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Author : William Pride Pages : 560 pages Publisher : South-Western College Pub 2016-01-11 Language : English ISBN-10 : 1305511069 ISBN-13 : 9781305511064

Description With FOUNDATONS OF BUSINESS, 5E today s business course does not have to be difficult. Every chapter in this edition has been evaluated by instructors with years of teaching experience and by business students, like you. As a result, every chapter helps you understand business to become a better employee, more informed

consumer, and even a successful business owner., This up-to-date, comprehensive survey of business highlights forms of business ownership, management and organization, human resources management, marketing, social media and e-business, information systems, accounting, and finance. Core topics emphasize ethics and social responsibility, small business and entrepreneurship, and global issues, while new coverage examines cutting-edge topics, such as social media in business, the economic recovery, international business, green and socially responsible business, and sustainability. A wealth of online learning resources further clarify the concepts you are learning.

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Download Foundations of Business Online  

Download Foundations of Business Online