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Sivan 29, 5773 / June 7, 2013

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District Candle-Lighting: 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 8:12

produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY

Shabbos Ends:


This newsletter is sponsored in honor of her daughter Sarah Morgenbesser’s Engagement to Ben Kalish in honor of her eldest son’s Yaakov & Racheli Morgenbesser wedding anniversary YEAR-END SCHOOL TRIPS


See page 3 for photos and report of the yearend trips this week: K-2 to Magic Forest in Lake George, and grades 3-7 to Old Stone Fort and Howe Caverns (paid in full by proceeds from the General Studies Garage Sale!). Nursery had amazing outdoor fun that day.

R’ Michoel Caras shared with some of our students about a rare Mitzvah opportunity “of sending away the mother bird” that literally landed in a nest on his windowsill, and about the extensive Halachic & ornithological (bird science) research he did before properly doing the Mitzvah and inviting others to join him.

VICKY’S WORDS AT YARTZEIT Last week Vicky O’Brien shared a beautiful insight for the Yartzeits of Dr. Jonathan and Jerry O’Brien: That morning at Shomray Torah, Larry Rosenbaum (usually sings Adon Olam at the end of the service) sang “Hinei Mah Tov” seemingly random & spontaneous. Vicky took that as a sign, because John & Jerry were indeed exemplars of “Sheves Achim” how good & pleasant for brothers to sit together. It reminded her of the Medrash of the Two Brothers, one with many children (like John) and one with no children (like Jerry) who constantly thought of the other, and lovingly shared their wheat, on the mountain where the Jerusalem Temple would later be built. Other speakers at the Yartzeit Memorial were Rabbi Yossi Baumel, an O’Brien relative who lives in Israel for many years and raises funds for Israeli causes including beleaguered Sderot; and R’ Moshe Losice.

IAN ARCUS CONDOLENCES on the untimely passing of local attorney Ian Arcus, active with Jewish Family Services and other local orgs. The funeral was Tuesday at Temple Israel. Our condolences to his wife Lorraine, his children, family and friends.

MORGENBESSER MAZAL TOV on this week’s good news of the engagement of MHDS alumna Sarah Morgenbesser to Ben Kalish of Long Island.

CBAJ DINNER & INSTALLMENT Rabbi Y. Blau of Yeshiva University (spoke of Rabbinic lessons from Shlach & Korach: have courage not to be intimidated of challenges, and wisdom in avoiding Machloket) and Rabbi Y. Sarna of NYU Hillel (3 qualities needed for today’s Rabbis: entrepreneurial, empowerment and humility) came up to speak at Rabbi B. Lehrfield’s formal installment as CBAJ Rabbi. Murray Carr emceed, Mark Israel spoke as President, and a plaque recognized Rabbi Dr. M. Bomzer’s 28 years of leadership & service. Perhaps the most meaningful moments were when Bev Shor’s twin daughters spoke briefly of their mother’s gift of decades of service & volunteerism to the Shul “I don’t have money, but I have time” (which she didn’t) “so that it would be there for those who want to use it.”

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

in honor of the Yartzeit of her father John Amann By Maxine Morgenbesser JFS DINNER HONORING SYKES Jewish Family Services honored Jerry and Ilene Sykes (good friends of Maimonides and many communal organizations) at their annual gala held last night at Shabbos House. Their Party Warehouse may have closed, but their good works and broad communal vision continue to bring “generations of smiles!”


To Sid & Debbie Stark on their son-in-law Dr. Kuperman’s Med-School graduation! To Joyce Teitelman on her granddaughter 8th grade valedictorian in Queens!

MAZAL TOV E.M. HALL on her wedding this week, IYH in Brooklyn!

MAZAL TOV GRANOVETTERS on engagement of their son (MHDS alumnus) Yisrael to Esti Klein. The Granovetters (bridge experts & authors) are formerly of Clifton Park, then Israel, and now Cincinnati.

ISRAEL’S ART & BEAUTY BIG THEME AT NYC’S “CELEBRATE ISRAEL” PARADE This past Sunday (June 2nd) was the big Israel Day Parade (this year called “Celebrate Israel”) on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Pictured above are three schools marching, their banners from L-R: A camera’s LCD screen of Israel, G-d’s artistry in Israel’s beauty, and “greetings to a beautiful land!”



A group of nearly 3 Minyanim of Skulener Chassidim stopped off at a weekday Shomray Torah Minyan as they accompanied the Skulener Rebbe’s son on a trip last week.

The “Jewish World” is looking for student artwork for use in publications. Mrs. Levin asked students to select a piece or two of their best artwork for her to scan and submit, or students can submit it on their own.

H.S. HEBREW BREAKFAST For the last class of the year with Ivrit teacher Morah Keren, HS enjoyed a pancake breakfast and friendly casual Hebrew conversation.


MAPLE SYRUP AT FIVE RIVERS Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Buddies (see top for a picture of one of their joint projects) went together (see above picture, with K-kids in front of their 3rd grade older buddies) on a special trip (a little while back) to Five Rivers in Delmar where they learned about Maple Syrup, how to tap trees, collect the sap, and how it needs to be boiled for a long time (40 gallons of sap make 1 gallon of syrup to sell!)

ANGRY ALBERT ALLIGATOR 1st graders are reading this story and made these accompanying paper hats as they learn about the long and short vowel sounds the letter A can make. There’s also a behavioral and human nature lesson in the story: When Albert discovers the reason for his anger, and his friends help him fix it, he’s not angry anymore!

Our students look forward to Library Day on Tuesday, to return a book and take out a new one at the Esty Library. Some students (like the boys pictured above) enjoy the browsing and reading with friends at Library Hour, too! BH, the Esty Library has really grown from the start of the year, thanks to Mrs. Hecht, and all the Library Donors. We accidentally missed listing Joyce Teitelman as a Library donor in the journal, because she gave a donation for several school things at once (thank you!!). Thanks also to Maxine Morgenbesser for sponsoring new books in honor of each of the Bar-Mitzvah boys this year.

MOVING UP DAY COMING UP Nursery students began practicing on stage for their moving-up day song performance. Grades 2-4 decorated a richly colored vibrant banner that says “We’re Moving Up!” in a lively way!

NURSERY WATER FUN DAY On Wednesday, when most of the school (aside for HS) was away on their trips, Nursery class had a fun day with an outdoor water sprinkler, waterballoons, homemade popsicles and made delicious decorated cupcakes!

HS TAANIS TALMUD SIYUM HS Girls with Rabbi Rubin concluded the 3rd chapter of Talmud tractate Taanis, and each student wrote an overview of the 6 inspiring Talmudic folios that they learned. They dedicated their Siyum to an acronym of the Hebrew Taanis, to spell: Tehei Iluy Nishmos Nashim Yedidos Torah = For the soulful merit & memory of local women who cherished Torah.

With “Colonial Farmer” Dan the Curator facing Old Stone Fort

Historic One-Room Schoolhouse

Underground Lake Boat-Ride at Howe Caverns

LESSONS TO BE FOUND, DEEP UNDER GROUND; AND HISTORY TO SORT AFTER VISITING OLD STONE FORT!* Thank to the General Studies teachers for all the arrangements and for sponsoring this year-end trip for grades 3-7 thanks to proceeds from all their hard work on Garage Sale. *Thanks to Amiel and Eli K. for this rhyming headline. It was cool down there (literally!) in Howe Caverns, the students compared it to the underground cooling system that King Solomon built. One of the tour guide had a great tour-guide voice, which was even better with the echo of the rocks all around. Another tour guide, her name was Dina used Yiddish words like shpiel and shlep. Even after taking the elevator ride down, there were still 137 steps further down into the cave. Some people imagine interesting forms and faces in the fascinating shapes of the rock. Two of the living organisms down there are moss, and bats in a section (towards the natural entrance that’s closed off) that wasn’t on the tour. The underground boat ride is steered by pushing and pulling off the walls. The last segment of the tour is called “The Windy Way” which was quite narrow and twisted and you had to walk single-file through it. They age cheese down in the caves, and sell it in the gift shop (but it wasn't Kosher). Bob the busdriver from Folmsbees Transportation, gave the kids a quiz about Howe Caverns trivia on the way back. The Old Stone Fort itself dates back to the 1700’s and the Revolutionary War, but it stores artifacts and antiques from a wide spectrum of time periods and places even as far as the Phillipines and Japan. Dan the curator of the fort greeted them dressed as a Colonial Farmer. There were emptied mortar rounds, shotguns and muskets from the Civil War, old cash registers (one could only go up to $9.99), old dental equipment, one of the earliest firefighting machines in the US, old music organs and much more! There was a optional scavenger hunt at Old Stone Fort upstairs level. Also on the property they visited a huge old barn and granary with old farm equipment, and a historic one-room school house (that was moved onto the property) with lots of interesting old-fashioned school accessories.


Emptied Mortar Shells

Relaxing in front of the Old Barn

One of American’s oldest Fire-Trucks

R’ Yehoshua Sussman will play a favorite RebbeNiggun or two, Rabbi Mendel will share students’ family stories with the Rebbe, and Morah Clara will share a favorite story… among other brief presenters.


Hopefully will have those pictures next week!

Morah Clara Simon is passing on the torch to a new director, Morah Rivkah Kochman, to carry on the Gan Israel tradition of summer TORAHPALACE.COM GAME Test your holiday knowledge using this online fun in a Torah framework. The day-camp will run IYH July 1-August 9. Look for a new game (made by Reb Leibel) hopefully qualify for some prizes! The Shavuos game will be up website soon. Stay tuned for updates and an until Rosh Chodesh Tammuz (Sunday, 6/9). exciting staff and activities… For more info and to register contact Morah Rivkah: TD BANK’S $10 READ PROGRAM Visit for a form for kids to read 10 books this summer, and get $10 deposited in their own (new or existing) TD bank account! There’s also kids financial education games & booklist in the WowZone link on that page.

YARTZEIT DATES IN CALENDAR It costs just $18 to put a yartzeit date on the “Jewish Art Calendar” published annually by Chabad. Call 495-0772 or email: to list the yartzeits dates & names of your loved ones to be remembered locally by the community.

Sunday evening, June 9th, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 7:15pm at Shomray Torah. Mincha/Maariv follows at 8:15pm. This event is in preparation for the Rebbe’s Gimmel Tammuz Yartzeit, with local sharing of favorite insights, stories and melodies of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Program is open to men & women, and children who can appreciate it. For more info call Rabbi Rubin 423-4103.

at Maimonides and in the Community 6/8-9: ROSH CHODESH TAMMUZ


2-day Rosh Chodesh Fri Night thru Sun evening. Yaaleh v’Yavo, Hallel, Musaf & Sunday Torah.


This Monday there will be a teacher appreciation lunch at school 11:30-12:30. Parents who wish to help towards an appreciation gift or can assist with recess supervision should contact Morah Rochel.

Kiddush/Farbrengen this Shabbos Rosh Chodesh for the upcoming 3rd of Tammuz Rebbe’s Yartzeit.



Pasta Lunch & program at school for Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Yartzeit. Send snacks as usual.

Monthly Shabbos Luncheon & speaker at CBAJ, this week’s speaker: Rabbi Rami Strosberg.


6/20: TAMMUZ 12 FARBRENGEN After Maariv at Shomray Torah, Farbrengen of songs, stories & inspiration for the release of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak from Soviet prison and the recent yartzeit date of the Rebbe on the 3rd of Tammuz.

6/23: ADIRONDACK KLEZMER Lively music, local musicians… 5pm at Saratoga Chabad, followed by a BBQ ($5 suggested).


Georgette/Yocheved Esther Merceron sent her Ends 9:12pm. Start of “The Three Weeks.” wedding invitation to the school along with a letter, 6/8: WOMENS SHABBOS SHIUR 4:45pm by Dini Gordon at her home 29 Glenwood asking for Albany friends to join in her Simcha! 7/1-8/9: CAMP GAN ISRAEL DATES This year’s day-camp season opens July 1st, Mon 6/11-14: NYS REGENTS TESTING thru Friday until Aug 9th. For info call Mrs. Rivka 6/8: RABBIS REISMAN & FRAND Rabbi Reisman’s Navi class Sat Nights at 10:15pm; Our HS students will be taking Regents this week. Kochman/email: Rabbi Frand’s class 9pm Thurs, both at CBAJ.


6/9: J-FED RODNEY FAREWELL Federation is hosting a Farewell Brunch to retiring Executive Director Rodney Margolis at its offices at the Golub Center on Washington Ave Extension. (Raizy catering) $25pp includes gift. Call 783-7800.


Weekly class with Rabbi B. Lehrfield, 10:30am.


1-3pm, 82 River St in Troy, “Jewish Pioneers Journey” with traditional foods and look at old prayerbooks and artifacts of early 1900’s Troy.

6/9: BIG SWING BAND AT B.I. 3pm at Beth Israel, Schen. $12pp. 377-3700.


Open since 1996 in San Francisco, crafting beers like He-Brew, and now re-opening in Clifton Park.

After school Thursday BBQ, following 3:30 dismissal. Cost is $5pp or $20 max per family.




Saratoga Chabad (130 Circular Street) is a venue/ 7pm at the Golub Center. Election of officers, stop in the Saratoga Arts Festival, 10:30am with art, award presentations & dessert reception. 783-7800. live music and a Kosher Bagel Brunch. Visit or call Rabbi Abba 526-0773. 6/16: FREE REPTILE SHOW Hands on with snakes, turtles, frogs etc. 2-3pm at 6/9: J.W.C. GALA LUNCHEON Faddegon’s Nursery (785-6726) 1140 TroyYear-end special event for Clifton Park Jewish Schenectady Rd, Latham, by Reptile Adventures. Womens Circle, 1pm at the Shen Community Center. Contact Leah 495-0779/2 for more info. 6/17: MHDS GRADUATION NIGHT Program to begin at 7pm at Maimonides (so no 6/9: BETH EMETH GARAGE SALE conflict with 8:20 Mincha times). All welcome! Opens at 9am - clothing, toys, furniture and more!



6/18: SCHOOL MOVING UP DAY Last Day of school moving-up ceremonies, dismissal & pickup late morning after presentations and refreshments. This year’s performances will include Mrs. Lynn Gross’ music with K-2, Girls Dance class with Morah Eve (men and older boys can step out if they choose - to a short program downstairs), a selection of stances & techniques by Kung-Fu class with Lucas Geller, & year-end song by 6/7/8 boys. Nursery & Kindergarten will perform as usual. Awards to students for exceptional behavior, academic achievement and effort.

Sunday evening, 7:15pm at Shomray Torah, in preparation for Rebbe’s Gimmel Tammuz Yartzeit, with local sharing of favorite insights, stories and 6/19: ANTS OF THE NORTHEAST melodies of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Mincha/ Maariv follows at 8:15pm. Program open to men & Lecture, book-signing & field visit, 6pm at Pine Bush Preserve Discovery Center on Route 155, women, & children who can appreciate it. with senior Harvard ecologist. Free. 456-0655.

6pm at 109 Elsmere Ave. Call 439-8280.

6pm at Saratoga Chabad, 130 Circular Street. Suggested $5pp or $25 family for meat/Pareve dinner. Call 526-0773 for more info.

7/16: TISHA B’AV FAST The Nine-Days (and 3 weeks) ends following day.

7/24: FARBRENGEN VIEWING 9pm at the Shabbos House full video of fabrengen of Lubavitcher Rebbe with subtitles, Niggunim etc, in honor of “Chaf-Av” Yartzeit of Rebbe’s father.

7/25: RABBI SIMON’S BIRTHDAY Rabbi Nachman Simon’s turning 29! Not quite, but it is a big birthday. 6pm at 109 Elsmere Ave.

7/28: HOLOCAUST ART & TALK Tibor Spitz of Kingston, a Holocaust survivor and artist will share his story and fascinating life experiences at Saratoga Chabad. $5 suggested.

7/28: CHALLAPALOOZA CONCERT Sam Glazer performing at summertime Jewish music festival, contact

8/19-22: F.C. END OF SUMMER CAMP Friendship Circle 4-day end-of-summer day camp for children with special needs and looking for volunteers to staff it. /438-4220.

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