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Are we willing to do what it takes to be where we want to be?

Yes, Sand Diego Sunfire running back. So it’s almost like going back home for you then? [Vernice was speaking at a conference in San Diego at the time of this interview] Oh yes, it’s been great. How long did you play? It was two partial seasons because I was deployed to Iraq, and the second time I broke my ankle. Where can your book be purchased? It can be purchased from my website: It can also be purchased through any retail bookseller, and if people want me to sign it, just ship it to me, get a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I would be happy to personalize it for them. In dealing with your staff to prepare for this interview, I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and how you conduct business. Where would you say your business sense comes from? I would honestly say it came from my training in the Marine Corps. Not necessarily a profit and loss statement, but before we would go out for every combat mission the very last thing we would say at the end of our brief is, “On time, on target, professional throughout”. And what that means is, it is 15 seconds before or after “TOT” time on target, meaning when we were supposed to be leaving that objective area. If we’re sooner than that, we could blow the surprise; if we’re later than that we might not have been there to protect the Marines on the ground when they started the raid, so on time, on target, professional throughout is the way that I strive to handle my business. The message in your book reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Your book does more than just provide inspirational quotes that ignite action, but it helps to cultivate a true strategy, for what you term as a “flight plan”. What would you say is most unique about your book? Me! (Laughter) Good answer! There are a lot of books out there on goal accomplishment. I merely provide a different angle, a different way for folks to think about goal and mission accomplishment. And a lot of that came from my family, my upbringing, my time in combat and just the experience that has created Vernice’s life. And if I can help others out there, especially women because we have had a lot of the same struggles, that would be the best that I can contribute in the world, that the lessons of my life can help somebody else’s go even further than mine. I blazed the trail up to a certain point. I continued The Tuskegee Airmen’s trail, Bessie Coleman’s trail, and they continued someone else’s trail. Well, somebody’s going to continue my trail after I’m gone and you’re gone. And I’d also like to give a resource for people to get something to go along with the book or even if they don’t have the book. The website is called: They can see free videos, get some of the handouts and do exercises where they can figure out what their fears are. I like to say transform your fear into fuel. If I can help them in any way on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all the social media. I want to be a service to anyone and everyone who picks up this magazine and reads the article. Thank you! We certainly do appreciate you for wanting to share your knowledge with our readers. So what’s next for you, is the Vernice Armour story in the works? You know I’ve been working on that. I told a few people I want Jada Pinkett to play me on the big screen. Yes! She would be perfect! I would love to see that movie, and I think she would love to do it. I think so too! You need to make that happen! Well when your magazine comes out, somebody’s probably going to put it in her hands. Speaking it into existence…


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