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How a Mail Forwarding Service Differs from Traditional USPS Mail Forwarding As you start looking for a mail forwarding service, you may be surprised at what you find! There are services out there that now offer much more than just the usual postal service mail forwarding, they are sometimes called virtual mailboxes. These full service mailbox forwarding companies don't just forward your mail; they will scan the envelopes for you and let you view them online. After the mail is online, you can check it out and see which items you want to review more fully, or if you want specific mail forwarded on to you. The biggest time saver with a mail forwarding service is that you only need to change your address one time. That means that you change it to their address, and then they start doing their job. Another nice option you will find is that with most services, you get a few choices of a virtual address. You can even pick the state where you want your business to appear to be from. As you can see, this goes a long way in adding confidence to your customers. If you just have a PO Box, it doesn't really seem like you live in that city. Your mail forwarding service address is completely secure and invisible; only you will know what's going on. The other advantage it has over a postal mail forwarding service is that you get immediately forwarding. If you rent a PO box and ask for mail forwarding, they may only forward it once or twice a week. You definitely don't need to be getting behind on your mail due to slow forwarding service. Now you can travel to wherever you want - it really won't matter where you are! You will always get your mail. Now you'll simply access your account at the mail forwarding service you selected and get a quick preview of your mail. Then just click on what you want to see, or select the option to have the item shredded. I'm sure you'll agree that you'll save a lot of time not having to go through all that paper you get in the mail; you won't have to look at junk mail; or all that advertising material you get that you can't do anything with while you're away anyway! The Mail Forwarding Service uses new technology to scan mail so you'll be able to look at it easily. Stop the craziness of and get connected to your mail online with a Mail Forwarding Service.!

Why Mail Forwarding Services Are Better than PO Boxes Online The fact that you need to look for a mail forwarding service isn't something you probably planned on. Most people do a lot of research on where to move, planning the move, getting packed, etc. Then suddenly it's "oops, what about the mail?" Of course, the post office makes it very easy to forward mail; you can even use their online mail service for awhile. They will usually forward mail for a year, and also have an option to forward from a PO Box. That's what many people do who haven't really given their mail much thought. Just use the post office - why not? But if you really do some research, you'll find that there are better options. In fact, there are mail forwarding services that will scan your mail and put it online so you can read it all from your computer. The service is really basic - and easy to use. You just sign up and get your log-in information. Then you change your mailing address to that of the service. They then get all your mail and scan the envelopes. You log in daily (or whenever) and see what you've received. With a few simple clicks, you tell them which pieces you want them to open and scan, and which ones just need to be shredded. Now, the post office will not generally forward business bulk mail (or junk mail as I call it), but it does sometimes get put into the mix. But with the mail forwarding service, you won't pay for scanning the contents of junk mail. You are given the chance to pick and choose what you want to see. This service not only saves time - and paper cuts, but you will never have to change your address again! No matter where you move, your mail will always get delivered and you will always know what's there. It's a simple thing really, and sometimes I wonder why this wasn't thought of before. For now though, only a special Mail Forwarding Service offer the mail scanning option. These services may also give you the option to have your actual mail forwarded if you want. The post office does not scan or put mail online, but they will forward your postal mail to the address you select. The choice is up to you; some people like to spend hours a week going through their mail; some don't.

Compare Mail Forwarding Service to USPS Mailbox Forwarding  

Why A Mail Forwarding Service Is Better Than USPS Mailbox Forwarding.

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