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Author : Judy Hails Kaci Pages : 640 pages Publisher : Cengage Learning Language : ISBN-10 : 1285062868 ISBN-13 : 9781285062 860

Criminal Evidence Wit h an em pha sis on real wor ld app lica tion s, CRI MI NAL EVI

DE NC E, Eig hth Edit ion, pro vid es rea der s wit h co mp reh ens ive, uptodat e cov era ge of co mm on evi den tiar y topi cs in a brie f, affo rda

ble for mat . Thi s boo k tho rou ghl y exp lore s con stit utio nal issu es ess enti al to the coll ecti on and seiz ure of ad mis sibl e evi den ce and leg

al inte rro gati on, car eful ly outl inin g con cep ts and pro ces ses app lica ble to eve ry stat e and poi ntin g out wh ere gre at inte rsta te vari atio n exis

ts or spe cific stat e cod es ma y hav ea stro ng imp act. Cur ren t tre nds and topi cs disc uss ed incl ude terr oris m and ho mel and sec urit y, scie ntifi c

evi den ce, Fed eral Rul es of Evi den ce, hea rsa y, and the app ella te sys tem . Criminal Evidence

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Criminal Evidence  

Criminal Evidence