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BH. THURS Nissan

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produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY

10, 5771 / April 14, 2011


7:18 Shabbos Ends:



This newsletter is sponsored in honor of The Morrison’s 30th Wedding Anniversary

Maimonides will host the 8am Erev Pesach Minyan at School, to be followed by a firstborn Siyum (by Rabbi Simon on Zevachim), a light Chametz Breakfast and communal Chametz burning (authorized by Captain Dunn of the New Scotland Firehouse) will go until about 11:30am. Look for a cake for the Rambam’s Erev Pesach birthday!


and on the occasion of the Siyum HaKaddish for Yocheved Miriam bas Shmuel NOBEL CREDITED TALMUD

Baruch S. Blumberg was a Nobel prize (1976) winning biologist who discovered Hepatitis B and developed the vaccine against it, saving millions of lives, particularly in developing countries. He also headed NASA’s space biology research and died last week (at age 85) on April 5th while at a NASA conference. At FUN TO BAKE MATZAH Rabbi Abba brought the Model Matzah Bakery lunch with David Morrison of the SETI NYS OFFICIALS TO WELCOME to Maimonides one morning for students to get a hands-on feel for learning about Pesach. Institute on the same TRAVELERS ON EREV PESACH day he died, one of the The Minyan regularly welcomes travelers last things Baruch (or Barry) talked about was (especially on the NY-Montreal “the way studying Talmud helped him to think route). Erev Pesach tends to draw logically about difficult, even unanswerable travelers due to the Siyum and questions.” He often credited his elementary Chametz-burning as they travel north or south school education at Yeshiva of Flatbush and for the holiday. In connection with the the study of Talmud at an early age. Indeed, “Travelers Torah” being dedicated by throughout his life, he continued to attend a Maimonides this summer, NYS officials will weekly Talmud class whenever possible. In present a formal welcome to the “87” travelers STUDENT-MADE HAGGADAH 2002, he told the NY Times: “This drew me to & recognize Maimonides’ as a welcome center. 2nd graders made their own beautiful books to medicine. There is, in Jewish thought, this idea use at their family Seders based on what they that if you save a single life, you save the whole MONTREAL RABBI LIKENS learned. Other grades made Haggadot, too. world, and that affected me.”

ALBANY TO SHTETL KRETCHME Rabbi Rubin visited Montreal’s Chief Rabbi Yonason Weiss and Rabbi Saul Immanuel of the Vaad Ha’ir, and showed them the “Travelers Torah” torah cover, which is being dedicated for the benefit and merit of the frequent travelers up and down the 87/90 Thruway and Northway, and those who visit and vacation in our region. Rabbi Weiss likened Albany to a refreshing oasis along the journey, like the Kretschme Inns used to be along the roads in old Eastern Europe.

MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

FROM MAIMONIDES (BOSTON) TO MAIMONIDES (ALBANY)... The “M-CATS” baseball team at the wellknown Maimonides School in Boston is playing this Sunday morning in Cooperstown and arranged for a Shabbos stayover at Maimonides in Albany. They’re here with their coach Sean Kennedy and assistant coaches. They’ll be joining the davening at Shomray Torah. In appreciation, they are sponsoring a Parsha in the new “Travelers Torah” being dedicated by Bruce Lorence and Maimonides.

MORAH’S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY 4th graders secretly planned a beautiful birthday party for their teacher Morah Devorah Leah. They each brought in treats (healthy ones, too) and when Morah D.L. asked who did such a good job planning it, they were happy to point out what each one did and gave each other well-deserved credit.


Spring and baseball is in the air… Mrs. Liba THIRD FINISHES VAYERA Andrusier (438-4220) is looking for Shomer Morah Rochel’s 3rd graders finished Parshat Shabbos (to avoid Sat games) kids interested in Vayera this week, it ends with the Akeida and joining Albany Little League baseball. about Rivka being born. They’re planning and preparing a fun activity fair with booths about the Parsha for other classes to learn about and enjoy. It will be on the Friday after Pesach. Nechama was very eager to report this exciting news for the newsletter.


SARAH CYNTHIA SYLVIA STOUT WOULD NOT TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT Mrs. Mulder’s 7th graders read this poem by Shel Silverstein and then were each assigned to write their own poem about a chore they disliked and dramatize and exaggerate it in a humorous way. Of course, we at Maimonides, are thankful to those who are helpful with Terumas Hadeshen either early in the morning or at the start of the morning recess.


Mrs. Levin helped a few art students make Torah-looking charity boxes out of oatmeal cartons, rich red THE SHOFTIM CYCLE fabric, glue-guns, gold 4th graders noticed a oft-repeated pattern in fabric paint and a the book of Judges: The Jews get comfortable, paper about the lose their connection and begin to sin, then a “Travelers Torah”. crisis comes up and a great leader (judge) leads These pushkas are to them back to Hashem and helps them with raise awareness and their internal or external problem. But after a solicit donations toward the Torah to be while, unfortunately, the cycle starts again… dedicated, G-d willing, this summer.

The pre-school afternoon program learned about X-Rays when learning the letter X. They each donned the “x-ray box” and drew “x-ray film” illustrations of what they (think they) look like inside underneath the skin.

EARTH DAY IS DURING PESACH Mrs. Carroll’s 1st grade students sifted through the scrap paper bucket to find colorful blues & greens for a looped recycling project in honor of Earth Day (April 22) to remind us about making the most of our precious resources and taking care not to make waste when possible to avoid it. The loop demonstrates the cyclical nature of many resources, and that we should try our best to keep the loop going, to continue to be there for us and future generations, all around the world.

PORTRAIT SKETCHES IN ART Faces aren’t easy to draw, but believe it or not, the first steps have to do with math, symmetry and basic shapes.

ROMAN INFLUENCE IN U.S.A. Students in 5/6 each wrote an essay (based on DBQ) that demonstrated Roman influence in As part of a Science unit on birds, 5/6 grade America today. Modern roads and architecture made different style bird-feeders, which they are far more sophisticated and advanced than were finally able to hang outside, on a thick in ancient Rome, but many of those old rope running from one side of the shed to the principles still apply. Latin isn’t spoken as a other, and crossing the utility pole in between. language anymore, but many modern They’ll try to keep an eye out to observe which languages have their roots in Latin, and it is feeders are frequented most by the birds, and also used for scientific names of species etc. the pros and cons of the different size and style bird feeders. This comes just in time for LAUGHTER YOGA Pesach, when we appreciate the birds’ singing A mother and daughter instructor team from at the Crossing of the Sea. “Laughter Yoga” (which started in Mumbai,


India) inspired the HS about the many benefits (health, emotional, social etc) from a good laugh, even if you’re faking it! They said that one minute of good laughter is equal to six minutes on the treadmill! (That itself got everyone laughing…)


Morah Dini’s students learned so much about Pesach! They made their own color-photo Haggadot of themselves in pictures, Seder-plates, Omer-reminders, decorated pillow-cases, framed photos of them “leaving Egypt” and more! They’re eager to share what they learned…

Mrs. Mulder’s class read this story by Jean Craighead George from a new literature book they got from “Mosdos Press”. Hungry animals close in on an injured dying wolf, when help arrives and shifts the outcome. It is a story about courage, and the will to survive.

since Tosefos swings this Gemorah over to a support from tractate Yevamot, then back to Abbaye and Rava on Sukkah page 2a, and then ahead to page 21. But once the students got the logic, the clarification, the proof and the support, it all came together and they have a much richer view of the Gemorah - and of Abbaye’s listing.

TOSEFOS ON THE TEST Rabbi Mendel’s 7th grade Talmud class studied their first Tosefos commentary, on Sukkah 7b, which analyzes Abbaye’s listing of Rabbis who trend towards more permanent Sukkahs (the listing itself was fascinating as it ties together 8 different opinions and different Sukkah issues). It was a little confusing at first,

(recorder), Rivka (piano), Orley (keyboard), Chaya S. (keyboard), Mendel (guitar), S.D. (keyboard)… The last chapter (#150) of Tehillim talks about different instruments and how they are all used to praise Hashem!

LEARNING AN INSTRUMENT While reporting in TNT, it dawned on the 4th graders how many of them are learning to play an instrument: Noah (drums), Calev (piano), Eli (piano), Chaya A. (violin), Sholom

NURSERY PESACH IN ORDER These Nursery students are proud to display some of their Pesach projects (order on right, placemat on left) to be used at the Seder.


KOSHERING FOR PESACH Rabbi Shmuly’s 5/6 Halacha class prepared a powerpoint with a slide or two on each S’if (paragraph) of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch on the laws of Koshering kitchen utensils. The slideshow’s neat animation showed the process - for example, it showed fire coming out of the blowtorch and creating small sparks on the object (as required by Halacha). Some of the interesting tidbits included:  Before Pesach in Israel, each city provides a municipal (similar to garbage services in Albany) super-large boiling pot for public use in Koshering their vessels under Rabbinic supervision.  The stones inside pizza-ovens are designed

     

to retain high heat and even baking, similar to the “Ehven-Meluban” the hot stone used in certain Ha’gaalah situations. The Kitzur uses a Yiddish word to describe metal hand-graters: “Rib-Ayzen”. They can’t be koshered because of its many tiny holes. Frying pans can’t be koshered using Ha’gaalah - the hot water method. Knives with (separate) handles generally shouldn't be koshered. How to properly pour hot-water so that the flow remains connected to the original pot. The Sephard/Ashkenaz argument about koshering glass. The 24-hour lapse time before Koshering. Dry heat (oven) vs. wet heat (pot on stove).

Rabbi Andrusier’s students learned in Parshat Mishpatim about the dangers of a “Bor” a open pit or hole in a public area. About the same time that they studied this law, a sinkhole opened up at the edge of the northern parking lot at school, just behind the fence. It was quite deep. After a call to the city, a truck came over and filled up the hole.

TOUR OF WORLD CITIES 3rd graders did reports on the Eiffel and Tokyo Towers, sightseeing in London and in Washington, and many other interesting cties and their attractions and landmarks.

CLASSROOM WISH LIST at Maimonides and in the Community 4/16: SHABBOS HAGADOL


It’s customary for Rabbis to make a special lecture/ speech on this Shabbos in preparation for Pesach. It’s also customary to read portions of the Haggada after Mincha on Shabbos afternoon.

Albany (5/1), UAlbany Vigil (5/1-2), Schenectady (5/2), Judaic Studies (5/3) will host communal commemorations and speakers on the Holocaust. See or The Jewish World newspaper for more details.

4/14-28: “CANSTRUCTION” @ NYSM New exhibit/activity now open at NYS Museum, 4th Floor (Carousel). Experts built amazing colorful everyday objects using food cans, vote for your favorite design using cans you bring - all donated to local Food Pantries.

4/16: GARDEN OF EMUNAH CLASS Last class of the season in “Garden of Emunah” 4pm at 359C Hackett Blvd for women. Rotating locations/presenters etc begins after Pesach.

4/16: RABBI REISMAN AT CBAJ Due to the later Sat Nights, Rabbi Reisman’s class will now be shown at CBAJ at 9:30pm.

5/13: JOURNAL DEADLINE This is the due date for ads the Maimonides Dinner Tribute Journal. Ads arriving after this date may be included in the Journal supplement.

5/22: LAG B’OMER AT HOFFMAN’S Lag B’Omer falls again on a Sunday, and area Chabads are arranging discounted wristbands, a Kosher BBQ, and live music for families and kids at Hoffman’s Playland on Route 9 in Latham. Program begins at noon and runs until about 3pm. Stay tuned for more info. (The Maimonides neighborhood Lag B’Omer Parade is held when Lag B’Omer falls on a weekday).





The annual Maimonides Dinner (now over 20 consecutive years!) will be on Tuesday, May 24th. Berger Memorial Award: Linda Berger-Spivack; Shomray Torah 8am Shachris to be at Maimonides Baruch Shenatan Torah Award: Bruce Lorence; followed by first-born Siyum on Talmud Zevachim and this year’s “People of the Book” award by Rabbi Simon & light Chametz breakfast snacks. highlights a spectrum of local Jewish authors, There’ll be a Rambam cake to celebrate his Erev namely: Dr. Jeffrey Berman, Miriam Biskin, Rabbi Pesach birthday. A presentation will be made by Herbert Bomzer, Marlene Rosenfield-Crawford, NYS to welcome travelers and in honor of the new Dr. Bob Herman, Sylvie Kantorovitz, Jackie Morse87/90 Thruway-Northway Torah. The Communal Kessler, Joseph Krausman, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Chametz Burning (authorized by Captain Dunn of Linda Elovitz Marshall, Marlene Newman, BJ the New Scotland Ave firehouse) to be from Rosenfeld, Dr. Mary Valentis, and Dr. Suzanne approx 9:30am until 11:30am. Vromen. We also will be honoring posthumously Vera Propp and Hy Rosen, of blessed memory 4/18-21: PESACH AT A HOTEL who past away in recent months. Invites are now in $299pp for 4-day package at Greenbush Comfort the mail! Call the office 453-9363/3434 if you Suites (fitness center, swimming, trails) with the don’t get yours soon. Labers. Call Nechama at 727-9581. Meals prepared by Birchhill Caterers and Mrs. Laber. Seders-only 6/1: YOM YERUSHALAYIM EVENT options are available, or other communal Seders JERNY’s Israel Center and area orgs are already at are available throughout the region (Saratoga work preparing for this 2nd annual event - held Chabad 526-0773; Delmar Chabad 439-8280 etc) this year at Beth Emeth. See highlights ad on right. and many families are happy to have guests.

Saratoga Chabad will host an activity morning 10am-12pm (before the start of the 2nd days of YomTov). See event features in ad on right, for more info call Rabbi Abba 526-0773.

5/1: SHPEEN WALK FOR WATER JNF’s annual Walk for Water, established locally in memory of Susan Shpeen will take place at the Federation’s Golub Center on Washington Ave Extension starting at 2pm.

2nd annual Walk for Friendship, noon-time at Elm Park in Delmar. See for info or to support a volunteer or team.



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