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Solar Charger MPPT

Features • Quick replacement to standard regulators and bootsting output current by up to 30% • Simple installment 10A output (SC-10 MPPT) & 30A output (SC-30 MPPT) • Auto-select for 12V and 24V panels and batteries (SC-10 MPPT) • Auto-select for 12V, 24V and 48V panels and batteries (SC-30 MPPT) • Built in Laod switching configurable as a variable dawn to dusk or low voltage disconnect (SC-10 MPPT) • Dawn to dusk, low voltage disconnect, remote alarm and programming capability (SC-30 MPPT) • Remote Load control option and alarm (SC-10 MPPT) • Surge, PV short and reverse current Projection (SC-10 MPPT) • LCD display for voltage and charge status (SC-30 MPPT, Optional) • Triple chemistry vented, GEL and AGM cells (SC-30 MPPT) Specifications Model Input Voltage Efficiency Typical Output Voltage Float

SC-10 MPPT 16V to 55V 96% 13.5V / 27V Vented - LA Batteries 14.5V / 29V Sealed - LA Batteries 14.2V / 28.4V 200W @29V / 150W @ 14.4V 0.04A Multi-level Type Yes Yes Yes Yes Dual LED Display - Battery OK/LOW

Absorption Output Power Quiescent Current Thermal Protection PV Short and Suge Protection Remote Control Alarm and Programming Dawn to Dusk or LVD Indications

SC-30 MPPT 15.5V to 95V 96% 13.5V / 29V / 54V Vented - LA Batteries 14.5V / 29V / 58V Sealed - LA Batteries 14.2V / 28.4V / 56.8V 1700W @30A Maximum 0.05A Multi-level Type Yes Yes with MCM Yes with MCM Yes LED Display - Output Status

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Battery voltage Battery current and amph Display

MPPT Temperature Low battery voltage alarm High Temperature alarm

Features • The MPPT Monitor and Control unleashed the full poteneial of the MPPT solar Battery Chargers • Using this simple plug and play option allows a display of the solar system parameter as well as alarm settings

Load connect / disconnect Control

LVD and dawn to dusk setting Output voltage programming Alarm (ot and lv) level setup PV via USB


PC GUI for all display and control MPPT via standard D-Sub connector

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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