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Author : Denis Clifford Attorney Pages : 528 pages Publisher : NOLO Language : ISBN-10 : 1413325114 ISBN-13 : 9781413325 119

Plan Your Estate Pro tect you r fam ily wit h soli d est ate pla nni ngE stat e pla nni

ng sou nds diffi cult -but mo st peo ple just nee da few bas ic doc um ent s. Let Pla n You r Est ate sho w you ho w to pro tect you r lov ed one s

fro m leg al has sles and fina nci al unc ert aint y afte r you r dea th. Lea rn abo ut: will s and livi ng trus tsa voi din g pro bat eby pas s (AB ) trus

tsn ami ng gua rdia ns for chil dre nle avi ng pro per ty to chil dre nes tate , gift , and inh erit anc e tax ess trat egi es for bus ine ss ow ner slea vin g

pro per ty to cha rity hea lth car e dire ctiv es, and fina nci al po wer s of atto rne y. The 14t h edit ion of Pla n You r Est ate is co mpl etel y upd ate

d to refl ect the late st stat e and fed eral law s, incl udi ng the Tax Cut s and Job s Act of 201 7.A ppli es in all U.S . stat es exc ept Lou isia na. Plan Your Estate

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Plan Your Estate  

Plan Your Estate

Plan Your Estate  

Plan Your Estate