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CELEBRITIES’ HOBBIES Tiger Woods – Diving, Spear fishing and Physical Fitness Surprise, surprise–Tiger Woods isn’t just adept at golfing. He’s also a diver who’s traveled all over the world diving and spear fishing (because, you know, he can afford it). The physical fitness part is, ummm, pretty darn obvious.

Angelina Jolie – Tattoos, People Watching, Dagger Collecting Somehow we’re not surprised that Angelina Jolie collects daggers. This is the woman, after all, who reportedly wore her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. However, it appears cooking isn’t one of Jolie’s many hobbies. Poor Brad.

Beyonce Knowles – Shopping, Swimming, Reading, Dancing Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles has to keep in shape somehow. She doesn’t get her ridiculously tight abs by sitting around eating cheese doodles. So swimming, dancing– and of course shopping!–it is. She also apparently enjoys reading. Not just a hot body, but maybe some brains too? Maybe?

David Beckham – Tattoos, Fencing, Shopping English soccer player (or, more appropriately, footballer) David Beckham is apparently a fan of both fencing and getting tattoos. It’s been reported that he gets together with Will Smith and Tom Cruise in order to fence. We suspect being married to fashionista Victoria Bekham may have something to do with the shopping thing.

Johnny Depp – Playing with Dolls Yes, that’s right. Actor Johnny Depp has found the inherent joy of sharing tea time with Barbie and Ken. What else can we say? We love Johnny Depp, weird hobbies and all. He can do no wrong in our eyes.

Jay-Z – Philanthropy, Entrepreneur, Fashion Rapper Jay-Z has a lot more going for him than that rapping career of his. He’s–take a deep breath and get ready for the list–cofounder of clothing brand Rocawear, co-owner of the 40/40 club, part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, investor in J Hotels, and an active philanthropist involved in raising awareness of the global water shortage. And he even has time to rack up a few criminal charges–busy man!

J.K. Rowling – Reading, Writing, Friends J.K. Rowling is one of the lucky ones. She’s managed to turn her favorite hobby, writing, into a full-time gig. We wanted to include “thinking about wizards all day” but it was far too obvious.

Brad Pitt – Architecture, Interior Design, Metal Art Collector American actor and film producer Brad Pitt is a cultured guy who’s into architecture and interior design. He also collects metal art. Why? Well, duh, because it goes perfectly well with Angelina Jolie’s daggers.

Will Smith – Fencing, Rapping When Will Smith isn’t acting, rapping, or fighting aliens, it appears he’s fencing with reported friends Tom Cruise and David Beckham. Not bad!

Justin Timberlake – Golf, Basketball, Video Gaming Deep down we always knew Justin Timberlake was a video game nerd. We love it! He also famously enjoys putting his dick in a box. But you didn’t hear it from us.

Steven Spielberg – Aliens Director, producer, and screenwriter Steven Spielberg freakin’ loooveess aliens. Are you surprised? We didn’t think so.

Cameron Diaz – Snowboarding, Rafting We knew Cameron Diaz was bad ass. She claims to love the speed and adrenaline of snowboarding and even had plastic surgery on her nose to repair damage done while snowboarding. Finally, a unique reason for celebs to get plastic surgery.

Lebron James – Collecting Headbands Hey, everybody needs a collection. And there’s nothing wrong with collecting headbands. Pro basketball player Lebron James has our stamp of approval.

Jennifer Aniston – Hiking, camping, getting closer to nature, surfing the internet Jennifer Aniston is not only your friend–she’s an outdoorsy girl. Of course, she has to come inside sometime. And when she does, well, apparently she goes on the internet. We can only assume she spends most of her time surfing looking for new hobbies.

Michael Jordan – Gambling, Retiring Retiring isn’t usually a hobby for most people, but Jordan has made it so. Also, his gambling hobby may be considered more of an addiction if we’re going to get picky. Okay, we’re being a bit hard on Michael Jordan. But he was a great basketball player. We’ll at least give him that.

Kobe Bryant – Soccer

Besides being a successful basketball player, Kobe Bryant is a major soccer fan. He says if he hadn’t pursued basketball, he would have gone for soccer. (As a note, if you google ‘Kobe Bryant hobbies,’ the question comes up “Besides being a rapist, what are some of Kobe Bryant’s other hobbies?” Yikes. We here are NotSoBoringLife do NOT condone such “hobbies!”)

Madonna – Yoga, Reading, Writing Madonna is the queen of zen, so it’s no surprise yoga is one of her top hobbies. She also enjoys reading and writing, and has even written several children’s books.

Roger Federer – Sports, cards, sitting on the beach, playing and watching cricket and ping pong Roger Federer is a tennis champ, but even tennis champs need to unwind, ya know? Federer claims watching cricket is one of the most relaxing hobbies he’s found. His friends don’t get it, but that doesn’t stop him.

50 Cent – Boxing Rapper 50 Cent began boxing when he was just a kid. In the 80′s he competed in the junior Olympics as a boxer. In an interview, he compared boxing to rapping, saying “I was competitive in the ring and hip-hop is competitive too.”

Kanye West -Acting, Art, Fashion, Video Games (Among others) Kanye West is not only a Grammy Award winning rapper, record producer, and singer– he has tons of additional hobbies. Before becoming a rapper, West attended the American Academy of Art but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career.

Celine Dion – Golf, Collecting Shoes, Swimming Canadian singer Celine Dion doesn’t just spend her days entertaining crowds of fans. She’s also reportedly an avid golfer and swimmer and has a giant shoe collection. Well, don’t we all?

Bruce Willis – Boxing, Basketball Actor Bruce Willis is a sport’s fan who does his best to attend every boxing match and basketball game he can find. In fact, he’s such a fan of the New Jersey Nets that controversy erupted when, during a live broadcast, he shouted “Yippee-ki-yaymotherfucker!” at the end of the interview. Now that’s a fan.

Tom Cruise – Flying, Fencing, Cooking When Tom Cruise isn’t jumping on couches and generally bewildering citizens of the world, he’s probably flying, fencing, or cooking. He reportedly built a room in his house for fencing, where Will Smith and David Beckham go to attempt defeating him. Now that’s something we’d like to see.

Stephen King – Walking So the master of fiction has what may be the most boring hobby ever! Walking. But that’s OK. There are, of course, worse ways to spend your time. Plus, he’s probably coming up with all of his brilliant ideas on all of those long walks.

Miley Cyrus – Dancing, Cheerleading Superstar Miley Cyrus is obviously a fan of singing and acting, but she’s also an avid dancer and says cheerleading is her favorite sport.

Kimi Raikkonen – Snowboarding, Ice Hockey Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish Formula One race car driver and winner of the 2007 Formula One World Driver’s Championship, but he’s also a fan of snowboarding and ice hockey. His nickname is even “Iceman”–though more for his cool demeanor than his favorite hobbies.

Ronaldinho – Karaoke, Playing Percussion Instruments Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer (soccer, if you’re in America) but we hear he’s also pretty talented at belting out the karaoke songs. He’s even got a karaoke machine in his house–you know, so he can practice.

Shaquille O’Neal – Target Shooting, Riding Motorcycles Shaq is a professional basketball player (duh), rapper, and actor–but his favorite hobbies are target shooting and riding motorcycles. Somehow we have a feeling that he’s good at that too.

Fernando Alonso -Magic, Soccer, Cycling, Training Is it really a surprise that one of race car driver Fernando Alonso’s hobbies is magic? We knew there was a way he was winning those World Championships.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Pool, Basketball, Video Games Leonardo Dicaprio is a talented award-winning actor. But he’s also addicted to his PlayStation. Can we blame him? I don’t think so.

Nicolas Cage – Buying Houses (Okay, Castles) Nicolas Cage is a talented actor with a penchant for buying houses. He owns a ton of interesting and unusual houses, including the medeval castle Schloss Neidstein and the Midford Castle in Somerset, England. Cage also owns what he calls the “most haunted house in America.”

Spice Girls – “Acting”

If you don’t know why the word acting is in quotations, you haven’t seen the Spice Girl’s movie “Spiceworld.” While the film was successful with Spice Girl fans, critics absolutely hammered the flick–and with good reason. To give you a better idea, it was nominated for 7 awards at the spoof film festival “Golden Raspberry Awards” where they won for “Worst Actress.” There’s an example of a hobby that apparently didn’t go over so well.

Matt Damon – Philanthropy, Politics After actor Matt Damon recently dissed Sarah Palin, (describing the possibility of her becoming president as “like a really bad Disney movie,”) you’ve probably figured out he’s into politics. He’s also appeared on Hardball, discussing the war in Iraq. In addition, Damon supports the charities and organizations ONE, which fights AIDS and poverty in third world countries, Greendimes, and Not On Our Watch.

Jennifer Lopez – Yoga, Decorating, Tennis, Shopping Like Madonna, singer Jennifer Lopez absolutely depends on yoga to keep her fit and looking fine (and of course relaxed too). And it’s working for her–Lopez has received the sexiest woman in the world several times. We’re sure the shopping and tennis doesn’t hurt either.

Kevin Garnett – Soccer Kevin Garnett, one of the NBA’s best all-around players, is apparently a fan of soccer. Garnett has been spotted attending Los Angeles Galaxy games as well as the Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League.

Serena Williams – Movies, Football, Reading, Acting, Spending Time W/ Family and Friends Tennis legend Serena Williams is a down to earth girl–though we could have suspected as much. Serena apparently enjoys nothing more than hanging out with friends and popping in a DVD–or watching the NFL game. Sounds like she’s our kind of gal!

Celebrities hobbies  
Celebrities hobbies