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Author : Steven S. Agabegi Pages : 560 pages Publisher : LWW Language : ISBN-10 : 1496306147 ISBN-13 : 9781496306 142

Step-Up to Medicine No w tho rou ghl y upd ate d and revi sed , this bes tselli ng vol

um e in the pop ular Ste pUp seri es pro vid es a hig hyiel d revi ew of me dici ne, ide al for pre pari ng for cler ksh ips or clini cal rot atio ns, she lf

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rem em ber ma nne r, perf ect for me dic al, phy sici an assi sta nt, and nur se pra ctiti one r stu den ts. Ste pUp to Me dici ne, Fou rth Edit ion deli ver s

exa ctly wh at you nee d to kno w— bot h for exa m pre par atio n and for pra ctic al use in the eva luat ion and tre atm ent of pati ent s.C ont ent is tho rou

ghl y upd ate d and revi sed , bas ed on ext ens ive res ear ch wit h fac ulty and stu den ts.E nha nce d hig hyiel d outl ine for mat , Qui ck Hits ,

and Clin ical Pea rls ma ke this edit ion eve n mo re tim esavi ng and pra ctic al.A ne w 100 que stio n, clini call yorie nte d pra ctic e exa m is a pra

ctic al self ass ess me nt tool to pre par e for the que stio ns you will fac e in clini cal pra ctic e.S ucci nct, outl ine app roa ch kee ps “ex tra� mat eria l to a

min imu m, foc usi ng on the cor e con ten t you nee d to kno w.C linic al pea rls hel p you “file aw ay� clini cal con nec tion s for han dy retr iev al at test

tim e and aid in the tra nsit ion fro m bas ic scie nce to clini cal me dici ne. Eas ytofoll ow alg orit hm s sho w exa mpl es of effe ctiv e clini cal rea

son ing, par ticu larl y for sim ilar co mpl aint s.N um ero us cha rts, tabl es, gra phs , and mn em oni cs aid vis ual lear ner s and faci litat e eas y ret enti

on of ess enti al mat eria l.Co ver age incl ude s eve ry ess enti al are a of me dici ne, incl udi ng bod y sys tem dis eas es and dis ord ers; flui ds, elec trol yte

s, and aci dbas e dis ord ers; he mat olo gic dis eas es and neo pla sm s; infe ctio us dis eas es; dis eas es of the ski n and hyp ers ens itivi ty dis ord

ers; and am bul ato ry me dici ne. Hel pful app end ices cov er radi ogr aph ic and elec troc ardi ogr am inte rpr etat ion, phy sica l exa min atio n pea rls, wor kup and

ma nag em ent of co mm on pro ble ms on the war ds, bas ic stat istic s and evi den cebas ed me dici ne, and end -oflife issu es and info rme d con sen t. Step-Up to Medicine

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Step-Up to Medicine  

Step-Up to Medicine