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Mistakes done while using Franking Machine The moment you purchase a franking machine and read its user manual, you wish to use it. But you will be prone to making mistakes due to inexperience, and may end up coaxing yourself for your foolishness. However, there is hardly any reason to believe that mistakes committed while using the mail franking machine are irreparable. There are some ways that you can adopt and rectify these mistakes. So, take a look at the tips supplied here. •

Instance One: A wrong date has been stamped

This is one of the frequently occuring mistakes people do while using franking machines of FP, Neopost or other brands. Do not become hysteric if you commit such a mistake. Be sensible and strike through the incorrect date with single black line. Next, you need to resent your franking machine with the correct date. Do not forget to recheck it this time. However, you should simultaneously change the postage value to £0.00. Now frank your parcel for the second time by stamping on the previous impression. Position the stamping head correctly so that it covers the date only and not the postage value. •

Instance two: Missed a posting date that has flexible deadline

Whenever you stamp your envelope with a date, you indirectly specify the date of posting it. Nevertheless, there are times when you miss posting a franked envelope on its due date. There is nothing to panic if you encounter a situation like this. All you need to do is just strike through that date and frank your envelope again with the current date. Alternatively, you can discard the previous envelope, take out its contents, and insert the same inside a new envelope that has been recently franked. Now your envelope will again be ready for posting within due date.


Instance Three: Missed posting an envelope that had tight due date

You can consider yourself to be in a much better position when you have the opportunity of expanding the posting date of an envelope by re-franking it. But what if the due date is inflexible and there is no option to extend it? Look for envelopes with late posting options. If you are tensed wondering where you will get it, do not be as you can inquire the suppliers of smart franking machines. They will make such envelopes readily available to you.

However, remember a couple of things here; firstly, do not miss the last Royal Mail collection time now as it will be scheduled for collection the following day. Secondly, you can use only one such late posting envelope every day. In addition to this, you have a quota of thirty such envelopes only in a whole month.

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Mistakes done while using Franking Machine  

Whenever you stamp your envelope with a date, you indirectly specify the date of posting it. Nevertheless, there are times when you miss pos...

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