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while I was sitting with my mother in a restaurant. I traveled to the callback, and after a long grueling day of interviews and runway auditions, I was given a contract and subsequently selected for the semi-final rounds, which take place in California. I was enthralled and immensely pleased to see a lifelong goal such as this materializing for me. 2.Bullying is undeniably prevalent in today’s society. Have you experienced bullying before? If so, how did you deal with or overcome it. What advice would you give to others who may be experiencing the same thing? The fact that bullying is still such a negative, prevalent force in today’s society is incredibly disheartening; however, I feel that it is something that can be significantly hindered if you spread awareness and try to stop the bullying at its source. Fortunately, aside from a mere few inevitable encounters with mean spirited people, I was never bullied as a child and tried to surround myself with people who embraced by individuality rather than attack it. I can truthfully say that I have never been attacked as severely and frequently as I was by the some of the other contestants on America’s Next

Top Model, and I was quite surprised by the pettiness of their attacks since the objective of this season (the first-ever “College Edition”) was supposed to be about celebrating women with intellectual depth. I do not think the majority of this Cycle’s contenders exemplified “intelligence” at all. My best advice to individuals who find themselves the victims of bullying would be to celebrate all the things which make you different, and remember that many bullies act the way they do not because they hate you but because they hate themselves. Personal insecurity can cause people to act in strange and unfortunate ways, but try (if possible) to remove yourself from the presence of vicious and negative people, and surround yourself with people who embrace your creativity. Of course, I was trapped in a house with bullies, so I couldn’t remove myself immediately, but I tried to keep myself sane by reminding myself of my positive attributes, praying, and reminding myself that their unkind words do not in any way represent or reflect upon me. I have been pleased and overwhelmed by the amount of fans who have been outraged by the intense bullying I endured on the show, and I

have been truly touched by the messages I have received by bullying victims who feel they can relate to (and be inspired by) me. 3.You’ve worked with numerous charitable organizations. How do you intend to use your platform as a means to give back to the community? I have been immensely pleased that the show has opened doors in order for me to employ my modeling skills and abilities to help others as well. In early September, I walked in Mobile Fashion Week, a three day long fashion event which donates all of its proceeds to Camp Rap- A-Hope, a camp for kids with cancer. I also recently taught a modeling workshop to toddlers, children, and adults in my area in order to give them more insight, understanding (and hopefully exposure) to the industry, and I sold autographed photos at the event to benefit a local teen with cancer. I later made an appearance, spoke, and signed more at an event for the teen and was deeply moved when he told me how very much it meant to him that I invested my time and interest in him. Of course, I highly enjoy all of the magazine shoots, runway


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