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shows, and all of the additional glamorous things to which my international exposure from Top Model has led; however, at the end of the day, I am most thankful to be able to inspire, help, and give back to others. 4.You are the spokesperson for Teen Truth. Tell us about that. What is the message of this campaign and how do you contribute to it? Teen Truth is an informational website created by the Florida Department of Health which aims to inform young adults to make intelligent, informed, and healthy life decisions about pivotal topics such as drugs, alcohol, and sex. I was overjoyed to be a spokesperson for this website because I have seen so many teenagers make unfortunate choices pertaining to these topics, and I felt that if I could reach out and truly get through to even one teen through this site, I have accomplished something truly fulfilling. Actually, I became a spokesperson for at merely 15 years of age (also created by the FL Dept. of Health), and I was pleased to bring awareness to ever increasing problem of alcoholism because so many people sadly lose their lives to the disease each year. Years later, after filming as the

spokesperson for this website, I was contacted about becoming the spokesperson for Teen Truth, and I truly realized that I could employ my interests and talents in the entertainment industry for positive, beneficial purposes. 5.You are one of the most professional artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Explain for someone who may be interested in becoming a professional model, what they may need to do to prepare them for the industry. Oprah Winfrey once said, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”, and I believe that this saying could not be any more accurate pertaining to the modeling world. Aspiring models should realize that pretty faces are a dime a dozen, and in order to truly succeed in the modeling industry one must be persistent, easy to work with, intrepid, and truly have something unique to offer. One must be fearless in taking risks, pursuing their goals, and finally, an aspiring model must learn the art of not being detrimentally affected from (or discouraged by) rejection. 6.The producers of America’s Next Top Model have crowned you as the contestant with the most social media pages named in your honor

in the history of the show. Why do you think fans were able to connect with you? I was in extremely honored and excited by the fact that such an immense amount of fans had taken time to create pages expressing their support for me. I notice the words “quirky” and ‘weird” lovingly used quite often by fans when describing me, and I feel that they were able to connect with them because I inspired them to embrace their own “weirdness’s” which they might have previously been afraid to explore. If you examine many popular artists throughout the history of the arts and entertainment, , whether it be Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol or Lady Gaga, “weirdness” and zeal to break the mold has been an essential key in their successes. It makes me proud to know that my uniqueness has inspired others to embrace their own. 7. Describe you own personal style (fashion)? I describe my own personal style as an eclectic conglomeration of timeless, elegant, nostalgic and eccentric. I always enjoy donning the designs of independent designers and labels because their designs are truly individualistic, one of a kind, and I enjoy using my status as a media

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