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Plus: Introducing MAIA’s New CEO Bev Barney Affordable Care Act Update

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Michigan AGENT Vol. 22, No. 8 May 2013


MAIA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pam Barkel, CISR, CIC, AAI, AINS Mike Clark Denise Cox, CPCU, ARM, LIC Carol Dollhopf Jerry Domitrovich Doug Fairbanks, CIC, AAI (YAC Rep) Linda Fisher, AAI, CIC, LUTCF, LIC Christine Hansens, CIC, CISR Dan Hartmann, CIC Eric Karn, CIC, CISR Ed LeBuda, CIC Scott McBride, CIC, LIC Tim Roodvoets Stephen B Shook, LUTCF John Sorenson, LUTCF, AAI




EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Greg Rummel, CIC, ARM, CPCU President Lindsay Pavkovich Vice President Dan Aitken, CPCU, CIC, AAM Treasurer John Konechne, CPCU, ARM, LIC Secretary Mike McBride Past President Mike Larges IIABA Director Scott McBride, CIC, LIC Board Representative Bev Barney, CIC, CPCU Chief Executive Officer MICHIGAN AGENT STAFF Bob Pierce, CAE Editor 517-327-8039 Jennifer Burnett Communications Assistant/Advertising 517-896-1222 COPYRIGHT 2013 MAIA Michigan AGENT is published monthly with combined issues in February/March and July/August by the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents. Postmaster: Send Address changes to 1141 Centennial Way, Lansing, Michigan 48917.

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You are Here ... and Here

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MAIA Members Representing You in Lansing and Washington D.C.

Introducing MAIA’s New CEO Bev Barney

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Health Care

Affordable Care Act Update


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Fees and Taxes and Higher Health Insurance Premiums, Oh My! By Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU Panama City, Florida


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The Mission of the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents is to advance the critical role of insurance and essential services provided by independent agents. We vigilantly advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, assist in enhancing our members’ business and professional skills, promote ethical conduct, and encourage a healthy insurance environment.

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Cover Story

You are Here…and Here By Scott Hummel, MAIA VP Government Affairs, Membership

E Washington D.C.

ver had the need to be in two places at once? It just

can’t be done. You want to take care of your family. Your profession requires you to address your business needs and others, who depend on your profession and experience in time of need. However, thanks to MAIA leadership, YACs, and staff, even while you have been tied up with business, you are having an impact in Washington D.C. and Lansing. You have been in two places at once as your colleagues and fellow MAIA members have recently filled the gap, advocating for your bottom line, your clients and needs specific to your insurance business. Here is what “you” have been up to legislatively in our nation’s Capitol Hill.

Preparing to visit Capitol Hill are (from L to R) Harry Awdey, MAIA Board Member Pam Barkel, Lisa Lemanski, YAC Chair Will Lemanski, MAIA Vice President Lindsay Pavkovich, YAC Rep. to the Board Doug Fairbanks, Barbara Walker and YAC Committee Member Adam Jackson.


May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Cover Story On April 18, 12 individuals from MAIA leadership, the Young Agents Council, and staff, visited 11 congressional offices in the annual pilgrimage to Capitol Hill to discuss issues of interest to the Big “I” and MAIA and to remind the nation’s decision-makers that independent agents are in every state and in every district. In a bit of great fortune, your MAIA contingent was able to actually get face time with nine Michigan Congressional Representatives. Agents lobbied members of the House and Senate and their staff on pressing issues that directly impact the independent agency system, focusing discussions on tax reform, agent licensing reform, terrorism insurance and crop insurance.

Tax Reform

In the context of a potential comprehensive tax code overhaul, your MAIA contingent of agents urged members of Congress to address individual tax rates as well as corporate rates, noting most of the association’s small business members are organized as pass-through entities and file as individuals. Mike Larges, Lindsay Pavkovich and Scott Hummel had the privilege of advocating this message to Representative Dave Camp, who Chairs the House Ways and Means Committee and is intimately involved in the overhaul. Congressman Camp’s response of “I’m all over that” was reassuring that our concerns as owners of small businesses were heard.

Terrorism Insurance

Due to the threat of terrorism and the unique characteristics of this risk, there is a continued need for a Federal role in the market for terrorism insurance. This issue was already on the agenda for the Legislative Conference when the horrific Boston Marathon bombings provided a sad reminder that the risk of a terrorist attack has, unfortunately, not abated. Although the current TRIA program expires on December 31, 2014, due to the forwardlooking nature of insurance contracts, agents asked Congress to move forward with an extension of the program, in some form, well before the expiration date.

Crop Insurance

As Congress continues to examine ways to improve the crop program in a long-term farm bill, MAIA agents met with Congressman Dan Benishek and his staff, asking them to remove the unreasonable caps on agent commissions established in the 2011 Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) and to keep in mind the cuts that those reductions have had on agents and farmers. The Big “I” believes that allowing

Download a copy of IIABA’s 2013 Where We Stand on Legislative Issues at

farmers to purchase adequate insurance coverage for their farms reduces the overall taxpayer burden should Federal assistance be required after a farming crisis like the droughts throughout the Midwest last summer.

Health Care Update

Finally, MAIA’s Scott Hummel was able to sit in on a presentation by Gary Cohen, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight deputy administrator and director, representing the administration and discussing producer access to the federally facilitated Exchanges (FFEs) and Navigator-related topics. New details were discussed on how exactly agents will perform enrollment in the FFEs under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Continued on page 8

Agent Licensing Reform

Agents also advocated for agent licensing reform and urged their federal representatives to co-sponsor S. 534 in the Senate and H.R. 1155 in the House. MAIA agents thanked Representative Gary Peters (D) and Bill Huizenga (R) for their co-sponsorship of the House bill. The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Reform Act (NARAB II) will streamline licensing for agents operating in multiple states.


U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) meets with MAIA Vice President Lindsay Pavkovich; Scott Hummel, MAIA Vice President for Government Relations/Membership; and IIABA State Director Mike Larges.

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

IIABA State Director Mike Larges, MAIA Board Member Pam Barkel, MAIA Vice President Government Affairs/Membership Scott Hummel, U.S. Rep. Gary Peters and MAIA Vice President Lindsay Pavkovich.

MAIA Board Member Pam Barkel, U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, YAC Committee Member Adam Jackson and YAC Rep. to the Board Doug Fairbanks.

Kevin Shephard, MAIA Board Member Pam Barkel, MAIA Vice President Government Affairs/Membership Scott Hummel, U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, YAC Committee Member Adam Jackson, YAC Representative to the Board Doug Fairbanks, YAC Chair Will Lemanski, MAIA Vice President Lindsay Pavkovich, Lisa Lemanski and Harry Awdey.

U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga with MAIA Past President and current IIABA State Director Mike Larges. MAIA Board Member Pam Barkel, U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, Lisa Lemanski and YAC Chair Will Lemanski.


May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Cover Story

MAIA Legislative Chair Scott McBride, Executive Committee Secretary John Konechne (second and third from left, respectively), and MAIA CEO Bev Barney (fourth from right) “on stage” at the Governor’s press conference.

At The State Level And here is what “you” have been up to legislatively at our State Capitol. Beginning shortly after the start of the year, MAIA staff were actively involved with the effort to reform Michigan’s auto no-fault law. That behind the scenes work took a public stage with a mid-April press conference in the Capitol. There, Governor Snyder adopted as his own a proposal aimed at preserving Michigan’s no-fault law by addressing many of the costs that are increasing premiums and causing consumers to significantly reduce their coverage or drive without insurance.


The Governor was joined by several stakeholders, including MAIA. As the only agents group involved in roundtable discussions leading up to the press conference and only nongovernmental entity to speak at the press conference, MAIA has sought a balanced approach of protecting Michigan drivers while at the same time providing savings that will make auto insurance more affordable. Later, at the invitation of the Committee Chair, Pete Lund, MAIA members provided testimony at two consecutive House Insurance Committee hearings in support of the Governor’s proposal (H.B. 4612). The throng of those wanting to testify was so large it took a large committee room, multiple overflow rooms, and the lobby outside to accommodate those wanting to debate (and mostly oppose) this very controversial issue. Among those testifying were MAIA Past President

Rob Umstead, current President Greg Rummel, Board Member Pam Barkel, and MAIA Vice President Government Affairs/Membership Scott Hummel. Attending were the MAIA Executive Committee, the MAIA Board of Directors, Young Agents and other MAIA staff. This visit also provided members the opportunity to schedule meetings with legislators back home to discuss these needed reforms. During the hearings, your colleagues sought to paint a more complete picture to policymakers stressing the need to reform Michigan’s auto no-fault law and why H.B. 4612 is necessary now. These independent insurance agents offered numerous examples of Michigan drivers who have significantly Continued


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Cover Story altered their coverage (usually reduced collision and comprehensive coverage) and taken on additional risk in order to afford the PIP and MCCA assessment portions of their auto policies (which can make up to 40-50 percent of the premium). They shared other examples of potential clients who have walked out of their agencies without purchasing auto insurance because they simply can’t afford the cost. It is very likely these drivers will drive without the proper insurance (estimates are that one in five Michigan drivers have no insurance). MAIA is advocating for the following changes: • Establishment of a Fraud Authority like that successfully used in many other states to crack down on auto insurance fraud. (Estimates are that fraud may add up to 10 percent of the cost of insurance.); • Medical care cost containment (Compared to health insurance carriers, auto insurance carriers have provided exhaustive examples of charges that are 3-4 times higher for auto injuries for similar services.);

Basic Elements of the Governor’s 2013 No-Fault Reform Proposal Here is a brief summary and comparison as of 5-2-2013 of the Governor’s HICA Tax/Medicaid Shortfall and No-Fault Proposal: Item



Fraud Authority


$6 million to ATPA and $15 million to AFPA (assessed on carriers) and housed at MAIPF; 5 year pilot program).

Health Care Provider Charges

“…may charge a reasonable amount…” Court decisions have limited insurer’s ability to negotiate provider charges.

Provider is entitled to amount customarily received for the same/similar products and services in cases not involving auto excluding Medicaid and Medicare (Intent is to bring some equity between insurers whether auto or traditional health insurers).

Attendant Care Services

Covered without limit as to hours or wages.

Family provided attendant care limited to 56 hrs/week, $15/hr, adjusted every 3 years.

Mandatory Limit


$1 million (20 times more than next highest state; current MCCA victims/ claims not subject to new limit)



$125 (net) per vehicle (Note: Savings will only take effect upon renewal or if insured cancels current policy and purchases new policy with cap).

Insurer Retention


$530,000 (Indexed until cap reached)


Mandatory purchase from MCCA

Mandatory purchase from MCCC (Corporation) (to cover $530,000 to $1,000,000; assessment currently unknown; 7 public members appt by Governor; entity created to collect HICA tax).

Benefits available to other than vehicle owners

Motorcycles – Unlimited Motorcycles - $250,000 Assigned Claims – Assigned Claims - $250,000 Unlimited Nonresidents (all) - $50,000 NR occupant of Mi Vehicle – Unlimited NR non-occupant of Mi vehicle - $500K

Medical benefits covered

Reasonable charges for reasonably necessary products, services, and accommodations.

• Controlling the abuses in costs associated with family attendant care; and, • Establishing a cap on benefits of at least $1,000,000 (which would still be 20 times more than the next highest state and would provide what all limits do – a mindset by the user to measure the cost versus the benefit received). Current catastrophically auto-injured victims would not be subject to the cap on benefits. If these reforms were adopted, they would provide both long term cost controls for the MCCA and immediate short term savings of $125 per vehicle or $250 for the average family with two vehicles. Michigan’s no-fault law has provided great security and rehabilitation for thousands of catastrophically injured Continued on page 12



Reasonable charges for medically appropriate products, services, and accommodations (tighter language to address questionable rehabilitation services; Current claimants under MCCA not subject to changes here or the $1 mil cap.) 6 year sunset for Health Insurance Claims Assessment (HICA) tax and $25/premium collected on all auto policies annually by MCCC. Total revenue from both plus matching federal funds will bring in $1.2B in Medicaid dollars.

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Cover Story victims over its 40 year life. However, to preserve no-fault, changes must be made now that halt the increasing costs that will push even more drivers to forgo the coverage they need for protection from auto related accidents.


So, in a sense, by being a member of MAIA, you can be “Here” and “Here” at the same time! That’s the value of your membership! It is also the value of your investment in AgentPAC and InsurPac. One reason we can actually see nine Congressman in one day is because of the support InsurPac has provided to “friendly” representatives and the doors it has opened. Likewise, your support of friends in the Michigan Legislature has also opened many doors for us to tell our story. MAIA offers our sincere thanks to all of those who did and are willing to stand in the gap for all MAIA members and who used their own time and resources to make the Capitol Hill and Lansing visits successful. The best lobbyists are these agents who live, work, vote, and are active in each state and congressional district. Just one of these agents’ meetings could make the difference in how that member votes on a bill that could help or hurt thousands of agents across the country or state and the clients they serve.

MAIA President Greg Rummel testifying before the House Insurance Committee regarding H.B. 4612.

Young Agents Pat Baker, Lisa and Will Lemanski, and YAC Rep. to the MAIA Board Doug Fairbanks at the hearing.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you can rely on others all the time. Remember, you just happened to be busy that day. Hopefully, for the colleagues who stood in for you recently, you can return the favor in the future. Should you have any desire to be involved “Here” or in your community with legislative leaders, please don’t hesitate to contact MAIA. Epilogue: After two days and almost 10 hours of testimony, the House Insurance Committee passed H.B. 4612 by a vote of 10-5 along party lines, with all Republicans voting yes for the reforms. As of publication, the future of these reforms is still uncertain. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Scott at or visit our website at ■ 12

MAIA Board Members Tim Roodvoets, Christine Hansens, Ed LeBuda, Mike Clark and Stephen Shook at the hearing.

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Larges Elected to Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame


ur heartiest congratulations go out to MAIA Past President and current State Director Mike Larges of the Emil Rummel Agency in Frankenmuth on his election to the Michigan Insurance Hall of Fame. Mike’s service to MAIA has been recognized with the Chairperson of the Year, Capitol, Forsetlund Agent of the Year, and Hildebrand Lifetime Achievement awards. He also currently serves as IIABA InsurPac Committee Chair. His induction into the Hall will take place in Lansing on August 21st. ■

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May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

Association News

Introducing MAIA’s New CEO Bev Barney


ith MAIA CEO Bob Pierce retiring from the Association effective August 31 of this year, a Search Committee entered a four-month search and faced the arduous task of finding the right person to lead our Association for years to come. In March, it was announced to the Membership that your MAIA Board of Directors approved the Search Committee’s recommendation to hire Bev Barney, CIC, CPCU as Bob’s successor. Bev joined the MAIA staff April 8th and has hit the ground full speed on your behalf. An Indiana native, Bev has career experience on the company side, and was also an independent agency owner. She brings an extensive background in Big “I” state and national affairs, having served as President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana and IIABA Director from Indiana, among her Association volunteer efforts. Bev began her insurance career with a large mutual insurance company in the Midwest and quickly was promoted to a position of leadership, serving in

Watch the Governor’s press conference on his proposed No-Fault legislation at (MAIA CEO Bev Barney and MAIA Legislative Chair Scott McBride appear about 10 minutes into the video.


various management roles within the company, including underwriting, human resources and agency operations. She joined Coapstick Insurance Agency in 1983, where she became an agency owner and served as its Vice President until the agency was sold in 2006. Bev joined Brown and Brown through an agency acquisition in December 2010, where she led two P&C departments and was also responsible for carrier relationships and contracts. Not known to shy away from a challenge or opportunity, Bev was open to using her skills in the broader arena of association management on behalf of independent agents. Bev has a passion for our industry and for agents in particular, having experienced first-hand the challenges faced by agency owners in a tough insurance environment. Bev’s past association leadership roles as State President and National Director placed her in an advocacy role, both at a state and national level, having participated numerous times in legislative position discussions and elected official visits. Just eight days after her arrival at MAIA, Bev spoke on behalf of your Association at the Governor’s press conference announcing his commitment to No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform. Being a new resident of our state, Bev quickly learned, through personal experience, how much greater the cost of a no-fault auto insurance policy can be and how those costs are continuing to rise, mapping the way for no-fault to be unaffordable for many of our clients if a compromise isn’t reached to restructure and manage costs related to those unfortunate who experience

catastrophic injury from an automobile accident. Having advocated on your behalf in her short tenure, she has also seen the challenge of reform and the tough issues members must address on a daily basis with their clients. On a personal note, Bev and her husband, Terry, have been married for 33 years and come to us from Frankfort, Indiana. They have one daughter, JoEllen, who resides in SC, and gave them their first grandson in January. Bev has relocated to the Lansing area and Terry will join her upon the sale of their home. She looks forward to the day when they are both residents of our great state of Michigan. ■ With over thirty years experience in the insurance industry, Bev’s depth of knowledge within the Association and the industry brings us a solid background of conflict resolution, creative problem solving and volunteer leadership. Her past experience provides her with the unique perspective of our independent agents, carrier partners, and association staff. With this combination of strengths, we are confident that Bev will lead our Association through the challenges and opportunities that face our industry. She looks forward to meeting you at a number of industry events in the coming months and can be reached directly at, (517) 327-8028.

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |


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AgentPAC Contributors Stellar Club ($1,000 or More)

Mike McBride – Mason McBride, Inc. Scott McBride – Mason McBride, Inc. Clare Rothi – PREMCO Financial Corporation Eric Rudert – The Rudert Agency LTD Steve Shook – Russell & Schrader Ins. Agency, Inc. Dale Simmon – Simmon Insurance Agency, Inc. Barbara A Walker – Hartland Insurance Agency, Inc. Dave Walker – Hartland Insurance Agency, Inc. Eric B. Walton – Walton Agency, Inc.

Gold Club ($500 - $999)

Bev Barney – Michigan Association of Insurance Agents Wayne Blackwell – Blackwell Insurance Agency Bob Bourdeau – Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency Frank Brown – Holt & Dimondale Agency, Inc. Charles Elliott – Diebold Agency Company

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Pam Barkel LeRoy Bostic Anne Broughton Mike Charvat Gregory Clevenger Thomas Cowan Jason DeKuiper Jerry Domitrovich Robert Dotson Tom Edmark Paul Fix Tom Guy Christine Hansens Harry Howes Scott Hummel Kirby Hutchison John Konechne Edward LeBuda


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Pete Ewend – Saginaw Bay Underwriters Mike Haverdink – Ottawa Kent Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Larges – Emil Rummel Agency Steve Madigan – Madigan Pingatore Ins., Services Dave McCredie – Piper-McCredie Agency, Inc. Dan Mercure, Sr. – Mercure Agency, Inc. Blair Moulthrop – MCI Insurance, Inc. Guy C. Moulthrop – MCI Insurance, Inc. Steve Phillips – W.J. Phillips Agency, Inc. Don Pierce – Donald K. Pierce & Co. Randy Pingatore – Madigan Pingatore Ins. Services Thomas Radewan – Mid Valley Agency, Inc. Chuck Richmond – Richmond Agency, Inc. Sheridan Springer – Springer Agency, Inc. Rob Umstead – Steenland Insurance Agency, Inc. John Walker – Insurance Advisors, Inc. David Weisenburger – General Agency Company Joe Wolfe – The Protection Center, Inc. Bob Worgess – Worgess Agency, Inc.

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May 2013| Michigan AGENT |

Leaders of the PAC

Contribute online at

Corporate Contributors MAIA would like to thank the following members and local associations for their corporate contributions to assist MAIA with Legislative advocacy. Mason McBride, Inc. – Troy Lud Stoor Agency, Inc. – Crystal Falls Akin-Akin, Inc. – Howell Ovid Service Agency, Inc. - Ovid Iron Range Agency - Ishpeming Martin Nolan Agency - Muskegon Redbud Insurance Services LLC - Buchanan Ottawa Kent Insurance Agency, Inc. - Jenison D Beacom & Sons, Inc. - Pickford Don Wilson Insurance Agency – Sault Ste Marie MDA Insurance & Financial Group - Okemos The Mayan Agency - Merrill Northern Insurance Agency Inc - Escanaba Select Underwriters, Inc. - Waterford Hartman Insurance Agency, Inc. - Saline Domitrovich Insurance Agency - Ontonagon Kay Maxson Agency, Inc. - Galesburg Fitzmaurice Garvin Agency – Traverse City Emil Rummel Agency, Inc. - Frankenmuth Allen Harmon Mason Selinger - Springfield Upper Peninsula Independent Insurance Agents – Iron River Irving Insurance Agency Inc - Flint Independent Insurance Agents of Oakland County – Bloomfield Hills Noel Selewski Agency, Inc. – Grosse Pointe Park For more information on how your organization might participate, please contact Scott Hummel at 517-327-8038 or

17 May 2013 | Michigan AGENT |

MAIA is pleased to recognize the agencies that have 100 percent staff participation and/or met specific contribution levels in our 2013 AgentPAC drive. Agencies with 1-5 Employees Adrian Insurance Agency, Inc - Adrian Diebold Agency Company – West Branch Domitrovich Insurance Agency - Ontonagon Russell & Schrader Insurance Agency, Inc. – Charlotte Simmon Insurance Agency, Inc. – Lansing The Rudert Agency – White Cloud Agencies with 6-10 Employees Blackwell Insurance Services – Grand Rapids Donald K. Pierce & Company – Grosse Pointe Hudson & Muma Inc – Bloomfield Hills Lewis & Thompson Agency Inc – Detroit Madigan Pingatore Insurance Services – Sault Ste Marie W.J. Phillips Agency, Inc. – Flint Agencies with 16+ Employees Emil Rummel Agency, Inc. – Frankenmuth Hartland Insurance Agency, Inc. – Hartland Mason McBride, Inc. – Troy MCI Insurance, Inc. – Bay City Saginaw Bay Underwriters – Saginaw

How Your Agency Can Join the Leaders of the PAC?

Attain 100% staff participation in AgentPAC and/or show the rest of MAIA’s membership that your agency is up to the task by meeting the following contribution goals: 1-5 employees - $500; 6-10 employees - $1,000; 11-15 employees - $1,500; 16 or more employees - $2,000.

2013 InsurPac Contributors (As of April 29, 2013) Dan Aitken Harry Awdey Kirk Barkel Pam Barkel Bev Barney James Biller Todd Borseth LeRoy Bostic Joseph Breed Patrick Brown Kelly Casey Denise Cox Gerald Domitrovich Tom Edmark Erich Ehlert Doug Fairbanks

Lauren Galecki Mary Gardner Christine Hansens Michael Haverdink Scott Hummel Michael Ignat Adam Jackson Fred Karn John Konechne Mike Larges Lisa Lemanski Will Lemanski Mike McBride David McCredie Charles Moore Guy Moulthrop

Lindsay Pavkovich Bob Pierce Don Pierce Charles Richmond Holly Rossell Greg Rummel Dale Simmon Roger Stoor Vicki Topa Rob Umstead Barbara Walker Dave Walker Eric Walton Joseph Wolfe Bob Worgess Timothy Zylstra

May 2013 | Michigan AGENT | 17


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Health Care

Affordable Care Act Update Fees and Taxes and Higher Health Insurance Premiums, Oh My! By Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU Panama City, Florida


anuary 1, 2014 is the first day for the major implementations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This law, dealing primarily with national health care reform, will affect millions of U.S. citizens, legal immigrants, and any business that has 50 or more fulltime employees. Many look forward to this law’s full enactment; many do not. Whatever your views, it is important to understand how the law will impact you, your family, and virtually every business in this country. One key fact to understand: when a business is discussed in the context of the ACA, it means any and all employers. Some examples include the large privately owned manufacturing plant in your town, the small family-owned restaurant you visit periodically, the publicly-traded national technology company in which you own stock, the non-profit hospital in your town, your

local school district, your church, your state government, etc. An important term to be aware of and how it works as it relates to the ACA is Federal Poverty Level. In 2014, the ACA definition and qualification rules concerning Federal Poverty Level will affect millions of individuals, families, and businesses. Here is how it works. If an individual’s (or family’s) income is below 400 percent of Federal Poverty Level in 2014, they will be eligible for a premium subsidy for the mandated Qualified Health Plan. In 2013, the annual income threshold at 400 percent Federal Poverty Level is:

400 percent Federal Poverty Level, the larger the potential premium subsidy. If the income is above 400 percent Federal Poverty Level, there is no chance of a premium subsidy. Subsidies can only be received through the Exchange (now referred to as the Marketplace). The Congressional Budget Office estimated in May of 2010 that the average annual

One interesting item to keep in mind under this Medicaid/ACA rule: Income is the only determining qualification for Medicaid under this provision; assets are not counted.

• $94,200 for a family of four, • $62,040 for a family of two, and • $45,960 for a single individual. The income thresholds are indexed to increase each year. The more an individual’s (or family’s) income falls below

premium subsidy would be $3,970 in 2014. They have recently revised that number to be $5,510. Starting in 2014, the ACA states you must purchase a Qualified Health Plan. If an individual chooses not to purchase an approved plan, they will be subject to a penalty (minor exceptions exist). Here is how the penalty works. In 2014, the penalty (actually referred to as a “shared responsibility payment” in the ACA) for an individual would be the greater of $95 for the entire year or 1 percent of the gross income. As an example, for a person that has a gross annual income of $50,000, the penalty would the greater of $95 or $500. Remember this is an annual penalty. The premium for this individual’s Qualified Health Plan may be $500 per month for this same individual! The dollar amount of the penalty and the percentage is schedContinued on next page


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Health Care

uled to increase in subsequent years. Complex rules concerning the penalty calculations for families with minor children dependents also apply. As an example, what about an individual (or family) whose income is below 133 percent Federal Poverty Level in 2014? For the family of four, that income level is $31,322. For the family of two it is $20,628, and it is $15,282 for an individual. They will qualify to be on Medicaid. This will be their Qualified Health Plan. There will be minor payments (premiums and out-of-pockets). One interesting item to keep in mind under this Medicaid/ ACA rule: Income is the only determining qualification for Medicaid under this provision; assets are not counted. Both income and assets are examined when one tries to qualify for Medicaid as it relates to a stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility. How does the ACA impact an employer? There is no chance of a penalty to any employer that has less than

50 full-time employees for the entire calendar year. A full-time employee is one that works 30 hours or more in a week. An employer with 50 or more full-time employees (referred to as a large employer) probably needs to be concerned. First, what is the rule for a large employer that does not provide a Qualified Health Plan to its employees in 2014? If any full-time employee receives a federal subsidy through the Marketplace for their Qualified Health Plan (see the 400 percent Federal Poverty Level rule above), the employer will have an annual penalty of $2,000 for all full-time employees. However, the employer gets to deduct 30 full-time employees from this calculation. The penalty is pro-rated monthly.

35 x $2,000 =$70,000).

Here is an example: ABC, Inc. has 65 full-time employees for all of 2014 and does not provide a Qualified Health Plan. At least one full-time employee receives a subsidy for the entire 12 months. ABC will have an annual, nondeductible penalty of $70,000 (65 - 30 =

Consider this: at first glance an employer that has 40 full-time employees would not be thought of as a “large employer” under the ACA. However, assume the same employer has 20 (or so part-time) employees. After the required “measurement,” the part-time employee’s hours may very well push this employer into “large employer” status. Any and all part-time employees that receive a subsidy will have no penalty impact on their employer. Only full-time employees receiving a subsidy cause penalty concerns to the employer. And, as stated earlier, any penalty to a large employer that does not provide coverage, is only calculated on the full time employee count exceeding 30.

How about an employer that has a substantial number of part-time employees? Well, the ACA has a complicated “measurement” formula that will require the employer to calculate the employment hours of all part-time employees.

Is a penalty certain for the large employer that does not provide health coverage in 2014? No, but unless their employees are high paid – over the 400 percent Federal Poverty Level rule – the chances are very high.

What if the large employer does provide a Qualified Health Plan for the entire 12 months in 2014? Well, the employer might still have a penalty. The rule is very complex, but basically provides that a full-time employee would be eligible for a subsidy if: 1. They are under the 400 percent Federal Poverty Level rule, and; ACA=Affordable Care Act FPL=Federal Poverty Level


QHP=Qualified Health Plan FTE=Full Time Employee

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Health Care 2. The employer’s provided coverage is not broad enough. For example, the insurance may not pay at least 60 percent of covered health care expenses for the typical population, or;

fordable” to the employees. It will be essential for business owners to review the various options with their financial professionals: CPAs, attorneys, and health insurance agents.

3. The cost of employee’s required premium for the Qualified Health Plan is deemed to be “unaffordable.”

What will premiums and coverage look like in 2014? This will be of little surprise to virtually everyone: premiums will be higher than in 2013. Many are speculating at least a 20 percent increase. Why that much? First, consider the generally broader coverage for all Qualified Health Plans – individual, small group and large group. They will look alike in their minimum coverage. The various states have the right to require additional mandated coverage, but they cannot strip down a plan from that set as minimum levels by the ACA. So, here is a basic list that health insurance carriers are using in their premium calculations:

What is “unaffordable?” If the employee’s portion of the “self-only” coverage exceeds 9.5 percent of “household income,” then it is unaffordable as per the ACA. Should this happen (and using the example above), the employer’s penalty would be the lesser of $70,000 (65 - 30 = 35 x $2,000 =$70,000) or $3,000 for every fulltime employee that received a subsidy. Let’s assume 15 full-time employees received a subsidy. Then the calculation would be 15 x $3,000 = $45,000. So the employer penalty would be the lesser of $70,000 or $45,000. In this example, the employer may be paying $500,000 annually for the coverage on its 65 fulltime employees. That premium would still be tax-deductible to the business, but any and all penalties are never deductible. So, is a penalty certain for the large employer that does not provide health coverage in 2014? No, but unless their employees are high paid – over the 400 percent Federal Poverty Level rule – the chances are very high. And, the Federal Poverty Level rule in this situation states “family income.” Does an employer know what the employee’s spouse earns? Even thinking about asking that question will make the HR department cringe! What about the chance of a penalty concerning the large employer that does provide a Qualified Health Plan? A way to avoid any penalty would be to make certain the premiums are not “unaffordable.” This would mean the employer pays such a large portion of the full-time employees “self-only premium” that the remaining portion it is not “unaf-

1. Broader coverage than now; 2. No lifetime, or annual dollar limits on coverage; 3. No underwriting, no pre-existing questions; 4. Guaranteed issue and guaranteed renewal; 5. No out-of-pocket cost for preventive visits; 6. Children staying on the parent’s plan until age 26 (some exceptions); and, 7. Health insurance carriers are being charged several billion dollars in additional taxes. Are there other areas that might make the premiums higher? Yes, one is the recently announced Transitional Reinsurance Fee which will be imposed on all health insurance carriers. It will be passed along to the individual or group plans. The monthly fee is $5.25 “per-head” in 2014 (or $63 annually). Let’s assume you have a business that currently provides coverage for your 40 employees. You pay 80 percent of the employee’s premium and none of the

spouse and dependent cost. In addition to the coverage on your employees, you have 30 covered spouses, 60 covered dependents, five COBRA qualified beneficiaries, and five retirement employees. That is 140 covered “heads” x $63 = $8,820 for 2014. That amount would be added to the employer’s renewal

The various states have the right to require additional mandated coverage, but they cannot strip down a plan from that set as minimum levels by the ACA. premium. The three-year imposed fee drops to $42 in 2015 and then $26 in the last year. Most of this fee will go back to the health insurance carriers to financially assist them with the potential financial loss in the early years of the ACA due to guaranteed issue, adverse selections, etc. So the fee will increase the overall cost of the Qualified Health Plan. Another increase in premiums allowed by the ACA will cause concern to tobacco users. The carriers that file to write Qualified Health Plans in 2014 can only use certain rating criteria. First, what can they not use? No gender rating, no underwriting questions; thus no pre-existing condition exclusions. OK, what can they use to determine rates? • Age: Older individuals can be charged more than younger ones, but a maximum of 3 to 1 ratio; • Geographic area: Premiums can be higher in certain cities; e.g. higher for New York City residents than Rochester, NY residents; • Family composition: a family of three or four can be charged more than an individual or family of two; and • Tobacco usage: maximum of 1.5 rating factor. Continued on page 25


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Health Care


For Information on Michigan’s Health Insurance Exchange, go to:

Concerning the tobacco usage, note that it does not state “smoking.” It simply states “tobacco,” which would encompass any and all forms of tobacco usage. How does this surcharge work? Assume the annual cost for your current health insurance plan in 2013 is $5,000. Next year it may very well be $6,000 due to the reasons listed earlier in this article. However, should you use tobacco the carrier may surcharge your base premium as much as 50 percent ($3,000 in this example) and your new premium is now $9,000. Understand, a carrier may use a 1.5 factor; some will use the maximum, some may not. Another interesting bit of recently released information: those applying for an individual policy cannot receive any Federal Poverty Level subsidy on the tobacco surcharge portion. So, in the previous example, should the individual be eligible for a subsidy, it can only be calculated on the non-tobacco portion ($6,000), not the tobacco surcharge portion ($3,000). If the tobacco user is part of an employee group, the same non-subsidy rule applies unless he/ she enrolls in a “tobacco cessation” program. It is interesting that the surcharge applies to tobacco usage, but is silent on marijuana or illegal drug usage. Additionally, there have been no specific rules released on how the agent/company determines the tobacco usage and what would happen should the applicant make a “misrepresentation” concerning this rating factor. With life insurance, the carrier generally will require a urine exam and should there be a misrepresentation, the carrier can rescind the contract in the first two years.


One additional release from Health and Human Services (HHS) that occurred in late December of 2012 dealt with coverage on “dependants.” Everyone is probably aware that in 2010 the ACA mandated health insurance coverage be extended to dependants until their age 26, with minor exceptions. Now we have new “guidance” concerning the dependants. Starting in 2014 all large employers (50+ full-time employees) must extend coverage to dependents until age 26, or there will be a financial penalty to the employer. There is no real change in the language except for the financial penalty language. It was not specific in the original law that an employer would have a penalty should coverage not be extended. One additional newsworthy rule in the same release was that an employer is not required to extend coverage to the spouse of an employee. It will be interesting to see how large employers approach this “spouse coverage” exception. The ACA is still evolving. The 2500+ page law was silent on numerous specific rules. While the law stated a particular provision, many times it did not give the exact amount of the fee, tax, or penalty relating to the provision. Frequently the law states: “to be determined by the Secretary of HHS.” Additionally, numerous lawsuits were filed, such as one that resulted in the “penalty if no dependant coverage to age 26” (above). Thus, clarification was expected on many fronts. So, expect more exact rules and definitions to be released in the spring and summer of 2013. It is not clear how (or if) these soon-to-be-released announcements may impact our insurance premiums in 2014 and the years that follow. ■

Jerry Rhinehart operates Rhinehart and Associates as a life, disability and financial services agency. He is a director and past president of the Tallahassee Chapter of CLU and ChFC, and was elected to the Board of Governors of the Society of CIC in 1995.

NEW MEMBERS MAIA welcomes the following who recently joined the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents New Members A D Burnham Agency, Hanover Findeisen Agency, Niles Evergreen Insurance Agency, Auburn New Associate Members Jarvis Property Restoration, Harrison Twp.

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Cool Ways to Get, and Keep, Cool Clients Christine Marciano, CIC Commercial Lines Consultant, Allied/Nationwide Sales Academy, Allied/Nationwide Insurance


h, the age old question: Is it easier to get a client or to keep a client? The short answer is that they are both challenging, and both vitally important to the success of your agency. Since we’re fixin’ to saddle up for YAC Rodeo Days, let’s use a cowboy analogy. (The cows are clients – we are the cowboys, just to be clear here.) Say we’d like to herd these nice cattle across the Rio Grande. They all need our expertise, care and guidance. Some of them want to join us and some of them are taking lots of our time and slowing down the whole cattle drive. We’d like to know which cattle to keep with us and which of these calves are too little to make the trip this year. Should we leave a few in the corral? Join me on Wednesday, June 19th to discuss how to move toward your best buyers and know when to set the others gently aside, for now. We’ll talk about objections and share some ways to move past them effectively. We’ll explore why the pre-close may be the best close.

phone. When the client has a claim, or even a roadside event, having the carrier phone number can get an insured the help they need…fast. Let’s face it, most of us are joined to our devices and would have them surgically implanted someday. Our clients are the same way. 2. Three-Way Calling – Consider making a three-way phone call to the carrier when the insured calls you with a claims report. The client gets to tell the story once; you get to hear it, too. You’ll get the claim number and the adjuster’s name, as well. The claim will move along more quickly, and the insured feels that you have held their hand through it all – because you did. See you at the rodeo. ■

Once we’ve got our best clients safely in our agencies – then we continue their care and feeding. In advance of our cowboy time together, please consider these two tactics to improve client satisfaction: 1. 800 phone number – When we sell a policy, ask the client to enter the carrier’s claims number into their cell

About Christine Marciano Christine serves as a Commercial Lines Consultant for the Allied/Nationwide Insurance Sales Academy in Columbus, Ohio. She teaches independent and exclusive agents, sales managers and underwriters in sales, product, coverage, and communication. See her in action at YAC Rodeo Days!

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A Stampede for Young and New Agents June 19-20, 2013, Rothbury, Michigan


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COMMERCIAL LINES ACCOUNT MANAGER POSTED: April 26, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Harper Woods, Michigan Employer: Baker-Hopp & Yee Type: Full Time - Experienced Baker-Hopp & Yee is seeking an Account Manager for commercial lines serving insureds with premiums from $25,000$100,000. Our account management staff responsibilities include management of the renewal process and service of customers utilizing the Applied System. The team structure provides for assistance with policy processing, endorsements, certificates and other duties allowing the Account Manager to focus on serving the customer. Requirements: Candidates should have at least five years commercial insurance experience with a P & C license. Our team environment requires excellent communication skills and customer service skills. Baker-Hopp & Yee offers competitive salaries including medical insurance, 401k with matching, bonus opportunity, flexible working hours, educational support and generous holiday pay. Apply online at . PERSONAL LINES CSR POSTED: April 25, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan Employer: Ann Arbor Ins. Associates, LLC Type: Full Time - Experienced Preferred Education: Some College Our team is looking for an experienced Personal Lines CSR. This person will manage a personal lines current book of business as well as quote/issue new business. New business will consist of account rounding of existing personal and commercial clients. Requirements: P&C license - AMS360 preferred but not mandatory. Salary open, based on experience. Apply online at . COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT MANAGER POSTED: April 19, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Hillsdale, Michigan Employer: Sumnar-Scholl Ins. Agency, Inc. Type: Full Time - Experienced Preferred Education: two Year Degree Professional, small town agency seeks a Commercial Account Manager to service growing commercial book of business. 29

Position offers excellent opportunity for professional advancement. Responsibilities include servicing existing clients, marketing of new and renewal business, and sales of small commercial accounts. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Highly proficient with Microsoft Office. Familiarity with Applied TAM a plus. Apply online at . PRODUCER POSTED: April 18, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Michigan Employer: Meadowbrook Insurance Group Type: Full Time - Experienced Preferred Education: 4 Year Degree Meadowbrook, consistently named the leading business insurance agency in Michigan by Crain’s Detroit Business, is looking for licensed Producers in Southfield, Ann Arbor and Saginaw. We offer traditional and alternative products to clients ranging from large manufacturers to small businesses, from associations to individuals. Responsibilities: Acquire new accounts by cold calling, referrals, leads, etc. Gather information for marketing of new accounts. Service all accounts produced. Work closely with marketing team on any changes to be made during policy year. Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent, college degree preferred. Agents license, technical and/or professional designation preferred. Proficient in Microsoft Office software applications. Possession of a valid state driver’s license, safe driving record and proof of insurance. For complete information and to apply go to . PERSONAL LINES PRODUCER POSTED: April 10, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan Employer: Insurance Advantage Agency Type: Full Time - Experienced Preferred Education: High School Growing independent insurance agency looking for a producer. Must be self-motivated with excellent communication and sales skills. Requirements: Licensed, experienced, strong verbal communication skills, flexible schedule, punctual and responsible, customer focused. Commission, bonus, trips and contests. Apply online at .

COMMERCIAL CSR AND PERSONAL LINES CSR (two openings) POSTED: April 8, 2013 Salary: Open Location: Michigan Employer: Wolf Hulbert Co., LLC Type: Full Time - Experienced Preferred Education: Some College Looking for a high energy Commercial CSR. Knowledge of property and casualty insurance. Review policies, issue endorsements, issue certificates and work closely with account managers. Also looking for an energetic Personal Lines CSR that will work closely with our clients and producers. Quote new business, re-market clients and provide high level of professional service. Requirements: P&C license preferred, excellent communication skills, proficient with Excel and Word. Must be a team player with a positive attitude. Great opportunity to grow and advance. Bonus paid for new business. Apply online at .

Buy/Sell/Merge Bloomfield Hills Insurance Agency is looking to acquire insurance agencies or books of business in southeast Michigan. We are looking for agents who would like to continue to service their clients as well as those wishing to retire. We believe in relationships with clients and highly-trained professionals for all positions in an agency. For more information please contact Mark Barrett at (248) 283-0250 ext 201 or email . Mason-McBride, Inc. is seeking professional independent agencies in the southeast Michigan region. Preferably agencies looking for an exit strategy over the short to intermediate term or those that simply want to take their professional career to the next level. We have a flexible approach that can be customized to your specific needs. Our resource base allows you to achieve maximum value from your client base by integrating property-casualty, group benefits and financial services. To arrange confidential discussion, contact Wayne McBride at (248) 822-7170, . ■

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Mid-America Insurance Conference

We Need Your Help

Call for Agenda Items

Since 1934, the Mid-America Insurance Conference (formerly the Mid-America Technical Conference) has been serving the American agency system as a forum for discussion on topics such as property-casualty coverage, rules, forms, and other technical aspects within the insurance industry. These discussions often lead to recommendations by agents for positive change. In essence, the Mid-America Insurance Conference serves as both a sounding board for agents bent on improving the technical side of the insurance industry and the catalyst for change. Each year, local independent agents from “Mid-America” states get together with company representatives, ACORD, Insurance Service Offices, and the NCCI to review important agenda items that Producers submit. Thousands of agenda items have been considered, resulting in meaningful improvements in the coverage we are able to offer today. Some of these agenda items require extensive consideration, resulting in years of research and hard work before the necessary changes are implemented. Send examples of coverage or policy concerns/problems and solutions for Agenda items no later than July 31, 2013 to Kent Anthony, PO Box 67, Sterling, KS 67579. You may also FAX to the attention of Kent Anthony at 620-278-3060 or email to Sample of a proposed agenda item and submission form can be found at Check out their website for more information:

Busy Week for YAC

On May 4, YAC sponsored and participated in the Detroit Zoo’s Walks for Wishes (with generous financial support from Trusted Choice). YAC raised over $1,000 for the cause and applied 300 Trusted Choice tattoos to children (and their parents). On May 9, YAC was pleased to host a networking event in Troy open to all agents, company and vendor friends. Look for more of these networking opportunities in the future ...


Noteworthy GUARD Names Ajchenbaum CFO

GUARD Insurance Group recently named Eitan Ajchenbaum Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, replacing Jeffrey Picker who retired in April after nearly 20 years of service. In his new role, Ajchenbaum will oversee all accounting and finance activities as well as reinsurance, enterprise risk management, facilities operations, and other areas of interest. Previously GUARD’s Chief Risk and Financial Planning Officer as well as a member of various GUARD boards, Ajchenbaum brings two decades of global business experience in a variety of senior management capacities with other companies (including that of CFO and COO) to his new responsibilities.


Frank Brown of Mason, passed away April 7, 2013. Frank created the Brown & Chappell Insurance Agency in 1965, now the Holt & Dimondale Insurance Agency. He was very active in the Holt Kiwanis Club, serving as club secretary for 43 years. During his tenure, he received numerous distinguished awards. Frank was a dedicated community person, always paying it forward to local community events or organizations. Frank was married to Phyllis MacNeal for 53 years. She precedes him in death. Son Shawn, former MAIA President, also precedes him in death. He married Marjorie Tharnish in 2006 and she survives him. Memorial contributions may be made to the Holt Community Food Bank in his memory. Submit Noteworthy items to Jennifer Burnett at

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