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Solar Charger PWM

SC-45 MODEL ELECTRICAL System voltage ratings Current ratings-Battery Charge Control Current ratings-Load Control Current ratings-DiversionCharge Control

SC-45 12, 24, 48 Vdc

High temp shutdown TRANSIENT SURGE PROTECTION Pulse power rating Response BATTERY CHARGING / BTS Charge algorithm Temp comp. coefficient Temp comp. range Temp comp. setpoints MECHANICAL Dimensions (mm) Weight Power terminals BTS / SENSE TERMINALS Wire sizes Torque ENVIRONMENTAL Ambient temperature Storage temperature Humidity Enclosure

w w w. o p t i - s o l a r. c o m

60A 60A 60A Diversion load

12/24V:≦0.1 % ± 50mV 48V:≦0.1 % ± 100 Mv 9V 140V 68V While operating -25mA, at idle -3mA 90ºC disconnect solar 90ºC disconnect load / diversion load 70ºC reconnect solar / load / diversion load

Min. voltage to operate Max. solar array Voc Max. operating voltage Total current consumption

OPTI-Solar Australia & New Zealand: Tel: +64-9-441-6470 Fax: +64-9-441-6490


45A 45A 45A Diversion load


OPTI-Solar USA: Tel: +1-909-869-5700 Fax: +1-909-869-5730


4500 watts < 5 nanosec PWM, constant voltage –5mV/ºC / cell (25ºC ref) 0ºC to +50ºC PWM, float, equalize (with BTS option) H: 266 / W: 127 / D: 75 1.5 kg 45A Rated

60A Rated 1.0 to 0.25 mm2 / 16 to 24 AWG 0.40 Nm / 3.5 in-lb –40 to +45ºC –55 to +85ºC 100% (NC) Indoor & vented, (powder coated steel)

OPTI-Solar Europe: Tel: +31-40-401-50-00 Tel: +31-40-262-80-57 Fax: +31-40-254-60-06

OPTI-Solar Germany: Tel: +49-7071-5495-148 Fax: +49-7071-5495-149

OPTI-Solar Middle East: Tel: +9714-8819-838 Fax: +9714-8819-938

OPTI-Solar Japan: Tel: +81-3-3629-5782 Fax: +81-3-5682-0652

OPTI-Solar Asia: Tel: +886-2-2246-7272 Fax: +886-2-2246-7312

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