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January 11th, 2012

Pc Matic Review

Published by: dmswans

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PC Matic Review

Diagnostic Report Screenshot PC Matic Cleans, Updates & Protects Sluggish computers are usually a sign of some type of problem, commonly a virus or Trojan is creating havoc on your system. What is needed is a utility tool that will clean out any malware or spyware and protect your system from future attacks. The Exterminate module in PC Matic does an excellent job of eradicating malware. Once downloaded and installed, PC Matic will run scans weekly and send a full report. Boost Computer Speed with PC Matic There is nothing worse than trying to complete a project that needs to get done quickly on a slow computer. Because PC Matic will perform a regular maintenance check it will keep your computer running faster and more efficiently. PC Matic is not only simple to use but it is safe and secure as well. • It will enhance your computer’s performance • Remove junk files and do registry fixes.

Pc Matic Review -PC Matic is a Great Utility Tool PC Pitstop has packaged a great computer cleaning software tool for the average user that frequently surfs the internet. As you know browsing online makes your computer vulnerable to all kinds of nasty invaders. Their tool, PC Matic, is easy to use and can safely upgrade, update, renew and fix errors and corrupted system files. After you read all the information I have provided below about PC Matic you will be convinced is the best product to buy. I have also found several other 4 and 5 star recommendations.

• All this gives you a much more stable and reliable computer. The PC Matic Package Can Do the Following: • Defrag Disks • Cleans the Registry • Update Your Drivers • Remove Junk Files • Optimize the Broadband • Offer Security Protection • Removes Unnecessary Start up applications • Services & Accelerates Downloads. PC Matic has been designed and created by PC Pitstop, a well known and trusted company. This program delivers what it promises which is: Speed, security and stability for your computer. You want a program that you know your wife, children or grandchildren can use and not have to worry about

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January 11th, 2012

Published by: dmswans

it crashing in the middle of a project due to some type of virus or other annoying invasive program.

Modules Included In PC Matic PC Matic Includes the Following Modules: Optimize: Optimize will allow you to get the most out of your PC by resolving many of the issues that plague so many computers today. It will tremendously boost your computer’s overall performance. It is an intuitive program that is easy to install and easy to use. Disk MD: Due to the fact that files are constantly being written and deleted from your hard drive your disk can become extremely fragmented. This decreases the speed at which your computer can read files, thus slowing it down immensely. Disk MD walks you through the process of defragging your computer that will help to increase your computer’s performance. Driver Alert: This is a great tool that is simple to use with help buttons to direct you step-by-step through each process. It will automatically download and install drivers, schedule regular scans of all of your PC’s on any PC from any PC. You will receive a monthly report on all your drivers.

Scan Screenshot After you have read my PC Matic review and compare PC Matic with other types of computer cleaning applicataion software, you discover why consumers who have purchased this program are completely satisfied. After downloading this invaluable program you will also discover how well it works and the ability it has to keep your computer running faster and at the same time protect it from costly and time consuming invaders. More Articles

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing

Exterminate: The title of this module is very accurate! It will find and eliminate your computer’s worst invaders, from Spyware, Malware, Cookies to Viruses. It will quickly scan and give you a list and assessment of the dangers that are currently a threat to your computer’s overall security and performance. Overdrive: Overdrive offers a complete scan of all areas of computer. It will then, in a matter of minutes, provide a complete report on the current performance and security status of your PC. PC Matic Is For Newbies If you are not tech savvy this program is for you. It will quickly and easily add speed, security, and stability for you and your family as you work on programs, projects, graphics or simply browse or surf the internet. It is a shame that we need a program such as PC Matic. There are so many types of malicious viruses and Trojans just waiting to invade your PC and create havoc. It can destroy several hours of valuable work and precious graphics or photos in just seconds. Get the protection you need at a cost effective price.

Computer users are often faced with this dilemma – why does my computer keep freezing – it is a moment when you don’t have the ability to control your computer, lie the times when the keyboard or the mouse do not respond. There are also instances when a computer freezes before shutting down and is commonly called the blue screen of death (BSOD). So, why does my computer keep freezing? There are several reasons why a computer freezes or stops working. Primarily, your computer will stop responding when all available resources have been used up, or a certain program or a piece of the connected hardware causes it to freeze.

Common Causes of Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Problem Maximum Usage of Random Access Memory (RAM) – this is an overload in the memory. Rememberr, computers have a set amount of memory to work with and attempting to do more than the computer’s capability of handling everything at one time will lead to freezing in an attempt to save itself. This kind of problem generally occurs when too many programs are running at the same time. Programs such as spreadsheets

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January 11th, 2012

and those with graphics take up a lot of memory . Remember to close them when not in use. Computers with maximum memory installed in them may still freeze due to virus or malware. Central Processing Unit (CPU) is Maxed Out at 100% - having several tabs open on the browser which have JavaScript functions running in the background will lead your computer to freeze. Your computer will max out its CPU when you are also on a website that has pop-up windows hidden behind your browser window. Memory Chips May Have Loosened – this pertains more to a desktop than a laptop since memory chips of a laptop are held tightly by spring-loaded guides. However, laptops that have suffered a severe fall may experience loose memory chips.

Published by: dmswans

Increase Computer Speed With Pc Matic Increase Computer Speed Fast & Easy If you are looking for an affordably fast and easy fix to increase computer speed PC Matic is the answer. PC Matic is actually five products packed into one that is designed to speed up your computer.

Plugging of too Many Peripheral Devices – such as controllers, cameras, scanners, and printers will cause the computer to freeze or fail to boot. Avoid having too many devices attached to your computer when they are not in use.

Other reasons why does my computer keep freezing problem may be one of the following that are generally categorized: Defective or mismatched component in the computer – a good example would be a virus detector that conflicts with other applications and utilities. Observe which two programs cause the computer to crash or freeze, and avoid running them simultaneously. Aluminum Migration or premature ageing and Electro Static Discharge (ESD) causes intermittent computer function and eventual freezing. Operating System (OS) Problems – some version of the Operating System such as Windows have bugs that cause the computer to freeze. Down-level drivers or also known as buggy can be the source of many computer problems including freezing. Memory Fragmentation – the computer will send a message “System is dangerously low in resources” to prompt you to defrag. Defragging will move all related files to adjacent sectors to allow maximizing the efficiency of the computer’s hard drive space. Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Setting – Improper CMOS setting can be a possible cause of many computer problems and changing the CMOS settings can be a big help to diagnose some hardware problems.

Run Scans to Increase Computer Speed Quite often users believe there could be a problem with their hardware when in reality their computer just needs a good cleaning. PC Matic will run several scans throughout your computer and offer a report with suggestions on how to increase computer speed. PC Matic is so easy to use that even a novice user can navigate through the instructions to find the most common issues that can affect a computer’s performance. For the more technologically gifted it is comprehensive enough to satisfy their need for to increase computer speed. This is a list of the 5 products included in their package: 1. Optimize 2. Disk MD 3. Driver Alert 4. Exterminate 5. Overdrive

OPTIMIZE does exactly as the name infers, it will remove junk files, increase internet optimization, clean the registry and remove unnecessary programs. This cleans up all the clutter the tends to collect on your computer resulting in a faster and more efficient computer. DISK MD is PC Pitstop’s disk health product that will run routine and automatic scans to keep your computer functioning at its peak level. DRIVER ALERT allows you with just a click of a button to install the latest drivers. In an effort to keep your computer uncluttered it uninstall the old ones. Driver Matic does all this for you which is great for the novice.

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January 11th, 2012

EXTERMINATE has been aptly named as well. It will scan your computer for viruses, malware, Trojans and more and then eliminate them. This will clean and add security to your computer.

Published by: dmswans

example of easy to use software. Most of the tools are clearly arranged on the main screen and with one click you can simply and easily begin the cleaning process.

OVERDRIVE is an automated program that puts your computer through a series of health, configuration and performance tests. These tests will look for any potential issues to maintain your computer’s performance and efficiency. It does all this in just five minutes. Each of the above products will send incredibly detailed reports that are comprehensive but at the same time easy enough for the novice user to read. Before each segment begins its cleaning or updating process it will give a list of changes or deletions that may be required. You will have the option to ask it not to delete certain programs or files that you feel are important to keep. PC Matic offers free scans of your computer to see if this product is right for you.

Computer Cleaning Software Computer Cleaning Software Necessary in Today’s World of Technology

Quite often this software can run in the background. This allows you to keep working while it is working. It will be correcting any possible issues, such as malware, spyware, viruses or Trojans that could be slowing your computer. It will look for and remove any junk files, duplicate files or registry files that may be cluttering up your system. When Comparing Computer Cleaning Software Look For The Following Tests & Features: • One Click Options • Step-by-Step Instructions • High & Low Threat Security Test • Junk File & Duplicate Removal • Spyware & Malware Removal • Defrag & Defragmentation Analysis • Scans to Find & Fix Errors & Corruptions • System Optimization • Privacy Protection • Detailed Scan Reports

Because computer technology changes almost daily it is important to keep your computer as upgraded, updated and maintained as possible. Computers are used everyday for work, home, and school. We are constantly surfing the internet and downloading information which can add lots of clutter to our PC. As a result they can become sluggish, slow and infected with viruses, malware and more. Therefore, it is important to have available reliable computer cleaning software.

Computer Cleaning Software that comes Fully Loaded It is important to find a complete PC utilities suite that includes all the tools needed to keep your system at its optimum capacity. Most computer cleaning software will come with registry repair software. This feature will clean, defrag and repair corrupted files.

Protect your home or office computer by cleaning out viruses, malware and spyware. Protect your family from unwanted computer invaders with the right software. Once installed these programs will automatically run weekly scans on your computer and immediately remove dangerous or unnecessary files. By simply browsing online you can accumulate tons of unwanted junk. Get rid of all this and you will have your computer running like new. Shop online for computer cleaning software, read consumer reviews to find the best, most efficient and affordable program. Some will allow you to download a free version to test it to see if it is what you want. More Articles

Computer Cleaning Software that is Easy to Use Most of these computer cleaning software packages are suitable for the average or advanced user. PC Matic is one Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.


January 11th, 2012

Published by: dmswans

How To Clean Up Your Computer Other cleaning activities that will work with how to clean up your computer and help your computer work faster include: deleting unnecessary files such as temporary internet files and files with tilde (~) beginning; emptying your recycle bin; formatting disks and drives; cleaning your computer registry; and deleting your cookies.

Cleaning our computers does not mean the exterior surface only, it also refers to the hard drive and getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted programs that we have accumulated over the years. But you may be asking – how to clean up your computer – when you are neither a computer technician nor a computer savvy. Cleaning the inside of your computer is now made possible and easy by software made available by computer specialists like Pc Matic. These software downloads are proven to be effective on how to make my computer faster as documented in Pc Matic review.

Combining these software and clean up activities will give your computer a fresh start and make it function at maximum capacity for a longer period of time. Taking all the necessary precaution and prevention will make you worry less when it comes to your computer. It is best to keep in mind that our computer is vulnerable against malicious attacks whenever we go online. Making sure that our virus protection and our anti-spyware programs are updated and enabled makes this less likely to happen. Be very selective when visiting unfamiliar sites. And never open attachments when the sender is not recognized!

Cleaning your computer also means freeing valuable hard disk space. Many technology analysts believe that most computer users only use less than ten percent of the programs installed on their computers.

Software Downloads on How To Clean Up Your Computer 1.Defraggler – this program replaces the default defragging option that comes with Windows. It works much faster than the defragging program in Windows and it gives you the option to choose the files you want to defrag. 2.Pc Matic – it is compared to a Swiss Army Knife for it can do several computer cleaning tasks such as clean the system, find unnecessary files or programs, change settings and manage startup. nCleaner is easy to use and it explains all the changes it is making on your computer. It also recommends what settings to use and not use. 3.AVG Free – it is recognized as the best freeanti-virus available. It provides basic anti-virus protection as well as antispyware protection for your computer. It should be sufficient anti-virus protection for as long as you know your way around the Internet and what to avoid. 4.Spybot-Search and Destroy – is said to be one of the best programs to remove all spyware, making your computer more private and run faster. This is a must tool to have since spyware problem is prevalent – more and more computer users fall victim to spyware that collect many personal information embedded in your computer. 5.Ad-Aware 2008 – this tool takes care of malware problems by cleaning up and removing any malicious software that tends to slow down the performance of your computer.

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