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DICE SHOP web design

Dice shop is a project from Digicrafts company. It is a shop site that sell games product such as key chain and t-shirt.

DICE VIDEO web design

Dice video is similar project with DICE SHOP that sell video online such as tutorial video.

Design Gateway E-Commerce web E-Commerce web design for Design Gateway’s products

SNAPP UI design

Snapp is a game market app that publish Japanese game for Thai people and company’s own games. It’s developed for android which use money card instead of credit card.

DOTT icon design

DOTT is a shooting simulator game which I design Icon for the user interface.

Web banner design

Sample of banner and newsletter I did for various games in Digicrafts company.


This is a mock up UI design for Step guide application.

STEP GUIDE info graphic

infographic steps of how to use Step Guide

Illustration for web design

DailyUI UI design

Day01 : Sign up

DailyUI is a challange for designer to design 1 UI per day folloe the topic that sent via e-mail.

Day02 : Card payment

Day03 : Weather app

YAK APP UI design

This is a mockup for YAK transport app in Bangkok.

APP Icon 1



Victory of Monument Area Map

UI design

Web01 portfolio  
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