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June 2019

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2 tickets to the Odeon Cinema in Maidstone

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Editor’s Letter


elcome to the eighth anniversary edition of the Maidstone Village Magazine. It has been another fantastic year and I am overwhelmed by the amount of support that I have received from so many advertisers and readers. I really appreciate your letters and emails. Please remember that there are two editions of the Maidstone Village Magazine. There is also the Three Suttons Edition which is distributed for FREE door to door to homes and businesses in Boughton Monchelsea, Chart Suttton, Sutton Valence, East Sutton, Langley, Langley Heath and Kingswood. We also have distribution points in Coxheath, Bearsted, Yalding, Linton and Maidstone Centre..... and they are run by just one person! If you would like to promote your business in this Edition and/or the Loose Edition, please do not hesitate to give me a call for details.

Helena Stavri

Publisher/Editor Email: Tel: 07905 115366 Website:


Get your business off to a flying start this year an advertise with the Maid d st Village Magazine one It’s easy and affo

rdable, with prices startin g from as little as £30 per mo where required. Contactnth and can be designed He len a on 079 05 115366 or email: maidstonevillag COPY DEADLINE FOR TH ISSUE IS 8T H JU NE E JULY 2019

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Features Top gifts for a top dad Would you marry at first sight? Using your home as a pension...good idea?

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8 Book Reviews Gardening 18  Recipes 22  Car Review 24  What’s on Locally 26  Information Useful 28


  Submission deadline    8th June 2019    Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, neither the Publisher nor it’s editorial Personalised Set of Three Beers - Happy  contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, responsibility for loss, damage or Father’s Day Shield Design £24.99  omission caused by error in the printing of an advert. All artwork is accepted on the strict condition that permission has been given by any holder of any copyright,  for artwork and logos, for use in this publication. Adverts are accepted on the  understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate.  Maidstone Village Magazine does not officially endorse any advertising/  editorial material included within the publication. The Publisher cannot accept  responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims  by advertisements appearing in this publication. Distribution may vary at  made kall the Publisher’s discretion. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be  stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form - electronic, hones  reproduced, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise - without the prior written consent of Very  the Publisher. Maidstone Village Magazine is an independent magazine and  not associated in any way with other local publications. All dates and credits are  accurate at time of going to press but are subject to change. The use of this  magazine for canvassing or direct marketing is strictly prohibited.    Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding adverts 3 Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding toto adverts  


 

 


  

  


Prize Sudoku Two winners will each win two tickets to the Odeon Cinema, Maidstone!

Just complete the Sudoku grid opposite, cut out and post to: Prize Sudoku Competition, Loose Edition, Maidstone Village Magazine, PO Box 620, Maidstone ME17 4WF. Closing date: 10th June 2019. Remember to include a piece of paper with your name, address, email and telephone number. The winners will be contacted by telephone initially. Prize donated by Odeon Cinema, Maidstone.


st Farleigh won Mrs Levinson of Ea igh who have each rle Fa t es Harrington of W e Odeon Cinema, Maidstone. two tickets to th


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Sarah Willsey ​MCFHP MAFHP Foot Health Professional 

Mobile Foot Health Professional service in the comfort of  your own home    TREATMENTS  • Corns & calluses • Hard skin • Verrucas • Ingrown toe nails • Thickened fungal nails • Cracked heels • Toe nail cutting and care  • Diabetic and High Risk​ ​Foot Care and Advice •   Clinic: 01622 438550  Mobile: 07500 041535  Email:  Web: 

PRICES £38 first appointment  £35 follow up    £33 over 65 first appointment  £30 over 65 follow up     

44  To advertise call 07905115366 or Email:

Contact: Kev 07752 637973


Holds the key to your home improvements and garden projects. Honeysuckle Cottage, 70 Stockett Lane, Coxheath, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4PY. Home : 01622 747716

Mobile : 07960 139210

Designing / Supplying and Installing

Kitchens : Bathrooms : Bedrooms :

Painting and Decorating

Interior and Exterior Work :

Tiling : Walls and Floors : Flooring : Laminates and Hardwoods : Door Hanging : Skirtings and Covings : All Storage Solutions : Draughty Windows and Doors Solved :

Garden Landscaping : Decking : Fencing : Pergolas : Ponds : Lawns : Patios : Raised Beds : Timber Garages : Summerhouses : Sheds : Lawn Mowing and Hedge Trimming :

No Job too Small : Local Friendly Reliable Service : All Work Guaranteed and Insured.

Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding to adverts



T󰉀󰉀E 󰈖󰈖󰈵󰈵’S 󰉇󰉇󰉚󰉚󰈍󰈍O󰈖󰈖R 󰈽󰈽󰈜󰈜



AC󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜always! & oice a ch

OP󰉋󰉋󰈰󰈰 󰈯󰈯󰉈󰉈AR 󰇳󰇳󰈮󰈮󰈓󰈓 I󰈯󰈯 T󰉀󰉀E 󰈟󰈟C󰉀󰉀󰈮󰈮󰈭󰈭󰈳󰈳 HO󰈴󰈴󰈾󰈾󰉌󰉌󰉚󰉚Y󰈠󰈠!

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls R󰉍󰉍R󰉍󰉍 N󰉍󰉍 29T󰉀󰉀22JU󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴 A󰈖󰈖󰈖 JU󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴 A󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖󰈖

EX󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑 AC󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜 󰉑󰉑

WE󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋 󰈜󰈜󰈜 󰉋󰉋 DU󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋 T󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀 󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀 HO󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴

󰉆󰉆󰉆 FU󰈰󰈰 󰉆󰉆½-14 4 AG󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋E󰉋 󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝 Y



V is


󰈎󰈎󰉃󰉃 󰇻󰇻󰇽󰇽 r󰈸󰈸a󰇸󰇸󰉉󰉉d 󰇹󰇹 󰈀󰈀 󰈘󰈘 l 󰇽󰇽󰈻󰈻.󰇸󰇸o.󰉉󰉉k 01480 4 6 75 6


Giving every child such an



AM󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝 EX󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪

Rated 5 stars - April 2019

they can’t wait to come back!

To advertise call 07905115366 or Email:

Beautiful Bathooms Design • Supply • Fit @signaturebathroom

Phone/Email Free Quotations

07411 505618 01622 747273 Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding to adverts



Book Reviews The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard An absolutely cracking, and thrillingly creepy read. Ten years after her first boyfriend Will confessed to five murders in Dublin and was imprisoned, Alison is still keeping the past at arms length. After several copycat killings, the Garda ask her to return home and speak to Will in prison, and Alison finds herself facing the past head on. The first few intense pages set the tone, the words menaced and harassed my senses as they introduced an unidentified male. The chapters that follow are either headed Alison or Will, with the unidentified male occasionally making an appearance. Unsynchronised ‘then’ or ‘now’, keep you in the present or throw you into the past, and I was on high alert to the changes. Alison tells her own tale, allowing a deeper connection, I found myself uncertain and on edge, as more information from the past was released. Catherine Ryan Howard fans the flames of tension, she strings a taut wire between the murders of then and now, until they start to collide and the ending hurtles towards you. The Liar’s Girl is so clever, so captivating, and fairly crackles with dramatic intensity, oh what a truly fabulous read this is.

While You Sleep Stephanie Merritt


Take an old house on the edge of a remote Scottish island, place an American artist running away from her marriage in it. She finds an old journal from 1869 written by Ailsa whose husband dabbled in the occult and used her as an ‘instrument’ in his experiments. He was drowned at sea and she gave birth to a child thirteen months after she last saw him. Scandal, rumour and gossip abound when both mother and child die 88

in mysterious circumstances. So now our present day tale unfolds and what a tale it is. This is Dennis Wheatley/Wicker Man/Stephen King territory, wonderful stuff, not for the feint-hearted. Our American woman blames jet lag, then alcohol, then hormones for her strange, erotic ‘dreams’. Slowly we are drawn into an ancient mystery, locals resenting infiltrators, or real horror … we know not and we turn the pages compulsively to discover all we can. Highly recommended. Lovers of historical fiction will know the author as S J Parris, a creator of Bruno the sixteenth century spy, this is her first book under this name.

We Were the Salt of the Sea by Roxanne Bouchard What a beautifully written, captivating, and soulful read this is. Detective Sergeant Joaquin Morales, newly transferred, begins to investigate the death of a women found in fishing nets out at sea. Catherine Day leaves Montreal for a remote fishing village, looking for answers about her birth mother. The Gaspe Peninsula sits centre stage in the story, remote, set apart, and yet intimately connected to the sea. I immediately fell headlong into the story, the seamless translation encourages the words to join together, creating a vividly stunning picture. Catherine tells her own tale, having such personal access allows a connection, yet she still feels hidden from view. Other peoples thoughts tumble freely over the pages, yet they belong, they anchor the story. I felt that the author Roxanne Bouchard has a profound connection to the sea, she loves it, respects it, yet the immense power simmers, occasionally rages in the background. I quite simply adored ‘We Were the Salt of the Sea’, refreshingly different, unpredictable, yet deeply rich and touching, it became a part of me.

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Would you Marry at First Sight? 


eading family lawyers in the country subscribe to the idea that the UK needs a ‘no fault divorce’ option. We have been advocating this since the 1990s, when we pressed for Part II of the Family Law Act 1996 to be enacted. The Government of the time decided that the provisions were “unworkable” and they have now been repealed. It was said that to interfere with the right of every married person to lay blame on the other would be “to question the sanctity of marriage”. Many do not agree with that stance in today’s society. We say that a simple change to the law would enable married couples to divorce without blame even though they will not have been separated for two years, as the law currently stands for couples wanting a no fault divorce. It would remove one unnecessary hurdle from a difficult situation already often rife with blame, anger and guilt. There are countless examples of one member of a divorcing couple being influenced through anger, guilt or emotional blackmail to have a diminished role in the lives of their children, or accept less from the marital finances because of the way they are made to feel by the divorce process at that time. Resolution, The Times, Senior Judiciary and the Nuffield Foundation continue to lobby for new legislation, but the Government will


only consider change as part of a general review of the family justice system – yet another example of government and society remaining out of step indefinitely into the future. For couples still having to navigate this legally enforced requirement to detail blame for the breakdown of their marriage, it seems a little reckless that popular culture is promoting the programme Married At First Sight. It is now in its third series in the UK on Channel 4, where ‘experts’ pair armies of potential participants and match make them statistically. All the betrothed have to do is agree to marry their match on the prescribed day – without ever having met them before. A review of the first series in a national broadsheet breathlessly opined that: ‘Cynical viewers like myself may have hoped for car-crash match-fails to expose the “experts” but inevitably we begin to get to know the final six, and root for them’. The article concludes that: ‘Marriage is still a sacred social totem and this felt taboo [but] Turning the biggest decision of a life into a ratings grabber barely feels controversial, so accustomed are we to the extremities and lunacies of the screen…I was bereft when it ended…Jane Austen would have been hooked’. For the programme to be recommissioned twice, it must be extremely popular. It exposes our national psyche as being contradictory – our politicians will not countenance keeping blame out of the divorce process, but the media can ‘play’ with marriage in a show that is supposedly socially experimental. Does this sit well with the real life experiences of marriage, and subsequent divorce that many people face? We specialist family lawyers will continue to lobby for a system that better meets the needs of our clients in contrast to the disconnect between the government and media.

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The Alpaca Experience


We’d love you to come and say hello to our four beautiful Kenward alpaca’s Pepe, Louigi, Romeo & Maximilian!

Louigi Our Alpaca Experience gives you the chance to feed, walk and learn more about these unique animals. Once you’ve finished walking around our beautiful grounds here at Yalding, you can enjoy a hot drink and slice of cake in our Sage and Time cafe. Vouchers cost just £14.95 per person or 2 for £25, and includes all of the above.

Surrounded by stunning Kent countryside, Sage and Time is the perfect place to relax while enjoying a slice of homemade cake, afternoon tea or delicious lunch. You can also visit our Craft and Garden shops or explore our Woodland Walk. Children and dogs are welcome.

Open: Mon to Fri 9am - 4pm Weekends 11am - 3pm

To book or for more information, call: 01622 814187 or email: Kenward Trust, Kenward Road, Yalding, Kent ME18 6AH Registered charity no. 1146481. Registered in England no. 7931728.

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Will, Estate or Power of Attorney dispute? Do you have a dispute regarding how a Will, Estate or Power of Attorney has been handled? Whitehead Monckton has considerable experience in helping clients to resolve these difficult disagreements and in many cases achieving excellent financial results. We can offer a ‘NO WIN – NO FEE’ service for Will, Estate and Power of Attorney disputes.

Call us today on 01622 698047 for an initial, no obligation, consultation by phone.

E-mail Whitehead Monckton Limited (no. 08366029), registered in England & Wales. Registered office 72 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1BL. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under no. 608279. MVD 02/18

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Call us on 01622 240070 on 01622 240070 CallCall us 01622 240070 or find at us on or mortgage. find usTo atunderstand or find us at This is a lifetime the features and risks, ask for a personalised

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised A lifetime mortgage impact entitlement to tested benefits and by the illustration. Sandringham Sandringham Financial may Partners Ltdyour (‘Sandringham’) is means authorised and regulated illustration. Financial Partners Ltd (‘Sandringham’) is authorised and regulated by is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised This isThis a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised inheritance you may leave. the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number: 581304 the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number: 581304 illustration. Sandringham Financial Partners Ltd (‘Sandringham’) is authorised and regulated by ustration. Sandringham Financial Partners Ltd (‘Sandringham’) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number: 581304 the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number: 581304

11 Albion Albion Place, Place, Maidstone, Maidstone, Kent, Kent, ME14 ME14 5DY 5DY 11

Sandringham Financial Financial Partners Partners Ltd, Ltd, 5th 5th Floor, Floor, 30 30 Market Market Street, Street, Huddersfield, Huddersfield, W. W. Yorks, Yorks, HD1 HD1 2HG 2HG Sandringham 11 Albion Place, Maidstone, 11 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent,Kent, ME14ME14 5DY 5DY

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                   


  

                       18

     


 

       

   

                       

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Stylist Required


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Tours 2019 By attending these tours you are helping East Malling Trust fund horticultural research.

25th June & 17th September 1.30pm · Bradbourne House Tour 10.45am · Research Centre Tour £12 per person £12 per person £22 if you book both tours for the same day Wheelchair friendly. Refreshments are included. Ask about our bespoke tours for groups.

T: 01732 523755 E:

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Interior rooms Paint/ Wallpaper Honest and reliable Retired police officer Clean and tidy

Call or email for a quote: 07870123842 01622741245 20

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Mayfair Drives


WE WON’T BE BEATEN ON QUALITY OR PRICE Block Paving Specialists . Tarmac Red/Black Brick Work . Patios . Wrought Iron Work Medway: 01634 232 288 Maidstone: 01622 260188 or call into our showroom 25 High Street, Rainham, ME8 7HX Open 6 days a week. Sundays by appointment Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding to adverts



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Call out rates from just

For All Your Day to Day Requirements From changing a light bulb to redecorating your home No job too small and help available for any problems in and around the home

Kitchen Appliances - Sheds - Blinds Supplied & Installed

GENERAL MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS Including Plumbing, Electrical, Tiling, Painting & Decorating and more…


HOME SECURITY & SAFETY Locks, Glazing, Outdoor Lighting, Key Safes, Grab & Safety Rails

(including 1 hour labour)

LARGER WORKS Kitchen, Toilet & Bathroom Modifications, etc… MOVING HOME We can assist and prepare everything for your move

“like sos but scs”

Just Call SCS on

07784 053127 Email:


0800 2465425


Providing you are 65 and over, this service is available to you! Works are carried out by specialists and qualified staff all fully insured and DBS checked. SCS Services throughout the UK caring for you and your home SCS_F11_AD_130x90.indd 1

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A friendly local family run business providing you with all your fencing needs! We install a range of domestic garden fencing along with gates and repairs.

Telephone us for a FREE quotation today!

01622 236474 or 07849 788214

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 

                        


                        

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              

                   

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Mondays Musical Merry Go Round (term times only) 9.30am-11am – Loose Parish Pavilion, King George V Playing Field Surestart Stay and Play 12.30pm-2.30pm – Loose Parish Pavilion Beavers (6-8yrs) 6pm-7.15pm – Loose Swiss Scouts HQ, Pickering Street Cubs (8-10 yrs) 7pm-8.30pm - Loose Swiss Scouts HQ, Pickering Street Loose Area History Society 7.30pm-9pm - 2nd Mon of month (not Aug & Sept) – Loose Infant School, Loose Road Tuesdays Coffee Stop 9.30am-12pm, Congregational Church, 157 Linton Rd Weight Watchers 7.30pm-8.30pm, Loose Parish Pavilion Surestart 12.30pm-2.30pm – Loose Parish Pavilion Brownies (t/t only) – 5.30pm-7pm – Loose Parish Pavilion Alzheimer’s Society Linton Road - Carers Support Group 3rd Tue of month - 10am-12pm. 01622 747181 Wednesdays Maclean Scouts (10-14yrs) 6.45pm-8.45pm - Loose Swiss Scouts HQ Music Mayhem 10am-11am – YMCA Centre, Melrose Close Sure Start 12.30pm-2.30pm – Loose Parish Pavilion Bockingford Club 2pm – Eling Court Day Centre, Hildenshaw (off Broadoak Avenue) Loose Valley Wives 1st & 3rd Wed of month, 7.30pm. All Saints’ Church, Church Street Maidstone Alzheimer’s Association Holy Family Church Hall, off Bicknor Rd, Parkwood, Maidstone - Last Wed of month (except Dec) 2-4pm. 01622 749539 Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Cafe 1st & 3rd Wed of month, 2pm-4pm. 1 Dairy Court, Fairview Farm, Linton Road, Maidstone, ME15 0AL Please contact Vicki Baldwin on 01622 747181 or Thursdays Sure Start Stay and Play 9.30am-11.30am – Loose Parish Pavilion Toddler Praise (t/t only), 9.15am-11.30am. All Saints’ Church


Beavers (6-8yrs) 6pm-7.15pm – Loose Swiss Scouts HQ, Pickering Str Slimming World 7.30pm - Loose Parish Pavilion Cubs (8-10 yrs) 7pm-8.30pm, Loose Swiss Scouts HQ, Pickering Street Badminton Club 7.30pm-9.30pm – New Line Learning Academy, Boughton Lane Fridays Rowallan Scouts (10-14yrs) 7pm-9pm - Loose Swiss Scouts HQ, Pickering Street Georgie Porgies Toddler Group (t/t only), 9.30am-11.30am. Loose Parish Pavilion

Sundays All Saints ’ Church Services 8am & 10.15am. All Saints’ Church, Church Street Linton Road Congregational Church Service Every Sun at 11am. Coffee Stop - 1st Tue of month at 10.00am. M Boorman 01622743952.

East Farleigh Mondays Funtrain 9.30am. For Toddlers. 07709 630062. WI Hall. Family Dog Services 6.45-9.15. 07989 515814. WI Hall. Tuesdays Ballroom/Latin Dancing 7.45-9.15. 07801 372598. WI Hall. Megs Keep Fit Class 2-3. Old School Hall. All ages. 01892 822090. Wednesdays Gentle Pilates 9.30am. WI Hall. 07730 580402. ­ Camcorder Club 7.45pm. 1st/3rd of month. WI Hall. 01622 745123. Thursdays Adult Tap Dance Class 10-11am. WI Hall. 01622 726155. Fridays Old School Samba Band 7-9pm. Old School Hall. 07764 272221.

Hunton Wednesday Tai Jutsu (all ages) 6.30pm-8pm. Hunton Village Hall. Tel: 07711 143202

if you have a one-off event or excursion for To include your non-profit making event, club, group or class for free, or or classes cost £12.50 per issue to list. Copy events for Paid . July, please email: maidstonevillagemagazine@ correct at time of going to print. deadline for next issue 10th June 2019. First come first served basis. Details

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Brush & Vacuum All Work Insured All work Certified to cover insurance Pest Control Available Camera Inspection Available Weddings Attended For a Clean, Prompt Service Call Kevin

Tel: 01622 844385 Mob: 07885 651578



Mr L Ridley • Flat Roofs, New Roofs • All Roof Repairs, Lead Work, Pointing etc • Fascia, Soffits, Guttering • All Building Work Undertaken

TEL: 01622 842541 MOB: 07776 315424

Vidgen Ad


9:04 am

Page 1

Ancient pe

Vidgen Upholstery ● Armchairs ● Dining

Established 40 years


“A fat, middle aged fox caught in the ● Motorbike autumn” was considered to have a seats ● Antique wide range of healing powers. Time restoration has long forgotten some of the ● Headboards BOUGHTON MONCHELSEA mysteries surrounding the alleged curative properties of animal parts. You may wince at the list of palliative Domestic charms our ancestorsCleaning used. Musk Would deer Like tosecretion Introduce itsisNew Partner Company good for cardiac, circulatoryOffering and respiratory the Completeproblems. Ironing

01622 746880


Now we have modern science based Competitive Pricing medicine, but for Pickup centuries folkloricservice unguents and Drop-off were used to heal and cure all manner of illnesses. Callbefore us today! 01622 Long the fox was hunted880028 by hounds and horses he was regarded as a medicinal source for Office: Hollingbourne Maidstone Kent 07595 008782 Email. those fortunate enough to afford the best medical attention. A distillation of Pulmone vulpis – fox’s no less – and reduced a sticky paste, was 27 Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine lung, when responding totoadverts considered the right treatment for ulcers, especially


Farmer’s Markets East Farleigh

1st Sun of month (Feb-Dec) Old School Hall & Car Park 10am - 1pm 01622 726164


3rd Saturday of every month Yalding High Street 10am - 1pm 07710 627735

Bearsted Aylesford

4th Sunday of every month Bearsted Green 10am - 1pm 07956 344722 3rd Sun of the month Aylesford Priory 9.30am - 1.30pm 07876 685853

USEFUL NUMBERS Emergency Numbers Childine NSPCC RSPCA Samaritans Samaritans Local Offce Water Floodline Crimestoppers Kent Police Anti Terrorism Hotline NHS Direct (24 hour) Electricity Faults Gas Leaks

0800 1111 0800 800 5000 0300 1234 999 116 123 01622 674 444 0845 988 1188 0800 555 111 101 0800 789321 0845 46 47 0800 7838866 0800 111 999

The Loose Medical Practice NHS

01622 744644 111

Doctor’s Numbers

Post Office Numbers


PRIMARY SCHOOLS Loose Primary School 01622 743549

East Farleigh Primary School 01622 726364

Hunton C of E Primary School 01622 820360

Tiger Primary School 01622 745166


Maidstone YMCA Pre-School 01622 749404

East Farleigh Pre-School 07586 439018

West Farleigh Pre-School 07951 847956

Hunton & Linton Pre-School 01622 820309

SCHOOL TERMS 2018/2019 Term 2 Term 3

29 Oct to 19 Dec 3 Jan to 15 Feb

All dates have been taken from


01622 743233

Care Numbers Age UK Maidstone Elder Abuse Response Three Suttons Helpline

01622 753618 0808 808 8141 01622 842217

Library Numbers Coxheath

01622 744130

Services Alzheimer’s Society 01622 747181 Maidstone Hospital 01622 729000 National Rail Enquiries 08457 484 950 Kent Benefits Agency 01892 507300 Arriva Bus Times 08706 082608 Citizens Advice Bureau 01622 752420 Royal British Legion 01622 746509 Kent Fire Brigade Headquaters 01622 692121 Maidstone Borough Council 01622 602000 Kent County Council 0845 8247247 Shelter (housing advice) 0808 800 4444 MP for Maidstone, Helen Grant 01622 752463 Job Centre Maidstone 0845 604 3719

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FOOTSTEPS F L O O R I N G CA R P ET S, V I N Y L, N AT U R A L & D ESI GN ER F LO O R I N G 197 Loose Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 7UF Tel/Fax: 01622 757411

Dave Cox Plumbing & Heating Gas Service and Installation, Landlord Certificates Bathrooms, Tiling and general Domestic Plumbing 07701024078 01634 314980 01622 730960

Domestic Cleaning

We Clean So You Don’t Have To!

Competitive Pricing, Fully Insured, Reliable, Professional, Trustworthy Available to do: Household Cleans, End of Tenancy Cleans, New Builds

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01622 880028 Office: Hollingbourne Maidstone Kent

Epic Landscapes

No job too big or small • Fencing • Treework • Turfing • Decking • Levelling Ground • Jet Washing Service • Water Features • Pea Shingle • Patios • Clearance • Driveways For a free site survey call:

01622 527106 07788532926

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respect, with compassion we care, through commitment we achieve

Together we

Ashley Gardens, Sutton Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 8RA Tel: 01622 761310

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Affordable Childcare, Affordable fun

Summer Holiday Club Monday 22nd July – Friday 31st August (excluding Monday 26th August)

Activities include; Rollerskating, Football, Cooking, Wow Wednesday’s and much more... Sessions available from 8am -6pm Maidstone YMCA, Melrose Close, Loose Maidstone, Kent ME15 6BD Tel: 01622 749404

Find us on Charity No: 1110087

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Glass Splashbacks For Kitchen & Bathroom Walls

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Visually Stunning Incredibly Easy to Clean No Grout Lines Strong & Durable Any Design & Colour Any Size & Shape

Free home design visits available. Contact us now for info. 01622 727697 Please mention Maidstone Village Magazine when responding to adverts


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Maidstone Village Magazine - Loose Edition  

June 2019

Maidstone Village Magazine - Loose Edition  

June 2019