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UI/UX development Course Content UI/UX Development Training in Hyderabad UI/UX is an art of covering the complete look and experience of a website and its design. It is the planning and developing of web pages on the World Wide Web and delivering it to the target audience, i.e., the visitors. UI stands for user interface & UX stands for user experience. The commitments of UI UX designer contains Competitor analysis, Product improvement, Wire creating, Prototyping, Customer Research, Assessment, Design planning, UI Prototyping, Animation consequences etc. Because of non-availability of qualified and certified UI/UX experts, Visualpath is happy to provide this in-depth training course and comprehensive learning on user interface design and user experience methods applying the latest tools and methods to present seamless web experience to the people. Our Web Designing Training in Hyderabad offers End to End assistance. It’s actually an art when developing a full-fledged Site of a customer or for a product or service. If a website’s design and style is not up-to the regular it will get very minimal impact to the particular viewers.

Requirements to Learn UI Development Course: • • •

Anybody with a graduate student Awareness to use computer Simple coding abilities.

UI/UX Training course Features: • • • •

Offering online, classroom and corporate training for UI/UX program Training with live projects from day one. Up-to-date web template modules & curriculum are paying attention on current market requirements. Our coaching will enhance your skills to stimulate inventiveness.

→ HTML Basics • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction Overview and Prerequisites What Is HTML and Basic of HTML Parts in HTML Document Editors Basic tags Elements Attributes Headings Paragraphs

• • • • • • • • • • •

Formatting Links Head CSS Images List Tables Block and Inline Elements Layout HTML4 Drawbacks HTML4 vs. HTML5

→HTML5 Introduction • • • • • • •

Introduction to HTML5 HISTORY New Features and API Why HTML5? What Is HTML5? HTML5 Platform What: Structural Elements Structural Elements

→ HTML5 Syntax and Semantics

• • • •

Specifying the DOCTYPE Specifying the Character Set Specifying the Language Optimizing scripts and links

→HTML5 Canvas • • • • • • •

What is Canvas? Create a Canvas Canvas Coordinates Canvas – Paths Canvas – Text Canvas – Gradients Canvas – Images

→HTML5 SVG • • • •

What is SVG? SVG Advantages Differences Between SVG and Canvas Comparison of Canvas and SVG

→HTML5 Drag/Drop

• • •

Introduction Make an Element Draggable What to Drag?Where to Drop?

→HTML5 Geolocation

• • • • •

Introduction Locate the User’s Position Handling Errors and Rejections The getCurrentPosition() Geolocation object

→ HTML5 Video • • • • •

Introduction Video on the Web How It Works? Video Formats and Browser Support HTML5 Video Tags

→HTML5 Audio • • • • •

Introduction Audio on the Web How It Works? Audio Formats and Browser Support HTML5 Audio Tags

CSS →Introduction to CSS • • • • • • •

Why CSS? Adding Some Styles CSS Levels Rules Simple Selectors Other Selectors Specifying Property Values

→Cascading and Inheritance in CSS • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction The Cascade Using the Cascade Ordering Rules Developer Tools and CSS CSS Reset Specificity Specificity in Action Inheritance Inheritance in Action

→CSS and the Box Model • •

Introduction The Big Three

• • • • • •

Border, Margin, Padding Top, Right, Bottom, Left Vertical Margins Collapse Width Display and Visibility Styling a menu

→Styling Text with CSS • • • • • •

Introduction Font Collections Using font-family Font Selection Font Styling Text Properties

→Layout with CSS

• • • • • • •

Introduction Position Relative Positioning Absolute and Fixed Positioning Float and Clear 2 Column Layout 3 Column Layout

Javascript → Introduction to javascript • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction of javascript Work Engins What javascript can do at browser side Developer Console IDE and Lightweight editors Declaration syntax of javascript Statements Comments Popup Boxes Alert Confirm Prompt Variables, Arrays and Operators Variables,Const,let Operators Arithmetic, Assignment Comparison Logical

→ Data Type • • • • •

Number String Boolean Null,Undefined Typeoff Operator

→ Document object model DOM

• •

DOM manipulation Functions Conversion functions

→ Functions • • • •

Function and Callback Return statement Function declaration vs expression Arrow Function

→Conditional statements • • • •

if if…else if…else if…else Switch

→Loops → Object • • • • • •

Introduction to Object Introduction to JSON Copy by reference Compare by reference Const Object Garbage Collector

→Window object Document object Arrays

• •

Associative Arrays Array Properties and Methods

→Advanced JavaScript • • • • • • • • •

Date object This object Event object State management Cookie Form validation Expressions Email validation Dynamic functionalities of html controls

→Code Quality and debugging •

Google Developer Tool

• • •

The source Console Developer console For more Information About UI Development Online Training call@9704455959

UI development Designing Online Training  

Ui development Design online Training in Hyderabad all over India, web and Mobile UI Developer User Experience/Interface Design Training at...

UI development Designing Online Training  

Ui development Design online Training in Hyderabad all over India, web and Mobile UI Developer User Experience/Interface Design Training at...