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Cheshvan 3, 5773 / October 19, 2012

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434

produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY


5:48 Shabbos Ends:


This newsletter is dedicated in memory of

Rabbi Shmuel Kunda who passed away this week on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan (see page 4 for why he is so beloved to our school & students)



Nursery kids really enjoyed this week’s hands- To MHDS alumna Esty (Morrison) and on (literally!) sensory table with messy colored Michoel Feinstein of Green Bay, WI. Mazal shaving cream that helped them learn about Tov to Bubbe and Zeide Morrison! various colors in connection with the rainbow in this week’s Torah Reading. Also, much of their base-color was blue-ish, which felt like the wavy, swishy-wishy watery feel of the flood!

SIYUM SHOPPING AT KOSHER PRICE CHOPPER Grades 4&5 finished both a chapter of Chumash and a chapter of Mishna, and went off to Price Chopper to celebrate. They had to find things that somehow connected (even remotely) with the Mishna or Chumash. Reb Shmuel Kochman of Price Chopper is seen here with one group of the students, they divided up into two teams on their search up and down the aisles for “relevant” nosh.


ALPHABETICAL WISHLIST Morah DL’s 3rd & 4th grade students made this “New Year Wishes” bulletin board that (mirroring a prayer in the Yom-Kippur Musaf) lists wishes & blessings in Hebrew alphabetical order, beginning with Orah (light) and Beriyut (health)… Vradim (flowers), Zemer (music), Chaverim (friends), Yeladim (children), Kesef (money), Limudim (studies), Mitzvot… and ending with Kedusha (holiness) Refuah (healing), Simcha (joy) and Torah! They chose such meaningful and beautiful wishes for the new year… If you stop by in school, take a closer look, for each word is illustrated and decorated with the theme of that specific word.

One of the benefits of the monthly Rosh THE SUKKOT Chodesh Minyan at Maimonides is that our MITZVAH younger students can get a closer-up look at the REPORT Torah, as these boys (pictured here) were eager Our students and to do. Because we had to roll the Torah all the alumni are featured way to Parshas Pinchas, students got to see reaching out and glimpses of the breaks between Chumashim, helping many local Jews do Sukkot Mitzvot in Az Yashir, the 10 Commandments, Vayehi this year’s full-color “Sukkot Holiday Mitzvah Binsoah and other famous Torah selections as Report”. To get your email or print copy, they quickly rolled by! email:

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

DON’T FORGET TO NAME HIM.. WELCOME LEAH S. TO OUR H.S. There’s a big manila envelope for rabbit name Leah Sandhouse is new to our Bnos Chaya suggestions (for the new rabbi at school) near MHDS High School. Welcome! We look the door of the main office. Drop your forward to a great year together. suggestion inside, students will get a chance to vote once the name suggestions are in. ALT “THE NECKLACE” ENDINGS Mrs. Gray asked her HS students to each write an alternate ending to the classic short story “The Necklace.” They first did peer-editing NYS CONVENTION OF JUDGES and then read their alternate endings to the Judges from throughout NY State met this class. It’s interesting how different the endings week at a conference in Saratoga, and 3 or 4 of were, some had very surprising twists. the Judges asked for a Rosh Chodesh Minyan! Rabbi Rubin went up with Eli K. (who is BarMitzvah) to help make the Minyan and also share with them the newspaper story about New Project… BIRTHDAY BOOKS how our school and the local Daf-Yomi both ANCIENT FOR ESTY LIBRARY @ SCHOOL studied “Chazakah she’ayn imo Tayna” and its CITIES & Mrs. Leah Hecht is trying to start a project of application in the change of NYS Law in 2009. families donating a Jewish book to the Esty NATIONS Two of the judges shared their own interesting Library at school in honor of their children’s Mrs. Ramsey’s 6th stories of their visits by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. graders were learning birthdays. This way we hope to build up a Ancient Babylonia in wonderful resource. Please be in touch with Mrs. Hecht (or school office) to participate. history class, and This is obviously also open to anyone who Rabbi Rubin was wishes to donate a book for any occasion. doing the same in “Torah-Times” class in connection with “The Tower of Babel” in this week’s Torah portion! CHUMASH CLIFFHANGER Rabbi Rubin gave Sholom a copy of Aryeh Miketz ends in middle of a suspenseful part of Kaplan’s historical and geographical research the story. Yosef plants his goblet in Binyamin’s notes (from his “Living Torah” Chumash) to sack, but the brothers don’t know that. The the cities and nations mentioned in Chumash Parsha ends when they are caught red-handed! to show to Mrs. Ramsey. It’s amazing how they were learning the same thing this very week! THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA Mrs. Ramsey’s 6th graders in history class NO FOREST, NO BEARS learned how originally it was built and used to HS Girls learned from a story of the prophet keep subjects inside and invaders out, but Elisha in Melachim II the original source for today it is a big tourist attraction. the Hebrew expression “Ayn Dubin, va’Ayn Yaar” (literally: no bears, no forest) for BLUE & WHITE DRESS FOR R.C. something totally disconnected from reality, Thanks to all the students (and their parents) WRONG SEASON? such as “my dog ate my homework” when you who wore white shirts in honor of the first day 6th graders are now learning about the 10 Plagues (think Pesach!) in Chumash class, and don’t even have a dog and didn’t do the work. of Rosh Chodesh this week. It adds a lot. tractate Pesachim in Gemorah class. Ironic, isn’t it, now that the cold season is beginning and winter is right around the corner? But no matter the timing - learning is never out of season! They will certainly be better prepared once Pesach comes in the Spring-time… And the issues they are now studying in Talmud Pesachim are actually relevant every Shabbat and whenever we make Kiddush!

SIMPLIFIED RABBIT FOOD LIST Last week’s MC newsletter had a long list of greens and vegetables that are good foods for our rabbit. This week, we’ll simplify the list, if you have scraps - our rabbit will enjoy them!  Romaine, dark-leaf lettuce or Spinach.  Celery stalks or tops  Spinach leaves or Kale  Fresh herbs like Basil, Parsley, Mint…

TALLYING UP MATH ENRICHMENT PROJECT Mrs. Deloria Ballard with her 3/4 grade Math-Enrichment students. After a unit on Probability (a/k/a: Possibility for the youngest grades, Statistics for the older grades) each team taped their tally strips to the floor in long rows.

CIVICS POSTER/ESSAY CONTEST HS students who are studying “Participation in Government” are each designing a poster about the 3 Branches of the Federal government and address one modern day issue concerning the US Constitution and Amendments.

FROM PINBALLS TO WAYSIDE 4/5 just finished reading “Pinballs” and are now doing a project on that book, even as they already started “Wayside School” a humorous, fictional, way-out (even ridiculous) story that gets a lot of laughs.

Middle School students did a great job with their first APPS (visual applications of a concept) projects of the year!

ORANGE CARD TRIVIA Rabbi Mendel was subbing for 6th grade one day and brought in random words on orange cards. Each student got 5, and they took turns thinking of all the Jewish history, Mitzvos and Halachos and Jewish learning they could possibly think of that connected with that card. They did pretty well and enjoyed it, too!

THE DICTIONARY PACKET Mrs. Maher gives out these packets that start off easy, but keep increasing in difficulty level, but at the same time it gets easier and easier once you get the hang of it.

The “Teshuvanol” product is for spiritual aches, Windy but colorful pathways STOP! Turn off Aveira Way for complete with ad-cards, poster, cartoons & magazine. of Teshuva. “work” on Teshuvah Lane!

THE WOUNDED WOLF 6th graders read this story, about feelings of helplessness and the support of the pack. Clean your lenses for better, clearer vision!

LEARNING THE LETTER “SHIN” Kindergarteners with Morah Dini are happily learning new letters and words all the time..

“Teshuva Islands” old treasure-map with Legend.

Another road-map, this with Teshuva details on each sign.

The Teshuva Car-Wash gets rid of our Schmutz!

These 4 humorous Biz-Cards are “Torah-Times” style filled with teshuva-related occupations and puns.

Biz-Cards for Dr. N.T.L Teshuva (never 2 late..)

Mapping out the Teshuva timeline and process..

2 1/2 TRIBES GO BACK HOME After pitching in to help the rest of the tribes conquer the land of Israel, the tribes of Gad and Reuvain and half of Menashe are told by Yehoshua to head back home. Thankfully, a misunderstanding in connection with their return was cleared up in time! This Lego Mikvah has a This Monopoly Board Teshuva Shoots & Ladders game board This wood board is pump, steps, place to pay! groups Mitzvot by type! with a Teshuva Spinner and game pieces! divided in parts: rough, semi-rough, OTHER NON-PICTURED PROJECTS INCLUDED: (a) Dry-Cleaners (b) GPS iPhone App smooth, polished.. (c) Advertisement for Air-Filter (d) another Shoots & Ladders game (e) and a Mikvah in a Box It’s the Process!

at Maimonides and in the Community 10/19-20: KIDS PROGRAM @ S.T.


Chaya A. has begun to offer a Shabbos morning GERMANY’S kids program upstairs at Shomray Torah. Each LOST SHULS week different families bring a nosh. Parents, please This year, Daughters of support her initiative & effort and encourage Sara Auxillary’s annual donor luncheon will feature children’s participation and best behavior. a presentation by Marty Becker titled “Reclaiming Lost Synagogues of Germany”. Cost is $36pp, noon 10/21: BMC / JGU CLUBS -time at DOS, please contact them for info/RSVP. BMC (girls grades 5-7) at the Gerichov’s home, 5pm. Candle-art, dinner & dessert. JGU-TLC joins 10/24: HOLOCAUST EDUCATION “Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk” 11:15am Holocaust Survivors & Friend Education Center at Wash. Park. Call Nechama 727-9581. and the Capital District Council for Social Studies present a seminar by Dr. Mary Johnson (noted 10/21: CHEMISTRY FUN @ NYS-M historian, author and lecturer on social studies 10am-4pm (chemistry magic show at 1pm) at the education) titled “Facing History & Ourselves” NYS Museum on Madison Ave. Free admission. from 4-7pm at the Federation’s Golub Center. The Activities, interactive demos, nanotech stuff... program is geared primarily to educators, no charge, but pre-registration is required. Contact the 10/21: FED SOCIETY PROGRAM Jewish Federation at the Golub Center: 783-7800. The event & talk is titled: “Strengthening AfricanAmerican support for Israel and developing 10/31: MEET-THE-TEACHERS III partnerships with American Jewish community.” 2:30-3:30pm for Middle & HS parents to meet the The speaker is Rev. Jaques Andre DeGraff of Judaic teachers and learn about the curriculum. Harlem. 7:15pm-9:15pm at Agudat Achim in Schenectady. Call Fed for cost and info: 783-7800. 11/4: SUPPORT SOLDIERS & VETS L’chaim UAlbany (with other groups) will make

10/22: FRIENDS & HEROES DINNER care packages for soldiers overseas and local vets at

Monday 5pm at Albany Nanotech. Couvert $125pp home at a special event in the Campus Center benefits the Friendship Circle. Call 438-4220 or Assembly Hall 12-3pm. List of (new) items to be visit for additional info. donated include toiletries (like shampoo, bodywash, deodorant, baby-wipes, etc), batteries (AA 10/23: WALK TO SCHOOL DAY and AAA), puzzle books, card games & travel games The assembly at school will feature 3 themes: (especially large-print crosswords for Veterans),  R’ Meir Shapiro Yartzeit: Each student will get a instant powdered drinks, kosher hard-candy and Binah Jr. publication about him and Daf-Yomi. non-perishable snacks. A project of JSAM (Jewish  Traffic Safety: Benefits of walking, traffic safety, Social Action Month). and free safety gear and tips.  Sensitivity: “7 Cheshvan” reminds us to “wait 11/4: AUTOSHOW @ EMPIRE PLAZA for the last Jew to get home” putting others first. 11am-5:30pm at the Empire State Plaza. Whether In honor of the “7th of Cheshvan” (when the last you’re in the market for a new car, or just like to Jew got home after Sukkot in Israel) this is a onesee the newest in the car market, the auto show can day awareness effort, asking families to be a fun outing. Admission is free, please walk to school that morning! If Parking is $5. you live too far to walk the whole way, park a few blocks from school and help 11/17: FIRST PIZZA-NITE the kids walk over that morning. Save the date for the first MHDS Sat Night Pizza night of the season!


Weds thru Nov 28 1:30-2:30 at Maimonides with instructor Amanda Toll, open to community women. Cost: $36 for 6 weeks. info? 495-0779. Babysitting available.

10/24: MEET-THE-TEACHERS II 2:30-3:30pm for parents of Kindergarten Judaic & G.S. and Middle & HS General Studies.

12/11: MHDS CHANUKAH “MIDWAY” AUCTION Raffle-Auction publication soon going to the printer, stay tuned for classic and all-new prize packages… this year it’s on the 4th night, so look for a “Midway” themed evening!

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL (Nursery / Elementary / High School) & COMMUNITY 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

GOODBYE R’ SHMUEL KUNDA Rabbi Shmuel Kunda passed away this Tues night, RC Cheshvan, at age 66, after a long illness. He was a beloved storyteller, teacher and entertainer, a pioneer of modern Jewish storytelling, well-known for his many wonderful story-tapes including “When Zaidy was Young”, “The Incredible Dreidel of Feitel von Zeitel” (we had a great school play on that not so many Chanukahs ago at school! - but we don’t have those pictures handy, hopefully next week), “The Magic Yarmulkah”, “Talking Coins”, “Baruch Learns His Brachos”, “The Longest Pesach” (we did that play, too! - will have to find those pictures for next week…) and many more! He was born in Shanghai, China just after WWII; his wife Naomi passed away 2 years ago. Rabbi Kunda was a remarkable artist, composer, lyricist and actor, and he utilized his unique talents to imbue children with an joyous appreciation of Torah and Mitzvos, Jewish history and character values. Years ago, our school did a musical performance (remember the hats, vests, glasses and props?) based on his Lower East Side “When Zaidy was Young” series, see two pictures below. He also once visited Shteeble for a weekday davening a few years ago, he didn’t make a big deal of himself, but Mr. Avremi Backman remembered him from their Brooklyn days. On Thursday, students at Maimonides happily recalled many lines from his various story-tapes bringing laughter and joy into the classroom… that’s truly a tribute and a lasting legacy to Rabbi Shmuel Kunda!

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