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Dedicated to Mrs. Meenu Kakkar

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future

Dearest Meenu,

It is that time of the year when we must renew our blessings and good wishes to a daughter one can be proud of.


You have proved to be an all-rounder, a capable home maker, a guide and friend to children, and have


also nurtured and maintained social relations aptly with the active support of Dear Pankaj.

May Ma Bhagwati bless you with a very long and happy married life, and shower on you Her choicest blessings.

You are indeed a gem of a person God gifted to us. I am sure your Mummy shares my feelings from her heavenly abode.

Best wishes again, Daddy

!री $यारी भतीजी मीन, ,

पचास साल पह2 3ज़दगी 7 म8झ: पहली बार ब8आ बनाया िजस> वो त8म हो। एक ख,बस,रत एहसास जो आज भी म8झ: ख8शी E जाता F ! इत> सालH की याEI ताज़ा हो आई K।

म8झ: आज भी याद F, जब त8म चोटी सी थी, हम पानी दाल N फशP गीला कर EQ R और त8TU उस पर, िखलाया करQ R। 2Wकन एक Wदन जब

Wदल N करीब सबZ [यादा त8म हो। ई\र त8TU जीवन 7 सारी ख8िशय] Eता र^। ख,ब फ_लो फलो।

`हद $यार Z, त8Tहारी ब8आ अन8

XलQ XलQ त8TU चोट लाY: वाली थी, हम Wकतना दर गए R N त8TU खो ना EI।

Wbय मीन, पचछdवा जeमWदन म8बारक हो I ब8आ अपनी सभी श8भकामनाएf इस Wदन त8T^ gजती F I इत> वषi का सफ़र और उस 7 कkछ समय !l साथ Wबताए mए और कkछ पल याद रX योnय !l पास सIभा2 mए K I रह रह कर याद आQ रहQ K I

नeही ग8Wड़या N िलए pॉक व drटर बनाकर उसी समय

पहनकर Eखना, शाम को घ,मना और Wदन भर िखलाना !रा शौक था I

!री शादी हो गयी और u eनगल आ गयी- ख,बस,रत श^र और सभी का !l आना. त8Tहाl बावा अIकल का $यार सबको वहाf ब8लाता रहाI

कॉ2ज N समय हॉिdटल Z आना और !रा Nक व जाम पसIद करना- सब याद आ रहा F I

त8Tहारी शादी N बाद यहाf वहाf िमलना और त8Tहाl सबN bWत $यार बाfटना और Wगvट 2ना-Eना- wया बात F!

Wफर !रा बॉम` आना तो कमाल ही कर गया! िशडy N सई बाबा और

अeय मIWदरH व पWवz dथानो का !री लाइफ 7 पहली बार जाना Wसफ़{ और

Wसफ़{ त8Tहाl कारण हो पाया I

ई\र त8T^ ढ:रH स8ख E.

$यार Z, ब8आ

Dear Meenu,

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

God Bless You...

I & Papa give you blessings for a happy & healthy life ahead.

Happy 50th B’day!


Meeting you was fate, Becoming your friend was by choice, But falling in love with you was beyond control,


Dearest SH,

It is your Golden Birthday and it gives me a great feeling that I am able to celebrate this special birthday of yours with you. Further the joy is more as we have completed Silver Jubilee of our marriage a couple of years back though could not spend the same with you. Over the years you have grown stronger both Mentally and Personality fronts and is a pleasure to have seen the same and your support and love has also increased over the years prompting me to say……………….

What I would have done and achieved without you

The most memorable thing for me which stands out is the time when we took the plunge to come to Mumbai for pursuing growth in my career and for that you sacrificed your career.

This will always make me remain indebted to you. It had been a great decision for choosing family over career and am proud to look back on the immense contribution of yours to me personally and family at large.

There have been so many cherishable moments we have had and if I start it would go on and on.

The best part is we have been able to witness so many events during this time and it was great to have seen those together and with you always on my side. As we started off as Good Friends and cemented our friendship, I can pen down as follows for you :-

Everyone can be a “Best Friend” during each stage of life…

But only lucky ones have the “Same Friend” in all stages of life….

Wish you a very Happy and Memorable Golden Birthday and wish you all the Happiness and Good Health in the years to come.



No language can express the Power and beauty and heroism and majesty of a mother’s love.

Dearest Mom, The world so huge standing like the Columbus Sure was intimidating and scary, But I knew I had you to protect me And therefore I need never worry. The things you do for me You think go unnoticed, But I do realize the efforts you have put To help me shine like a diamond’s lattice. Just wanted to let you know mom how much you mean to me And my world does start at your feet, Cause without your blessings and love My life would just be an empty, deserted street.



Dear Mumma, Wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday!! I am grateful to God for gifting me a Mom like u...Nothing short of a Super-woman! You bind the family together :)

Such an amazing woman you are- Sacrificed your career for our

upbringing, been always a giver rather than a taker, a multi-tasker, highly intelligent & soo creative.

This space is too short for me to express how i feel for you... But, I love you and am so proud of you! May God Bless You & Give you zillion more years of life! You’re a blessing to our family. Mahima

Mum- The Glue that Binds our Family Together :)

Having a Sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid off. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.

Mrs. Meenu Kakkar is my elder sister. She is five years older than me. She is my only sister. We were just two children in the immediate family- brother and sister. Below, I hereby mention very briefly the good qualities that Mrs. Meenu Kakkar possesses. - She is a person of very strong character. She does not indulge in negative activities of any sort. - She is very committed to serving her immediate family. She sacrificed her professional career to upbring her two daughters dear Mahima & Apeksha. Both her daughters are doing well in their careers. Mahima holds a management position in a good company. Apeksha is studying medicine in a good medical college of Mumbai - Mrs. Meenu Kakkar, is a typical woman, exemplary, for begind a successful man. She has truly served her husband and stood support for his smooth career. As a result, Mr. Pankaj Kakkar holds a very senior position in a multinational firm. - Mrs. Meenu Kakkar is also very religious minded- listening regularly to prayer songs and visiting temples - It should be noted that Mrs. Meenu Kakkar was only 17 years old when she left the house to pursue her further studies in India. Rest of the family remained behind in Botswana (Africa)

However, the few memorable moments that I

spent with her was during my school holidays during my initial years of schooling. We spent all our summer holidays in Dehradun where my late mother’s parents resided (Nanaji & Naniji). We made






neighbourhood at Dehradun and used to play with them. We visited and had fun going to places near Dehradun eg: Sachdhara & Mussoorie.

- In late 1970’s when we moved to Africa, we used to go out for family picnics with our parents & had lots of fun. - I take this opportunity in wishing Mrs. Meenu Kakkar a very grand Happy Birthday on her 50th birthday. May god bless her and her family. Let her be successful in meeting all her wishes and objectives. - Let this special day be really special since it is experienced only once in the lifetime for most people. May god bless her with a long and prosperous life. Anurag Kumar Maini (brother)

Fifty years of togetherness Dear Meenu, Lots of love and good

wishes on your birthday which falls just two days before my birthday on 11th



Fifty years ago, we started growing together; my self eating rusks softened by you. How amazing it is that most of the time both of us are thinking about the same subject at the same time.


During college days our cook Bishan used to bring soups/noodles etc. from Ghumar Mandi & Fountain Chowk and we used to have late night study sessions and enjoy midnight feasts with Thumsup 500. Those days we were visiting our near & dear ones in our Amby PBQ7374. It was only during those days that we started getting protective towards each other and I stopped remaining out late in the evenings. Then the biggest change in our lives came when you completed your MBA and you got married to dear Pankaj. I never knew he will grow so close & become such a thick part of my life too. He is always there for every body and no event/function/ceremony can be thought of without him, I am damn sure that there can be no body like him. It was because of you

that we were related to Rev.Kakkar uncle and his

personality, thoughts & guidance shaped my professional life.

The biggest joy you brought to our lives when you brought Dear Mahima in our lives, being the eldest child in the gen-next and dear Apeksha enhanced this joy and every body was on a roll in the family.


When ever there was joy/sorrow, you were always there and I could always look up to you. Last time on new year when all of us were together at Mumbai, we celebrtated fifty years of togetherness.


Now that next generation has started settling down, there are not much desires left from life except the well being of children, both of us know that it has been a wonderful journey for all of us and we shall always be there for each other.

All the blessings, I seek from god for you, there is inherent selfishness in that since your happiness is certainly bound to reflect on all of us.

Wishing you all the best of health, wealth & spirits on our 50th Birthdays.

Yours, Munish

Dearest Meenu Didi, You have been a real role model. First one in our generation in the extended family to go pro…

When you visited Nangal with your class of MBA students, not knowing what khhichadi was

pakking between you and Pankaj Bhaiyya, we went on teasing you with another guy from your class,

often in front of Pankaj Bhaiyya!!!

Do you remember your home in Chandigarh- there was a police station in front of her house. The cops had a long leather chhitter to beat the crap out of the prisoners. There was a message written on it which said – aa gale lag ja.

There are certain moments I have really cherished with you: In 80s in Ludhiana you taught me Abba songs (Voulez-Vous, Hasta Mañana)!! Later, I got my first brush with Calculus from you, I think it was your Punjab University first year Calculus book, and was hooked for good. Tum jiyo hazaron saal, saal ke din ho pachaas hazaar Cheers, Sumeet

Happy 50th birthday Di! Wish you an amazing birthday! We hope the year ahead brings a lot of happiness for you. May you get satisfaction in all that you do! Hope you realise the beauty of life with every passing day! And we seriously wish the world look more beautiful through your eyes

My best wishes for you Meenu Di, One of my favourite quotations is as follows and I would wish you make the best of it in your life: “Life is like an echo, we get from it what we put in and just like an echo, and it often gives us much more�

We love your caring nature. Your stories and anecdotes are always a pleasure to listen. It’s always

refreshing for everyone when you are around. You have guided and corrected us whenever needed. And you have been there when it needed the most- tending and caring at the most critical times.

We love the food cooked by you. You are doing the good job of providing home-made food to hostel residents. God bless you: P We keep learning from you each and every day. Though we may not be able to meet you that often but that in no way reduces our love for you ;-)

Hope you achieve everything you desire in life. Wishing you happiness, smiles, lots and lots of laughter, chuckles and giggles. May the almighty bombard you with all of these: D

Cheers! Noor and Kabir Maini

Hi Meenu Di, Wish you a very happy birthday. Its your 50th B’day and when I came to know its ur 50th B’day, my forst reaction was that how can my di be ’50’. :) I was shocked as for me you are the still young, vibrant, energetic and the best one-

You put many young girls to shame just because of the way you carry yourself & the style in

which you talk & interact with people.

I wish you lots of luck & love & you remain awesome always. And yeah, we had the best time when I was in Mumbai. I think this was the first time you and me had met in length and had spent such a lovely time. You are lucky to have such a sweet family i.e. Jiju, Appi & Mahima Loys of Love- Nonu

Even though we live miles apart, You will always be dear to my heart. So, to you a special love I send, To not just my

Sister-in-law, but also my friend.

Dearest Meenu 15 ज8लाई 1985 का Wदन था जब त8म बनी उस घर की चोटी ब~ िजस! बनN आई थी u बड़ी ब~। कह> को तो हमारा Wर•ता F Eवरानी €ठानी का, पर WनभाQ हम उZ बहनH ज‚सा। ब]ƒI K यहाf हम> अ„ ब8l पल, Wबताएf F Wदन एक …सl की ग$पH N साथ, सIभाला एक …सl की `WटयH को, मनाए Wदवाली और होली साथ साथ, खतम की हर साथ Wबताई होली डालN पWन एक …सl पर, और बmत Z अ„ पलH N साथ पmI† इस मोड पर- जह] त8म अपनी 3ज़दगी N 50 साल क‡पˆीट कर> वाली हो।

बmत श8भकामनाआ‰ और आशीवŠद N साथ बधाई हो त8TU इस Wदन N और आ> वा2 हर Wदन N िलए।

They can call you my Sister in Law, Or my husband's brother's wife, It really doesn't matter,

You're a special person in my life, You're like my sister

Wish you a very happy 50th birthday!!!

Madhu bhabi and Ravi bhaiya

Dear Meenu,

We wish you all the best on your special day. May all your dreams come true.

Wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday!

Best wishes, Virendar & Kamakshi

Dear Didi,

May the auspicious day bring happiness, peace, joy, contentment, prosperity and brighten every corner of your world.I pray to the almighty to bless your world with all that matters the most to you in life, this birthday. I would also like to take this opportunity by quoting some lines.

At the end of the day,it's not about what you have or even

what you've accomplished . It's about what you've done with those accomplishments, it's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better, what you've given back- All your efforts, hard work

Have a lovely 50th birthday!


Only an AUNTcan give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.

Dearest Chachi,

I was few months old when you became part of family I was born to. Our journey of chachi bhatiji began then, with changing my clothes, nappies, eagerly waiting for each other during dinner in hospital at the time of Mahima's birth, telling us dinner time and bedtime stories as we grew old, removing my fear of playing holi, celebrating birthdays, burning crackers on Diwali, enjoying trips to Vaishno devi, haridwar, shridi and enjoying many more memorable moments. I grew and got married to join another family but my first family is always the same where I have a lovely, lively and caring chachi

Fifty is hundred by two, Precious is gold and so are you!!!

I with your son-in-law Saurabh wish you a Happy golden jubilee!!! Happy 50th Birthday!!! Yours loving children Saurabh and Supriya

Dearest Masi,

When I was hopeless you were there. you picked me up, you showed me care.

Without the love you had for me God only knows where I would be. To me you were a second moma person I drew wisdom from. In my corner every fight you always cared that things were right. I won't forget the things you've done . Ready now and feeling new I couldn't leave not thanking you.

My masi is to me the greatest person in this world,one of a kind and one in a million. She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,which she shares with so many of us. Her soul is made of pure love,yet she's worth way more than gold. In my eyes, she will always be, the most beautiful person to walk the earth.

To me she's the smartest woman I know,and it truly does show. There is no one that compares to her,no one that even comes close. I appreciate all the advise she has given me,I take it in with immense gratitude. The memories I will forever cherish,for they are priceless.

For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,

and my love for

her only grows more with each day that passes. On a high pedestal is where I hold her,for I admire her so much more than she knows. Having her apart of my life is the greatest gift of all,being in her presence is god's blessing to me.Looking deep inside of her,I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become. Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,is what defines her.She is not only my favorite masi but she is my role model,and to be like her, would be my only wish.

Love u masi Wish u a very happy birthday. Nital, Vipin, Kyra

Masiji, Tusi GREAT hooo, Apni fmly di HOPE hoo ... ur fmly saying ur turning 50. Cant say after looking u For sure u are still in ur teens (19) with 31 years of experience... I love u n kakkar fmly a lot no doubt abt it

1 thing abt u, which is my personal best bcz of which i adore u a lot.... Is ur BiNdAs Nature and the courage of expressing urself every where...

Be it at ur own elder daughter mistake,who did the mistake n u took her to the child house to make her applogise in front of his parents without wasting anytime , or a mall incident where u screwed the Manager in front of her Senior


or in regional functions where u r the 1st person to start dance ,looking at u even i feel like to join u , bt cant do as dont have so much of courage to dance in front of 25+ ladies :p Ladki jawan hoti to alag baat hoti ;) Anyways ur daughters n masaji r surely LUCKIEST ppl to have Home Minister Like MEENU Kakkar. All credit goes to masaji as he got u to his family.. Be the same all ur life ....

I had given u a name my fmly knows it which i would b sharing now JHANSI ki RANI Just bcz of ur lovely nature, attitute, person without an EGO, n offcourse ur love to words ppl around u. Love u a lot Sandy

Dear Bua,

Meri Bua Pyaari Bua Meri Dil ki Chaabi Bua May your birthday be filled with joy when you were little you received a toy

Now you are big Take my Hugs as well as my Kiss



Dear Chachi, You are one of the most loving and helpful people I know. You are a very wonderful person, and I wish you many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday! Dantin

Heyy bua.. Wish u a very very happy 50th bday.. God bless u with long b healthy life.. N every moment becomes special when u r here with us. Keep smiling.. Luv u.. Frm swati, vicky, vishu..

Dearest Bua, Happy 50th Birthday!!! May God give you a long, happy and prosperous life....Wishing you all the happiness in the world!! We share a very special relationship with you and we cherish all the memories that we have with you since childhood.


All the time that we got to spend together when we were in Mumbai brought us even closer.. You have been like a great friend.


All the shopping, going out! It was a great trip! Being there with you

in Mumbai, we were really amazed how well you manage everything....You are an inspiration in our lives... We really hope we get to spend even more time together.. Hoping that you get a lot of happiness in the future Mini Abu

A FRIEND is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

Dear Mini Minor, Have a wonderful 50th birthday. Thinking of you brings back some of the most cherished memories I have of our days in Botswana with Jyoti and Rajesh.

It was our first taste of luxuries in the life abroad; frequent parties, hanging out at adult’s teen-patti get-togethers, watching movies on projector in a dark room with other families, strolls in the mall, riding on our (second hand) cars and a few picnics.

It was also lot of fun at the Gaborone Secondary School, the best school in Gaborone (we beat Maru-a-Pula any day!). We had a pick of teachers, each with his own unique personality and style. "Always in a hurry" Mr. Read, “Incredibly funny" Mr. O’Connor and "Read stories to us with her knees crossed” Ms. Williams. Wonder if you remember their antiques, such as Mr. Read and Mr. O’Connor riding together on a bicycle.

Then there were the fellow students; naughty Phillip, funny Maurice, studious Ignatius, handsome Peter, ugly but gentle Isaac and opera singer Kopano. It used to quite a theater, particularly during the after school session.


Do you remember us four helping out the librarian (charmer) Ms. Ahmad setup the library? My mom would get upset that I did not work that hard (or worked hardly) at home.


I remember you as quite, smiling and simple person with a heart of gold. You could handle those bad boys (specifically Phillip) without any problems. Mr. Read at times teasingly call you my girlfriend, once he asked me what I gift I presented to you on your birthday. I did not have anything to say then, though I hope with this message, I got some old memories back to you on your 50th. Wishing for even better life next 50 years. Amal Mobile: 001 (US Code) 240-256-2451

Dearest Meenu,

This golden birthday is sparkling and echoing all the memories I shared with you during my college years.


I was so lucky and blessed that you were my first year roomate which is the most difficult time in any student life.


Your vibrant smile was magically very energetic to me every morning I woke up. Your sense of humor was brilliant during our evening walk hours to the front gate.

Your radiant soul was a true joy for all the the girls on the east wing..

Meenu , My wonderful friend, here 's to our friendship, here's to you Happy 50th Birthday !!!

Los of love, Ashu

Hey Minoo, So happy to share this milestone with you.


The ever sweet smile of you is still the same after decades and it is so good to see you and Pankaj Bhai smiling together. Nangalites are all sweet people anyway.

You certainly have raised hell lovely daughter who has been working hard to put together this lovely surprise for your big day. Your college friends all wish you an awesome 50th and may you achieve success and health and happiness all the way.

Love you Save me a piece of this special cake. Jessy Dewan



I vividly remember her sweet



mushrooming for Pankaj, her red blushing face in her innocent smile.Often found her lost in day dreams after meeting Pankaj. Her secret love for him was not hidden from me (although she admitted quite late)


I have known Meenu since last 30 years. Not Soooo..... long I think. I cherish the first two years when we were roommates. Away from home, I found a friend who shared my pains, sorrows and touched my problems with a warm and tender heart. We had trust, respect and love for each other such that we shared anything and everything. Sometimes, sitting alone, I remember the good old days when Meenu used to pen down her rhyming poems. Time has moved on fast. Sometimes although we are not in touch but, I know in our heart the deep unseen friendship will stay 4ever and ever. I wish Meenu a loving long 50th Birthday and wish her many more such loving birthdays in Pankaj’s company. May God Bless her Always and 4ever Rupinder

"I hope you continue to have your positive outlook in life.... That helped you reach this milestone...... May you be blessed with more wisdom.... And more love from those that surround you.... Happy 50th Birthday 'MEENU' !"

Ohh very happy 50th bday Meenu.. Hey was it u who got a cake specially prepared for Pankaj on our tour to Nangal..maybe it started the courtship.. Harpreet Singh

luvnrgds , Sunil GandhiÂ

I remember Meenu & Pankaj both to be very honest, humble and kind individuals with a knack for making friends and being helpful to everyone they interacted with. Pankaj had a contagious smile (I’m sure he still does) which brought out an abundant radiance in Meenu! May God bless them both and their family and shower you all with happiness always! My sincere best wishes on this milestone occasion! Garry.

Hi Meenu.. Remember the summer of 1987? We were the newly married and newly qualified professionals starting our lives together at Desein. Our small group shared a lot of fun moments during lunch followed by a stroll downstairs in the heat of Delhi.


Still remember when you broke the good news of Mahima's conception. Pankaj and you were overly excited!


Your sincerity towards motherhood is reflected in sacrificing your career for the sake of your kids. You have done a commendable job in bringing up two smart and successful daughters!

Wish you all the very best on your Special Birthday..keep smiling:) Bindu

Meenu, its been a long time I haven't met you or spoken to you but you will always be remembered because of your Dazzling Smile. It was my first job and its always a special feeling when I look back at it. We shared such a camaraderie that those moments are forever etched in my life.


Whether it was making fun of Marwah which we often did, or Srinivas Paladuggu playing pranks

or Ashish Jain scolding the vendor and most importantly you saving us all from the unnecessary scolding of your boss, Mr. Jain by playing the role of intermediary or warning us in advance that


your boss is in bad mood and we would scoot from there. These are some of the moments I will cherish forever.

I still don't believe you are turning 50 but I guess we all are on the threshold of that landmark. Time waits for none but Life well lived is Time well spent and I know you have spent your Time very well and taken on the responsibilities in life maturely. On this great occasion, I Wish you Good Health, Long Life and Lots of Happiness and Success. Happy Birthday Meenu. May God Bless the Family. Cheers! Manish Grover Mobile: +65 91771016

Hi Meenu Bhabhi , Today is a very special day of your life … special because you are completing 50 years of your life , special because your family , your relatives and your friends are all wishing for the next 50 successful years ahead for you …as they say, age is just a number. You are person who has successfully added not just years to your life but so much of life into all your years… Our memories in the last 10 years that we have known you are of a person who has managed to stay as energetic, as enthusiastic and as cheerful as you were 10 years ago. Your caring and helpful attitude is always appreciated and valued by all of us.

You have been the “fevicol ka jod” of the 4th floor, all of us came stayed and moved and you made all of us comfortable, gave us your love and warmth and yes occasion for the reunions with everyone. We wait for the Dassera every year knowing well that we will be able to participate in the “Mata ki Chowki” at your place.

We have always seen you as a daughter who took care of both your parents and in-laws, as a wife who have been with and for Pankaj and a special mother who inculcated strong values in both Mahima and Apeksha. And I know they are all lucky to have you in their life . Wish you a day which should start with beautiful surprises, plenty of joy and wonderful time with your family. Once again, wish you an enjoyable day ….. and a With lots of love : Bala, Rita , Rashi & Tamanna

Mum's Golden B'day  
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