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Bizarre Cities Tom IX. Winter 2013

Urban Lights

The „Bizarre Cities“ is a irregularly appearing collaborative art magazine including texts, (visual) poetry and original artworks in a limited edition of 25 copies. This is the 9th edition. So far the following editions have been published.: Bizarre Cities Tom. I - Bizarre Cities - Summer 2000 Bizarre Cities Tom. II - Inner-Space Astronauts - Summer 2002 Bizarre Cities Tom. III - Urban Myths - Spring 2004 Bizarre Cities Tom. IV - Provincial Metropolis(m) - Spring 2005 Bizarre Cities Tom. V - Psychogeography - Spring 2006 Bizarre Cities Tom. VI - Fragile Correspondences - Spring 2008 Bizarre Cities Tom. VII - Surveillance - Summer 2009 Bizarre Cities Tom. VIII - Urban Travel Book - Spring 2012

Editorial This was supposed to become the 2013 spring edition instead it has become the end-of-year issue. Difficult to say what caused the delay. Besides some personal problems which let me postponing deadlines again and again, I sometimes think the good old assembling magazine, which has served us in so many ways since the 1950's when Fluxus and other avant-garde art movements where around, is slowly dying. These days it is seems much easier to publish on the internet (and even this magazine is since 2012 online on ) and an assembling is a lot of work, for all, especially those contributing the pages. Therefore I am especially grateful to all who undertook also this time the hassle to give wonderful works of art for this ninth edition of the Bizarre Cities, which runs under the theme of Urban Lights. There were also quite a few who were promising contributions only to withdraw at a later stage and delaying thereby this edition further. But enough complaining. This edition is about an aspect of the city I like especially: its lights. And when do they come out? Right! At night. Isn't the city at night pretty different from what you experienced during daylight? Different places, different people, different contrasts. With this edition I wanted to catch a bit of this specific time and situation. I hope you find of this enjoyment in this magazine. Enjoy! The editor (Friday, 13 December 2013)

Participants Bizarre Cities IX

miley Berlin (Germany) John Bennett (USA) Reid Wood, State of Being (USA) Carl Beker (Canada) Claudio Romeo (Italy) Reed Altemus (USA) JĂśrg Seifert (Germany) Walter Bachmann, Dadanautik Mail-Art (Germany) Cheryl Penn (South Africa) Bernd Reichert, MailWorks@Brussels (Belgium) Ptrzia, tictac (Germany) Svenja Wahl, amtfuerpostkunst (Germany) Mikula LĂźllwitz (Germany)

Edition of 25 © with the artists for the individual artwork © Bernd Reichert for the assembling design and layout This copy has the number


Bizarre Cities tom. IX: Urban Lights  

The „Bizarre Cities“ is a irregularly appearing collaborative art magazine including texts, (visual) poetry and original artworks in a limit...

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