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Explore North West University (NWU) - Postgraduate studies in South Africa

Willing to pursue education abroad? South Africa, the land of multi-ethnicity is inviting international students to join its NWU or North West University. Boasting of more than 62 nationalities, it is known for its excellence in teaching, learning and research. North West University offers varied specialized programmes. Set across 8 different categories they are viz,  Natural Sciences 




Management Sciences

Education Sciences


Health Sciences

North West University has 3 campuses: North West University Potchefstroom, North West University Mafikeng and North West University Vaal Triangle. North West University Potchefstroom, being the the oldest North West University campus is more than 145 yrs. old with all the 8 faculties of Post graduate studies in South Africa. Known for various patentable and revolutionary innovations, it encourages students and researchers. Last year North West University Potchefstroom had 44,969 students including 24,697 distance admissions. It comprises of 25 research entities, various centers and institutes. It is also inclusive of 134 researchers rated by National Research foundation along with three of them holding an A1 rating. A1 is the highest possible rating as per the research foundation. Postgraduate degrees in North West University Potchefstroom consist of 30 schools. Postgraduate degrees in South Africa covers major areas from Philosophy to Music in Arts, International trade to Tourism Management in Economy and Business Management, Biogenetics to Clinical Psychology in Health Sciences, Electrical to Nuclear in Engineering, Private to formal in Law, Space to Agricultural in Natural Sciences etc. Doctors Degrees in South Africa have brighter and numerous options which will open doors to newer career opportunities. For various Postgraduate degrees and Doctors degrees visit here.

Explore north west university (nwu) postgraduate studies in southafrica article