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aud A [ C 300 ]

19.00 | 21.00

RMIT, Melbourne

Tripolarity and Landscape Architecture/ Socially Engaged Practices

aud A [ C 300] 14.00 | 16.00

14 Tom Avermaete | 11 Paul Vermeulen TU Delft, Delft | Smet Vermeulen, Ghent

Brazilian Modernities

13.30 | 18.00

aud de molen

20 11 Joan Mc Donald University of Chile | CU Santiago, Chile

Cities, Poverty and Slums in the Developing World

25 11 Elena Cogato Lanza 19.00 | 21.00

EPFL - LCC, Lausanne

Urban Difference: Site, Concept and Methodology

19.00 | 21.00

27 11 Sue Anne Ware RMIT, Melbourne

Ecologically Engaged Landscape Architecture Practices

Department of Architecture

19.00 | 21.00

aud de molen

19.00 | 21.00

aud de molen


RMIT, Melbourne

Contemporary European and Australian Landscape Architecture

STUDIO BRUSSELS NORTH Bruno De Meulder, Erik van Daele, Ivan Llach This studio explores the possibility to insert new centralities or to strengthen existing ones in order to value Flanders as a metroplitan system based on small-scale local qualities. The zone where this atypical metropolis is most evident is the area between Antwerp and Brussels. Within this area we look at Vilvoorde, a city that profited from its nearness to Brussels and was an important industrial environment, but that today is characterized by voids and brownfields. These however, offer the opportunity to respond to a demographic and programmatic pressure, since it is estimated that 80 000 people and different large scale programmes will have to be located in and around Brussels in the next decades. The studio challenge is to think how these claims can be spatially organized. Will new centralities be introduced? Can the larger region become one new urban system? What is the implication for the fragile open space structure? Of what nature will the backbones of this new urbanization be?

Syracuse University, Syracuse

Formerly Urban

03 12 Henri Bava aud de molen 19.00 | 21.00

Bureau Bas Smets, Brussels

13 11 Sue Anne Ware

aud D [ C 300 ]

Compositionally Engaged Landscape Architecture Practices

02 12 Julia Czerniak

Agence Ter, Paris

Landscape as Foundation of Urban Planning

04 12 Martí Franch Batllori aud A [ c 300 ] 19.00 | 21.00

de singel 16.00 | 18.00

10 11 Bas Smets

18.00 | 20.00

Urbanisms of Inclusion: New York and Baltimore

Estudi Martí Franch, Girona

Re-habilitating Landscapes

05 12 Gabriele Kiefer aud D [ c 300 ] 19.00 | 21.00

19.00 | 21.00

aud de molen

Parsons New School for Design, NYC

RMIT, Melbourne

29 11 Sue Anne Ware aud de molen

Johannesburg: Projects Past and Future

28 11 Sue Anne Ware

Büro Kiefer, Berlin


18 12 Stefan Darlan Boris aud de molen 19.00 | 21.00

18.00 | 20.00

aud de molen

University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg

30 10 Brian Mc Grath

aud de molen

++ fall 2013 lecture series ++

21 10 Hannah le Roux

Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus

Laboratory Positioning: on the Practice of Landscape Laboratories


Bruno De Meulder, Christian Nolf, Verena Lenna,Florence Vannoorbeeck Molenbeek ( from the Dutch molen “mill” and beek “creek”) is one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels, with around 94.000 inhabitants. During the industrial revolution its growth was based on manufacturing activities around the Charleroi Canal. Today the neighborhood is characterized by high concentrations of immigrant citizens and young unemployed people, though it also features a rich tissue of community based organizations and other local associations. The studio will intersect the reading of the physical/ built space with the description of forms of use and rituals that are the expression of cultural imprints, social structures and consolidated/ emerging organizational needs. Beyond stigmatizing statistics and biased visions, the challenge will be to acknowledge those locally based socio-cultural patterns able to overcome reductionist perspectives, approximately centered on the poor/rich, excluded/included polarizing frameworks.

STUDIO ANTWERP SOUTH Bruno De Meulder, Ivan Llach

The urban design studio is based on the development of a new district for the city of Antwerp. This exceptional strategic site is located at the intersection of new urban projects that will transform the future of the city in coming decades.Formerly occupied by the goods railway, its relocation to the north has created the possibility of a new urban development on this site. The studio will be developed as an interscalar exercise, from the urban design scale, with special attention to the design of public space, to the definition of significant housing typologies.


Frank Moulaert, Jan Schreurs, Tim Devos, Seppe Deblust, Maarten Desmet Throughout the next years the Dam, a popular neighbourhood in the centre of Antwerp, is going to change tremendously. The city has the ambition to redevelop the old slaughterhouse site. When this project is realised, the small district around the Dam will double in size and population. Together with ndvr and the neighbourhood committee the planning studio will focus on the role of participation to allow the people of the Dam to have their say. Design and action projects will explore how to include the neighbourhood in the planned process of the city.

51, Kasteelpark Arenberg | B-3001 Leuven t: +32 [0]16 321 391 | f: t: +32 [0]16 321 981

Lectures - Fall 2013  
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