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Bridal Beauty Mistakes So many brides a few years after their wedding day dislike their wedding pictures. They regret their hairstyle, eye shadow choice and more. Sure, it’s important to love how you look on your wedding day.

Mistake 1: FORGET YOUR LIPSTICK The long hours, the constant greetings, and the countless smiles at your wedding mean your picture-perfect makeup would be needing touch-ups from time to time. Carry with you a little blush and lipstick.

Mistake 2: Black tears running down cheek Weddings are an emotional affair. Teardrops would be an on and off visitor, we bet. But don’t let them play a spoilsport. Water-proof makeup is a must for brides. Be it the foundation, concealer, eyeliner or mascara, whatever brands you choose, make sure that you invest in a good kit of water-resistant makeup items.

Mistake 3: Redness and patchy skin Every bride likes to look fresh and radiant on their big day. They sometimes end up going for last-minute cleansing, peeling and facial just before the wedding, it’s not good, advise go for facial cleansing 3-5 days prior to the wedding, and not just a day before.

Mistake 4: No wearing the comfortable shoes Heels make a lady look sexy. A pair of glittering golden heels is almost a necessity for every Indian bride. But the long hours at the wedding can be hard on a bride. Instead of a 6-inch heel, opt for a more comfortable height that would look equally good on you.

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Bridal beauty mistakes  

Bridal Beauty common, even painful, mistakes.

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