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Protect your family with solid estate planningEstate planning sounds difficult--but most people just need a few basic documents. Let Plan Your Estate show you how to protect your loved ones from legal hassles and financial uncertainty after your death. Learn about:wills and living trustsavoiding probatebypass (AB) trustsnaming guardians for childrenleaving property to

Author : Denis Clifford Attorney Pages : 528 pages Publisher : NOLO Language : ISBN-10 : 1413325114 ISBN-13 : 9781413325 119

childrenestate, gift, and inheritance taxesstrategies for business ownersleaving property to charityhealth care directives, andfinancial powers of attorney. The 14th edition of Plan Your Estate is completely updated to reflect the latest state and federal laws, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.Applies in all U.S. states except Louisiana. Plan Your Estate

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Plan Your Estate  

Plan Your Estate