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Author : Thea Feldman Pages : 48 pages Publisher : Simon Spotlight Language : ISBN-10 : 153440340X ISBN-13 : 9781534403 406

Katherine Johnson Get to kno w the wo ma n wh o ma de ma ny of NA SA’ s earl

y mis sio ns pos sibl e in this fasc inat ing, non ficti on Lev el 3 Rea dytoRea d, par t of a seri es of bio gra phi es abo ut peo ple “yo u sho uld me et!� Me

et Kat heri ne Joh nso n, a brill iant mat he mat icia n wh o wor ked at NA SA in the earl y 195 0s unti l reti ring in 198 6. Kat heri ne’ s unp aral lele d

calc ulat ion s (do ne by han d) hel ped pla n the traj ect orie s for NA SA’ s Mer cur y and Apo llo mis sio ns (inc ludi ng the Apo llo 11 mo on lan din

g). She is sai d to be one of the gre ate st Am eric an min ds of all tim e.A spe cial sec tion at the bac k of the boo k incl ude s ext ras on sub ject s like

hist ory and mat h, plu s ins piri ng car eer s for mat h lov ers. Wit h the You Sho uld Me et seri es, lear nin g abo ut hist oric al figu res has nev er bee

n so mu ch fun ! Katherine Johnson

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