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-------------------------------------------------3. Dasha Bough 4. Iva Ruzic 5. Zhaodi Wang 6. Javier Masis 7. Nicole Prutsch 8. Yoeun Chung, Sudeshna Sen, Evan Shieh 9. Elena Iourtaeva 10. Austin Weber 11. Sarah Hakani 12. Jules Kardish 13. Matthew Griffith 14. Kally Wu 15. Ian Askew 16. Keating McKeon 17. Molly Leavens 18. Sarah Perlmutter 19. Jiabao Lee 20. Sheng Zhao 21. Maggie Cedarstrom 22. Owen Borges 23. Kahira Ngige 24. Katherine McGaughey 25. Samuel Maddox 26. Katherine Qian

27. Casper Dehnavi 28. Matthew Coogan 29. Essa Lucienne 30. Andra Chowdry 31. Liana Nourafshan 32. Rana Askoy 33. Larry Guo 34. Chit Yan Paul Mok 35. Sky Russell 36. Eduardo Mediero 37. Noah Zavolas 38. Michael Gritzbach 39. Koji Everard 40. Mo Kwok 41. Victor Wu 42. Kevin Fu 43. Emily Koch 44. Max Lesser, Kean Nwede, Alice Petresova, Adam Bernstein, Andi Rodriguez 45. Dasha Bough 46. Skye Regan 47. Jang Lee 48. Sarah Kantrowitz

Harvard Student Art Collective Board 2017-2018

Sophie Kissinger ’18, Co-Director Elizabeth Keto ’18, Co-Director Caroline Kipp ’18, Curator

Isabella Beroutsos ’19 Natalie Cohen ’20 Spencer Glesby ’19 Michelle Kim ’18 India Patel ’18 Kaitlin Tse ’19 Maia Suazo-Maler ’19 Dajon Thomas ’19 Hayley Wyeth ’18 Bennie Weber ’21 Lucy Slack ’18 Birdie Park ’18 Yu-Mi Kim ’20 Carlos Agredano ’20

Curatorial Assistant Curatorial Assistant Curatorial Assistant Artist Liaison/Editor Artist Liaison Artist Liaison Web Designer Publicity Manager Business Manager Business Manager Community Partnerships Event Coordinator Event Coordinator Graphic Designer

A Note from the Directors Artists work by translating mind into matter, actualizing a thought into a physical production. Can making be a form of thinking? What does it mean to think with your hands and through materials? What kind of learning is possible through works of art? As the co-directors of the Tenth Annual Harvard Student Art Show, we are deeply invested in the connections that tie together art and the experience of students across Harvard’s campus. We are thrilled to present the works of forty-five artists from seven of Harvard’s schools. The works on view intersect culture, politics, community and personal experience, manifested through formal experimentation by each artist. Artists frame their artwork in the world as they see it today, and they imagine possibilities for the world as they might one day see it. The catalogue before you is the final step in that artistic process. We invite you to flip through and imagine undoing the artworks themselves. In other words, picture the steps that must have had to happen for the artist to determine the artwork’s completion. Work backwards. Once you unfold each artistic step, you arrive at a blank slate, the blank canvas at the very start of artistic process. At this point, you become the artist who can now start forward with your art. Each work you see is the product of choices, roads taken and not taken. We encourage you to use the works on view to inspire your own creative acts. We would like to thank the dedicated, talented board of the Harvard Student Art Collective, who have invested countless hours in creating this event to celebrate the works of their fellow students. We owe our particular gratitude to our curator, Caroline Kipp, whose brilliance and unfailing dedication have made this exhibition what it is. We would also like to thank our partners at the Harvard Ed Portal and Ceramics Studio, who have for the second year provided this stunning space for the show: Beth Plakidas, Eva Rosenberg, Darrah Bowden, and Kathy King. And thanks, finally, to you, reader or visitor, for allowing us to share these extraordinary works of art with you. Yours sincerely, Sophie Kissinger and Elizabeth Keto

Pastel Boy Dasha Bough

Harvard College Pastel 16.5 x 24 in.


Riba i Lufti Iva Ruzic

Harvard College Animation: Clay, foam, denim, wire


Deconstruct Landscape Zhaodi Wang

Graduate School of Design Plaster, balloon, pine needle, cones, leaves, 36 x 48 in.


Magazine Beach

Javier Alejandro Masis

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Gelatin Silver Prints, 16 x16 in.


Alienation Study Nicole Prutsch

Harvard Medical School Photography, digital media 5.35 x 12.48 in.


Avalon INC.

Yoeun Chung, Sudeshna Sen, Evan Shieh Harvard Graduate School of Design Digital Media, Tabloid 11 x 17 in.


Alien Dreams Elena Iourtaeva

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Archival print, 8 x10 in.



Austin Weber

Harvard College Wood, metal hooks, string, yarn, 96 x 36x 12 in.


Broke Boi/ Omarion Type Beat Sarah Hakani

Harvard Graduate School of Education Digital Collage



Jules Kardish

Harvard College Oil on Canvas, 48 x 12 in.


Broken Screens Matthew Griffith

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Video


House - untitled Kally Wu

Harvard Graduate School of Design Holga Photography, 7 x 7 in.


I Want Someone to Share Me with Me Ian Askew

Harvard College Digital Photography on Matte Paper, 5.2 x 11 in.


Familiar Space Subtle Strange Keating McKeon

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Digital Photography, 12 x 18 in.


Breakfast in Bed Molly Leavens

Harvard College Digital Photography, 17 x 11in.


Excerpts from Inhale Series Sarah Perlmutter

Harvard College Digital Photography, 26.5 x 36 in.



Jiabao Lee

Harvard Graduate School of Design 3D Printed Resin


Excavated Site Sheng Zhao

Harvard Graduate School of Design Chipboard, spray paint, acrylic, 37 x 37 x 6.5 in.



Maggie Cedarstrom Harvard Extension School Oil on Canvas, 42 x 62 in.



Owen Borges

Harvard College Xerox Copy Zine, 8.5 x 11 in.



Kahira Ngige

Harvard Graduate School of Design Film Photography, Each 11 x 15 in.



Katherine McGaughey Harvard Extension School Linocut, 12 x 18 in.


Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey Samuel Maddox

Harvard Graduate School of Design Graphite and Watercolor on Cold-pressed Paper, 7 x 9.5 in.


Sweetest Peach Katherine Qian

Harvard College Oil on masonite, 24 x 30 in.


Excerpts from 33 Casper Dehnavi

Harvard College Digital photographs on matte paper, cotton cloth, embroidery, dimensions variable


Delta I

Matthew Coogan Harvard Law School Steel, 12 x 14 x 12 in.


Built Environments Essa Lucienne

Harvard College Digital collage, 60 x 36 in.


Philth Haus

Andra Chowdry

Harvard College Digital Photography, 17 x 11in.


Contained Fluidity Liana Nourafshan

Harvard Graduate School of Design Ink on paper , 48 x 78 in.


Shadow Drawings Rana Askoy

Harvard Graduate School of Design Ink, acrylic on paper, 7.5 x 11 in.




Larry Guo

Harvard College Color inkjet on luster paper, 30 x 40 in.


To Play

Chit Yan Paul Mok

Harvard Graduate School of Design Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 17 in.


Anteater Sky Russell

Harvard College Silkscreen, 15 x 22 in.


The Tower of Babel Eduardo Mediero

Harvard Graduate School of Design 1/8� brown lasercut board, 30 x 30 x 30 in.



Noah Zavolas

Harvard College Paduak, 5 x 4 x 4 in.



Michael Gritzbach

Harvard College Digital Photography 12 x 18 in.


Amber Celadon Ridged Vase Koji Everard

Harvard College Stoneware, slip, glaze, 13 x 7 x 7 in.


A Study of Texture Mo Kwok

Harvard Graduate School of Education Acrylic, matte medium, liquid plastic, oil stick, gloss on wood, 20 x 24 in.


Official War Scene Victor Wu

Harvard Graduate School of Design Digital collage, 19.2 x 26.75 in.


A Monument of Two Kevin Fu

Harvard Graduate School of Design Maple milled with CNC and Lathe milled, 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 in.



Emily Koch

Harvard College Acrylic, paper on wood, 38 in. diameter


Still Never Still

Max Lesser, Keane Nwede, Alice Petresova, Adam Bernstein, Andi Rodriguez Harvard College Digital Film, Music


We Do Not Know Dasha Bough Harvard College Digital Film


Golden Seaweed/ Tiny Bubbles Skye Regan

Harvard College Digital Photography, 11 x 6 in


Untitled Jang Lee

Harvard College Oil on illustration board, 20 x 24 in.


Surface Angle Grow Test Sarah Kantrowitz

Harvard Graduate School of Design Cement


Thank You to all

of our sponsors!


Thank you to the Harvard Ed Portal and the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard, for making this show possible.

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Hsas catalogue 2018  
Hsas catalogue 2018