

HS just learned the story of Geichazi, servant of Elisha who fabricated a story to get gifts for himself from an Arami general.

JEOPARDY AS A REVIEW GAME 7/8 played it in Chumash class with Rabbi Laber, and High School played it with Mrs. Ramsay in their history class as a review before their respective tests.

ANOTHER NAVI CONNECTION 7/8 fast-Gemorah class learned about the how Sancheirev (thankfully) missed out on an opportune time to attack Jerusalem, that dates back and connects with the tragic story of King Saul’s terrible punishment of Nohv, the city of NINE BOOKS IN ONE-STAR Kohanim, that they happened to learn the very Mrs. Maher divided six-pointed Jewish stars into nine sections. Each time her 5th grade same week in Shmuel Aleph Navi class! students read a book on their own, they get to APPS PROJECTS DUE MON 12/10 color in one-section color-coded to the genre (mystery, folktale, poetry, biography, realistic For grades 6-8. Remember the guidelines: fiction etc..) the goal is to fill up the reading18”x24” (or similar size) portrait orientation, star with a variety of reading-genres! anything Midway related (food, activities, amusements, characters etc), along with ASK HERE PA WEB RESOURCE inspirational life message or Jewish 6th graders enjoyed discovering this website connection, bold big words, no small text, from PA where librarians respond to student color is great, 3-D is OK but must be light questions in live-chat. enough to hang. They will be on display for the Midway Chanukah Raffle-Auction Event.


THANKS TO YESHIVA BOYS Motti R. and his friend Eli Nochum of Texas came up from Yeshiva in Brooklyn this past weekend up here to study and farbreng with our older boys, and led a special Yud-Tes Kislev kids program on Saturday Night.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS In connection with Yud-Tes Kislev Rabbi Laber showed several classes copies of the original documents (dating back to 1789 in Czarist times) regarding the Alter Rebbe’s arrest, including the Alter Rebbe’s handwritten responses to the accusations.

EXCITING COMMUNAL CHANUKAH EVENTS… Here are a few flyers of this week’s Chanukah communal events… see additional events and more details on page 4!

Why isn’t Cholent on the Periodic Table? The simple answer is that it’s not an element, so while it belongs on a Shabbos table, it does not fit on the Periodic Table of Elements. Cholent, being a big combination of lots of ingredients & spices is the exact opposite of an element. How do you define an element? 6th graders worked on putting this answer into just a few words: succinct, crisp and accurate.

LAWS OF CHANUKAH & MORE Our students learned many things about Chanukah, hopefully we’ll report on that in next week’s MC newsletter!

at Maimonides and in the Community 12/8: OH, DREIDEL I SHALL PLAY?



is the theme of Rabbi Lehrfield’s special talk at CBAJ, 10:45am followed by a hot Kiddush.

No School Friday, for extended Chanukah Wknd.


Annual Chanukah Party with magician, festive music and delicious dinner. 6pm. Kids under 12 $6, non-members $15pp. RSVP to Beth Israel: 3773700. Ask about their window decorating contest!

The first of 8 Happy Chanukah Nights, we begin with one candle and end up with eight!


12/8: T.C.N. CLASSES AT CBAJ Screened live at the CBAJ Luchins Media Center, Rabbi Reisman’s Navi lecture Sat 7:30pm. Rabbi Yissachar Frand Parsha class, Thursdays at 9pm.

12/8: BMC CHANUKAH PARTY For girls in grades 5-7, 7:30 pm at Wildman home, w/make-your-own-Pizza, Donut Decorating, "Be a Rose Amongst Thorns" Call Nechama: 727-9581.

12/8: SHABBOS HOUSE SCHEDULE As Chanukah falls this year leading up to & during finals, Shabbos House is hosting a series of events including Latke Making & Bingo for Sandy Relief, Sunday Minyan Bagel Brunch, on-campus Hurricane Coin Menorah on Monday, Midnight Breakfast on Tues, and Friday Night Chanukah... Events are for students, info/questions? 438-4227. Many events on Sunday, but times are staggered, see if you can make it from one event to another, even if a little late…


BMC/JGR’s Teen Leadership Club for girls in grades 8-12 (co-sponsored by the Maimonides Bnos Chaya HS) will do a Chanukah program at the Massry Residence, 3pm. Call 727-9581 for info.

12/15: DELMAR CHANUKAH Annual Chanukah party & celebration 7:30pm at the Simons, 109 Elsmere Ave in Delmar. 439-8280.



Live concert led by Rabbi Rami Strosberg hosted by CBAJ & HACD at CBAJ. Doors open 6pm, begins 6:30pm. Advance tickets are: $10pp, $45 max per family; at door: $15pp/$60 per family - includes dinner. Call CBAJ 489-5819 or online at:

Shomray Torah’s 8am Minyan comes to school on Monday (not on Rosh Chodesh Thursday).


12/10: DREIDELS & DONUTS E.G. Dreidel Games! Arts & Crafts! Storytelling! Latkes and Donuts! 4pm at the East Greenbush Public Library, 10 Community Way with 5pm Menorah Lighting. For more info, call Rabbi Laber at (518) 727-6037 or visit

12/11: CAPITOL MENORAH Menorah Lighting and farewell to 3 legislators who have been friends of our community: Assemblymen Jack McEneny, Ron Canestrari and Bob Reilly. 1pm at the Empire State Plaza Concourse Level (underground between NYS Museum and NYS Capitol) For more info call Rabbi Rubin 423-4103 or Rabbi Mathless 522-1872.

Federation hosts Mark Weitzman, director of Task Force against Hate & Terroism at the Wiesenthal Center to speak on “Growing Anti-Semitism Worldwide” at Temple Israel, 7:15pm light dinner (by Saati), 8pm talk. $20 prepaid, $25 at door, Age 22-40: $10 pre-paid. Call 783-7800 for RSVP/info.

12/16: F.C. CHANUKAH BOWL For children w/special needs & families, 3-4:30pm at Del-Lanes in Delmar. Call 438-4220 for info.

12/22: PIZZA NITE II First pizza-night was a great success, lots of feedback on the improved, speedy service, and new offerings! Look for updates closer to the 2nd Pizza night…

12-1pm at Maimonides, open to all Jewish boys and 12/24-27: HALF-DAY AM ONLY girls, with storytelling, Chanukah Bingo game, 12/11: MHDS CHANUKAH 4TH NITE Monday through Thursday, AM Judaic classes only lively energy, raffles & prizes including a bicycle. at Maimonides. Stay tuned for some special “MIDWAY” AUCTION & DINNER Get into Chanukah spirit on the 1st day! RSVPs are 5-7pm at Maimonides, with special dinner, viewing activities on these days. Send snack but no lunch. helpful: Info: 522-8478. and 27 prize package drawings. See page 2 for more.



12/12/12: CHANUKAH ON ICE Grand outdoor Menorah lighting at Delmar’s Four Corners (where Delaware & Kenwood meets), 3:30pm followed by Chanukah Wonderland in Bethlehem Town Hall 4pm with a magician, sand art, build a menorah, donut decorating, cooking demo & more! Admission free, food for sale. Info? 439-8280 or email:

Saratoga Chabad once again hosts “Chanukah on Ice” with a public menorah lighting, a dairy buffet latkes and doughnuts, plus crafts at the Saratoga Springs Ice Skating Rink, 30 Weibel Ave, 4:306pm. $5pp. Call 526-0773 or:

No school for an extended New Years weekend, from Friday 12/28 through Tuesday, January 1st. School resumes at 8am on Wednesday January 2nd.


Jewish girls ages 8-15 at Dunham’s Bay Resort in Lake George, Dec 26th to Dec 30th. This year’s theme: “Hidden Treasures Within” with creative 12/13: SCHOOL PLAYS & SONGS writing, art, crafts, drama, choir & dance. Schedule The annual Chanukah plays and performances will 12/9: DREIDELS DONUTS & DUPLO includes tubing, bonfire, swimming, performing be 10:30am on Thurs morning, parents & friends 4pm Duplo (large-size) Lego Menorah construction, arts, yoga, crafts, talent show and DJ nite. Girls are are welcome. School ends at 3:30pm. In addition and 5pm event with Menorah Lighting, Dreidels expected from far and near. A project of YALDAH our students will be performing at senior centers and Donuts, live music, arts & crafts and joyous and will be assisting with a variety of area programs. Media, Inc. and Chabad of S. Rensselaer County. Chanukah activities at the Clifton Park Center Info? or call: 727-9581. (Mall) near the Hilton Garden Inn entrance. Call Rabbi Yossi or Leyee at 495-0772/9 for more info. 12/13: CONGRESS PARK MENORAH 1/13/13: SPA FOR BODY & SOUL 5:30pm, with music and hot-latkes outside in the Bring new Duplo Lego to be used in the 4pm Save the date for this annual womens communal park in the heart of Saratoga Springs. Call Rabbi construction of the Lego Menorah and later event, with an inspiring speaker, delicious luncheon Abba 526-0773 for more info. donated to Albany Med’s Children Hospital and and hands-on workshops, held once again in other organizations. Clifton Park. Call Leah 495-0772 or Clara 4398280 for more information or to volunteer. MAIMONIDES SCHOOL (Nursery / Elementary / High School) & COMMUNITY 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 1/27: FED’S “SUPER-SUNDAY” Annual fundraising phone-a-thon date, volunteers Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and needed - this helps fund our school’s allocation. is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

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