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Also, this document is created to be understood by the application/project stakeholders stated below.     

Customer/Product Owner: To confirm that this includes the correct requirements they asked for in the first place according to the user stories they provided. Software Tester: To be able to develop the correct test cases for the application. Software Architect: To be able to design and improve the application architecture. Project Manager/SCRUM Master: To be able to develop a good plan to work on the project and construct the team. Project Supervisor: To be able to mentor the team’s work and assist with any advices.

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The students/staff of ACU – The client

Table 1: Product Team Members and their Roles

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Figure 1: Design Concept for the application Main screen in landscape or portrait mode

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Figure 2: Demonstration about the concept

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Figure 3: The whole process Wi-Fi Antenna

Android Application Offline Map


Figure 4: Function on the server

Figure 5: Actionbar Design

Figure 6: Shout Card Design

Figure 7: Usage of Validtor Library

Figure 9: Usage of PullToRefresh Library

Figure 10: FootPrint's Map View

Figure 11: Distribution of APs and Data Collection Points

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Figure 12: Class Diagram for footprint package

Figure 13: Class Diagram for footrprint package (continued)

Figure 14: Class Diagram for fragments package

Figure 15: SplashScreen View

Figure 16: Login View

Figure 17: Improve View

Figure 18: User Profile View

Figure 19: Chat Threads View

Figure 20: Search View

Figure 21: Registration View

Figure 22: Posting Shout View

Figure 23: Home Screen View

Figure 24: Conversations View

Figure 25: Map View

Figure 26: My Profile View

Figure 27: Application Menu View

Figure 28: FootPrint Client's Database's ERD

Figure 29: FootPrint's Server Database ERD

We’re planning to integrate academic information with the application to allow the users to download their class materials and schedules and get notifications regarding their studies. It should be integrated with a system called OCAL that we developed a couple of years ago. Users should be able to check their schedules and get notifications about their classes, assignments and all kind of things that are relate to their studies at ACU.

We’re also planning to provide a stable API for anyone who would like to have the application and apply it to their facilities to provide more efficiency in the work and academic environments. This can be achieved by developing more tools to make the mapping process easy and user friendly so that anyone can just download the application and integrate it easily with their facility.

UC 1 User High Infinite User Logged in Show confirmation message and update friend list 1. User tabs the search button 2. User searches by name or email or phone number for a friend 3. The system returns the results of the search 4. Tab on the Add Friend button next to the desired person from the results 1. 2. 3. 4.

User opens the friends list User tabs on find friends User tabs on the sync button User selects the friends from the results

UC 2 User High Infinite User has the friend he/she desires to delete on their friends list Delete this friend from the friend list and Update the friend list. Show a confirmation message 1. User will open the friend list 2. Tap and hold on the friend he wish to delete. 3. Select delete from the drop down menu. 4. The user will be asked to confirm the deletion 5. A success message is displayed 1. Open the friend profile 2. Tap on unfriend button 3. The user will be asked to confirm the deletion 4. A success message is displayed

UC 3 User High Infinite User has the friend he wants to track on his friends list Show a tracking line from the user’s position to the friend that the user wanted to track on the map 1. Open the map. 2. Tap and hold on the friend the user want to track 3. Select Track Friend from the drop down menu 1. Open the Friend’s profile you want to track 2. Tap on the track me button User being traces has gone offline while tracking Show a message saying that the user has gone offline and show him as offline

UC 4 User High Infinite User has the group of friends in his friend list Show a coloured pin on the meeting point in the map, which you can tap it to view the meeting members, time, details and reason of meeting. 1. open the map 2. tap on the map in a free place 3. select “set a meeting point here” from the drop down menu 4. Tap on add meeting members button 5. Check on the friends you want to meet in the meeting point from the friend list 6. Set the time of the meeting 7. Add meeting description One of the chosen friends is not online. Notify the offline user when he’s online again, notify the meeting organizer of the people who didn’t get the notification in time

UC 5 User High Infinite User is connected to the network and has that friend in his friends list Open a window that includes the messaging history with that person. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Open the map Tap and hold on the friend you want to chat with Choose “send a message“ from the drop down menu Write the message you want to send Tap on Send button

1. 2. 3. 4.

Open the friend’s profile you want to chat with Tap on “send a message” button Write the message you want to send Tap on Send button

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