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Sap Crm Online Training

About us: ď‚— Hyderabadsys trains over 2000 students per every year in various IT

Technologies .Our Hyderabadsys headquarters in Hyderabad, We provides 24*7 technical support , project support and job support by certified Faculty. We have a team of experts who compile study material for you. We have the best faculties who are highly proficient & skilled professionals in market and also certified in their subjects and have gained expertise with years of experience in software training field. In our virtual classroom, students will raise their queries and have discussions with alternative participants similarly. The student feels as in an real class room.

ETL Testing Concepts  Introduction  What is use of testing  What is quality & standards  Responsibilities of a ETL Tester  Waterfall model  V-model  Agile model & methodology

 Testing


 White box testing  Black box testing  Grey box testing  ETL Testing Work Flow Process  How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan  How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing.  How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing ?  ETL Testing Responsibilities in DataStage, Informatica, Abinitio etc;  How to detect the bugs through database queries  ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning

DataWare Housing Concepts  What is Data Ware House?  Difference between OLTP and DataWare Housing  Data Acquisition  Data Extraction  Data Transformation  Data Loading  Data Marts

Data Acquisition Dependent Data Mart

 Independent Data Mart  Data Base Design  Star Schema  Snow Flake Schema  Fact constellation Schema

Hyderabadsys providing Abinitio ď‚— Online Training supported specific desires of the

learners particularly we arae going to offer innovative one to at least one category that hs nice opportunities within the present IT market. We provide corporate course to challenge today’s competitive IT world. Learners will grasp the technology-subject from our extremely skilled & certified trainers which is able to be serving to the Students to figure in real time projects. Learners will select either regular course or weekend coaching categories. We are the one in the entire highest leading Abinitio online Training provider from India

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India:+91 9949599844 usa :+1-347-606-2716

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