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Kislev 2, 5773 / Nov 16, 2012

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434

produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY


4:13 Shabbos Ends:


This newsletter is dedicated in memory of

Mrs. Mira Scharf HY’D Killed by a Hamas Rocket with prayers for the recovery of her husband and children by her cousin Laiky & Rabbi Shmuly Rubin



on the birth of a grandchild, a baby daughter to Yonina (Bomzer) & Shloime Kaufman, After the increasing pace and range of rockets named Batsheva Chana (after Rebbetzin (these rocket attacks have been going on for Kaniefsky and after an great-aunt of Shloime’s) weeks - and even years - now) shot from Gaza and is a red-head like her uncle Akiva and aunt by Hamas into Israeli cities, Israel launched the Avigail (both MHDS alumni). Mazal Tov to “Operation Pillar of Defense” military the grandparents Rabbi Moshe & Rochel operation against Hamas in Gaza. In Hebrew Bomzer. This particular Simcha is a few weeks old, but it’s never too late to share a Simcha! the operation is called Amud Anan named for the pillar of cloud that protected the Jewish people at the Re(e)d Sea (see Rashi Shmos 14:19 how the pillar of cloud intercepted the arrows of the Egyptians). We pray for the success of the IDF in their mission to defend Israel’s citizens against ongoing terror. The building pictured (top center) is from Kiryat Malachi, where a rocket killed 3 people and critically wounded others. Here’s a local RAFFLE-AUCTION UPDATE connection to the tragedy: Mendel and Raizy 27+ Prize Packages and a Midway Chanukah Rubin are familiar with that very building, for theme! Did you get it by mail yet? If not, call before her passing a few years ago, Raizy’s the office. You can purchase prizes ahead of Bubbe Bluma lived on the first floor. Mrs. time (and get an early bird special) using the Mira Scharf was one of those killed, a cousin order form on the printed Raffle-Auction or by to Laiky Rubin and Mendel Cohen. She was using the PDF version sent via email. We hope mother of three (all wounded), pregnant with a to soon have the auction on a website for fourth, and her husband Shmuel was critically online purchases. Stay tuned for info on that. injured. Please have in mind her husband and children in your prayers: Shmuel ben Chaya MAIMONIDES Sarah Yehudis, Yosef Yitzchak ben Mira Rut, 404 Partridge Street Chana bas Mira Rut and Geulah bas Mira Rut.

Albany NY 12208

MAZAL TOV R’ MOSHE LOSICE on becoming a great-grandfather! with the birth of a baby boy to his granddaughter Baila and her husband Chaim Salb. May R’ Moshe & family enjoy much Nachas and Simchas!

THE ANNUAL LENTIL SOUP This tradition goes back many years at MHDS! Each year, 1st and/or 2nd grade prepares a delicious Nezid Adashim lentil soup for the whole school to enjoy on the week that we read Parshat Toldot and the story of the soup that Jacob sold to Esav for his birthright. In these pictures you can see the first graders hard at work peeling, carefully cutting and adding ingredients, but 2nd grade helped, too.

WELCOME GIRLS FROM SANDY Our school is proud to welcome a few girls from Far Rockaway who have no power in their homes and have been out-ofschool because of the Sandy storm and flooding. Our students and EASEL DOES IT! teachers are happy to help these very nice girls We’re not sure exactly what they were learning A ROSH CHODESH EXCURSION feel comfortable and welcome here as long as at the time of this photo, but our roving TNT OF HALLEL BLESSING HISTORY they need to stay up here. student photographer got this picture of happy On Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, less than Kindergarten students looking up as they learn an hour from singing that morning’s Hallel, COLLECTING FOR THE MAZAL Rabbi Rubin’s Jewish history class took a trip with Morah Dini using the big writing pad and easel in their classroom. SCHOOL OF BRIGHTON BEACH down into Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 422 The Mazal School (newly renovated last year) to see first-hand the varying opinions of R’ lost a lot to major flooding during Sandy. Joseph Karo & R’ Moshe Isserless on whether Together with others in PEJE our school is to make a blessing on half-Hallel (when we collecting the following to help them recover: skip 2 middle paragraphs) on days like Rosh  School supplies (for teacher, classroom and Chodesh, and how this filters down to for student use, in all grades from Nursery modern observance in Sephardic and thru middle-school). Ashkenasic communities. They also explored  Books (new or in good condition, both the Taz and Shach surrounding commentaries. Jewish and general, that would be appropriate and useful in a pre-school or A L’CHAIM PHOTO LAST WEEK elementary school). Here’s another photo taken by a roving TNT  Board games are welcome, too! student photographer that we don’t have too Bring them into our school office, and be sure much detail about, but it is a great picture to indicate that these are for the Mazal School. with lots of great cheer! The kids are holding cupcakes or soda cups, as they celebrate a BETH ISRAEL’S ADULT-ED classmates birthday. Starting Monday Nov 12th, Cong. Beth Israel in Schenectady is offering the following classes AT VETERANS DAY PARADE (at no charge) for Jewish adult education: Some of our students attended the Veterans  Mondays 6:30pm: “Hebrew Reading II” as Day Parade this past Monday which had a few part of the NJOP Hebrew fluency program. A THANKS ON EACH LEAF marching bands (including Albany High’s  Mondays 7:30pm: “Talmud Today” by Rabbi The new main entrance upstairs bulletin board marching Falcons that played in our Lag Moshe Mirsky. features colored paper leaves on big bumpy B’Omer Parade last  Tuesdays 12:30-1:30pm: Ongoing class by brown paper-bag trunk with different things year), real army cars and Rabbi Mirsky, now centered on Rabbi that students are thankful for. a grand finale with 50 Bulka’s: “Best Kept Secrets of Judaism.” motorcycles roaring by! For more info, contact the Beth Israel PIZZA NITE UPGRADE synagogue office at 377-3700. This weekend is the first Pizza-Nite of the MORE BOOKS FOR LIBRARY season, and the HS girls are trying a new Thanks to Rabbi & Mrs. Itkin for sponsoring RABBI LEHRFIELD’S CLASS method to help speed up the pizza process. 2 new books, for Meir’s 5th birthday & Simi’s 10am Wednesdays at CBAJ for tea Pizzas (plus sushi-rolls, garlic-knots & 4th birthday. Thanks to Mrs. Ehrlich for and Torah discussions with Rabbi Lehrfield. brownies) 7pm at MHDS’ “Nathan’s Kitchen” dedicating a book in honor of Meytal’s

CHUMASH CARTOONS The 3rd grade Chumash worksheets at times ask for a cartoon or illustration of a pasuk. This one is about King Malki-Tzedek greeting Avraham Avinu with bread and wine.

birthday. Happy Birthdays & Happy Readers! To sponsor a book for a special occasion or to QUARREL POEMS w/ MRS GRAY find out more about this new Library initiative A quarrel is an argument, a dispute, or a fight. Writing poetry about confrontation is an call Mrs. Leah Hecht or the school office. interesting way of dealing with it. It can help you ANCIENT EGYPT AND GREECE see the argument in a 6th graders have been learning in social-studies different light, from a about ancient Egypt which was a great tie-in to different angle, and the Chumash they are learning about the Jews poetry also helps you in Egypt and their exodus from there. Now express your feelings and find more words to they are learning about ancient Greece which say the same things. Each student wrote their is also great timing as we enter the month of own quarrel poem, using specified patterns Kislev and look forward to Chanukah! and numbers of lines…


FAREWELL PARTY WAREHOUSE The Party Warehouse, and the Sykes family have been good friends of our school and actively involved in many local organizations and institutions - and is now closing its doors after 25 years of business on Fuller Road and other locations (due to tight economic times and the lengthy construction closures on Fuller Road). This local landmark added spice and sparkle, color and joy to many a birthday party and celebration, and it’s sad to see it go. There will be a going-out-of-business sale starting this weekend. Be sure to stop in for whatever party stuff you may need, and in some small way support a local family business that was very supportive of the community.

ESTY B. IN “TIMESUNION” F.C. ARTICLE Our own Esty B. was featured in a recent “TimesUnion” article about Friendship Circle’s “Friends at Home” program. Esty visits 4-year old Kalea each week, to play and dance with her and have a great time together.

G.C.M. AND L.C.M. TURKEYS 6th grade with Mrs. Sahay made Greatest Common Factor and Lowest Common Factor turkeys with feathers that indicate the factor numbers for each “numbered turkey.”

HS GIRLS AVAILABLE FOR JOBS Babysitting, Shabbos cleaning, tutoring… some girls have some evening/weekend availability, please contact Morah Leyee 495-0779/2.


Rabbi Mendel’s 7/8 grade Gemorah class finally got through a knotty Talmudic piece (Sukkah 3a) where there is an argument Nursery kids had whether Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel are fun with the arguing about Minimum Sukkah Size or are contrasts of the they arguing about Table-Placement, and there twins in this are contextual proofs both ways, plus a week’s Parsha. juxtaposition of two Braysahs, and two versions of a conversation… but after much ANOTHER PREP FOR BOOK classroom and home review, 8 worksheets with HS girls are doing another preparation project charts, and peer learning - they got it! They before reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”. They zipped through a 59 question test in a short were assigned issues from the book’s historical Friday period! Now on to the next piece… context such as the Great Depression, Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights movement etc to CHAZAK V’AMATZ have a better idea of the story background. 5th grade finished the Book of Joshua this week, while 4th grade finished the first NEW HOME chapter. 4th graders loved the final words of FOR OUR that chapter “Chazak v’Amatz” be strong and RABBIT be courageous! They also connected these Last week’s “MC” encouraging words with the current situation reported on the in Israel, and today, wrote in their journals new home for our about their feelings about Israel, and about the pet rabbit (who areas now under attack from Hamas rockets. needed more runaround space and SOUP OF THE WEEK IS BACK also evening-time … and the kids love it! This week Morah care). This week we have the picture of some Devorah and her students made the lentil students posing with the nice gentleman who soup in connection with the Parsha, and next took our rabbit to his home where he has week there will be soup of the week on another rabbit for it to be friends with, and he Wednesday, before Thanksgiving Break. has children and grandchildren who love the Parents - please contact Mrs. Wildman to sign rabbits and will take good care of it. (Did you up for your week, and for the guidelines to notice the shiny light on the student pictured prepare it in “Nathan’s Kitchen” at school. on left? That’s a safety-walking reflector tag that we gave out at school on Walk-to-School ROSH CHODESH KISLEV day on Zayin-Cheshvan and it really works Minyan & Torah reading at school, thanks to the camera flash bounced right off it!) those who wore white, plus a special Niggun!

at Maimonides and in the Community 11/16: CBAJ NEW MEMBER DINNER 11/18: TWO SHOPPING BAZAARS


Family Shabbat dinner at CBAJ. Cost for existing (a) Mifgash brings vendors and artisans (and some members, free for new members, contact synagogue kids activities) for an annual pre-Chanukah Bazaar, office for reservations and details. held this year at Cong. Ohav Shalom, proceeds benefit the communal after-school high school. (b) Beth Emeth Religious School hosts a “Winter 11/17: CHAYA’S SHUL PROGRAM 10:30-11:30am for kids, upstairs at Shomray Torah. Shopping Land” with vendors open from 9am-3pm to benefit their school. Parents, please encourage children’s positive participation and behavior, and sign up to send the 11/21: BAKE SALE RETURNS nosh for a particular week. Thanks Chaya A.! Grades 7/8 are bringing back the weekly bake-sale 11/17: FIRST PIZZA-NITE OF SEASON to benefit their year-end/graduation trip. First day will be Wednesday before Thanksgiving during the 7pm start-time. First MHDS Sat Night Pizza night of the season! Proceeds benefit HS’ extra-curricular morning recess. They’ll be selling cookies, popcornprogramming. Medium-round Pizza pies are $9, or bags, hot-cocoa cups, and even Rugelach. Prices and details to be posted soon and sent home next week. $10 with added toppings. Sushi rolls are $7 each. New for this year: Herb Garlic-Knots are 3 for $1, no more soda, but the punch drink comes with free 11/21: “EREV”-THANKSGIVING refills. Plus, they're doing brownies for dessert. A WEDNESDAY SCHOOL SCHEDULE new method is being tried to speed up pizza waiting PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesday before times for everyone’s convenience. Children’s video Thanksgiving: Hebrew classes will end at 11:45am, to be show as well. Hope to see you! followed by recess and lunch with soup-of-the-week

Each year, American Friends of Lubavitch lights the “National Menorah” in Washington DC and in addition to greetings from dignitaries and music by the US Naval Band, the event honors two school children with reading their essays about “What Chanukah Means to Me” (this year on Dec 9th, Sunday, the 2nd night of Chanukah). 2 essays will be submitted from each school (a 3-4 grade essay and a 5-6 grade essay). It is due at the school office by Nov 27th. Winners receive free airfare and hotel for the student and one accompanying adult.

11/17: RABBI REISMAN ON T.C.N. Rabbi Reisman’s Navi lecture is screened all over, including right here at the CBAJ Luchins Media Center, 7:30pm (thru the end of January). Rabbi Frand gives a Thursday Parsha class, also screened at CBAJ - that lecture time is constant at 9pm.

11/18: TASTE-OF-YESHIVA DAY “Taste of Yeshiva - in 90 Minutes!” 11:30am-1pm with a dairy brunch at Shabbos House. Men and women from the community are very welcome. Depending on student attendance we will either pair up with students or with fellow community members to study a prepared pre-Chanukah Torah text curriculum chavrusa-style followed by a short class by Rabbi Rubin. Call 438-4227 for more info. Please remember that additional parking is available for this event in the Dutch Quad Student/Gold parking lot, a short walk from Shabbos House.

11/18: F.C.’s SUNDAY CIRCLE Friendship Circle’s monthly event, 1-4pm held at the Maimonides School with varied hands-on activities for children with special needs with their volunteer friends. Call 438-4220 for more info.

11/18: GLOBAL LEARNING DAY The Jewish Federation is hosting a global Jewish learning day with the morning study programs at The Massry Residence and afternoon events (and the Mifgash pre-Chanukah Bazaar) at Ohav Shalom. Contact Federation for more details.

11/28: PARENT-TEACHER CONF. Classes will be held as usual, with a scheduled list of meeting for parents to meet with teachers. This was sent home this week. Call the office prior to this date if you have any questions.


The actual date is Sunday night-Monday. Motti and Yeshiva Bochurim friends will be up for this served. At 12:30pm the students will enjoy a special Shabbos at Shomray Torah for added flavor, learning and warmth, and a communal Melava “Yaakov & Rochel Wedding” until 1pm. School Malka Farbrengen (with kids program) will be that ends at 1pm. Parents have the option to join a Sat Night (either at school or at Shomray Torah). special Family Yoga class with Amanda open to Details to be announced next week. women and girls and boys first grade and under from 1:15pm until 2:15pm. During that time, Eli 12/11: MHDS CHANUKAH 4TH NITE K. and Moshe K. will run a Mishmar afterschool learning and activity for boys grades 2 and up. The “MIDWAY” AUCTION & DINNER after school yoga and Mishmar programs will end at Raffle-Auction is now printed, look for it in your 2:15pm. Classes are suspended for Thanksgiving mailbox this coming week, if you don’t get it please until 8am on Monday morning. call the school office… this year it’s on the 4th night, so look for a “Midway” themed evening!


Saratoga Chabad is once again hosting a communal Kosher Thanksgiving Dinner: turkey, pumpkin and other favorites, along with atmosphere and JewishAmerican flavor - 4:30pm at Saratoga Chabad. RSVP's requested, cost is $10pp or $54 per family. Call 526-0773 with questions/RSVP.

11/27: ART VIEW OF HOLOCAUST Mr. Tibor Spitz of Kingston, survived the Holocaust at age 15. He was born in a little town in the mountains of Slovakia where his father was a Chazzan and his mother was a teacher. He expresses his Holocaust experience and memories through art (painting, sculpting, ceramics, woodcarving etc), and has a remarkable story of his escape from Communism. He studied chemistry in Prague in 1968 escaped to the West. He will present his art and his story at 7pm at the CliftonPark-Halfmoon Library on Moe Road, this presentation is not intended for children. Call 4950772/9 for info.

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL (Nursery / Elementary / High School) & COMMUNITY 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

12/8-16: CHANUKAH IS COMING! Stay tuned for a listing of upcoming Chanukah events in next week’s “MC” with Menorah Lightings, Chanukah Dinners and Parties, IceSkating, Bowling, Displays in stores and lots more! The first night/Menorah Light is on Motzai Shabbos this year..

1/13/13: SPA FOR BODY & SOUL Save the date for this annual womens communal event, with an inspiring speaker, delicious luncheon and hands-on workshops, held once again in Clifton Park. Call Leah 495-0772 or Clara 4398280 for more information or to volunteer.

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