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How to use:Franking machines The moment you buy a franking machine, you will start assuming that the purchasing decision will reduce your overhead cost remarkably. But your aspirations might come to halt if you cannot use it. However, we are here to simply the process by sharing some user tips for franking machines. •

Take care of the date

If the parcels and envelopes that you are supposed to stamp has a fixed due date, you cannot leave the work pending. The time and date that has been adjusted in the franking machine will imprint these data on the letters and parcels every time you use it for stamping. Thus, a delay of one day will mean that your parcels will bear the date of the next day. If that is not allowed then do not leave the work pending. •

Legibility counts

Different franking machine suppliers supply different models of machines manufactured by the franking machine companies. While some franking machines stamp the date, others stamp time and location along with it. Some franking machines also serve as business tools and stamp promotional lines and taglines on the letters, papers and envelopes that they stamp. One thing that becomes obvious from this is that legibility of the stamped feedback and data is of paramount importance. Thus, whenever you use the equipment for stamping your papers always pay attention to the available space. Inadequate space will affect legibility, while adequate space will help the machine stamp clear and readable data. •

Position it correctly

Before using the franking machine, you should know where to put the stamp. Therefore, always ensure that you have reserved the right hand top corner of your parcels and envelopes for stamping. It is also customary to use red ink for primary stamping. •

Segregate similar values together

You need to refill the franking machine with some postage values before making it ready for stamping your envelopes. However, the stamping value of all the envelopes will not be the

same. You need not worry in case of advanced models of franking machines that can automatically recognize the weight of the postage and stamp it accordingly. But if the franking machine that you have purchased is not must advanced then you will need to segregate the postal couriers and envelopes on the basis of their approximate weight. The rest part of it will be handled by the machine.


Insert in Royal Mail bags

You will be provided with two varieties of Royal Mail bags when you purchase a franking machine or refill it with postal value; the red bag meant for first class stamping and the green meant for second class. Once stamping has been done, segregate the envelopes accordingly.

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How to use franking machines  

If the parcels and envelopes that you are supposed to stamp has a fixed due date, you cannot leave the work pending. The time and date that...

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