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Video analysis

Target audience      

Age: 18-27 = as 18 is considered an adult and young adults like to live a party life and also people above 27 , 28 would consider this type of lifestyle which is portrayed in the video as an unhealthy one. Location: World Wide Gender: Mostly female due to the fact she is giving her point of view to the audience and mostly shows her side of the story Ethnicity: All types of ethnicity Interest: People who may be interested in relationship because the music video is about a relationships. People who may like to party as she does in the video and also people who just like to live life and do what they want as Rihanna does in this video also people who like a wild life full of sex , drugs and alcohol.

The video and how it relates. 

This video portrays a character who finds love and has completely fallen for a guy that she likes but they have an awkward relationship as some moments they argue other moments there a good couple , this maybe taken interest by people who have been in the same shoes as Rihanna and have been in an on and off relationship , some people also say that Rihhana has made this video due to her past relationship with a former celebrity in which she did like him but things went good to worst as he abused her. Rihhana also shows a more ‘wild’ side of her character as both couples abuse alcohol and drugs in this video. This type of story line may also appeal to viewers who also just live for them selves or take life not as serious as others because we all know that a lifestyle which is displayed in this video is not a lifestyle every one finds appealing or suitable . Many older parents would not want their children to watch a video like this and be influenced by what Rihanna is showing. By the end of this Video an attempt of suicide is shown by both character's and then Rihanna picks up and leaves her boyfriend lying on the floor who looks like he has been drunk or been abusing alcohol. This also can appeal to viewers who have been in a relationship were they have been abused or their partner using drugs and alcohol. By the end of the video we learn that the relationship was all based on having fun and their was not really any chemistry in their relationship but more of a sex , drugs and alcohol lifestyle that both pairs tried to lead. I believe this video tries to connote to the viewers that love is like a drug and a drug can be taken to be happy and high but the other side to drugs that is damaging for your health and causes bad side effects and in this case the relationship is going bad. This type of music is pop with a more techno beat to it because it was produced by Calvin Harris.

The Video and how it relates This shot which shows Rihanna and her partner losing on a gambling machine read out the word ‘Losers’ , this can suggest to the viewers subliminally that the relationships between Rihanna and her partner would never work as the relationships was a ‘gamble’ but they have lost the chemistry between them and now the relationship will turn from bad to worst as the video goes along. Another shot which talks about their relationship is a shot of a building being demolished and crushed down ,this may symbolize Rihannas relationship and how once it was a good strong structure but now its just tumbling down really fast . The building shot is shown for a second and quickly cuts away which may also suggest how fast her relationship has changed.


Mise-en-scene & actors This shot shows us Rihanna and her partner having fun as he pushed her on a shopping trolley. , the lighting on this image is dark and the couple look like they are having fun but also shows the rebels side as playing on shopping trolleys is considered as childish and something young foolish teenagers would do but in this case rihhana is acting as she has become a wild teenager again. This shot shows us the location in which this video was shot in , the shop in the background says ‘Fish n Chips’ this would suggest to the audience that it was shot in the UK as England is famous for its high consume of fish and chips from the British public . The other suggestion is that the UK use slang words such as this fish ‘N’ chips , the N in this word is short for and so this can also verify the viewer that it most most likely was show in the UK. The Graffiti on the shutters of the shop can also suggest that its in the UK as this type of graffiti is common on uk shops.

Example of a typical UK corner shop:



This shot shows us Rhanna and her partner dancing in the mud with a group of people , this would tell us that the location would be a muddy place and most commonly it refers back to the location which is the UK. The couple look as if they are having a party or taking part in a festival. The lighting of this video is dark and gloomy even though the shot shows us a group of people having fun the mood to this shot relates to the almost black and white feature that it holds. This effect can create a lot of suggestions and could connote that even though Rihanna and her partner are having fun the darkness in their relationships still exists and is still there with them. The character’s In the video look as if they are in a carnival or taking part in a festival , this also tells us the couple like to party.

Mise-en-scene & actors


This shot shows Rihanna just leaving an argument which she just had with her partner in the car and is now walking away. Rihannas wearing uncommon type of clothes which may be seen as vintage or another type of fashion style . This may suggest to the viewer that like her uncommon type of fashion sense her relationship is the same it is not common like everybody else’s but a lot different and does stand out from a normal relationship. In this part of the video in which she is walking away the lyrics refers back to the title ‘We found love in a hopeless place’ which tells the viewer that their relationships is hopeless and it was more of having fun then love.

Mise-en-scene & actors

Facial expression

The facial expression of Rihannas partner tells us a lot of about the video and their relationship . The expression shows us a lot of negative emotion and how he is feeling , the face he makes shows us he is angry and his mouth is wide open with his teeth popping , his eyes are also squinted which shows us that his face is making a similar image to such as a monster – a Monster is what he is shown as throughout the video so this image near the end of the video reveals his true intension towards his girlfriend which is hurting her and she must be under his control. This image adds up on what the video has been telling us all along which is that he has been using Rihanna for sex , alcohol and drugs and when she does not do as he says , he turns into this monster. Also smoke is coming out of his mouth which may also suggest that he is using drugs and that’s all he wanted.

Mise-en-scene & actors

Interaction with others

This shot shows the two couples having a verbal argument towards each other, Rihannas partner looks more aggressive as he gets up of his seat and leans towards her as if he is looking down on her like he is more superior. Even though she also looks angry and as if she's throwing abuse at him we can automatically see that she is the victim here and he is trying to make her angry and make her look just as bad. The car in which they are in can also be a talking point as they are not in open space but a small are inside a car which can suggest she is trapped in his hands and she cants get out the effect in him looking down also links with this as he is trying to pull all her strings as is she was his little toy which he uses when ever he feels like it. The audience can feel the anger and tension that builds up in this specific shot.

Mise-en-scene & actors


This shot is towards the end of the video and shows rihhana packing up her stuff and walking away , as the she walks across her boyfriend who looks like he’s been drinking and unconscious on the floor he grabs her leg , this may suggest to the viewer that she has had enough and wants to escape the grip that he has on her. Her partner grabs her leg which may show that he does not want her to escape or leave because he has where he wanted her or on the other hand he may have realized he is being too aggressive towards her and wants her to stop so they can talk about it , either way she grabs her stuff and leaves the apartment because she has had enough of the relationship and wants to leave the lifestyle she was leading.


This is a Mid shot which shows both of the couple smoking , the smoking can represent their relationship , this image can suggest except for kissing her partner is blowing smoke into her mouth this can connote that this is what their relationships is based on and there is nothing real between them , this also shows the link between their actual relationship which is only sex, drugs and alcohol.


This is a long shot as it shows the environment that Rihanna is. This shot shows Rihanna curled up in a ball facing the wall in the corner of the room. This shows us that Rihanna is feeling alone and distressed. The character is also shown in an empty room which can suggest to the viewer that she is alone and trapped in a room and she has given up on something. Which in this case the relationship's she feels that she needs to shut away from the world and this long shot helps create the effect of loneliness and emotion.


This is an extreme close up of an eye . This shot is really effective because it not only shows the close up of the eye but leaves us with a faint image of Rihanna screaming . This effect is created to maybe represent that this is out eye and we are witnessing what is being taken place in the video , another idea could be t

Camera Movements

This camera movement spins around (panning) a certain point in the room . This effect was really good as it showed how the argument which is taken place is effecting rihanna and making her crazy , the constant spinning also shows how fast paced this video is and how fast things have changed in their relationship.

Camera Movements

This camera movement shows rihnnaa throwing a dart at the dart board the camera follows her arm throwing the dart at the board , this may suggest to the viewer she is angry and with the facial expression she makes it is obvious that she is taking out her anger by throwing this dart at a the board but in her own mind she turns this board into her target which in this case would be her partner who she has been having arguments with .

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