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And who by brave assent, who by accident, who in solitude, who in this mirror, who by his lady’s command, who by his own hand, who in mortal chains, who in power and who shall I say is calling? Initially, my intention with this fifth issue of Bizarre Cities has been to explore the way of thinking of us urbanauts, to trace the twisted gravel-paths in the garden in our mind. But the last months have been rather special in the mail art network. Many artists have passed away - have moved to the eternal part of the network. People I have heard of, people whose work I have seen, people I knew personally. I could start musing endlessly about the sign this paints on the wall of mail art, but I will simply refrain from it and instead I would like, in representation for all those who left us, to dedicate this issue to Marilyn Dammann, who left us on 22 May 2005. Brussels in Spring 2006

Bernd Reichert


Francis Vermaelen

Peter Netmail

Jim Leftwich

white sunshine on sweating skulls building pyramided


as granite clouds streets in row sit with blunt thoughts force me to oppose city mouth opens dust spills out cracked suburbs bleed perspiration

Patrick Anderson-McQuoid

Bernd Reichert

Concept of a bureaucratic endeavour for a mail-art dictionary (2002/3)

Reed Altemus

Gianni Simone

Schoko Casana Rosso

Ibrahim Suzlee

Dominik Irtenkauf (text) Manfred Gipper (collagen) Anke Enders (typography)

Mark Hammond

Hendrik Liersch

Tiziana Baracchi

Kris Mininger

Klaus Peter Dencker

Irina & Anastasya Logvinova


Raymond Victor Delattre

Jรถrg Seifert

Edition of 25 Š with the artists for the individual artwork Š Bernd Reichert for the assembling design and layout

Bizarre Cities tom V: Psychogeography  

The „Bizarre Cities“ is a irregularly appearing collaborative art magazine including texts, (visual) poetry and original artworks in a limit...

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