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In the   fi5h   se7lement   site   it   was   required   to   design   a   residenCal   building   that   the   land   is   oriented   towards  arabella    complex  and  has  views  on  many  green  islands       The  repeCCon  of  buildings  design  in  the  site  created  a  boring  theme  that  made  the  site  lacks  vital  so   diversity   the   plans   zoning   according   to   the   funcConal   need   and   that   was   reflected   on   the   building   form   so   the   apartments   owners   wont   feel   bored   that   the   building   has   different   views   look   from   any   perspecCve  and  funcConally  that  allows  for  selling  the  apartments  according  to  the  users  need   form   follows  funcCon  

DIVERSITY   The   fi5h   se7lement   is   a   new   site   which   is   Ctled   under   the   gated   c o m m u n i C e s   s o   t h e   l a c k   o f   interacCon   between   people   doesn t   exist   the   building   the   diversity   in   spacing   made   the   spaces   of   each   apartment   met   in   a   staggered   way   through   staggered   terraces   which   refers  to  the  egypCan  culture  idenCty   and   the   elements   used   at   these   terraces  are  to  achieve  the  maximum   transparency   with   respect   to   the   users  privacy     INTERACTION       Thee   climaCc   condiCons   of   the   site   need   to   have   an   environmental   soluCon   that   saves   money   for   the   users  and  save  the  environment  from   the  polluCon.     CHARACTER     Choosing  the  green  architecture  as  an   environmental   soluCon     for   the   venClaCon   and   lighCng     to   the   building    because  the  lack  of  the  use   of  green  architecture  as  in  Egypt  that   makes   the   building     unique   and   environmentally  friendly   Using  the  green  elements  techniques     in   modern   way   makes   the   building   a   post   modern   environmental   building   that  achieves  the  users  comfort    

Main elevation showing diversity in terraces

Ground floor plan

Section A-A

Side elevation

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Third floor plan


Landscape and  site  design    


Model showing  exisCng  campus  entrance  with  a  very  large  parking  area  with  two  separated  entrances  for  the  staff  and  the  students  and  the  narrower  direct  path  on  the  right  is  for   students  which  is  not  efficient  because  of  the  overload  numbers  of  students  using  that  entrance  all  the  day    

Main vision:  “SOCIAL  LIFE  ENCOURAGES  EDUCATIONAL  PASSION”     Students  in  schools  see  the  university  as           A  NEW  EXPERIENCE  ,  LEARNING    and  DISCOVERING  new  things.                                                                  EDUCATION   A  SOCIAL  LIFE  where  they  can  gather  and  spend  their  Cme  with  friends                                          SOCIAL  LIFE     From  the  site  analysis  INTEGRATION  (social  life  &pracCcal  life)  achieves  INTERNATIONALIZATION   Which  should  be  reflected  in  the  image  of  every  internaConal  university  

the new design assign to create social integration between all the users ( students – staff – visitors) coming from the sub-plazas under ground coming from parking to the mcentered plaza ( melting pot) going through the university main building in one wide luxuries path that reflects the vission of the university

Design Proposal  for  APG  (Architectural  and  Planning  Group)     AdministraCve  building  at  NEW  CAIRO  –  90th  street     3D  MAX    

The main  idea  of  design  is  to  create  an  efficient  funcConal  building   that  contribute  the  space,  circulaCon  and  environmental  aspects  for   a   working   space   based   on   architectural   elements   from   culture   like   the   use   of   courtyards   that   lit   the   work   spaces   without   having   a   direct  sunlight  

Design Proposal  for  APG  (Architectural  and  Planning  Group)     CENTRAL  AREA  OF  A  RESIDENTIAL  COMPOUND     SKETCHUP  

The main   idea   of   design   is   to   create   an   a7racCve   mulC   funcConal   environmental   amusement   area   for   the   residence   of   a   luxurious   compound   which   contains:   (shops   –   food   court   –   mosque   –   kids   area  –  different  types  of  seaCng  areas)  

SIWA OASIS  WORKSHOP     CollaboraCon  between  Misr  InternaConal  University  and  polytechnic   university  of  Bari  

It was   assigned   to   draw   and   model   a   typical   siwian   housing   unit   and   this   was   consider   as   a   criCcal   visual   analysis   of   the   contextual   and   architectural   condiCon   of   the   environment,   and  the  city    

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Sectional shots

Ground floor structural plan

First floor structural plan


Restaurant interior  design       Style  :  TURKISH   LocaCon:  CAIRO,  EGYPT   ``  


Compu me  store       Style  :  FUTURISTIC,  MODERN   LocaCon:  CAIRO,  EGYPT   ``  

SOCIO BEHAIOURAL  STUDIES     AnalyCcal  observaCon  of  IMBABA  district    

In my  research  on  Imbaba  district  I  used  both  direct  and  indirect   techniques   of   observing   the   physical   seing,   user   groups   and   their   behavior.   On   site   visit   was   done   by   all   the   group   members   with  one  of  the  original  ciCzens  of  Imbaba  district,  “Hossam”  who   is   born,   raised   and   lives   in   Imbaba.   AcCng   as   a   guide   for   us   Hossam   took   us   in   a   tour   through   most   of   the   district   parts   and   started  to  provide  us  with  the  names  of  the  streets,  districts  and   describe  different  user’s  acCviCes  within  the  site  

Graphic design:    



Cubism was  a  truly  revoluConary  style  of  modern  art  developed  by  Pablo  Picasso  and  Georges   Braque.  It  was  the  first  style  of  abstract  art  which  evolved  at  the  beginning  of  the  20th  century   in  response  to  a  world  that  was  changing  with  unprecedented  speed       WHEN  ART  MEETS  GREATNESS  IN  AN  EDGY  STYLE  


Portfolio part 2  

sample work of architectural design part 2