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Together Towards Tomorrow One cannot grasp a holistic vision of tomorrow without a glare at yesterday. So we yearn for a united and diverse Europe, don’t we? Still many of us remain unsure what they yearn for. It seems as though it is more issues and revelations that arise and unravel with the surge of euroscepticism and populist movements. As such, what do we – do they – want? Portrayal of the latest addition to the knee-dropping, Kerouac-like list of confused and lost generations. Few novelties aside – such as the first-ever, long-awaited yet controversial online eVoting sytem, – differences between this year’s European elections and 2009 are practically indiscernible. Regardless of how conscious of this democratic deficit EU decision-makers are, it is, this May again, faceless names that uninformed and democracydesperate citizens will slide through the ballot boxes. Countless politicians avowed capability of bringing change; we have yet to come across the latter someday – I for my part haven’t. Yet vehemently condemning current governance as I do this very moment will by no means abruptly increase voter turnout nor discourage nationalists, hatred-spreading movements and other injustice-promoters. It won’t, because the problem is anchored much deeper, in every nook of abyssal history. Victor Hugo was one of the earliest and firmest believers in human rights, democracy and most importantly, Europe. In the 1850s, Hugo already spoke of the ‘United States of Europe,’ a mention which would immortalise Churchill’s infamous speech in Zurich a century later. But in 1946, despite momentary gasps of hope, despair and division and conflict were the most vivid colours of the painting. An iron curtain soon descended across the continent, accounting for supplemental evidence of intra-European attempts to paradoxically unify and divide Europe in the meantime. But it goes far beyond a chaotic past. Beyond the absence of a European identity, a lack of hope and a sense of disorientation dominate. At the hinge of two generations, on the verge of implosion, Europeans are ropewalking. With the recent inclusion of a twentyeighth Member State, our Union is assuredly diverse. However, it certainly isn’t united: the chain ‘united in diversity,’ supposedly holding everyone together, is missing a junction. Then perhaps should we first contemplate what we want. Perhaps should we relegate our egoistical national sovereignty to a lower level of priority. Trade our national lens for a larger focus through which we wouldn’t see as narrowly. Accept that the EU is imperfect. Perhaps should we rebuild it afresh, in light of the mistakes and failures we have previously encountered. Perhaps should we hear MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s last words at the EP this April: “There is a heterogeneous trend in Europe that truth can only be found in one country. If we continue like this, it will destroy all that we have built.”

Together towards tomorrow  

An opinion-based article expressing my rant concerning European Elections, written earlier this May in the context of my application to Belg...