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Spring 2016

Hello We are delighted to introduce Black Dog Publishing’s Spring 2016 catalogue, including exciting new titles, recent bestsellers and our acclaimed backlist. We start with Make Build Create, a companion to the bestselling Drawing Projects for Children. Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow, Make Build Create is a dynamic collection of hands-on sculptural activities and projects for children of all ages. These carefully selected exercises enable children to learn sculptural techniques such as casting, carving and moulding whilst making personal sculptural artworks. Following this, Suzanne Treister’s HFT The Gardener is the culmination of a long multi-faceted project by Treister’s fictional character Hillel Fischer Traumberg. Traumberg is an algorithmic high-frequency trader (HFT), who becomes an “outsider artist” after a hallucinogenic journey through psychoactive drugs, techno-shamanism and the Financial Times Global 500 Financial Index. Eventually, his work enters the collections of oligarchs and bankers—the world of global capital in which his journey began. HFT The Gardener follows Treister’s HEXEN 2.0, a tarot deck also available in this catalogue and released as a much anticipated second edition. Published in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery, Harry Callahan: The Street is an important new exploration of the renowned artist’s lesser-known works, focusing on his street photography. One of the most influential American photographers of the second half of the twentieth century, the book is a crucial addition to Callahan’s critical scholarship that opens up a deeper understanding of the photographer’s greater impact on the techniques and styles of modern photography, moving through documentary work, still life and staged photographs. With Marlborough Contemporary, we are excited to present three new titles, two of which explore the work of Hamburg-based artist Werner Büttner: Coincidence in Splendour, an overview of paintings from the 1980s until the present, and My Looting Eye, dedicated to Büttner’s long engagement with collage. These are preceded by Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy, a poetic and insightful reading of the oeuvre of the British artist by novelist, curator and critic, Michael Bracewell. As always, we continue to support our diverse range of current and backlist titles, including Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives, London Stitch and Knit and Degas’ Method. Enjoy.

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New Titles

6 Make Build Create

8 HFT The Gardener Suzanne Treister

10 The HEXEN 2.0 Tarot Deck Suzanne Treister

32 Suzy Lake Performing an Archive

34 McArthur Binion Re:Mine

36 Kevin Schmidt

12 Harry Call ahan The street

16 Embracing Canada: Landscapes from Krieghoff to the Group of Seven

20 Jason Brooks Perpetual Orgy

38 Wild New Territories

40 Landon Mackenzie Parallel Journey

44 Still Move Brendan Fernandes

24 Werner Büttner Coincidence in Splendour

26 Werner Büttner My Looting Eye

28 Food and The Public Sphere Lucy + Jorge Orta

46 Woods and the Sea Estonian Design and the Virtual Frontier

48 True Nordic How Scandinavian Design Changed Canada, 1920 –2015

50 Art of the Arctic Reflec tions of the Unseen



Black Dog Publishing

54 De ma main à l a couleur / Hand to Colour

58 How does it feel? Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture

56 Multiple Elementary

New Titles 60 What Now? The Politics of Listening

62 Zie Tzaro Making You Smile


Selected A–Z Backlist




Work Editions

Image from Still Move 4

92495 > ISBN 9781910433706 Make Build Create Sculpture Projects for Children Author: Paula Briggs UK Mar 2016 · US/CAN Apr 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-70-6 RRP £14.95 · $24.95 26 × 20 cm · 8 × 10 in 120 ills · 144 pp A companion to the bestselling Drawing Projects for Children, Make Build Create is an easy to follow, beautifully illustrated collection of hands-on sculptural activities and projects for children. Children of all ages are encouraged to explore how they might transform a wide variety of natural and man-made materials through a series of open-ended projects. Inspiration is taken from architecture, landscapes, figures and objects in the everyday environments around us. These carefully selected activities enable children to learn sculptural techniques such as casting, carving and construction whilst making their own sculptural artworks and objects. The author, Paula Briggs, co-founder and director of visual arts education charity AccessArt, has extensive experience conducting sculpture workshops with children of all ages. The projects included in Make Build Create involve her expertise in broadening children's artistic horizons and building confidence in their new skills.

93495 > ISBN 9781910433713 HFT The Gardener Author: Suzanne Treister UK Feb 2016 · US/CAN Mar 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-71-3 RRP £34.95 · $54.95 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 160 ills · 240 pp HFT The Gardener presents the culmination of a project comprising multiple bodies of work by Treister’s fictional character Hillel Fischer Traumberg. Traumberg is an algorithmic high-frequency trader (HFT), who experiments with psychoactive drugs, and explores the ethnopharmacology of over a hundred psychoactive plants. He uses gematria (Hebrew numerology) to discover the numerological equivalents of the plants’ botanical names with companies in the Financial Times Global 500 Financial Index. He communes with the traditional shamanic users of these plants whose practices include healing, divining the future, entering the spirit world, and exploring the hallucinatory nature of reality. Traumberg develops a fantasy of himself as a techno-shaman, transmuting the spiritual dimensions of the universe and the hallucinogenic nature of capital into new art forms. He becomes an ‘outsider artist’ whose work is collected by oligarchs and bankers, the world of global capital in which he began.

93495 > ISBN 9781910433744 The HEXEN 2.0 Tarot Deck Suzanne Treister Author: Suzanne Treister UK Sep 2015 · US/CAN Oct 2015 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-74-4 RRP £22.95 · $34.95 15 × 10 cm · 3¾× 6 in 78 ills · 78 pp The second edition of the HEXEN 2.0 Tarot features 78 alchemical drawings depicting the interconnected histories of the computer and the internet, cybernetics and countercultures, science-fiction and scientific projections of the future, government and military research programmes, social engineering and the control society, alongside diverse philosophical, literary and political responses to advances in technology, including the claims of anarchoprimitivism, technogaianism, and transhumanism. Representing and re-examining these subjects and histories through the lens of occult belief systems and ideas of the supernatural, The HEXEN 2.0 Tarot takes us to a hypnotic, mesmerising space from where one may imagine and construct possible alternative futures.

93995 > ISBN 9781910433584 Harry Callahan The Street Editor: Grant Arnold UK Jun 2016 · US/CAN Jul 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-58-4 RRP £29.95 · $39.95 25 × 28 cm · 11 × 10 in 100 ills · 160 pp Harry Callahan (1912–1999) was one of the most influential American photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. Callahan’s highly original oeuvre involved a wide-ranging exploration of photographic techniques including experimentation with exposures, a strong sense of line and form, and light and darkness. A crucial addition to Callahan’s critical presence and leading to a deeper understanding of the photographer’s greater impact on the techniques and styles of modern photography, Harry Callahan: The Street explores the artist’s lesser-known works, focusing on his black-and-white and colour street photographs. Bringing together documentary work, still life and staged photographs—many of his wife, who he photographed throughout his life—this important review sheds new light on Callahan’s personal and pioneering approach. Published in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Image from Harry Callahan: The Street

93995 > ISBN 9781910433560 Embracing Canada Landscapes from Krieghoff to the Group of Seven Editor: Ian M Thom Contributors: Tobi Bruce, Brian Foss, Michèle Grandbois, Charles Hill, Sarah Milroy, Gerta Moray, Ian M Thom, Louise Vigneault, Liz Wiley, Christine Boyaboski UK Oct 2015 · US/CAN Nov 2015 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-56-0 RRP £29.95 · $39.95 28 × 24 cm · 11 × 9½ in 155 ills · 208 pp Embracing Canada: Landscapes from Krieghoff to the Group of Seven provides a comprehensive survey of Canadian landscape painting between 1840 and 1940, bringing together over 150 works from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s permanent collection and a rare glimpse of an eminent private collection of Canadian painting. Exploration of Canada’s vast and diverse environment, people’s place within it, and their attitudes toward it, has been a driving force in Canadian art since the beginning of secular imagery in the country. From early artists such as Robert Clow Todd and Cornelius Krieghoff, who documented the winter wonderland of nineteenthcentury Quebec, to the Group of Seven, who spectacularly recorded the length and breadth of Canada, succeeding generations of artists have made a significant contribution to our wider understanding of the country, all beautifully reproduced in this book. Published in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Image from Embracing Canada: Landscapes from Krieghoff to the Group of Seven

93995 > ISBN 9781910433553 Jason Brooks Perpetual Orgy Author: Michael Bracewell Available Now Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-55-3 RRP £29.95 · $39.95 32½ × 26½ cm · 10½ × 13 in 107 ills · 168 pp Jason Brooks rose to prominence in the early 1990s alongside the generation of Young British Artists (YBAs), including Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Sarah Lucas, all of whom enjoy wide international acclaim. From his iconic portraits, to restless experiments with sculpture and found materials, Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy is the first overview of this singular and versatile artist’s career and his joyful exploration of the essence of painting as a medium. Specially commissioned for this title, novelist, curator and critic, Michael Bracewell offers an insightful reading of Brook’s practice through a series of essays written in response to an extended conversation with the artist and an engagement with his work spanning several years. Richly illustrated, Perpetual Orgy is beautifully bound in ridged Italian bookcloth and sumptuous Savile Row endpapers, presenting Brooks’ work to an appropriately ambitious and luxurious specification. Published in partnership with Marlborough Contemporary.

Image from Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy

95495 > ISBN 9781910433751 Werner Büttner Coincidence in Splendour Editor: Andrew Renton Contributors: Werner Büttner, Harald Falckenberg, Peter Weibel et al UK Dec 2015 · US/CAN Feb 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-75-1 RRP £50.00 · $75.00 32½ × 26½ cm · 10½ × 13 in 214 ills · 252 pp Exploring the work of Hamburg-based artist Werner Büttner Coincidence in Splendour presents an overview of paintings from the 1980s until the present. Together with Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen, Büttner has exerted a sustained and provocative impact on the European art scene since the late 1970s when, as the ‘Junge Wilde’, they sought to renounce the dominant modes of Conceptual and Minimal art through a return to painting. Büttner’s work is marked by a critical distance that draws out deeper layers of meaning from daily scenes that, at first glance, may seem banal, with an irony amplified by his deft combination of words and images. Published in partnership with Marlborough Contemporary.

95500 > ISBN 9781910433836

Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy Werner Büttner My Looting Eye Editor: Andrew Renton

UK Dec 2015 · US/CAN Feb 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-83-6 RRP £35.00 · $55.00 32½ × 26½ cm · 10½ × 13 in 159 ills · 144 pp

Werner Büttner: My Looting Eye is dedicated to Büttner’s long and important relationship with collage, a medium which informs much of his practice.

While the artist uses collages as the starting point for his paintings, the former are not only preparatory studies but a strategy that enables juxtaposing realities and unexpected associations, which are major characteristics of his extensive oeuvre. In this combination of the everyday and the commonplace, a sceptical perspective becomes manifest as a critical method. With cutting wit, Büttner breaks the spell of daily social events and renders their values relative and benign. This lavishly-produced (along with Coincidence in Splendour) set presents newly commissioned texts as well as key essays relating to Büttner’s practice, and are the first substantial books on Büttner in English. Published in partnership with Marlborough Contemporary.

93495 > ISBN 9781910433805 Food and The Public Sphere Authors: Lucy + Jorge Orta Contributors: Nigel Prince, Ellen Lupton UK Apr 2016 · US/CAN May 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-80-5 RRP £29.95 · $34.95 29 × 20 cm · 8 × 11½ in 400 ills · 240 pp Food and The Public Sphere is a survey of socially engaging public works, sculpture and objects by internationally acclaimed artists Lucy + Jorge Orta. The partnership's food recycling projects, mass openair meals, gleaned gastronomic dinners, and mobile soup kitchens have pioneered a renewed interest in the politics of food. Communities all over the world— working from the scale of global food networks down to local methods for farming and cooking—are seeking ways to make the food system better serve the needs of people and the planet. After decades of successful food production in massive quantities, producing cheap produce, policymakers and citizens are recognising the environmental and social cost of this process. The over-industrialisation of food has forced small farms to surrender to agribusiness, reduced biodiversity in favour of monoculture crops, and assaulted communities with debilitating chronic diseases. Lucy + Jorge Orta's work in this volume bring these pressing issues home.

Image from Food and The Public Sphere

91995 > ISBN 9781910433676 Suzy Lake Performing an Archive Editor: France Choinière UK Sep 2015 · US/CAN Oct 2015 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-67-6 RRP £16.95 · $19.95 21 × 16 cm · 6½ × 8 in 60 ills · 64 pp Suzy Lake: Performing an Archive presents the most recent photographic work by artist Suzy Lake in which she explores the concept of the self in both portrait and artistic practice more generally, as well as the ideas of ancestry, nostalgia and memory. The body of work in Lake’s Performing an Archive includes self-portraits that reveal themselves to be a deeply personal retelling of the history of family and place. Through these photographs Lake invites the viewer to consider the photographic representation of self as a means of simultaneously documenting both the personal and the familial. Born in Detroit, USA, Suzy Lake has lived in Canada since the late 1960s, where she widely contributed to the emergence of conceptual and feminist art. Her work has been shown in exhibitions worldwide and is previously published by Black Dog Publishing in Introducing Suzy Lake. Published in partnership with Dazibao.

92995 > ISBN 9781910433812 McArthur Binion Re:Mine Contributors: Lowery Stokes Sims, Franklin Sirmans UK Sep 2015 · US Oct 2015 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-81-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95 25 × 22 cm · 8½ × 10 in 50 ills · 80 pp McArthur Binion: Re:Mine is the first monograph to concentrate on Binion’s work and features full-colour reproductions throughout—including Binion’s recent DNA paintings, which incorporate birth certificates and phone books as personal effects employed as autobiographical, collaged elements within his paintings—as well essays by Franklin Sirmans, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and by Lowery Stokes Sims, Curator Emerita at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Over his 40-year career, artist McArthur Binion has developed a unique visual language through the fusion of Minimalism and personal narratives. Born in 1946 in Macon, Mississippi, Binion became the first African American to graduate from the Cranbrook Academy of Art with a Master of Fine Arts. His work is now widely becoming recognised as both formative and essential to African American Contemporary art. Published in partnership with Galerie Lelong.

93995 > ISBN 9781910433768 Kevin Schmidt Contributors: Nigel Prince, Charo Neville, Kathleen Ritter UK Feb 2016 · US/CAN Mar 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-76-8 RRP £29.95 · $39.95 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 106 ills · 160 pp An interdisciplinary artist working across performance, video, photography and installation who has exhibited widely across North America and Europe, Schmidt is perhaps best known for performance expeditions and interventions into the natural world, which are documented in photographs, installations and videos. Schmidt addresses the tensions between man and nature, performance and document, indoors and outdoors, combining notions of the heroic with the seemingly amateur by using visible reminders of construction and theatrical devices—smoke machines, stage lights and DIY photographic equipment. Works are often situated in remote locations, where Schmidt stages remarkable events that transfer elements of urban culture into untouched natural contexts, such as Aurora with Roman Candle, which shows him firing roman candles at the Aurora Borealis, and his eleven-and-a-half hour Epic Journey. Published in partnership with Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and Kamloops Art Gallery.

92995 > ISBN 9781910433645 Wild New Territories Editor: Ron den Daas UK Aug 2016 · US/CAN Sep 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-64-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 127 ills · 96 pp Wild New Territories showcases new visual art, media, and performance works that explore the interplay between the urban and the wild. The book features work by a broad cross-section of award-winning contemporary artists exploring the relationship between the urban and the wild, and challenging the rural/ urban binary. Bringing diverse perspectives to the multifaceted and unresolved relationship between urban growth and the environment with all its ecological and social implications, the book brings new insight into an evolving urban and ‘wild’ relationship. Featured artists include Julie Henry/Debbie Bragg, Gordon Cheung, Dana Claxton, Ron den Daas, Jamie Griffiths, Edgar Heap of Birds, Foreign Investment, Mars Kaliszewski, Kathy Kenny, Max Kimber, Michael Landy, Glenn Lewis, Michael Morris, Bo Myers, Diego Samper, Rob Scharein, Vincent Trasov, Gillian Wearing, Alma Tischler Wood and Cornelia Wyngaarden.

93995 > ISBN 9781910433607 Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey Works on Paper Contributors: Liz Wylie, Robin Laurence, Peter Dykhuis, David Liss UK Oct 2015 · US/CAN Nov 2015 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-60-7 RRP £24.95 · $39.95 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 211 ills · 192 pp Landon Mackenzie is a Vancouver-based artist, admired for her large-scale works with paint on canvas. Less well-known are her works on paper, many in ink and watercolour, which she produces in large volumes as a tandem practice to her larger paintings, often while travelling. Somewhere between jottings and finished works intended for public exhibition, these small paintings speak to the deepest level of human creativity. They function as glimpses into Landon Mackenzie's psyche at different moments in time. Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey: Works on Paper is a visually rich and elegantly designed book featuring contributions from director of the Dalhousie Art Gallery, Peter Dykhuis; writer and critic, Robin Laurence; writer and artistic director of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, David Liss; and curator of the Kelowna Art Gallery, Liz Wylie. Published in partnership with Kelowna Art Gallery.

Image from Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey

94500 > ISBN 9781910433621 Still Move Brendan Fernandes Editor: Crystal Mowry UK Mar 2016 · US/CAN Apr 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-62-1 RRP £29.95 · $45.00 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 137 ills · 160 pp For the last five years, New York and Toronto-based artist Brendan Fernandes has explored how stillness and static movement can be powerful political tools. Informed by his training in ballet and modern dance, Fernandes’ practice routinely explores the role of the body within social and political spaces, questioning and breaking down the notion of hegemony. Inspired by ballet movement vocabularies relating to labour and endurance, the work demonstrates the artist’s keen interest in responding to histories of avantgarde dance and its relationship to visual art. Featuring texts by Hendrik Folkerts, curator of documenta 14 and Jess Wilcox, Programs Coordinator of the Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, and with contributions from curators Shaun Dacey, Anik Glaude, Robin Metcalfe, Crystal Mowry and Stuart Reid, this book focuses on Fernandes’ use of language and dance as a means to explore power, endurance and resistance. Published in partnership with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery.

94500 > ISBN 9781910433591 Woods and the Sea Estonian Design and the Virtual Frontier Editor: Ilona Gurjanova Author: Michael Dumiak UK Apr 2016 · US/CAN May 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-59-1 RRP £29.95 · $45.00 28 × 23 cm · 9 × 11 in 120 ills · 192 pp Woods and The Sea: Estonian Design and the Virtual Frontier explores how Estonian designers have stoked creative spirit and forged distinctive goods through their sense of place and history, from stern Soviet orthodoxy through whirlwind globalisation, to a wired and forward-thinking social nature. Through narrative storytelling Woods and The Sea takes the reader to the studios of designers such as Bruno Tomberg, who fostered Modernism amongst a small, underground arts scene, to the industrial shops kept by Matti Ounapuu that bridge Olympic-era Tallinn and Tupolev with contemporary folding electronic scooters and to the remote rural practices of a youth movement made prominent by the country’s early embrace of internet culture. With essays exploring both the history and future of Estonian design alongside these portraits, Woods and The Sea is a vividly evocative documentarystyle design and art book, and academic treatise.

92995 > 9 781910 433737

ISBN 9781910433638

French Edition True Nordic How Scandinavian Design Changed Canada, 1920–2015 Contributors: George Baird, Rachel Gotlieb, Mark Kingwell, Michael Prokopow UK Aug 2016 · US/CAN Sep 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-63-8 (French lang) · ISBN 978-1-910433-73-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95 25 × 20 cm · 8 × 10 in 73 ills · 128 pp True Nordic presents a comprehensive look at more than nine decades of Nordic and Scandinavian influence on Canadian craft, design and industrial production. Emphasising durability and truth to materials, the humanistic integrity of Scandinavian and Nordic Modernism resonated culturally with Canada, such as the iconic functionality of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen and the organic simplicity of renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Including essays by the much respected architect and theorist George Baird and founding curator of the Design Exchange, Rachel Gotlieb, contributors to True Nordic share their substantial insight and expertise into how these influences inspired the development of a particular style and the cultural language of Canadian design. Published in partnership with the Gardiner Museum.

96500 > ISBN 9781910433829 Art of the Arctic Reflections of the Unseen Authors: Donald Ellis, Dawn Ades, Colin Browne, Marie Mauzé UK Sep 2015 · US/CAN Oct 2015 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-82-9 RRP £40.00 · $65.00 30 × 25 cm · 10 × 11¾ in 190 ills · 256 pp Art of the Arctic: Reflections of the Unseen examines the history and artistic influence of Inuit masks and ivories. The first half of the book illustrates 49 important and rare Inuit masks, collected over the last 40 years, and discusses the profound, but often understated influence on the Surrealists and Surrealism in three in-depth essays. The second half of the book, in a tumble format, illustrates the Wolf Collection of ancient Inuit art from 200 BC to the eighteenth century. Beautifully finished with silver cloth and a printed translucent dust jacket, the book is physically impressive in its own right, with highly detailed illustrations of these historically significant artworks. Complemented by texts from Donald Ellis, president and founder of Donald Ellis Gallery Ltd. and expert in the field of antique North American Indian art, and by Dawn Ades, Colin Browne and Marie Mauzé, world leaders in research on Surrealism. Published in partnership with Donald Ellis Gallery.

Image from Art of the Arctic: Reflections of the Unseen

93995 > 9 781910 433720

ISBN 9781910433690

Limited Edition De ma main à la couleur / Hand to Colour Author: Jean McEwen Contributors: Indra McEwen, Judith Terry, Laurier Lacroix UK Aug 2016 · US/CAN Sep 2016 Hardback · ISBN 978-1-910433-69-0 RRP £24.95 · $39.95 (Limited Ed) · ISBN 978-1-910433-72-0 RRP £200.00 · $300.00 20 × 28 cm · 11 × 8 in 16 ills · 48 pp Jean McEwen (1923–1999) was a Canadian painter known for his abstract, colourful paintings. De ma main à la couleur / Hand to Colour is a series of 16 watercolour paintings accompanied by handwritten poetry, and includes an essay by art historian and writer Laurier Lacroix, with an additional text by McEwen’s widow, Indra McEwen. Poetry was another form of artistic expression for McEwen, with renowned poets Baudelaire and Valéry among his revered idols. The works included in De ma main à la couleur act as precursors to his oil painting series Poèmes barbares (Barbaric Poems), painted during the last year of his life and now represented in the collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery of Canada. De ma main à la couleur aims to fulfill McEwen’s desire to have these luminous, colourful works reach a wider public audience, and coincides with the release of 50 limited edition box sets that are stamped and authenticated by McEwen’s estate.

92495 > ISBN 9781910433614 Multiple Elementary Author: Hannah Jickling, Helen Reed UK Apr 2016 · US/CAN May 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-61-4 RRP £16.95 · $24.95 25 × 18 cm · 7 × 10 in 87 ills · 96 pp Multiple Elementary explores the elementary school classroom as a site of invention and reception of contemporary art practices. Part exhibition catalogue, part artists’ book and part corner store advertisement, the book reflects on the making of an artwork by Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed, in collaboration with a class of grade six students in Toronto. Begun as a riff on the Ontario social studies curriculum “Canada and It’s Trading Partners”, the engagement with students evolved as a series of field trips, extended research and finally, the making of 28 chocolates, each as an edition of ten. Explorations of trade, exchange and labour took shape as exercises in public engagement, curatorial experimentation and institutional translation. Beyond socially engaged practices and expressions of art-as-pedagogy, this book explores aesthetic and representative possibilities for process-based and publicly oriented artworks, especially amidst the complications and contradictions inherent to collaborations with children. Published in partnership with YYZ.

91995 > ISBN 9781910433683 How does it feel? Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture UK Jun 2016 · US/CAN Jul 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-68-3 RRP £16.95 · $19.95 24 × 18 cm · 7 × 9 in 35 ills · 96 pp How Does it Feel? is the third book in the series, Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture, produced in partnership with SculptureCenter, New York. This volume examines the sensory aspects of contemporary sculpture. Taking into account artists who incorporate touch, smell, and taste in their work, the various contributions investigate experiential factors that are beyond the three-dimensional. Comprising of essays, short reflections, and illustrated throughout, How Does it Feel? is a comprehensive and insightful exploration, with contributions from an international assemblage of artists, writers, art historians and curators working in the field. Following on from the first two highly successful books Where is Production? and What About Power?, this title adds further insight into the dynamic sphere of contemporary sculpture. Published in partnership with SculptureCenter.

91995 > ISBN 9781910433577 What Now? The Politics of Listening Editor: Lindsey Berfond Contributors: Anne Barlow, Lindsey Berfond, Kristen Chappa UK Sep 2015 · US/CAN Oct 2015 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-57-7 RRP £16.95 · $19.95 25 × 19 cm · 7½ × 10 in 37 ills · 96 pp What Now? The Politics of Listening explores the often complex relationship between truth and fiction in relation to interpretative listening, media communication, and acts of testimony, translation and redaction. To what degree are we able to listen to different kinds of intelligences, and how can we incite receptivity? How do we address the fact that the right to listen is relative, and that the right not to listen, or to remain silent, is also a genuine stance? Can we position listening as a political act? And how do we further develop our ability to listen for what is left out, and why? What Now? documents a programme of sound installations, audio works, film screenings and performances that question our ability to ‘listen’ held under the title The Politics of Listening in the second annual What Now? symposium, organised by Art in General in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics, as part of Alignment, the Vera List Center’s 2013–2015 curatorial focus theme. Published in partnership with Art in General.

91695 > ISBN 9781910433775 Zie Tzaro Making You Smile Author: Zie Tzaro UK Aug 2016 · US/CAN Sep 2016 Paperback · ISBN 978-1-910433-77-5 RRP £12.95 · $16.95 21 × 15 cm · 6 × 8 in 80 ills · 96 pp Zie Tzaro is a painter, illustrator and photographer. After spending many years travelling across Europe, he settled in France over 20 years ago. His unique style of illustration draws on everyday signs, graphics and his body as a starting point. His approach can be seen in the series Codes Bizarre, which utilises barcodes as a recurrent theme for constructing and disrupting narratives, 1001 Lines, which imagines a love story between two lines, and his more recent volumes of illustrations which incorporate hand and footprints. Following titles such as The Secret of the Elephant (Le Secret de l’Éléphant), this first publication with Black Dog Publishing will appeal to fans of artists and illustrators such as David Shrigley and Saul Steinberg, and the quietly surreal line drawing found in The New Yorker. Though not widely known outside of a cult audience, this portable volume of Zie Tzaro’s off-beat and witty drawings would make an excellent gift for the uninitiated and longtime fans alike.

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Image from Landon Mackenzie: Parallel Journey

Black Dog Publishing

Selected A–Z Backlist

After the Agreement

Sarah Tuck

After The Agreement Contemporary Photography in Northern Ireland Author: Sarah Tuck

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-03-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-67-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Ace Records Labels Unlimited Author: David Stubbs

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-91-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


30 Objects 30 Insights Gardiner Museum Editors: Rachel Gotlieb, Karine Tsoumis

a m e r i c a n a rt i f ac ts

Amnesiac Hide Mike Nelson Contributors: Dick Hebdige, Jenifer Papararo, Julia Paoli PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-45-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-09-5 RRP£24.95 · $45.00

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-38-6 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

margaret at wood and nathan lyons

Trained both as an architec t and ar t historian, An Te Liu is a Canadian installation ar tist working across a number of different media. Featuring an inter view with multimedia ar tist Ken Lum, contributions from Kitty Scott, Curator of Creative Ar ts at the Ar t Galler y of Ontario, and critic and curator Andrew Berardini, this richly illustrated monograph provides the first comprehensive over view of the ar tist’s work in a series of expressive, personal and critical texts. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout.

American Artifacts Phil Bergerson Contributors: Margaret Atwood, Nathan Lyons HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-35-3 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

Art Gallery of Hamilton


PB · ISBN 978-1-894243-74-2 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

Alphabets A Miscellany of Letters Introduction: David Sacks

An te liu Contributors: Pablo Larios, Ken Lum, Kitty Scott, Andrew Berardini

phil bergerson

texts by

Ago Highlights from the Collec tion of the Art Gallery of Ontario Editor: Jim Shedden

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Gardiner Museum

Contemporary Photography in Northern Ireland

A my Bennett

New & improv ed!


S m a l l C h a n g eS ev e ry Day

Amy Bennett Small Changes Every Day Author: Eleanor Hear tney HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-45-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


Anarchy In The Organism Editor: Simeon Nelson PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-28-5 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

Archive Imagining the East End Contributors: Susan Andrews, Nicholas Haeffner

Are You Experienced? Editor: Melissa Bennett PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-01-0 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-37-7 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

Art And Text Contributors: Dave Beech, Charles Harrison, Will Hill, Kevin Mccaighy, Louis Pattison PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-18-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


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BDP's Artworld Series

Arik Lev y

BDP's Artworld Series From sculpture to painting, to the latest prac tices in performance, digital media and beyond, the ART WORLD series seeks to provide a diverse and comprehensive over view of contemporar y ar t scenes around the globe.

Arik Lev y: Art Contributors: Asaf Gottesman, Kenny Schachter, et al

Out There: Arik Levy Contributors: Jérôme Peignot, Christy MacLear, et al

Art And The Internet Contributors: Joanne McNeil, Domenico Quaranta, Nicholas Lambert

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-56-8 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-80-3 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-98-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

The Art Of Jessica Voorsanger Contributors: Kathy Kubicki, Dr Jean Wainwright

The Art Of Walking A Field Guide Author: David Evans

Bad Graffiti Photographer: Scott Hocking

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-85-8 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-87-3 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

Central Line Series Art on the Underground Editors: Charlotte Bonham-Car ter, Louise Coysh, Tamsin Dillon

One Thing Leads To Another Every thing Is Connected Art on the Underground Editors: Charlotte Bonham-Car ter, Louise Coysh, Tamsin Dillon

Contemporary Art in Scandinavia Editors: Duncan McCorquodale, Rut Blees Luxembourg PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-13-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Contemporary Art In Germany, Austria And Switzerl and Introduc tion: Dominikus Müller

Contemporary Art In Eastern Europe Contributors: Marina Abramovic, Zdenka Badovinac, Boris Groys, et al

Contemporary Art In Latin America Contributors: Guy Brett, Luis Camnitzer, Gabriel Perez-Barreiro, et al

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-99-6 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-906155-84-1 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-906155-64-3 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

BOOKS IN SERIES: art on the undergrounD

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-82-8 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

Each book profiles one region, presenting well-known ar tists alongside lesser-known prac titioners, contextualising the contemporar y ar t scene through specially commissioned essays, per tinent reprints and timelines of social, political and ar tistic developments to provide an insightful, cutting edge examination of international ar t, perceptions and culture.

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-90-3 RRP £12.95 · $19.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-89-7 RRP £12.95 · $19.95


Beaconsfield Chronic Epoch Editor: Magaret Garlake PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-57-5 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

Contemporary Art In North America Contributors: Critical Ar t Ensemble, Ken Lum, Wilson, et al

Contemporary Art In The Middle East Contributors: Suzanne Cotter, Lindsey Moore, Nat Muller, Edward Said, et al

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-23-1 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-56-8 RRP £29.95 · $49.95


Contemporary Art In The United Kingdom Contributors: Malcolm Dickson, Amelia Jones, John Roberts, Andrew Renton PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-68-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95




art gallery of ontario

stephen bulger gallery

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


Camera Atomica

vancouver art gallery

Black Dog Publishing

edited by

John O’Brian

BETWEEN EXITS Paintings by Hani Zurob Introduction: Jean Fisher Author: Kamal Boullata

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-93-3 (French lang) ISBN 978-1-908966-94-0 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-91-0 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

ART U NEED My Part in the Public Art Revolution Bob and Rober ta Smith

I SHOULD BE IN CHARGE Bob and Rober ta Smith

BETWEEN STATES Authors: Simon Faulkn er, David Reeb PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-38-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

BY RAIL AND BY SEA Scott Conarroe Contributors: Bob Bean, Simon Winchester

CAMERA ATOMICA Editor: John O’Brian Contributors: Douglas Coupland, Hiromitsu Toyoski, et al

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-43-8 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-48-3 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

Bob and Roberta Smith

The Beaver Hall Group 1920s Modernity Contributors: Jacques Des Rochers, Kristina Huneault, Jacques Lachapelle, et al

PB · ISBN 978-1-907517-26-2 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-72-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN Unforgivable Contributors: Melissa Ragona, Kristine Stiles, Kenneth White, et al HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-51-3 RRP £39.95 · $59.95

anton Kern Gallery

Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-16-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

BL ACK METAL Beyond the Darkness Contributors: Nathan T Birk, Jérôme Lefèvre, Louis Pattison, Brandon Stosuy, et al

The most thorough visual over view of the work of groundbreaking and celebrated feminist ar tist Carolee Schneemann. Her prestigious career spans seven decades and encompasses the diverse ar tistic media of painting, sculpture, performance, film and video.

border cultures Contributors: Srimoyee Mitra, Dr Lee Rodney, Bonnie Devine

BRIAN CALVIN Contributors: Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Bruce Hainley, Brian Calvin

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-44-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-96-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


BRIAN GRIMWOOD The Man who Changed the Look of British Illustration Introduction: Sir Peter Blake PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-86-6 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

An ar tist known for her experimental approach and political convic tions, Schneemann has been the subjec t of numerous exhibitions and publications throughout her career, with work in the collec tions of Tate Modern, the Commune di Milano, the Pompidou Centre and MoMA, to name but a few. Carolee Schneemann: Unforgivable comprises contributions from an exclusive group of writers familiar with the ar tist’s work and contains the most comprehensive bibliography and biography on the ar tist to date.


CHARLES EDENSHAW Contributors: Robin K Wright, Daina Augaitis, Jim Har t, et al HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-20-9 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

Black Dog Publishing




Paula Briggs

COLOUR IN THE MAKING From Old Wisdom to New Brilliance Contributors: Philip Ball, Mark Clarke, Carinna Parraman

THE COLOUR OF TIME Garry Fabian Miller Authors: Adam Nicolson, Nigel Warburton, Marina Warner

COMMUNION Ben Judd Authors: Emma Cocker, Alun Rowlands, Pandora Syperek

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-95-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN: 978-1-907317-06-4 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

PB · ISBN: 978-1-908966-33-9 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

THE DRAWING BOOK Authors: Charles Darwent, Kate Macfarlane, Katharine Stout, et al PB · ISBN 978-1-904772-81-1 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

DRAWING PROJECTS An Exploration of the Language of Drawing Authors: Mick Maslen, Jack Southern PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-25-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

DRAWING PROJECTS FOR CHILDREN Author: Paula Briggs PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-74-2 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

dunlop gallery

Tragedy Plus Time

Material Material Girls Girls CRITICAL DICTIONARY Editor: David Evans

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-44-6 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

DEGAS’ METHOD Contributors: Line Clausen Pedersen, Flemming Friborg, et al PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-14-0 (Danish lang) ISBN 978-1-910433-21-8 RRP £39.95 · $ 69.95

THE DECORATED SCHOOL Essays on the Visual Culture of Schooling Editors: Jeremy Howard, Catherine Burke, Peter Cunningham PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-24-7 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

I Laughed, I Cried, I Split My Side

Material Girls Contributors: Blair Fornwald, Wendy Pear t, Jennifer Matotek

Tragedy Plus Time Contributors: Blair Fornwald, Wendy Pear t, Jennifer Matotek

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-30-0 RRP £19.95 / $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-29-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

ECO-CHIC The Fashion Paradox Author: Sandy Black


Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green? Contributors: Jennifer Matotek, Mark Cheetham, Jaleh Mansoor PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-28-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

vancouver art gallery

NV Carlsberg glyptotek

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-49-1 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

DAVID WHITAKER Painting Author: Matthew Sturgis

DESIGN CREATIVIT Y & CULTURE An Orientation to Design Author: Maurice Barnwell PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-40-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

DOUGL AS COUPL AND Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything Contributors: Daina Augaitis, Bjarke Ingels, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Michael Stipe, et al

HB · ISBN: 978-1-906155-09-4 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

On History And The Present

Author: Remco Torenbosch PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-69-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-52-0 RRP £24.95 · $34.95


EUROPEAN Contextualising In Analtical Sociology And Ethnographical Representation

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-46-9 RRP £29.95 · $39.95




Black Dog Publishing


Each book in the series focuses on the work of a different ar tist having contributed to the Foundation’s Summer School programme and its Advanced Course in Visual Ar ts. The Advanced Course is a laborator y for ar tistic and theoretical experimentation, held by renowned ar tists who propose the topic of the course and then realise a final exhibition in Como, Italy.

Den frie


PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-40-7 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-904772-79-8 RRP £29.95 · $45.00


FOLLOW-UP ON 11 EXHIBITIONS by JENS HAANING Editors: Kit Leunbach, Sidsel Kjaerulff Rasmussen PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-95-7 RRP £29.95 · $34.95

Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Onlus, is a non-profit organization, founded by Antonio Ratti in 1985. The aim of the founder was to transform his deep personal passion for art and textiles into an active reality in the world of culture.

HANS HA ACKE Once Upon a Time...


PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-64-4 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-09-4 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

Walid Raad Walkthrough

FORGOTTEN FUTURES British Municipal Cinema 1920–1980 Author: Elizabeth Lebas

THE FRONT ROOM Migrant Aesthetics in the Home Author: Michael McMillan

PB · ISBN: 978-1-904772-82-8 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-94-0 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN-978-1-906155-85-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

art gallery of ontario

Equinox gallery, vancouver

FOR EVER GODARD Editors: Michael Temple, James S Williams, Michael Witt

MATT MULLICAN The Meaning of Things

SUSAN HILLER The Dream and the Word

WALID RA AD Walkthrough

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-62-9 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-61-3 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-08-7 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

GROWING STUFF An Alternative Guide to Gardening Authors: Elizabeth McCorquodale, Richard Reynolds

HABITAT ’76 Author: Lindsay Brown

Danica Maier

Gordon Smith

Don’t Look Back

Grafting Propriety FroM Stitch to the Drawn Line

FULL OF LOVE, FULL OF WONDER Nike Savvas Authors: Rachel Kent, Patricia Ellis, et al

GIUSEPPE PENONE The Hidden Life Within Editor: Matthew Teitelbaum

GORDON SMITH Don’t Look Back Editor: Andy Sylvester

GRAFTING PROPRIET Y From Stitch to the Drawn Line Contributors: Emma Cocker, Danica Maier

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-83-5 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-07-0 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-49-0 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-07-2 RRP £14.95 · $19.95


PB · ISBN: 978-1-906155-68-1 RRP £16.95 · $24.95


PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-17-1 RRP £29.95 · $39.95




Black Dog Publishing




on stellar rays



Hans UlricH Obrist Hear Us Featuring Bill Burns

HANS-ULRICH OBRIST HEAR US Featuring Bill Burns Contributors: Dan Adler, Jennifer Allen, Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda

HEW LOCKE Stranger in Paradise Authors: Jens Hoffmann, Indra Khanna, Kobena Mercer

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-06-5 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-38-5 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

i’m with her Rochelle Feinstein Authors: Jennifer Kabat, David Norr PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-35-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

IS Toronto burning? Author: Philip Monk

Remember radicalism? A time when the Toronto ar t scene was in formation—and destruc tion? When there were no models and any thing was possible? The late 1970s were a key period when Toronto thought itself Canada’s most impor tant ar t centre, but histor y has shown that the nascent downtown ar t community—not the established uptown scene of commercial galleries— was where it was happening.

jessica bradey gallery

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND Jason Mclean Contributors: David Liss, Sarah Milroy, James Patten, Christine Walde

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-57-6 RRP £39.95 · $59.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-03-4 RRP £14.95 · $19.95


IAN WALL ACE At the Intersec tion of Painting and Photography Contributors: Jeff Derksen, et al

imaginary homel ands Contributors: Carlos Bonil, Nicolas Consuegra, Miler Lagos, Mateo Lopez, Mateo Rivano PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-47-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Illustrated Children’s Books Authors: Lisa Sainsbury, Peter Hunt

It was a political period. Beyond the ar t politics, ar t itself was politicised in its contents and context. Ar t’s political dimension was continually polemically posed— or postured—by ar tists in these years. Beyond politics, posturing, in fac t, was a constant presence as the community invented itself.

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-81-0 RRP £24.95 · $39.95


vancouver art gallery

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-37-9 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

IN THE AURA OF A HOLE Exploring Sites Of Material Extraction A. Laurie Palmer

IN RAMALL AH, RUNNING Author: Guy Mannes-Abbott

IN THE AURA OF A HOLE Exploring Sites of Material Extraction Author: A Laurie Palmer

IN THE LOOP Knitting Now Editor: Jessica Hemmings

INSECT THEATRE Photographer: Tim Edgar Author: Hugh Raffles

INSIDE KINGSTON PENITENTIARY (1835 –2013) Geoffrey James

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-67-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-58-2 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-96-4 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-11-7 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-76-6 RRP £24.95 · $34.95




INVERTED SKY Letters to Jackie Author: Mar the Ramm For tun Contributor: Johanne Nordby Werno

KENNETH ANGER Author: Alice L Hutchison

HB · ISBN: 978-1-906155-67-4 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-51-4 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

jerry pethick Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie Contributors: Grant Arnold, Monika Szewczyk, John Drury HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-43-0 RRP £24.95 · $29.95

Kalliopi Lemos

I AM I BETWEEN WORLDS & BETWEEN SHADOWS Kalliopi Lemos PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-34-6 RRP £16.95 · $24.95


KRISTAN HORTON Authors: Dan Adler, Jonathan Shaughnessy PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-87-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

strangelove dr. strangelove Kristan Horton HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-46-1 RRP £29.95 · $39.95


HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-73-5 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

JOCK MACDONALD EVOLVING FORM Contributors: Anna Hudson, Michelle Jacques, Linda Jansma, Ian Thom HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-81-0 (French lang) ISBN 978-1-910433-23-2 RRP £24.95 · $34.95


PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-12-6 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

INVENTORS AND INVENTIONS Introduction: Richard Fisher


NAVIGATING IN THE DARK Kalliopi Lemos Contributors: Simon Critchley, Ar thur C Danto, et al PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-31-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95




PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-88-9 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

INTRODUCING SUZY L AKE Editor: Georgiana Uhlyarik Contributors: Tavi Gevinson, Robert Longo, Michelle Jacques


THE INTERPRETATION MATTERS HANDBOOK Artspeak for the Public Author: Dany Louise






Black Dog Publishing

KENNETH GRANGE Making Britain Modern Contributors: Gemma Curtin, Penny Sparke, Deyan Sudjic, et al

the abolition of war Author: Krzysztof Wodiczko PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-66-8 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-54-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-04-1 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-80-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Jul ia Daul t

Julia Dault Contributors: Julia Paoli, Author: Nigel Prince

CIT Y OF REFUGE A 9/11 Memorial Author: Krzysztof Wodiczko

Transformative Avant-garde and Other Writings

KIDS IN THE WILD GARDEN Author: Elizabeth McCorquodale PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-20-0 RRP £9.95 · $15.95

KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO Contributors: Rosalyn Deutsche, Lisa Saltzman, Andrzej Turowski, et al HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-13-2 RRP £39.95 · $59.95


TRANSFORMATIVE AVANT-GARDE AND OTHER WRITINGS Author: Krzysztof Wodiczko Contributor: Rosalyn Deutsche PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-27-0 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

Black Dog Publishing



books in series: london guideS

MORRIS HELEN Belkin Art Gallery


L ATE CENTURY DREAM Movements in the US Indie Music Underground Editor: Thomas Howells

Letters Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry Contributors: Jamie Hilder, Michael Turner, Scott Watson, William Wood

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-97-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-00-3 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

LIEBESLIED MY SUICIDES Rut Blees Luxemburg Author: Alexander Garcia Düttman PB · ISBN 978-1-901033-52-6 RRP £16.95 · $26.95

London stiTch and knit A Craft Lover’s Guide to London’s Fabric, Knitting and Haberdashery Shops Author: Leigh Metalf PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-52-2 RRP £16.95 · $24.95 Freelance writer and photographer Leigh Metcalf draws on her rich experience from the last five years to lead the reader on a definitive craft lovers’ tour of the best haberdashers, crafting shops, and hidden gems of London’s ever-growing craft community. Picking out the highlights from the city’s best traditional department stores, established familyrun businesses and plucky new independents, as well as craftspeople and their work, she scours the nooks and crannies of the city, delving deep into the history and operations of nearly 50 shops to reveal the rich fabric of the crafter’s capital.

TEA & CAKE LONDON Author: Zena Alkayat PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-48-4 RRP £9.99 · $14.95

London Out Of Sight Exploring The City’s Secret Green Spaces

Kids London PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-13-1 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

London Stitch and Knit is a handsomely designed book that functions as a beautiful and thorough guide, splitting the city into easy-to-navigate sections—with each illustrated through hand-drawn maps by illustrator and designer Ryn Frank.

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-96-5 RRP £9.95 · $14.95


Meat London An Insider’s Guide

A Guide To London’s Classic Cafes and Fish & Chip Shops

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-88-0 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-69-9 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

LIFE OF WORK What Office Design Can Learn From the World Around Us Author: Jeremy Myerson, Imogen Privett PB · ISBN 978 1 908966 78 0 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


LIGHT WORKS Lucy + Jorge Orta Authors: James Putnam, Gabriela Salgado HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-04-0 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

LUCY + JORGE ORTA Pattern Book Author: Paula Orrell

MAPPING THE INVISIBLE Eu-Roma Gypsies Editor: Lucy Or ta

PB · ISBN 978-1-904772-75-0 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-91-9 RRP £24.95 · $29.95


Black Dog Publishing

The Bronx Museum of the arts




Martin Wong Human Instamatic

martin wong: human instamatic Contributors: Julia Dault, John Yau, Dan Cameron, Antonio Sergio Bessa, Benjamin Binstock

MADE BY HAND Contemporary Makers, Traditional Prac tices PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-39-1 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-41-6 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

A visually stunning survey of some of the finest worldwide handmakers, the spaces in which they work and the products they create, Made By Hand serves as a remedy to mass production and a celebration of the return to artisan craft. Made By Hand takes the reader through tailors, shoemakers, stationers, watchmakers, instrument makers, cosmeticists and more, profiling these makers with images of themselves, their workshops, products and techniques.

Martin Wong: Human Instamatic explores the paintings of Mar tin Wong, a collec tion that fuses the kitsch and decorative with a gritty realism. Human Instamatic explores Wong’s engagement with his community as a major concern of his prac tice. The book traces Wong’s development as an ar tist, beginning with his transition from an introspec tive youth in San Francisco painting haunting self-por traits to his self-identification in the mid-1970s as the “Human Instamatic,” a street ar tist selling por traits. Human Instamatic highlights Wong’s later years in New York City, where he played a pivotal role in the Lower East Side ar ts scene in the 1980s/90s, a period in which he created an oeuvre immor talizing the vibrancy of a resilient, ar tistic, and multi-ethnic community facing displacement. The book features Wong’s diaristic renderings of the East Village Latino community, NYC’s Chinatown, graffiti ar tists, and later works created in San Francisco, where he returned in 1994.

MACAO MACAU Authors: Roger Palmer, Tim Simpson

The Mack ay Creek Series Ron den Daas Authors: Bill Jeffries and Brian Riddle

MAKING STUFF An Alternative Craft Book Author: Ziggy Hanaor

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-41-4 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-40-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-904772-61-3 RRP £16.95 · $24.95


MAKING STUFF FOR KIDS PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-0 0-1 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

on stellar rays

Yossi Milo Gallery

By focusing on the choice these artisans have made to craft goods in an age where mass-produced, imported wares are cheaper and easier to produce, the book is a celebration of the return to the organic, the hand-made and the homegrown, at a time when owning carefully crafted products is considered environmentally friendly and economy boosting, and ultimately fashionable. Made By Hand is framed as an address to hand craft as an environmentally friendly and economically healthy resurgence that is not only nostalgic, but also progressive and productive.

MARCO BREUER Col•or Contributors: Isabelle Dervaux, Mary-Kay Lombino And Jeffrey Deshell HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-90-2 RRP £29.95 · $49.95


Maria petschNig Nineteen Videos PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-53-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Black Dog Publishing



vancouver art gallery

books in series: mapping


MAPPING AMERICA Exploring the Continent Authors: Fritz Kessler, Frank Jacobs

MAPPING ENGL AND Author: Simon Foxell Editor: Blanche Craig

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-08-8 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

HB · ISBN 978-1-906155-51-3 RRP £40.00 · $70.00

MATERIAL MATTERS New Materials in Design Contributors: Philip Howes, Zoe Laughlin PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-73-6 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

mashup: the birth of modern culture Contributors: Daina Augaitis, Diana Freundl,  Bruce Grenville, Stephanie Rebick, Ian Thom et al. HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-39-3 RRP £39.95 · $59.95 MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture traces the inexorable rise of collage, montage, sampling and the cut-up. Tracing its roots from the multiple-perspec tives, montages and readymades of Marcel Duchamp, Kur t Schwitters and Hannah Höch, to the present—with its postmodern network culture, where remixing and coproduc tion are the norm and where the New Aesthetic seeks to harmonise the now-ever yday crossover of the digital and the ac tual.

MAPPING NEW YORK Authors: Rober t Neuwir th, Seth Robbins

THE MECHANICAL HAND Artists’ Projects at Paupers Press Editor: Michael Taylor

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-45-2 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-02-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-58-3 RRP £29.95 · $49.95


MAPPING LONDON Making Sense of the City Author: Simon Foxell

Barber Swindells

Mining Couture A Manifesto for Common Wear

THE METABOLIC L ANDSCAPE Perception, Prac tice and the Energy Transition Authors: Gina Glover, Geof Rayner, Jessica Rayner

MICHAEL DELUCIA Contributors: Kristen Chappa, Alex Benenson

MICHAEL WILKINSON 1979 Author: Mark Fisher

MINING COUTURE A Manifesto for Common Wear Editor: Barber Swindells

MODERN BRITISH POSTERS Art, Design & Communication Author: Paul Rennie


PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-98-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-43-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-92-7 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-906155-97-1 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-50-7 RRP £9.99 · $14.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-27-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95



Black Dog Publishing



vancouver art gallery



MYFANW Y MACLEOD Or There and Back Again Editor: Grant Arnold

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-09-6 RRP £39.95 · $49.95

NEW WAVE FACTS ABOUT FL AGS Author: Libby Waite PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-30-9 RRP £7.95 · $15.00

NINJA TUNE 20 Years of Beats & Pieces Labels Unlimited Author: Stevie Chick PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-0 0-2 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

NULL OBJECT Gustav Metzger Thinks About Nothing Editors: Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-12-4 RRP £14.95 · $24.95

ON LOCATION Siting Robert Smithson and His Contemporaries Authors: Simon Dell, Alistair Rider, William Wood PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-59-9 RRP £29.95 · $55.0 0 Klaus Von NicHTssagend Gallery

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-53-7 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

NEW SCANDINAVIAN PHOTOGRAPHY Editors: Bjarne Bare, Behzad Farazollahi

momento Photographs by George S Zimbel Author: George S Zimbel

OUTSIDE THE BOX Cardboard Design Now Contributors: Michael Czer winski, Santiago Perez

Paddy Hartley Of Faces And Facades Editors: David Jones and Marjorie Gehrhardt

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-10-1 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-31-7 RRP £12.95 · $19.95

PAPERWORK Peter Clark Author: Matthew Sturgis

THE PARADOXICAL OBJECT Video Film Sculpture Author: Joan Truckenbrod

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-52-1 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-60-6 RRP £24.95 · $45.0 0

PAMEL A JORDEN Contributors: Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Alice Könitz, Kaveri Nair PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-20-1 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-42-3 RRP £24.95 · $34.95 MOMENTO brings together the work of established and well-regarded American documentary photographer George S Zimbel. George S Zimbel is a key figure in the last generation of photographers faithful to the legacy of the Photo League, who in the 1950s imbued their pictures with their personal commitment towards the people and the social landscapes they documented. We talk about a photograph being a moment in a time that has passed, but his work lets you feel like you are living that moment again. Diane Charbonneau, Curator of Photography, Montreal Museum of Fine Ar ts



PEOPLE APART: 1950s CAPE TOWN REVISITED Photographs by Bryan Heseltine Author: Darren Newbur y PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-85-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95






PL ACE LIBRE A Proposition by Michael Lin

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-89-6 RRP £7.95 · $14.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-910433-19-5 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

POET-LINC POETRY SL AM VOL 1 Editor: Andrew Kalish PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-26-1 RRP £7.95 · $14.95

Some of the topics covered include: the journey of a grain of pollen, how photosynthesis really works, the difference between grasses and all other flowering plants, and the life cycle of a plant from germination through to pollination. A Pocket Guide to Plants also introduces us to the great names in plant discovery and science, reveals the life-changing inventions in plant science and cultivation, as well as detailing all the latest trends and fancies in the plant world.

A Pocket Guide

Plants &Gardening to

Plants & Gardening

With bright illustrations, clear instructions and diagrams; as well as maps, timelines, portraits, keys and much, much more, this is the perfect interactive guide to plants for gardeners of all ages and experience! Elizabeth McCorquodale is the author of Kids in the Wild Garden, Kids in the Garden: Growing Plants for Food and Fun and coauthor of Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening.

A Pocket Guide to

A Pocket Guide to Plants & Gardening is a beautifully illustrated, informative reference book, designed to provide ready, simple answers to all the basic questions about plants. This mini encyclopedia takes an illuminating, engaging look at the science and stories behind the plants we encounter every day!

UK £9.95 / US $14.95

Much more than an academic review, each highly illustrated publication features original material by the new generation of nascent ar tists. The works are presented alongside texts by distinguished ar tists and academics, and edited by the renowned photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg.

EXIT STRATEGIES Author: Paul Hawor th PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-10-2 RRP £10 · $16.95

HARDCOVER Authors: Simon Baker, Vanessa Boni, Leslie Dick, Olivier Richon PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-41-5 RRP £10.0 0 · $19.95

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art




Produced yearly in collaboration with the RCA MA photography degree show, this series presents a powerful snapshot of the cutting edge of contemporar y photography through the work of graduating students from the worldleading ar ts institution.



The Royal College of Art

Elizabeth McCorquodale

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-64-3 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-71-2 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

POINTS OF DEPARTURE Vera Frenkel: Words and Works Contributors: David Liss, Jonathan Shaughnessy, et al PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-72-8 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

SCIENCE AND FICTION Author: Michael Salu, Zinovy Zilk, et al

SEEING FOR OTHERS Authors: Alexander García-Düttmann, Olivier Richon

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-50-6 RRP £10.0 0 · $16.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-62-0 RRP £10.0 0 · $19.95

Alexis Dirks Annie MacDonell Sheree Hovsepian Sanaz Mazinani Aura Satz Brea Souders


POSTWAR The Films of Daniel Eisenberg Authors: Raymond Bellour, Nora Alter, Tom Gunning, Christa Blümlinger PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-95-7 RRP £24.95 · $39.95

PROJECT 1975 Contemporary Art and the Post-Colonial Unconscious Editors: Jelle Bouwhuis, Kerstin Winking PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-22-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


REFLECTIONS & REFRACTIONS Contributors: Alexis Dirks, Annie MacDonell, Sheree Hovsepian, Lucy Raven, Aura Satz, Brea Souders PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-02-7 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

RESIDUE The Persistence of The Real PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-26-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

WAVING FL AGS Author: Olivier Richon PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-10-0 RRP £10.0 0 · $19.95

Museum of contemporary canadian art

A POCKET GUIDE TO PLANTS AND GARDENING Contributor: Elizabeth McCorquodale

David Nolan Gallery

PL AYA DUST Collected Stories From Burning Man Author: Samantha Krukowski

Gallery 44


Black Dog Publishing

RICHARD ARTSCHWAGER Into the Desert Author: John Yau

SEEING AND BELIEVING Contributors: Luis Jacob, Marie Fraser, David Liss, Anne-Marie Ninacs

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-47-6 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-06-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95


Black Dog Publishing



Art First


SEE YOURSELF SENSING Redefining Human Perception Author: Madeline Schwar tzman

SEEING IS BELIEVING The Politics of the Visual Author: Rod Stoneman

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-29-3 RRP £24.95 · $45.00

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-05-6 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-07-1 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

THE SERIOUSNESS OF PL AY The Art of Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Author: Nicola Levell PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-11-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Morris Helen Belkin Art Gallery

See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception is an explosive and unique sur vey that captures the fascinating relationship between design, the body, the senses, and technology. A timely discussion with cutting-edge design, See Yourself Sensing examines work from the last 50 years by ar tists, architects and designers who have been experimenting with the boundaries of our senses, changing the way we experience the world.

THE SELF AS A STRANGER SIMON LEWTY Authors: Cathy Cour tney, Ian Hunt, Stuar t Morgan et al

SHELF LIFE Neil Gall Author: Simon Groom, Charles Darwent

THE SPACES BETWEEN Contemporary Art From Havana Contributors: Tonel, Keith Wallace

STAGING DISORDER Editors: Esther Teichmann, Christopher Stewar t

HB · ISBN 978-1-904772-73-6 RRP £29.95 · $45.0 0

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-54-4 RRP £16.95 · $24.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-15-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

SEE YOURSELF X Madeline Schwartzman


PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-22-5 RRP £24.95 · $45.00 See Yourself X (SYX) is the second volume of Madeline Schwar tzman’s timely series that looks at human perception and the sensory apparatus. See Yourself X focuses in on our fundamental perceptual domain—the human head—presenting an array of conceptual and constructed ideas for extending ourselves physically into space. What will be the physical future of the head and the sensory apparatus in fifty years time, as the mechanisms for how we communicate and sense change, and become obsolete, prompted by the advancement of brain-to-brain communication? SYX looks at where we are now, in the hope of projecting into that future.



STANLEY KUBRICK New Perspec tives Editors: Tatjana Ljujic, Peter Krämer, Richard Daniels PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-42-1 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

STONE A Legacy and Inspiration for Art Editor: Andrew Patrizio HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-37-8 RRP £24.95 · $45.0 0


STUDIOS FOR ARTISTS Concepts and Concrete Editors: Graham Ellard, Jonathan Harvey Contributor: Arantxa Echarte PB · ISBN 978-1-910433-08-9 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HEXEN 2039 Author: Suzanne Treister, Richard Grayson

NATO Author: Suzanne Treister, Marek Kohn

PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-63-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-904772-63-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-906155-61-2 RRP £35.00 · $65.00

THE SURGEON AND THE PHOTOGRAPHER Geoffrey Farmer Contributor: Daina Augaitis

SUSAN MACWILLIAM Remote Viewing Contributors: Ciaran Carson, Mar tha Langford

TAKING THE MATTER INTO COMMON HANDS Contributors: Maria Lind, Lars Nilsson et al

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-77-3 RRP £24.95 · $34.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-78-0 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-18-6 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

TAPESTRY A Woven Narrative Contributors: Caron Penney, Fiona Mathison, Timothy Wilcox

TEN SHOWS Photographer: Barb Choit

THROWN British Columbia’s Apprentices of Bernard Leach and their Contemporaries Editor: Scott Watson



total body conditioning MiKa taJiMa

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING Mika Tajima Contributor: Matthew Lyons

TRANSFIGURATIONS Photographs of Tarek Al Ghoussein

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-97-1 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-61-2 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

UNSCROLLED Reframing Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art Authors: Diana Freundl, Carol Yinghua Lu

VERY VINTAGE The Guide to Vintage Patterns and Clothing Authors: Iain Bromley, Dorota Wojciechowska

VIEWS OF MATLOCK BATH George Milesv Contributors: Jeremy Millar

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-83-4 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-38-4 RRP £24.95 · $45.0 0

VISUAL AID Draught Associates

VISUAL AID 2 Draught Associates

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-48-3 RRP £7.95 · $15.0 0

PB · ISBN 978-1-906155-83-4 RRP £7.95 / $15.0 0

HB · ISBN 978-1-908966-99-5 RRP £39.95 · $59.95

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery

HEXEN 2.0 Author: Suzanne Treister, Lars Bang Larsen


Suzanne Treister

Morris Helen Belkin Art Gallery



Black Dog Publishing

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-82-7 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

OR Gallery, Vancouver


PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-66-7 RRP £9.95 · $14.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-24-8 RRP £29.95 · $49.95

THINKING IS MAKING Presence and Absence in Contemporary Sculpture Editor: Michael Taylor PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-04-9 RRP £29.95 · $49.95



VISUAL AID DOODLING BOOK FOR CREATIVE KIDS Draught Associates PB · ISBN 978-1-907317-70-5 RRP £6.99 · $11.95

Black Dog Publishing




A VISUAL HISTORY OF COOKERY Contributors: Ferran Adriá, Anthony Bourdain, Elizabeth David, A A Gill

THE WAPPING PROJECT On Paper Editor: Jules Wright

WARP Labels Unlimited Author: Rob Young

HB · ISBN: 978-1-906155-50-6 RRP £29.95 · $55.00

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-60-5 RRP £29.95 · $39.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-904772-32-3 RRP £19.95 · $29.95



WHERE IS PRODUCTION? Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture Editors: Mar y Ceruti, Ruba Katrib

WHAT ABOUT POWER? Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture Editors: Mary Ceruti, Ruba Katrib

YOU ANIMAL YOU! Charlotte Cory Authors: AN Wilson, Sophie Gordon, Jane Sellars

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-25-4 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

PB · ISBN 978-1-908966-84-1 RRP £14.95 · $19.95

HB · ISBN 978-1-907317-59-0 RRP £19.95 · $29.95

Image from Kevin Schmidt 94


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work editions

WORK Editions are limited edition prints produced by exhibiting artists and available for sale exclusively through the gallery. For further information, please email Kate Trant at or visit





WORK Edition #14 Sixteen Nuclear Power Stations, John O’Brian, 2014 Giclée print Edition of 20 + 1 AP £250 ex VAT unframed


WORK Edition #12 The Architectural Review, March 1949 (1949)/2014 Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper 24.5 x 30.4 cm Edition of 40 £60 ex VAT unframed


WORK Edition #11 New York, New York, 2003 Phil Bergerson, 2014 Archival pigment print on Epson semi-matte paper 24.5 x 24.5 cm Edition of 16 £300 ex VAT unframed



WORK Edition #10 Six Sketches Rocco Yim, 2013 Six giclée prints on 290 gsm Hahnemühle Bamboo paper in a bespoke box 24 x 20 cm Edition of 20 + 1 AP £300 ex VAT

WORK Edition #9 The Demonstration Luis Jacob, 2013 Silkscreen print on 410 gsm Somerset satin paper 80 x 80 cm Edition of 40 + 1 AP £250 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #8 Thinking About Nothing London Fieldworks, 2012 Giclée print on Hahnemühle paper 43.2 x 43.2 cm Edition of 40 + 1 AP £120 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #7 Psychedelic Silhouette Brian Grimwood, 2012 Digital print on 250 gsm Somerset cotton paper 36 x 52 cm Edition of 40 + 1 AP £140 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #6 Four Urban Projects Haus-Rucker-Co, 2012


Clockwise from top: Schräge Ebene (Inclined Plane), 1976/2012, 30 x 24 cm; Turm, Neuss (Tower, Neuss), 1985/2012, 24 x 16 cm; Ballon für Zwei (Balloon for Two), 1967/2012, 14.8 x 24.2 cm; Gelbes Herz (Yellow Heart), 1968/2012, 18 x 24.2 cm. Edition of 20 £400 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #5 HEXEN2.0: From ARPANET to DARWARS via the Internet Suzanne Treister, 2012 Giclée print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper 42.0 x 59.4 cm Edition of 100 + 1 AP £300 ex VAT unframed

work editions





WORK Edition #4 O STRAVINSKY PROJECT PART I Jake Walters, 2011 Matt C-type print 45.5 x 57 cm Edition of 100 + 1 AP £100 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #3 I Just Felt It And I Heard It Krzysztof Wodiczko, 2011 Matt C-type print 40.6 x 50.8 cm Edition of 100 + 1 AP £150 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #2 Giant Billard Haus-Rucker-Co, (1970)/2011 Colour lithograph 21.6 x 5.9 cm Edition of 100 £300 ex VAT unframed

WORK Edition #1 I Should Be In Charge Bob and Roberta Smith, 2011 Offset four colour lithograph 56 x 71 cm Edition of 100 + 1 AP £500 ex VAT unframed

ISBN 9781910433546

90000 > ISBN 9781910433546

90000 >

9 781910 433546

9 781910 433546

Cover Image from Jason Brooks: Perpetual Orgy 10a Acton Street London WC1X 9NG

T + 44 (0) 207 713 5097 F + 44 (0) 207 713 8682 E

Spring 2016 BDP Catalogue