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Solve your Confusions about Franking Machine through FAQ

If you have wasted quite a lot of money until now by stamping your parcels and envelopes manually, it is the time you should spend some extra. Do not feel helpless hearing this because we are not asking you to drain out your hard-earned money.


Is there any chance of getting discounted rate when I use franking machine?

Yes, the franking machine users are given the privilege of enjoying discounted rates on stamping. The users can directly visit the official website of Royal Mail and derive information on the currently offered discounts on stamping prices. •

How can a franking machine boost my business?

The benefits of franking machine are numerous. The immediate advantage is that it saves time by stamping more envelopes and letters within a stipulated time as compared to the manual process. In addition, there is no chance of incorrect stamping and subsequent wastage of money. Even more appreciable is the fact that Franking Machine Companies offer the option of personalizing the mails. Hence, logos and company taglines can be stamped onto the parcels and envelopes and distributed among the customers. This serves as a low cost yet highly effective marketing campaign and helps the company in winning immediate customer attention. All these pros of franking machine work together in helping the business potentials of a firm improve. •

Do I need to service my franking machine?

Yes. In case you have rented one, it will be taken care of by the service provider. However, if you buy one then you need to service it annually. For this, you have to contact companies that have been authorized by Royal Mail.


Does a franking machine execute stamping functions only?

The traditional franking machines could only stamp. But now some smart franking machines have been launched in the market by renowned brands like Pitney Bowes which offer advanced functions. These machines can weigh each parcel and calculate the stamping value that is required. Thus, they render faster operation and save money by expelling the chances of incorrect stamping. •

Is there any option of using franking machine other than buying?

Yes, of course. Some start up entities might not have adequate funds to buy a franking machine. They can always rent one instead of purchasing. The rental option on franking machines asks the businesses to pay a weekly or monthly rental fee. However, the scheme of paying the rent for the franking machine depends upon the rental service provider.

Solve your confusions about franking machine through faq  

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